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  • The Diamond Squid
    The Diamond Squid 11 seconds ago

    I'm so excited for the new episode. But I really want to see what's happening with jughead at this new ' Prep School '. I don't trust anyone there and I don't trust Charles either. Also bughead ❤️

  • Miss Ana
    Miss Ana 14 seconds ago

    Wendy is hateful and jealous smh instead of uplifting one another you rather throw her under.

  • Farrah A.
    Farrah A. 22 seconds ago

    Darcey looks and sounds BOMBED. Hot mess.

  • Elaf
    Elaf 23 seconds ago

    Today's society tho

  • Juderay Almario
    Juderay Almario 30 seconds ago

    Their three-part harmony is solid! Their voices blend so well!

  • My Channel Anything and Everything

    Shes looking for attention.

  • H A
    H A Minute ago

    Come on Meghan must have looked at video clips of Princess Diana, Fergie, Camilla even Kate. Today the news was about 30+ people who died in a truck coming to the UK fleeing from persecution desperate to find a place to call home, one was a teenager, I guess no one asked how they were, we have Meghan saying no one asked her how she is. She has access to a great support system that will help her and Harry whilst many of us don’t. Words defy me - after all Harry and Meghan can choose to back away from their dreadful privileged tax payers lifestyle as many of us struggle to feed our families - but I feel sure there egos won’t allow them. People need to wake up and get their priorities in order. Where you think your life is so darn hard just please do some soul searching, I’m sure you Meghan and Harry’s top private counsellors will help with that.

  • BH Paradox
    BH Paradox Minute ago

    She was hot now she just looks like a lesbian

  • kitty viveen
    kitty viveen 2 minutes ago

    O my..... I don't think they stand a chance. Harry is doing everything he can to protect his wife. Of course. And Meghan has not a clue what ind of institution she' married into. This family is about making personal sacrifices. The "firm" is everything. No matter what. And Harry is to damaged by his mothers death and to angry about what the press did to her ( and rightly so), to deal with what they are up against. And Meghan has not a clue what's happening. When the UK tabloids have there claws into someone you do not stand a chance. And you see him getting angrier and angrier, and her getting more unhappy and more clueless by the minute. And I do not think she knows that this is gonna be with her for the rest of her life. Even if they would divorce because she can t stand it anymore, this won't go away. And no matter what Harry does - he will forever be the brother of the future king. I personally think that he never really got over the death of his mother. And he's mad as hell. So would I be. This is a tragedy waiting to happen. And the tabloids in the UK can destroy you. Without any pity. And they are doing that with these 2.

  • Angie Preston
    Angie Preston 2 minutes ago

    Wendy your such a hater and come on really Grow Up wendy

  • Mariajen Xxz
    Mariajen Xxz 3 minutes ago

    shes annoying

  • mari ortiz
    mari ortiz 5 minutes ago

    Kiley is just smart she knows how to shake ppls money out from there wallets

  • stephanie idriss
    stephanie idriss 5 minutes ago

    What did she do to her face.!!!! OMG

  • Ikram Chafai
    Ikram Chafai 5 minutes ago

    finally a good interview.

  • Ou kidd
    Ou kidd 6 minutes ago

    ALWAYS,My Girl Crush,She is So Beautiful Always Angelina!

  • Charlotte Browning
    Charlotte Browning 6 minutes ago

    I wish Megan was still on Fox! I can’t stand the view

  • Ana
    Ana 6 minutes ago

    Maybe Cheryls first love, Heather, is Mr. Honeys daughter, because most of the characters in riverdale have a first and last name with the same letter (like Jughead Jones, Archie Andrews, Toni Topaz..) So Heather Honey would fit in great. We haven't forgot about her!

  • Cc Abberly
    Cc Abberly 6 minutes ago

    Wendy don't make me get the girl group TOTAL on you & have you in tears again just saying

  • Sabrina Chefiri
    Sabrina Chefiri 7 minutes ago

    Y'all so dumb .. Making stupid famous people more famous 😑

  • Depressed Kevin
    Depressed Kevin 7 minutes ago

    I'm not gay but i got a man crush on rob

  • Ben Serkowski
    Ben Serkowski 8 minutes ago

    Holy fuck his gotten huge

  • N Schone
    N Schone 8 minutes ago

    LMAO...0:34 - 0:40 her face!!!!!! Ahahaha please never stop doing the show, I can't get enough!

  • Victoria Minnich
    Victoria Minnich 8 minutes ago

    I wanted nothing more to come on here and tell you your Trash Wendy but then I'd be on your level. Were supposed to build each other up. But unhappy people only try to knock people down. I hope you find yourself someday. You should just keep other peoples names out your poisonous mouth.

  • Abhisek Roy
    Abhisek Roy 10 minutes ago

    I am crying and my mom too we are west bengalis we loved luke wish his soul rest in peace

  • Felipe Xavier
    Felipe Xavier 10 minutes ago

    Oi pessoal 👍

  • Cassidy 12
    Cassidy 12 11 minutes ago

    First comment

  • G M
    G M 11 minutes ago

    Lindsay needs that furniture because this is probably her last job

  • Sheema Ahmad
    Sheema Ahmad 13 minutes ago

    I feel really feel bad for her. She really drinks alot to get away from her problems.

  • chryscanariona
    chryscanariona 13 minutes ago

    Good for them to speak up about media bullying and really good to see Harry speak up for his wife! And Meghan speaking up for herself! I am so sure things will turn around, and they will get treated with respect, love and admiration. That's what they deserve! Why are people so mean to them? What have they done??? Absolutely nothing wrong in my mind! I truly love this couple and baby Archie is just the cutest!!! <3

  • Sophia Adams
    Sophia Adams 13 minutes ago

    I wonder wen Wendy first met sharina Hudson.if she said dares something about her. because when she got caught with your husband Wendy sure sit onstage and said she's just his friend. And EVERYTHING'S GOOD IN HUNTERSVILLE. But we see now everything wasn't good in Huntersville was it windy. AND PEOPLE showed SYMPATHY FOR YOU. but you can't show SYMPATHY for another WOMAN . 😛😛😛😛😛😛

  • MJ Cutie
    MJ Cutie 13 minutes ago

    If you're not black you shouldn't say that word. I don't get why that's so hard for some of ya'll.

  • Luc Bordage
    Luc Bordage 14 minutes ago

    agree with the interviewer, Kristian is the BOMB(a.k.a. gorgeous). Great hair girls. Kristian kinda looks like JenLawrence & also CharlizeTheron. Demi for president.

  • Nelson Idr
    Nelson Idr 16 minutes ago

    Real life Maleficent she is

  • J Yr
    J Yr 16 minutes ago

    Wendy is totally correct: Megan knew exactly what she was in for. DUH

  • Young Ebitda
    Young Ebitda 16 minutes ago

    he's still obese

  • ivandark95
    ivandark95 17 minutes ago

    Omg a second video whitout insult of Brie larson , god exist

  • Ruth
    Ruth 19 minutes ago

    Oh god, Wendy, what kind of human are you? You are just as evil as the british press. Go and work for them. I hope one day people will tell you, that you are carrying a fake bump through 9 months and holding a plastic baby, when it will be born. You are disgusting.

  • Anna Nexton
    Anna Nexton 19 minutes ago

    “The lyrics” 🤡💀

  • Bob Sama
    Bob Sama 19 minutes ago

    Is she speaking to the publicly educated American public with little to no savings who would buy into this?

  • Aurora Bagnato
    Aurora Bagnato 20 minutes ago

    Mamma come è brutta!!!!!! In compenso però e molto brava......

  • Top Comment
    Top Comment 20 minutes ago

    *Super Size Me 2:* Three pretentious jerks sitting around talking about how fast food is actually fast food.

  • jrbland18
    jrbland18 20 minutes ago


    MARIA PONCE 20 minutes ago

    Cameron and Chris are my favorite 😍😍

  • Tania
    Tania 22 minutes ago

    Maybe she needs to stop following heart at this point... and use a little more sense and sensibility.

  • Gabriela G.
    Gabriela G. 23 minutes ago

    Wendy Williams needs to stop and think about how Meghan is feeling ✋

  • Laf San
    Laf San 23 minutes ago

    If this is entertainment in 2019 then I can't even imagine 2020 😯😯😯😯😯😯😯 I just don't get it

  • Discernment &Commonsense
    Discernment &Commonsense 23 minutes ago

    Tell us the real truth Big Kevin, when Meghan applied for the job you said hired and when Wendy saw her she said fired! Going to guess Big Kevin saw another potential victim while Wendy saw another potential mistress! Wendy's dislike for Meghan is so strong it can't be just about a job interview. At least Meghan's being honest and standing in her truth, while Wendy tried for over a year to convince herself that her marriage was solid. Meghan's saying it's hard on the palace yard, Wendy was saying "everything's fine in Huntersville " right up until her husband's baby was born! Somebody needs to tell Wendy that getting that star doesn't mean she's finally made it ,it means somebody decided to give her the pity prize she's accusing Meghan of wanting!

  • Ashton Lagleva
    Ashton Lagleva 25 minutes ago

    Dear Wendy, we’re you dropped on your head as a baby or we’re you just born evil and stupid?

  • Kaitate
    Kaitate 26 minutes ago

    Phoenix is the Socially Awkward person you really learn to love

  • leviny
    leviny 27 minutes ago

    I love Kelly and Mark ❤️

  • MitsubishiEvo10mr
    MitsubishiEvo10mr 27 minutes ago

    When is American pie 5 coming out

  • Jessica A
    Jessica A 30 minutes ago

    Boo hoo. Gross how they whine about themselves with the back drop of the African Journey--where people are facing violence, rape, hunger, extreme poverty. But feel sorry for them! Really, really gross.

  • Sophia Adams
    Sophia Adams 30 minutes ago

    Wendy Williams people had sympathy for her when her husband got caught having a baby with another woman. And people had sympathy for her going through her divorce And people have sympathy for her when she was getting sloppy drunk. and had to go get her stomach pumped (allegedly) but she can't have sympathy for a woman that's all kind of abuse! every single day. just for falling in love with a prince and she's black. Okay since you can't give no one else sympathy we SHOULDN'T give you none . Either👎👎👎👎👎👎😛😛😛😛😛😛

  • Gigi Lujano
    Gigi Lujano 30 minutes ago

    Ok she looks nothing like Gwen! She may try to dress like her and do her hair like her, but no way does she look like Gwen. Gwen is beautiful, and classy looking. The Nanny looks like she smells.

  • Addie Mathews
    Addie Mathews 31 minute ago

    Beautiful baby boy 👦 love this baby

  • anna pallentin
    anna pallentin 31 minute ago

    The reason the Royal Family is what it is is BECAUSE of history, tradition, customs, protocol,etc. Tear that down, strip it away (like Megan & Harry are irresponsibly trying to do) and you have nothing more than just another scandal ridden, super-rich, over-privileged family & there's absolutely nothing special about that, no tourist wants to go see or pay for that & Britain is heavily dependent on the Royals for tourism for their economy - they don't have much else-M&H should be careful what they wish for

  • Thankful and Grateful
    Thankful and Grateful 32 minutes ago

    No Wendy, there’s something about your husband. When you gonna learn stop hating.

  • Persia Lace
    Persia Lace 32 minutes ago

    Rob is locked up in the house and hiring hookers before you run up the hill are 2 🏃 , I am not hateful but most of us don’t care that you’re fat I know I don’t get back out there get your life together you born with Gold spoon in your mouth 👄 giving so many opportunity and just sit down and waste it what a waste 🤦‍♀️

  • J.Dickson Dickson
    J.Dickson Dickson 33 minutes ago


  • kev2020
    kev2020 33 minutes ago

    Both parents have done some real 💩. Hope they both do better for the kids.

  • Joe O'Brien
    Joe O'Brien 34 minutes ago

    “I have dated gay men” I’m sorry what!?

  • cindy Moses
    cindy Moses 34 minutes ago

    Wendy your opinions don't matter .

  • Catch That tea
    Catch That tea 34 minutes ago

    And why is this NEWSSSSSS

  • robinson Robinson
    robinson Robinson 35 minutes ago

    He doesn't have a penis! He is a she!

  • Catch That tea
    Catch That tea 35 minutes ago

    Now she doing too much

  • Mauro BrandãoPorto
    Mauro BrandãoPorto 35 minutes ago

    Kirk the best

  • Kristin Gimse
    Kristin Gimse 35 minutes ago

    wow she’s good.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 36 minutes ago

    BREAKING - Celebrity golden gods can't stop talking about how good Kylie's farts smell. 'She ate the meat and cheese to make them, Kylie really earned these farts all on here own.' - Miley Kardashian Baldwin whoever the fuck

  • Kasia
    Kasia 36 minutes ago

    Oh dear, is she drank? She is behaves so different and her moves 🤔

  • Maureen Ndagire
    Maureen Ndagire 36 minutes ago

    Wendy! No ooooooh! You're DEVIL ! It's not long since you asked for our support. Get a life.

  • Ms. Jessica Jones
    Ms. Jessica Jones 36 minutes ago

    The quivering voice. O my. It was a sweet moment for her baby girl nothing more.. seriously no auto tune song PLEASE PPL.

  • Aishwarya Bhardwaj
    Aishwarya Bhardwaj 36 minutes ago

    A Veryyy Verryyy Happy Birthday Emilia...Dragon Queen...Mother of Dragons...Khaleesi...Queen of Mareen...Queen of Andals...Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen...for me you are The Queen of The 7 Kingdoms...XOXO YOU ROCK...!!!❤️❤️🎁...2k19, 23rd October, 10:12 pm

  • olivia15073
    olivia15073 38 minutes ago

    He should’ve answered, “Of course I knew it was Helen Hunt. That’s why I helped her out first while the others waited around underneath a mass of twisted metal.”

  • Bmore Finest
    Bmore Finest 39 minutes ago

    Grow a mustache u look goofy

  • Danny Lee
    Danny Lee 39 minutes ago

    Where was Todds concern? What did he say again? I missed what the title of the clickbait video had as a tagline

  • Tyler Wayman
    Tyler Wayman 40 minutes ago

    I love how the interviewers always try to slip in one question about The Batman with him now. They are dying to know more... when in reality he has probably only seen the script and that's it. Probably not even the whole script. He hasn't even started his process yet I'm sure. Physically or mentally. It's going to be very interesting... give it a year and then ask him... he will have better answers to your questions.

  • Phrancis5
    Phrancis5 41 minute ago

    I like how this last season seems more concrete/clear and less abstract.

  • Sheila Keenan
    Sheila Keenan 41 minute ago

    WOW, he looks EXACTLY like Mark.

  • unnecessary _sweat
    unnecessary _sweat 41 minute ago

    He back to fit

  • Prince Vegeta
    Prince Vegeta 41 minute ago

    I don't understand this thing

  • M Flor
    M Flor 42 minutes ago

    I would LOVE to know Jeffrey and Shane opinions

  • Leutrim Jashari
    Leutrim Jashari 43 minutes ago

    She’s so intelligent phuck I love her voice too😍😍😍😍😍

  • Ant bankzz14
    Ant bankzz14 44 minutes ago

    This is stupid lol

  • SpeeDude 016
    SpeeDude 016 45 minutes ago

    Although I do like Colton, I gotta side with Rachel on this one.

  • Yall hoes
    Yall hoes 48 minutes ago

    It sounds more like stasis but maybe it’s Travis his mom

  • Vanessa Ives
    Vanessa Ives 48 minutes ago

    What a hypocrite! She should have known her husband was a cheater yet still cried about it which is pathetic! Her job which is to trash talk people she has probably never met isn't just scary but the applauds regular people just gave her after she spoke down about another human being is wow! I can't believe she got a star on the walk of fame yet many veteran actors haven't even been considered, many died without getting one!

  • John Schips
    John Schips 48 minutes ago

    She’s an obsolete, no-talent, and fugly has been, trying to become relevant, by destroying another’s character.

  • melanie
    melanie 49 minutes ago

    why does she always look drunk

  • I'm better than Zacian.
    I'm better than Zacian. 49 minutes ago

    People be acting like Logan is a nazi, like stfu already.

  • SaintJohn Chick
    SaintJohn Chick 49 minutes ago

    Yeeeeeeeaaah Okay. ...tell this to ppl in a 3rd world country if you want the true definition of "chronically poor"

    • Colleen Osullivan
      Colleen Osullivan 4 minutes ago

      SaintJohn Chick why are you comparing apples and oranges? If he is for the first time paying his own rent, utilities and food, he is now reliving the reality of most kids that graduate from college. Judos to jelly and mark for making him do it on his own

  • Joan Witscher
    Joan Witscher 51 minute ago

    Your SON looksso much like your husband KELLY!!!!!!!👌💜💗💜💜💜✌️✌️✌️🤣🤣

  • Yaya Klein
    Yaya Klein 52 minutes ago

    Is this real Happen??

  • Jini
    Jini 53 minutes ago

    Wow. Lindsay 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Latifa Jenkins
    Latifa Jenkins 54 minutes ago

    Why is this man so worried about what his body looks like because of his fake ass sisters

  • Forever Joy
    Forever Joy 55 minutes ago

    God bless you sir!

  • life of Popeyegirl
    life of Popeyegirl 55 minutes ago

    It sounds like Jordyn woods

    CHANGE EYE COLOR 55 minutes ago


  • M Flor
    M Flor 55 minutes ago

    All Patreons need to UNSUBSCRIBE. She's a Male, no longer a Woman!

  • un known
    un known 55 minutes ago


  • Kelley G
    Kelley G 56 minutes ago

    Beautiful parents, beautiful kids!🤷🏾‍♀️ I wish they could have stayed together 😔. Love Reese’s energy and spirit!!