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The Real Daytime
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PDAs During the Holidays
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A Mannequin Comes to Life!
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Signing an NDA?
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Tamera Was a Smoker?
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Friday on 'The Real'
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  • Gamer2000
    Gamer2000 Hour ago

    YES !! EQUALITY!!! He should force her to pay money. The dude has the right to pay for the rent and for other stuff.

  • Ruth Durosier
    Ruth Durosier Hour ago

    Look at Trump.

  • Solo Davinci
    Solo Davinci Hour ago

    Black women would hate them 📚 😆

  • barteediddy bartee

    Looks like a crack headed with that wig

  • Lazy Duck
    Lazy Duck Hour ago


  • Chelsea Carrington

    I love Tam but I wish they would stop dressing her like an old woman.

  • D M
    D M Hour ago

    Mmmmmmmm... Which one of you is the Flamingo🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😉?

  • LuNaTiC xoxo
    LuNaTiC xoxo Hour ago

    loni be having shitty sex. yet again, her weight probably intervenes a lot so for her max 5 minutes 😭😂😂😂

  • Geo Cyo
    Geo Cyo Hour ago

    That audience was dead this was some funny stuff!

  • Lazy Duck
    Lazy Duck Hour ago

    Omgggg ally Brooke is in the real!!!!!

  • Alex Kinsey
    Alex Kinsey Hour ago

    Isn't this the chick Adriene troed to pass off as the Flamingo

  • Shay91
    Shay91 Hour ago

    I hate when ppl associate dark with bad things. That's racist.

  • D M
    D M Hour ago

    Thanks for your honesty Jeannie. It's not how you start but how you finish! You've come a long way and we are glad you are alive to help someone else who is struggling.

  • Mackenzie
    Mackenzie Hour ago

    Too pretty to deal with Jim’s bullshit no marriage no kids.

  • CreepinWhileYouSleepin

    woke cultures gonna die in 2020 👏

  • V Fry
    V Fry Hour ago

    2dont fervor really... But cuteplayoffs, and professional. No one would fervor unless they GET it! Great job Loni, Mara and Ms. T

  • Mando Bloom
    Mando Bloom Hour ago


  • Bless •10 years ago•

    *Its a avacodo. Thanks. 🙂*

  • Sami Rendel
    Sami Rendel Hour ago

    I loved that song so much on cheetah girls song I still love it and listen to it all the time if we being honest

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  • CourtGeorgee
    CourtGeorgee Hour ago

    I USED TO TELL PEOPLE ALL THE TIME. PLAY WAS MY FAVORITE GROUP AS A KID!!! I had all 3 albums!!! But the biggest one is year 3000.. busted never gets the credit and everyone thinks it was originally the Jonas brothers

  • Katy Coca
    Katy Coca Hour ago

    Loni is the only one that conducted this interview! Everybody else could've done a better job!!

  • Marcela Arellano


  • Mrs Hickman-Bennett

    she sounds like toni braxton

  • Ira Kaye
    Ira Kaye Hour ago


  • c cc
    c cc Hour ago

    Opposites only attract when both people bring positive things to the table, but most importantly when they respect each other. Jeanne didn't have real respect in her marriage. She mentioned many times that she liked black rappers on national tv, which is very disrespectful to her husband. He also didn't seem to be very into her.

  • at 4everTia
    at 4everTia Hour ago

    I wouldn't pay or see him for free so...

  • Barbara Paparella

    Hes mr 17.5 lol such a fucking contradiction

  • Tico Nice
    Tico Nice Hour ago

    Bitches be Cré Cré Just pimp slap that bith !!!

  • JeJe TheSunflower

    Boy boom!! 🙄🙄 U mad cause she ain't choose u

    • Henshin Sama
      Henshin Sama Hour ago

      not seeing where he's mad at lol he's being pretty mature about the situation.

  • Floss
    Floss Hour ago

    If it is, then they are not worth it.

  • Joy Andrus
    Joy Andrus Hour ago

    My biggest complaint that comes to Halloween is a majority of women's costumes have no materials to actually call it an outfit. It's cold.... give me some warmth to go out with my kids and enjoy myself

  • Barbara Paparella

    I love jeannie but jeezy is known 4 being the coke guy

  • J K
    J K Hour ago

    This is fab

  • Miss IntrovertGirl

    Girl we knew that. 😠

    • Miss IntrovertGirl
      Miss IntrovertGirl Hour ago

      I actually like the cheetah girl’s version better though. Play was great but the cheetah girls gave it a little more umpff.

  • Vil Vil
    Vil Vil Hour ago

    it's not play it's i5. both play and cheetah girl did a cover then tata young and s.h.e did as well but that doesn't matter because each version was great and it's about women empowerment!

  • PureAloha78
    PureAloha78 Hour ago

    Jeannie amazes me. I learn something new about her each time I watch a clip of the real. She’s honest and raw. I love it. She definitely keeps it real 100.

  • Jassy Monique
    Jassy Monique Hour ago

    Well play you have a nice song. But cheetah girls is my childhood so I'm srry 😂 Should be happy... They made that song a hit hit 🙌🏼

  • M 111
    M 111 Hour ago

    Both of them handled themselves very well!

  • Ira Kaye
    Ira Kaye Hour ago

    I love Jeannie. Jeanie, be my Auntie 😂😂😂

  • Dani X
    Dani X Hour ago

    Actually the girl group Play's version was a cover too. Both the Cheetah Girls and Play's version were covers off some other girl group

  • JeJe TheSunflower

    They look like twins 😩. Never even noticed it before

  • Nesza Salvador
    Nesza Salvador 2 hours ago

    I remember PLAY, they were a super young girl group from Sweden, they really had some dope songs. If you like Cinderella, then you should check out "I must not chase the boys"... they were way beyond their time XD Love you girls

  • Julio
    Julio 2 hours ago


  • JeJe TheSunflower
    JeJe TheSunflower 2 hours ago

    Tamera wasn't w that sister sister comment 😂😂

  • deeeeeeezzzzaaaa
    deeeeeeezzzzaaaa 2 hours ago

    Tamera is hilarious "Oh wait a minute, oh wait a minute"

  • Jovanni Rodriguez
    Jovanni Rodriguez 2 hours ago


  • Willie Purdom
    Willie Purdom 2 hours ago

    Amara La Negra is one beautiful woman.

  • Victoria Yeager
    Victoria Yeager 2 hours ago

    True Disney Channel fans know this

  • alexander95371
    alexander95371 2 hours ago

    What a degenerate

  • Jonathan Collins
    Jonathan Collins 2 hours ago

    For some reason all women think they are good at sex. Definitely not true. A woman who realizes she a big part of how a man does will have better sex. A woman who thinks all she needs to do is show up and take off her clothes won't. Especially as a man gets older, if you can't turn him on, that's an issue.

  • Mmee Hall
    Mmee Hall 2 hours ago

    Hard eye roll !!! This whole clip.... You want the woman you brushed off to forgive and support you.. you may have heard bad things growing up but as an adult you can choose a new way of thinking.. you tried to shine on a whole race of women..but you're so sorry now 😐

  • WLC
    WLC 2 hours ago

    Y'all learned the phrase media training and throw it all over the place. He did a lot of talking and didn't say much. Every time there was a silence he filled it and kept talking about it without talking about it while saying a lot of nothing.

  • Pink Lemonade
    Pink Lemonade 2 hours ago

    They could be distant cousins or something.

  • j4Rose
    j4Rose 2 hours ago

    How old is Jeannie? She never mentions her age.

    • j4Rose
      j4Rose Hour ago

      Mandy S Exactly

    • Mandy S
      Mandy S 2 hours ago

      Jeannie has repeatedly mentioned her age, she is 40

  • Demure Darling
    Demure Darling 2 hours ago

    She’s not from Africa! Black Americans are the aboriginals!

  • Toni Salters
    Toni Salters 2 hours ago

    Lmao don't nobody care about no damn lashes

  • Maria C
    Maria C 2 hours ago

    If you don’t want your friend to show their tattoos that’s like saying you think them having tattoos is wrong or ugly. That’s to me like asking someone to dye their hair, why do you care if they have tattoos??

  • jonny davis
    jonny davis 2 hours ago

    Jeannie is racists against blacks

  • Zhane Doe
    Zhane Doe 2 hours ago

    Ally is a sweetheart. She, Dinah, Normani, and Lauren deserved so much better.

  • jonny davis
    jonny davis 2 hours ago

    She had a broken home and was insecure

  • Timmoy Warren
    Timmoy Warren 2 hours ago

    I just love loni

  • Nkechi Eze
    Nkechi Eze 2 hours ago

    Lonis wig parting is immaculate

  • Alvin Del Rey
    Alvin Del Rey 2 hours ago

    I love that Ally’s on the show :)

  • BlakeHolsey
    BlakeHolsey 2 hours ago

    I knew it was a PLAY song because I had their album. I was so excited when the Cheetah Girls want it.

  • CitizenCOY
    CitizenCOY 2 hours ago

    I’m blessed that I am surrounded by strong, straight, respectful, black men that charity black women. I have never had an issue with finding great black men unless looking at the younger kids coming up now. Black men are all that and a bag of chips which is why so many others are running trying to get them one.

  • Yashannkia Yasharahla

    The Kardashian’s are HOES, & goes behind their friends back, & sleep with their men. So what’s the problem? 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • lola lane
    lola lane 2 hours ago

    you ever meet someone that shares to much of their personal information...yea thats Jeanie you can be "real" without sharing all your personal stuff. Somethings only you should know about you.

  • Faith and Fashion with Feyi

    Of course you wouldn’t know a Cheetah Girls song Loni 😂. Cinderella made me emotional as a child 😩😭😂

    PRESS PLAY 2 hours ago

    Honestly,I agree with Loni. I only have CUTE ASS FRIENDS...I couldnt lie and say my friend isnt cute because she's not. I know they spirit and they heart therefore they cute INSIDE AND OUT!!! I can tell them that the new gf is cute too but she could NEVER BE CUTER THAN YOU, BOO lol

  • Vanity Bravo
    Vanity Bravo 2 hours ago

    I love Jeannie I love Jeannie I LOVE JEANNIE! Thank you for being so open. Thank you for being so REAL! Who this woman is as a person is so special!!!!! You are sooooooooooooo real! You are so raw and the real wouldn’t be the same without you! & you have no idea how many people you have helped by being you and being so REAL! Thank you!

  • Lillian xyz
    Lillian xyz 2 hours ago

    My babies

  • Kianaa lee
    Kianaa lee 2 hours ago

    Sooo... what’s his number 😂😂 ??

  • Jay Tern
    Jay Tern 2 hours ago


  • Zhane Doe
    Zhane Doe 2 hours ago

    I was a fan of Play, so I already knew this. Both versions are great!

  • Karina G
    Karina G 2 hours ago

    Jeannie ilove youuuuuuuuuuuu

  • Monica C
    Monica C 2 hours ago

    Rap is not the only genre that talks about drugs you dumbass bitches.

  • Charlese Mckeithen
    Charlese Mckeithen 2 hours ago

    Omg loni is too funny and yes I agree with tam

  • Chandnicute
    Chandnicute 2 hours ago

    Samantha was the best thing about SATC

  • Nicholeo Cornes
    Nicholeo Cornes 2 hours ago

    No it's not because shes black your crazy

  • Stevie Antonio
    Stevie Antonio 2 hours ago

    Woman having woman conversations. They don't understand Men at all lol

  • Eamon O'Connell
    Eamon O'Connell 2 hours ago

    There's no law that says people must see a movie. This isn't a dictatorship. It's called freedom of choice. Something the left hates with a passion.

  • Sheesh Neeshh
    Sheesh Neeshh 2 hours ago

    You say that now after we’ve all recently find out 🙄

  • srmyinitials
    srmyinitials 2 hours ago

    Love that Adrienne still talks about the cheetah girls.

  • NEICY Official
    NEICY Official 2 hours ago

    Loving Chrissy hair

  • iluvbm vm
    iluvbm vm 2 hours ago

    I love drugs ain't gonna lie but I do it occasionally not 24/7 like these crazy rappers

  • Bianney Sanchez
    Bianney Sanchez 2 hours ago

    I was like jeanie. I took drugs to numb my pain rather than face the pain sober. My child hood wasn't the greatest either. I still struggle with it but I am far better then where I was 4 years ago. And all by God's Grace.

  • Trisha Smith
    Trisha Smith 2 hours ago

    Once I' more financially secure I will adopt 💚

  • Lillian xyz
    Lillian xyz 2 hours ago

    My girls from the real ,lu y

  • Quella Me
    Quella Me 2 hours ago

    Adrienne eye makeup was wayyy much today

  • Lillian xyz
    Lillian xyz 2 hours ago

    Hey my babies

  • halo merric
    halo merric 2 hours ago

    Having ten kids is not even cute unless your a dog or a cat these days...🐾🐶🐱

  • Christian Soldier
    Christian Soldier 2 hours ago

    Tamera should be at home schooling her kids not sending them off to a dirty school where they can be victimized or indoctrinated

  • James Rios
    James Rios 2 hours ago

    You'd think Loni being the comedian. Her reaction would be funny . But hers was the only one that was not.

  • Jon Jay
    Jon Jay 2 hours ago

    Boy this didn’t age well!

  • L E
    L E 2 hours ago

    I can’t stand the reading part, it looks so old in 2019. I always skip it.

  • Nikki Saracini
    Nikki Saracini 2 hours ago

    Jeannie always, got a story ugh

  • Gerson Otuo
    Gerson Otuo 2 hours ago

    Jeanie is THE PERSON... 👏👏👏

  • Quella Me
    Quella Me 2 hours ago

    Jennie looks too skinny

  • Aaron Montague
    Aaron Montague 2 hours ago

    She's40????? Wow