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  • Wiebe de Jong
    Wiebe de Jong 17 seconds ago

    2007 no 2008 no 2009 no 2010 no 2011 no 2012 no 2013 no 2014 no 2015 no 2016 no 2017 no 2018 no 2019 yes

  • Alex
    Alex 2 minutes ago

    I’m gunna be honest this is the first one I’ve seen where I genuinely think level 3 is joking....🧐

  • Júlio César Wall Paschoalin


  • Kpop Lover
    Kpop Lover 3 minutes ago

    5 level : *Italian grandma*

  • flying horse
    flying horse 5 minutes ago

    Is that dude just throwing away those plastic bags ? NOT COOL

  • TheEpicnesscontained
    TheEpicnesscontained 5 minutes ago

    bruh level 3 chef chicken has no flavor

  • mybackpocket
    mybackpocket 7 minutes ago

    "oregano" pronounced "oregno"????

  • mybackpocket
    mybackpocket 8 minutes ago

    Level 1 chef knows what he's doing. Washing dishes is the main chore. Get this man more zip lock bags.

  • Jackson Martin
    Jackson Martin 9 minutes ago

    Level 2 is so confident, everything about his grilled cheese was embarrassing

  • Quoc Bao
    Quoc Bao 9 minutes ago

    All those dislikes are from malnourished vegans.

  • flying horse
    flying horse 11 minutes ago

    As a college student I can tell you , that level 1 recipe is not cost effective at all

  • Duki__
    Duki__ 11 minutes ago

    When Emily becomes a lvl3 chef she will make a ketchup recipe that is gonna take 3 days to prepare,

  • Willee85
    Willee85 11 minutes ago

    Can somebody make a list of these beers? I wanna taste test them all

  • VOID Blade
    VOID Blade 14 minutes ago

    He ain’t a lvl 1. He’s more like a lvl 1.5

  • gabriel1999
    gabriel1999 15 minutes ago

    The expensive bologna couldn't have had added sodium nitrite. It would still have its pink color like the cheap bologna. Sodium nitrite is only good for keeping the pink color in the meat, but the resultant carcinogenic nitrosamines formed in your stomach acid means you should never get meat with the added sodium nitrite.

  • mkvaukaite
    mkvaukaite 16 minutes ago

    People like level 1 chef will kill our planet just not having to wash dishes. Foil and dirty plastic bags everythere

  • Kevin M
    Kevin M 16 minutes ago

    I only watch this while I'm eating

  • isse fad
    isse fad 17 minutes ago

    Him:we might not have cut evry fruit to night Me:i just saw all kinds of fruit that was found on mars and theres more

  • Markie
    Markie 19 minutes ago


  • novadragon79
    novadragon79 22 minutes ago

    Basil, Mint and Thyme in a Béarnaise sauce!? what the hell is wrong with these ppl?!

    VINCENT C 22 minutes ago

    this man just used a whole wheel of cheese as a bowl

  • Mike Brown
    Mike Brown 24 minutes ago

    Food scientist comes on... Ight, time to read these comments

  • just giselle
    just giselle 24 minutes ago

    I just noticed that guy with the black apron has no shirt on lol

  • ProfWollhoven
    ProfWollhoven 27 minutes ago

    First Time I would prefer Lv3. Second place would be Lv2 but if she eats them with me, I would prefer her.

  • Cheeze
    Cheeze 30 minutes ago

    Who else typed chicken

  • flying horse
    flying horse 31 minute ago

    Adam Ragusea must me going crazy with the salt question

  • Gricelda Hernandez
    Gricelda Hernandez 33 minutes ago

    this is how you know people don't really cook. The reason it looks burned it because of the berries :)

  • Hamoudy Harb
    Hamoudy Harb 34 minutes ago

    Everyone: Cinnamon rolls Lvl. 3 chef: Cinnamon bun

  • John Kennedy Zackarias
    John Kennedy Zackarias 37 minutes ago

    Am I the only one who eats the leaves on a strawberry??

  • Jamileh Khalil
    Jamileh Khalil 44 minutes ago

    I like Lorenzo’s taco the best that’s my kind of taco

  • Toxic Truth
    Toxic Truth 44 minutes ago

    this video makes me want to buy butter and sell it under the name of Gucci.

  • Turtle Boi
    Turtle Boi 47 minutes ago

    Everyone else: french toast Me, an intellectual: eGgY bReAd

  • John Banana
    John Banana 52 minutes ago

    Everyone else: never use that audience Me:What about tamarindos?

  • meee meee
    meee meee 52 minutes ago

    Wth is marscarpone, did you get it from mars or what?

  • flying horse
    flying horse 53 minutes ago

    The last gadget performed fine , was easy to use , did what it said Guy : the material isn't good enough 1/5

  • slty Clan
    slty Clan 55 minutes ago

    Level 1 : i buy the Steak Level 2 : I make my own Steak Level 3 : I am the Steak

  • awsomeabacus
    awsomeabacus 56 minutes ago

    4:25 Imagine dating someone for several months and then finding out they cut their sandwiches lengthwise.

  • Aaron Friedman
    Aaron Friedman 56 minutes ago

    Level 1 is the best

  • The Pastry Warden by Chef Andre Ward

    I would love to get on there as a professional pastry chef. Awesome Videos

  • DF Hdez
    DF Hdez 59 minutes ago

    Lorenzo is a tool

  • Munira a
    Munira a 59 minutes ago

    Imagine if Emily added ketchup...

  • T Fierro
    T Fierro Hour ago

    I wise asador once said: you only need fire, beef, salt and wrist...everything else is to cover up your that you dont know how to prepare beef

  • Bálint
    Bálint Hour ago

    I can't take this seriously, "food scientist" and she uses farenheit........ blasphemy.

  • Arlon Mattos
    Arlon Mattos Hour ago

    as soon as I saw emily my anxiety came to say hi

  • RoachdoggJR
    RoachdoggJR Hour ago

    so, any reason for that crowd????

  • I cOnSuMe ThE aSs

    5:06 Clair has left the chat

  • Joe Garcia
    Joe Garcia Hour ago

    I come here to watch emaly

  • Lorenzo Montagna

    3:51 why does she look like a Sims catcher?

  • baldieman64
    baldieman64 Hour ago

    Sous vide is the trick to perfect (and thoroughly cooked) chicken every time...... Break the chicken down into (works it out) 12 pieces, marinade, cook sous vide for 30 minutes, pat dry, dust with spiced flour, egg, coat with homemade breadcrumbs and fry - fight the kids off, telling them not to burn themselves.Serve to the adults with salted potato wedges and ketchup blended with Sriracha.

  • i Cheese
    i Cheese Hour ago


  • I cOnSuMe ThE aSs

    When I saw the fourth guy I thought he was Gordon Ramsay

  • Søren L
    Søren L Hour ago

    Bro that Barry dude is so annoying

  • Nichelle S
    Nichelle S Hour ago

    "There is very few things that my mom made very well but fried chicken is one of them" lol level 2 is funny

  • Ailin Ell
    Ailin Ell Hour ago

    I think this is the first time when the recipe by level 3 chef is actually manageable. And level 1 is lowkey level 2 but lazy 👌🏼

  • Shadae Scott
    Shadae Scott Hour ago

    He is a disrespecting the last name Scott

  • Ana Menezes
    Ana Menezes Hour ago

    i'm so angry, what kind of person cut a plantain that way??? you don't even need do cut, just peel wtf

  • Matthew Lmao
    Matthew Lmao Hour ago

    I feel like this show has the same actors every time

  • Matthew Lmao
    Matthew Lmao Hour ago

    I feel like this show has the same actors every time

  • meeed54
    meeed54 Hour ago

    Level 1 Chef is all of us. :D

  • Heddy
    Heddy Hour ago

    He coulda washed his hands befire

  • Sammie Rivera
    Sammie Rivera Hour ago

    I rather have the first one then any of the other lol

  • Bo-dazzling pig
    Bo-dazzling pig Hour ago


  • Tom Kristiansen
    Tom Kristiansen Hour ago

    36 is far from every fruit, there are over 2000 fruits we know of.

  • shishtar
    shishtar Hour ago

    She actually looks like a cheese expert tbh.

  • Liz Cooley
    Liz Cooley Hour ago

    can they try each other’s too!!??

  • inaaya ahmed
    inaaya ahmed Hour ago

    Level 2 claims to not like Marmite but secretly eats it alone with ketchup.

  • Slow Loris
    Slow Loris Hour ago

    Now I love frank but those voices kinda ruined the video

  • fantasy nerd
    fantasy nerd Hour ago

    And the bag means unnecessary use of plastic but you do you I guess

  • Dirty Oar Catfishing

    if level one would have just tossed in the sauce at the end it would have stayed crispy and been the best.......dont think any of these were great.....you dont ever bread a hot wing

  • Sa Rah Fis Her
    Sa Rah Fis Her Hour ago

    I love this show DO NOT LIKE THE "SCIENTIST". 😬

  • Lakshmi Kesari
    Lakshmi Kesari Hour ago

    i have watched every one of these level cook offs and i absolutely love how cute and happy every level 1 cook looks after they finish their dish just so "awwww"

  • Bo-dazzling pig
    Bo-dazzling pig Hour ago

    lvl 3 chef looks like a character from icarly XD

  • Rachel Dupuis
    Rachel Dupuis Hour ago

    WOW! So many closed minds here! Cuisine is about exploring all the possibilities! I'd gladly have a bowl or two of that seafood chili. Go back to your regular boring food... 🤣

  • Jaden’s Channel to his Random Mess

    Level 0 Chef: So you put the Eggo French Toast in the toaster, make sure Purple Shep isn’t sticking his head in it.

  • Justi Michalak
    Justi Michalak 2 hours ago

    90% of all these fruit I had no idea existed lmao

  • Sarah Cat
    Sarah Cat 2 hours ago

    Did anyone catch the Wizard of Oz reference?

  • Annette
    Annette 2 hours ago

    Dude acc just grilled the cheese. LMAO

  • Lal İdikut
    Lal İdikut 2 hours ago

    I would die for that level 2 cupcake

  • Fanuel Tawi
    Fanuel Tawi 2 hours ago

    4:12 Just eat the whole damn thing

  • wiadroman
    wiadroman 2 hours ago

    If this is level 1 cook I am level 3 Britney Spears.

  • Auschwitzi Statiszta

    Did they get paid to show that level of stupidity?

  • D De M
    D De M 2 hours ago

    Who the heck buys a full wheel of cheese tho ?

  • Andrew Park Kim
    Andrew Park Kim 2 hours ago

    How did this guy resist eating the food in this video?

  • Kelsey Skittles
    Kelsey Skittles 2 hours ago

    Every video except for this one: Level 2 chef's looks the best

  • ZeGypsy
    ZeGypsy 2 hours ago

    Emily isn't a level 1 chef, she is a kitchen disaster

  • Cat Monster Guy
    Cat Monster Guy 2 hours ago

    I've never had mashed potato

  • OneMore SOB
    OneMore SOB 2 hours ago

    I just want to know which coffee is this fellas go to at home.

  • GunDog Jr.
    GunDog Jr. 2 hours ago

    Why o why o why o why, don’t they reveal the names of the actual products being compared on these videos? 🤷‍♂️ The experts eulogise the better quality items, but we never get to know the brand or specific product in a line *sigh* Anyway, this guy was one of the best so far, because he could seem to tell how big the difference in price was. Many of these experts guess right but don’t seem to able to confidently predict big price differences. You get a little umming and errring before they decide, and often one product turns out to be about twice the price. They then go on to tell you why the more expensive one was much better lol A bit ‘wise after the event’ 😉

  • JennahTheCreeper
    JennahTheCreeper 2 hours ago

    "Oh! I used to live thesebgg until ibleanred what calories were" SAME

  • Hassan Alasdi
    Hassan Alasdi 2 hours ago

    Sooo this makes me a level 0 chef

  • Richie Lavariere
    Richie Lavariere 2 hours ago

    The food scientist is hot

  • Crimson Chin
    Crimson Chin 2 hours ago

    where's the diversity

  • Neil StarGaming
    Neil StarGaming 2 hours ago

    The way she says Nutella makes me want to click off the vid

  • Hana TS
    Hana TS 2 hours ago

    Is it just me or the Level 4 girl look super young...

  • puzzzl
    puzzzl 2 hours ago

    Using a huge plastic bag just because you don't want to do dishes is unbelievably wasteful. Jay, please reconsider your ways.

  • Evie Bell
    Evie Bell 2 hours ago

    Video: cinnamon rolls Tracy: so I’m gonna make croissants

  • єνєlιи #lσl
    єνєlιи #lσl 2 hours ago

    Like Im 14 and know how to cook warm chockoled

  • Karla Corbitt
    Karla Corbitt 2 hours ago

    How to cut........ use a knife😏

  • zepe
    zepe 2 hours ago

    American fruits just look wrong Like, no.

  • Sociables
    Sociables 2 hours ago

    I wouldve taken off the first layer and ate the second lmao