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Apple iPhone 11 hands-on
Views 887K12 days ago
Porsche Taycan first look
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Android Q hands-on
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  • Jose Rodriguez
    Jose Rodriguez 53 minutes ago

    Upgrading from galaxy note 4 should I get the 11 or 11 pro? Don't know if I will like the lcd screen on the 11 since I'm used to oled. Is it worth the 300$ difference?

  • portstudent 20
    portstudent 20 56 minutes ago

    I watch these but can’t buy

  • Jose Rodriguez
    Jose Rodriguez 57 minutes ago

    Upgrading from galaxy note 4 should I get the 11 or 11 pro? Not sure if I will like the lcd on the 11 since I'm used to oled

  • Abdul Haseeb
    Abdul Haseeb 58 minutes ago

    Buying the Xr right now would be the best thing to do for your wallet

  • FortniteTrollslol Lol

    It’s dead af

  • Michael Bennink
    Michael Bennink Hour ago

    But the screen? 720p on a 6 inch phone?... i cant, i just cant!

  • Levi Cathcart
    Levi Cathcart Hour ago

    When I can plug an Apple device to my computer and drag and drop media like an external HD (without jailbreaking or using Apple or a 3rd party program or "syncing") as well as use whatever format/ player i want...then, maybe ill think about a slight camera upgrade.

  • STOPlay Motion
    STOPlay Motion Hour ago

    Most iPhone 11 customers are mostly people who can afford or iPhone fanatic who would do anything to get one. One thing though. its funny how they emphasize how good they are especially the camera and how it can record 4k videos! For normal customers, they know nothing about 4k videos. Do they know that higher quality means bigger file size? Many people now a days are so hyped in taking videos wherever they go and upload it on Instagram. I bet Apple will have a lot of trouble explaining to iPhone 11 users to stop using 4k videos for their Instagram. Shooting 4k is not meant for ordinary selfie videos. Imagine within few hours, your phone memory is full because of recording 4k videos.

  • Joe Garcia
    Joe Garcia Hour ago

    I think I'll stick with my 1997 Samsung Brick

  • Jeroen Derks
    Jeroen Derks Hour ago

    Bs there was a test between Iphone 11 pro vs Samsung Note10+ and vivo Nex. Vivo Nex won vs both Apple and Samsung. 64mp camera!!

  • bsfatboy
    bsfatboy 2 hours ago

    You actually used the word slofies 🤦‍♂️

  • Mike Kong
    Mike Kong 2 hours ago

    I dig it

  • Deepak Kaku
    Deepak Kaku 2 hours ago

    Note 10 clearly blows away the iphone 11. It's all catch up game for apple

  • Nevo
    Nevo 2 hours ago

    I have a 6s should I wait till 2020 phones

    • minh dinh
      minh dinh 2 hours ago

      This year is this year next year is next year I'll finally upgrade my iPhone 7 plus to the iPhone 11 cause I see and feel the Lag on 7 LOL🤣

  • SocialSpot
    SocialSpot 2 hours ago

    Where did you get your olive green band?

  • GreenStopSign
    GreenStopSign 2 hours ago

    Wait till 2050 when the whole back of the phone is a camera

  • Yuiiski
    Yuiiski 2 hours ago

    I just wish the battery was better.

  • mrmitofficial #
    mrmitofficial # 3 hours ago

    I want to buy one

  • Midi Play Box
    Midi Play Box 3 hours ago

    Compare it with Huawei.

  • Dragan Brkljac
    Dragan Brkljac 3 hours ago

    Who is Vjeran Pavic ;)?

  • Reem bgh
    Reem bgh 3 hours ago

    I upgraded from iPhone 6 to 11 and it’s huge.

  • Beautiful__U93
    Beautiful__U93 3 hours ago

    Who’s upgrading from iPhone 7 or 7 plus 🙋🏿‍♀️

  • maxix545
    maxix545 3 hours ago

    I love charli but her saying music is marketing basically to hook anyone for longer than 15 seconds it just sounds lame and I think artists should have a higher standard when it comes to releasing music and hits, but that's just me.

  • ElZX6R
    ElZX6R 3 hours ago

    would this be a good upgrade from a series 2 if it still works?

  • Trisha Hernandez
    Trisha Hernandez 3 hours ago

    Watching this video using my iphone 4s. My phone is still great!

  • Jedi Chach
    Jedi Chach 3 hours ago

    Can I listen to Apple Music on Apple Watch Series 5 with the Apple Powerbeats Pro?

    AXIS OG 3 hours ago

    When it comes to the ultra wide angle.. note looked better idk what you were looking at but note looked way better

  • Thomas
    Thomas 3 hours ago

    Apple is trying their best to be Huawei and Samsung's phones Camera XD

  • Sanny jr Antonio
    Sanny jr Antonio 3 hours ago

    I wish all have an iphone

  • Puppet lover
    Puppet lover 3 hours ago

    Did you just say Samsung? 2:35 HA don't make me laugh.

    • Al
      Al 2 hours ago

      Puppet lover somebody has never used a recent Samsung.

  • Arseen Radio control hobby

    Note 9 user here .no need to buy something that's not smart, iphone is not really a smart phone.

  • いたちイチゴ
    いたちイチゴ 4 hours ago

    4:04 Is Apple paying you? I'm an IOS user, have been since iphone5S and I can admit the Note 10 had the best quality.

  • homelessricegum
    homelessricegum 4 hours ago

    I'm emotionally attached to my iPhone 5 *cries in poor

  • denny90
    denny90 4 hours ago

    There will be no stainless for bluetooth version in USA??

  • Mc Joven de Luna
    Mc Joven de Luna 5 hours ago

    is it the same for power bank and bluetooth speaker?

  • Shubert McWilbur
    Shubert McWilbur 5 hours ago

    I'd trust a robot over some spiteful little bastard person.

  • Alex Rice
    Alex Rice 5 hours ago

    Can’t wait to go from an iPhone 6 that’s super cracked, barely charges and has a whopping battery life of 2 hours

  • Brandon Zone
    Brandon Zone 5 hours ago

    I'm using Windows 10 right now ;)

  • Jazz Fur
    Jazz Fur 5 hours ago

    Pure negativities kind of review Not good to watch

  • SkyWade
    SkyWade 5 hours ago

    Nope, Ain't subscribing to this Mainstream media that lies to people. Verge is just a hypocrite media site

    BNH DELUXE 5 hours ago

    Watches in 1980: *tells time* Watches in 2019: *calls people, turns on lights, etc* Cars in 2019: *drive* Cars in 2080: *literally reverses climate change*

  • Sandon Adamson
    Sandon Adamson 5 hours ago

    Why 25% dislikes? Sounds kinda high for a good opinion.

  • ruzzell907
    ruzzell907 6 hours ago

    Looks nice when brand new. Hideous and slow after a year. Software gets so laggy after 1 year. The faux-metal band deteriorates.

  • Kiwi Bonsai
    Kiwi Bonsai 6 hours ago

    P30 pro's heaps better than this over priced has been

  • Olive Corbeil
    Olive Corbeil 6 hours ago

    If u have a phone older then to ten s it’s time for an upgrade Stares at my iPhone 7

  • Ani Oganesyan
    Ani Oganesyan 6 hours ago

    I’m just watching all these videos because the 11 Pro is my first phone and since its new, o don’t know how to use it so yeah.

  • Lucas Darder
    Lucas Darder 6 hours ago

    Guess you haven't used the Galaxy Watch :/

    DANA LEPRE 6 hours ago

    Do you know if that will have a always on display?

    • Andrew
      Andrew 2 hours ago

      I don't think it does

  • Kevin Tran
    Kevin Tran 6 hours ago

    So many people are upgrading, but my 7 is still going strong. I’ll upgrade next year for sure.

  • Richard park
    Richard park 6 hours ago

    iPhone X has better resolution and DPI than 11. you definitely should not upgrade if you have iPhone X. 11 is just good for selfies lmfao

  • ueg1974
    ueg1974 6 hours ago

    apple know how to make staff............btw my iPhone 8 plus still good as like new phones

  • Sahil Salmani
    Sahil Salmani 6 hours ago

    What are company in laptop

  • Sir Homie
    Sir Homie 6 hours ago

    Honestly, I’m fine with my 6s.

  • Yaseen Arnous
    Yaseen Arnous 6 hours ago

    Google pixel 3 has 1 camera tho

  • Stephanie Gonzalez
    Stephanie Gonzalez 6 hours ago

    I’m literally watching this on my I pod touch 😔

  • Anthony Stewart
    Anthony Stewart 7 hours ago

    I’ve had the iPhone 8 Plus.. should I upgrade?

  • Gundam Tanaka
    Gundam Tanaka 7 hours ago

    I own a ZTE (I'm using it rn as I'm typing this) I want to get an iPhone 11 cause this phone is kinda crappy, the only time I want a sharp photo I have to take it on Instagram for a really good sharp photo, I'm hoping that if I spend money on this. It will be worth it

  • stoned_ boner Xbox GT: stoney boney1

    Too bad Comcast won't change, simply for the fact that they have been allowed to Monopolize the tv and internet services.

  • Jady Alondra
    Jady Alondra 7 hours ago

    who is upgrading from the SE?

  • Krister Minecraft TV

    Everybody said... there is no more innovation at Apple... but Always-on display was the innovation for the smart watch's that nobody did it at first and know all the company's will put AOD at their smart watch's.

  • ShimmerWolf Aj
    ShimmerWolf Aj 7 hours ago

    Thanks so much! You’re the ONLY USclipr I’ve seen not spend 15mins on just the ram ect. Thank you.

  • G DL
    G DL 8 hours ago

    Waterfall method is used by Loona HHHH

  • JadeJade
    JadeJade 8 hours ago

    i still love my xr

  • carlos daniel
    carlos daniel 8 hours ago

    So is it worth buying the 4 for 300?

  • Peter Ming
    Peter Ming 8 hours ago

    Please give us the behind the scenes of the opening shot. That looks super dope.

  • Eli Cili
    Eli Cili 8 hours ago

    Is this US dollar

  • FSR Demo
    FSR Demo 8 hours ago

    They made the usb-c rapid charger so you could snatch Samsung battery life

  • AJ Pascual
    AJ Pascual 8 hours ago

    Is there FINGERPRINT sensor? No, drop another $200 b4 I consider switching or buying.

  • Zhazmin Wynter Defiyahqueen

    I'm from the Caribbean islands of Trinidad and Tobago... And although our islands barely get real damage in hurricane season... Most of our homes are built with concrete and bricks. The concept of a round home is good as far as the wind goes.. Cause in Trinidad we have these 3 big mountains in the northern range called the Trinity hills and Basically the power of the hurricane just beats against the back of those mountains and around it like a big wall.

  • Caliboyk
    Caliboyk 9 hours ago

    You only have to go to HBO Max to Friends in the American market. Not the international market where NETFLIX still has the licensing rights to stream Friends. Yes, in America, Netflix is facing more competition. On the international flip side only Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video are NETFLIX's competition where the original streaming giant is currently the leader. While these videos are cool and all. It's to be pointed out that NETFLIX is still on the international side, and America is not the only market for online exclusive streaming content. There are tons of original international shows by NETFLIX worth watching that Americans never mention. Why? The dialogue is in different languages which mean reading subtitles or changing the audio language when the option is available. In the end, it's a global market, and there is no need to stay stuck in an American only silo.

  • Jordan Cooper
    Jordan Cooper 9 hours ago

    When iPhone fanboys do a review. . . XD.

  • Mateo Solano
    Mateo Solano 9 hours ago

    Can't wait to get mine... I'm upgrading from an iPhone 7

  • Usonian Fasces
    Usonian Fasces 9 hours ago

    >on the rapists iwatch, police found that he had been using the menstrual app to track his future rape victims.

  • (-_-)t
    (-_-)t 9 hours ago

    just got this and mickey mouse won’t read the time to me. i’ve looked everywhere in the settings. nothing.

  • Ag Yuan
    Ag Yuan 9 hours ago

    really? the BEST camera on a phone? you need to update.....

  • Zxro
    Zxro 9 hours ago

    Im upgrading from Samsung s10 to iPhone 11

  • Ugottasmallone
    Ugottasmallone 10 hours ago

    I love the iPad mini. I have owned both iPad mini 1 and 3. Now my iPad mini 3 stopped working so now I’m going to buy the new one lmao. I just loveeee the size it’s so perfect and they are so affordable!

  • KNYStorm
    KNYStorm 10 hours ago

    He sounds like Joe Rogan

  • nico jumaoas
    nico jumaoas 10 hours ago

    😮 nice

  • Charlie P
    Charlie P 10 hours ago

    "White males" lol I hate the world of 2019

  • Declen Davis
    Declen Davis 10 hours ago

    Review ???? This just came out yesterday 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  • kuden
    kuden 10 hours ago

    I was at the Apple store and looking at the watch. Was 50/50 to buy then a man next to me said 'Don't waste your money with this' I was kind of surprised when he said that and seeing him wearing one. I ask why, he goes I'm here to return the watch and switching to another brand another brand.

  • Brick annimation - Stop Motion Studios

    Hi ! Thanks for the informations and the quality of explaining the purpose of this project. I have a question, I'm working in audio pro/event. I have some mixing console app on IOS, could I'll get it on macOS Catalina or it's just for "social" app ? Thanks for the answer !

  • Daniel Loomis
    Daniel Loomis 10 hours ago

    how much apple paying lmao

  • Gin
    Gin 10 hours ago

    *Who else is watching this on their iPhone XR Pro.*

  • FuryCZ
    FuryCZ 10 hours ago

    Finally a good phone review, thanks

  • N Z
    N Z 11 hours ago

    Hello, what min storage capacity do you recommend?

  • Debbie Sartin
    Debbie Sartin 11 hours ago


  • deltavagen
    deltavagen 11 hours ago

    charlie xcx complaining about white men in the industry? i am so done with this chick now. f*ck off

  • Ludz Bo
    Ludz Bo 11 hours ago

    Complete waste of 6:42 of my time

  • John Martinez
    John Martinez 11 hours ago

    The insanity of using nuclear power is incredible. If the public was truly educated about nuclear energy and it's dangers we would not be using it.

  • Cuthbert Kamali
    Cuthbert Kamali 11 hours ago

    You should have compared it with the P30 pro

  • Kifter
    Kifter 11 hours ago

    Still and LCD screen..