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We Had A Close Call Today!
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  • kw900lkevin
    kw900lkevin 5 hours ago

    you have the quarter fenders to put on, the mount stubs are on the frame already, to keep debris from tires from hitting the tanks

  • Sony H K
    Sony H K 5 hours ago


  • Joey Moamoa
    Joey Moamoa 5 hours ago

    Awesome job man👍

  • Scooby Doo
    Scooby Doo 5 hours ago

    clean the shoes with emery clothe

  • chris dik
    chris dik 5 hours ago

    Awesome man greetings from greece

  • juan carlos diaz grandio

    Great Job!! I was all videos about this truck restoration. I send greetings from Spain!!!

  • evsy21201
    evsy21201 5 hours ago


  • winter time
    winter time 5 hours ago

    Looks like u have great family and friends worth more than anything in life iceman is a tonic of life

  • Perkelenaattori
    Perkelenaattori 5 hours ago

    That thing is going to be a pain in the ass to turn with those big front tires. You'll be hitting the sidewall to the back of the wheelwell.

  • Diamantino Lopes
    Diamantino Lopes 5 hours ago

    The pig service has neither cleaned the front hubs nor been cleaned, painted the chassis that has not yet been completed, and this tank can minimize wrinkles with heat-based metal pliers for a beautiful appearance. In short, it starts, but doesn't end, what it does

  • XeXBlaze
    XeXBlaze 5 hours ago

    Can I just ask why you didn't pre treat any of the rust before painting? It looks very nice btw good job

  • Ethan Huber
    Ethan Huber 5 hours ago

    Looking sharp!

  • Michael Archuleta
    Michael Archuleta 5 hours ago

    Just like on a 4x4 pick up, the more aggressive the tire the more expensive it is, although it does look good , it is very cost ineffective, but if you got the money f**k it

  • Ryan  Luetzow
    Ryan Luetzow 5 hours ago

    What is this truck going to be used for

  • garland hart
    garland hart 5 hours ago

    Chrome spike lug nuts will look amazing

  • Steelo G And Natalia

    I can say the name Smitty sounds nice.

  • D. R. Ledbetter
    D. R. Ledbetter 5 hours ago

    You only had 2 inner stud nuts holding those wheels on when you moved that... Dang you got lucky

  • hapa hepa
    hapa hepa 5 hours ago

    Ohh ice mans car is so nice

  • Brandon Kaercher
    Brandon Kaercher 5 hours ago

    I would've painted the drums red that would look cool with a black frame. If your gonna fix up a cab over make it look cool as hell and really nice. No need to restore if your not gonna make it look cool as hell. If you do that and go to sell it you would make a mint off the truck.

  • Robby Pearson
    Robby Pearson 5 hours ago

    They look Great!

  • Bladerunner Mont'y
    Bladerunner Mont'y 5 hours ago

    Won't be long before the grand finale , but she looking sweet.

  • Mário Pedro
    Mário Pedro 5 hours ago

    Portugal 🇵🇹

  • Michael Archuleta
    Michael Archuleta 5 hours ago

    You'll using the tire spoons or ( bars ) wrong, the side with the the funny curves is specifically designed that way for mounting the tires with little to no scratches

  • Alonso Neto
    Alonso Neto 5 hours ago

    These front wheels can turn 45 degrees? "Nah, Just send it straight".

  • rozyid_irf chanel
    rozyid_irf chanel 5 hours ago

    I like this video I am from Indonesia👍👍👍

  • J. Zingler
    J. Zingler 5 hours ago

    No disk brake kit for the front axle? :(

    BIG JOHNNY 5 hours ago

    Touch up the cab with some spray paint

  • Keith Frazier
    Keith Frazier 5 hours ago

    Need new lugnuts for the front. Save the rusty crusty for spares. Tires throw up stuff, its gonna chip the black. Polish and clear, but your truck.

  • Richard wellington
    Richard wellington 5 hours ago

    Awesome love the polished wheels

  • MrBavaria
    MrBavaria 5 hours ago

    Are these offroad truck tires? :-)

  • SaucyBegger25
    SaucyBegger25 5 hours ago

    Them pads want changing regardless. I made this mistake. The hub was actually wearing down as the pads were so old and went rock solid. Ended up costing me more as had to change the lot anyway.

  • kang SIYUS
    kang SIYUS 5 hours ago

    Indonesia hadir. Nice...

  • Jose I
    Jose I 5 hours ago

    I hope theres enough turn space for them tires there

  • Taylor Gregory
    Taylor Gregory 5 hours ago

    Did you check the king pins?

  • Northern Nightmare
    Northern Nightmare 5 hours ago

    Loving seeing this coming together !

  • Jose Coss
    Jose Coss 5 hours ago

    Looks great..

  • Vip3r
    Vip3r 5 hours ago

    Burn waste? Don't tell Greta! :D :D :D

  • goerge washington
    goerge washington 5 hours ago

    freme painted but only the rear dont respect torques specs ??funny groupes at the end

  • brandon Cherry
    brandon Cherry 5 hours ago

    Why not saved gmc..????

  • Atahan Yükselir
    Atahan Yükselir 5 hours ago

    That dent on the fuel tank dude just drives me crazy

  • Mike G
    Mike G 5 hours ago

    Spray the back of the tanks with Bed liner. Won’t chip.

  • Michael Mende
    Michael Mende 5 hours ago

    Anorher idiot burns plastic und trash... I bet u vote 4 Trump...

  • Sour Words
    Sour Words 6 hours ago

    We can't watch you paint the frame, but can watch you mount tyers all day long.

  • Wojciech W
    Wojciech W 6 hours ago

    What about rust on the frame?

  • Liam
    Liam 6 hours ago

    19:20 - Greta would be so annoyed with your fire..... How Dare You!!!

  • Low Catalina
    Low Catalina 6 hours ago

    My bro has 2 of those motors in his crabber. Detroilet's

  • Paulman50
    Paulman50 6 hours ago

    Don't forget to re torque the lug nuts after about 500ks. Especially ks with no load.

  • Marvin Meyer
    Marvin Meyer 6 hours ago

    Dude pls stop burning plastic and all that other shit that‘s just dumb and ignorant...

  • 박상준
    박상준 6 hours ago


  • nicholas betters
    nicholas betters 6 hours ago

    You dont have to balance them wheels ?

  • majstealth
    majstealth 6 hours ago

    while it looks good, you sprayed over at least 10kg of rust...

  • John Deere
    John Deere 6 hours ago

    Why paint the tanks when you have the peterbuilt flaps that go between the tires and the tanks.

  • Md Babar
    Md Babar 6 hours ago

    I like the back tires... ♥️♥️

  • terry reeves
    terry reeves 6 hours ago

    Wheel nuts should be tightened in a cross hatch style as then they tighten equal with less wheel wobble and or god sake don’t use the tension wrench like that push down on it not pull up.Did you tension lug nuts before fitting fitting outside wheel.Looks good for an older truck.

  • Sleeping Warrior
    Sleeping Warrior 6 hours ago

    Is the intention to sell it on for a profit? Is there profit in doing this?

  • Jason Currie
    Jason Currie 6 hours ago

    Bruce Wilson, Mate bit risky not doing front brakes.

  • Microgame 28
    Microgame 28 6 hours ago

    The Ice Man makes everything looks like a "Ice". Very very Good Job. Love, from Indonesia.

  • MRgorgonzola
    MRgorgonzola 6 hours ago

    That paint gonna look like shit in no time, atleast sand blast the frame.

  • Robert W.
    Robert W. 6 hours ago

    Why would you spray over rust??? Why not clear and treat first before paint? 🤔 All so superficial...

  • Ahsan Jaffery
    Ahsan Jaffery 6 hours ago

    whole setup looks so, cool

  • Joshie Doom
    Joshie Doom 6 hours ago

    Dig the hell out of those tires. I need some 35s for my truck.

  • John Deere
    John Deere 6 hours ago

    Are you gonna be able to turn the wheels since there bigger tires

  • Joshua Furlong
    Joshua Furlong 6 hours ago

    Lay the tires down and do it

  • Track Days.
    Track Days. 6 hours ago

    May as well have used a gun on the wheel nuts. The torque wrench doesn't work when you stop halfway through the throw. Its the same with head studs.

  • TheBurcham1
    TheBurcham1 6 hours ago

    I'm really happy to see you using jack stands, I use to not use them all the time, but over a year ago one of my best friends was working under a truck with just a jack holding it and it fell, he left a wife and 3 kids, I always use jack stands now, no since in not using them.

  • gustavo ariel alassia


  • DillonBets 69
    DillonBets 69 6 hours ago

    Bruce just get some tank covers that are made for rocks it will hide your dent and you won’t have to worry about repainting

  • neil williams
    neil williams 6 hours ago

    Love the mustang my dream car.

  • ThePancakeMan480
    ThePancakeMan480 6 hours ago

    Come on ice man....... your holding us up!!!!!

  • ThePancakeMan480
    ThePancakeMan480 6 hours ago

    A lot of puffing going on there boys! 😤😉🗣🗣🗣

  • Alan Stant
    Alan Stant 6 hours ago

    Hey Bruce. Looks pretty good from my view. The tires are a good fit for the truck. An awesome video. I have been following you. Thanks for sharing Bruce.

  • juPiter. tv
    juPiter. tv 6 hours ago

    are you idiots? people around the world take care of our planet and spend millions to get rid of fumes and pollution and you burn all the rubbish left after dismantling the truck? Why are Americans so mentally limited and selfish ?!


    Dude, your making progress on this rig quick. I’m loving it 👌🏼

  • C C
    C C 6 hours ago

    This is fake

  • ThePancakeMan480
    ThePancakeMan480 6 hours ago

    Took a bit to get over the ditch but it’s arrived in Aussie land. Great work Bruce and co!

  • Hugh Munro
    Hugh Munro 6 hours ago

    Is your video back to front? When you were torquing up the wheel nuts you were going lefty loosey... Or are they backwards threads and lefty is tighty

  • George Brewer
    George Brewer 6 hours ago

    Did you just really use a regular impact wrench on there? Those lugs are still super loose. You need a rig impact wrench.

  • Jack Hoffmen
    Jack Hoffmen 6 hours ago

    Why didn’t chicken man polish the bumper to , doesn’t make any sense

  • Pan Bałagan
    Pan Bałagan 6 hours ago

    Why the fuck U dont remove rust from frame? Fuel tank look like shit. U r lazy as fuck

  • AlfaPower
    AlfaPower 6 hours ago

    where in US do you live with that kind of weather in December?

  • Aaron Baggest
    Aaron Baggest 6 hours ago

    Gotta watch out for rubbing now with the bigger front tires lol seeing how hard it was on the passenger side to get it on makes me think youll most likely rub but the future will tell haha

  • Robert Mailhos
    Robert Mailhos 6 hours ago

    Go BIG or go home look,s like your going to need a BIGGER jack are you going to put chrome lug nut,s on the front wheel,s

  • Kmic
    Kmic 6 hours ago

    Should've got offroad tires on the front aswell...

  • adam ANT
    adam ANT 6 hours ago

    why not just paint the fuel tanks the same way you painted the frame???

  • gaming crow
    gaming crow 6 hours ago

    You should chainge the front nuts that you scrode on or polish them so it looks better

  • Eric Houser
    Eric Houser 6 hours ago

    Looking good bro

  • Tree Buzzard
    Tree Buzzard 6 hours ago

    Starting to look much better...your doing a good number on this ole girl.

  • Matt W
    Matt W 6 hours ago

    Cant wait to see the next Video :D everything stops with family when they are in need

  • ricardo simon beneitez

    Gran trabajo enhorabuena desde España

  • Ray Geffre
    Ray Geffre 6 hours ago

    When the black paint gets to chipping off right away the tanks will look as bad or worse than being dirty.At least dirt can be cleaned off.But it is your truck.

  • Greg Booth
    Greg Booth 7 hours ago

    They're better than the ones that they have on semi trucks nowadays

  • Max Hammontree
    Max Hammontree 7 hours ago

    The tires make my manly girly parts tingle!!

  • ElTakero Tj
    ElTakero Tj 7 hours ago

    24:04 QUE!... No hablo espanol xDDD nice video

  • Ray Geffre
    Ray Geffre 7 hours ago

    Why the world didn't you do the tanks while you had the wheels off !!? Also No they don't look good black! It's your truck but as far as I am concerned aluminum tanks should never be painted.

  • Rhys31
    Rhys31 7 hours ago

    Please don’t ever grab the hub through the wheel while the truck is on a jack. If that jack were to let loose or tip, and that hub comes down with your hand under it and your wrist held up by the wheel. Well you can imagine what could happen, I’d hate to see you lose a hand. Keep the videos coming, be safe.

  • R P
    R P 7 hours ago

    Looks like a 3 dressed up as a 9. Crappy truck with nice wheels...

    DP KING 7 hours ago

    Just put new chrome tanks don't be a cheapskate.

  • Subgunman
    Subgunman 7 hours ago

    She's looking good! You need to check clearance on those front tires! You don't want to scrape new meat on any steel. Also check your speedo after you get all the new meat on. You don't want to be paying any money to the bear for any errors from tire size changes.

  • kstricl
    kstricl 7 hours ago

    Doing that rubber right. I grew up in logging country and live in oil country. Those slicks them city slicker truckers run just look wrong. These mudders are the only real tires.

  • Levi Monsen
    Levi Monsen 7 hours ago

    Really want to see the whole thing get painted