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  • Tim Stryker
    Tim Stryker 27 minutes ago

    Every single question was answered perfectly. Mark is amazing and you can tell that he values the right things

  • brob
    brob 30 minutes ago

    He talks kinda like Thundercat

  • Travis Stoudt
    Travis Stoudt 46 minutes ago

    Congrats Ravens but u want to win more than just the AFC North

  • Be Woke Jeanty
    Be Woke Jeanty 53 minutes ago

    Too much jewelry for what hope he don’t get caught up

  • Josh Abrahams
    Josh Abrahams 55 minutes ago

    Dis video gave me chills n got me hyped. Plus I love dem handwamer Jersey the ravens have might have to ask decosta like bro can I get one of dem I'll take medium

  • xA P 0 S t A TE
    xA P 0 S t A TE Hour ago

    Lamar , whatever you do big Dog, win Sbs, titles of many kind. Please stay humble . But also proud of Your gifts 😁. Every1 respects humility

  • Jon Mikelonis
    Jon Mikelonis Hour ago

    crazy thing is if KC NE both LOSE tommorow week can essentially have 3 bye weeks and no1 seed lol

  • RavensTheNextDynasty

    I agree just boom it into the end zone stop this pop up kick to the 10 yard bull crap the risk reward is not good enough to have them start at the 18 instead of the 25 cause 1 of these times it’s gonna go to the house

  • Ayush Desai
    Ayush Desai Hour ago

    Bring him home Ravens

  • Eagle eye
    Eagle eye 2 hours ago

    Suggs just got cut from the Cardinals, I say for Suggs come home and retire. What does the Flock think?

  • tonybmore7124
    tonybmore7124 2 hours ago

    True Raven fans just soak all this goodness up! Super Bowl Bound!

  • Eagle eye
    Eagle eye 2 hours ago


  • CannabinatedFantasy
    CannabinatedFantasy 2 hours ago

    belee & trusss

  • DJA4
    DJA4 3 hours ago

    He played for my hometown #GOCARDS!!! #GoRavens

  • Gershom Bempah
    Gershom Bempah 3 hours ago

    God is great!!! It’s amazing to witness this ....

  • 🦍Humble Beast Harambe 🦍

    It was a money grab

  • Tony Eats
    Tony Eats 3 hours ago

    Lamer the leader 🏈🏈🏈

  • Steven T. Rhinehart
    Steven T. Rhinehart 3 hours ago

    Jackson is the talk of the Town! N.F.L. College Highschool Elementary Sports Teams discussing his Game in their Locker Rooms

  • Nikki Smith
    Nikki Smith 3 hours ago

    Beautiful just BEAUTIFUL πŸˆπŸˆπŸˆπŸˆπŸ‰πŸ‰πŸ‰πŸ‰ #RAVENSNATIONBABY #LAMARVELOUS

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan 3 hours ago

    Hell yeah coach let’s go for it

  • John Thomann
    John Thomann 3 hours ago

    New England's punishment should be getting moved to this beast of a division.

  • Le' Keith
    Le' Keith 3 hours ago

    Loving Lamar's game.. hoping the fame won't puff him up.continue to stay humble Lamar!

  • Journal Wright
    Journal Wright 3 hours ago

    We The North belongs to Baltimore now! Thanks for holding it down Canada.

  • Yhc Kelvin
    Yhc Kelvin 3 hours ago

    Truss ☝🏾

  • Michael Hill
    Michael Hill 3 hours ago

    62 dislikes....smh

  • mansonlamps
    mansonlamps 3 hours ago

    We used to say fool me once.. you ain’t gonna fool us twice.. genuisπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚smh

  • carnage6ar
    carnage6ar 3 hours ago

    the t shirt says it all

  • xA P 0 S t A TE
    xA P 0 S t A TE 4 hours ago

    BROWNS : we gunna win the North Odell Beckham: Trade me

  • Mr Chris Carter FX
    Mr Chris Carter FX 4 hours ago

    QB is a hard position.. Me: Guys go long I’ll give it to you! πŸ˜ƒ Lamar: 12 zip 42 buck right right halo dash grip break ...

  • just_2swift
    just_2swift 4 hours ago

    As a Steeler fan I hoping for the best for this man get your ring!

  • Craig James
    Craig James 4 hours ago

    commentator funny asf "left a 49ers player completely out his cleats πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚"

  • Travis Stoudt
    Travis Stoudt 4 hours ago

    Congrats Lamar but u want to win more than just the MVP and AFC North

  • Desi Davis
    Desi Davis 5 hours ago

    I pray he get to da dance dis year & take da prom pic..He got a champion spirit. Humbly GooD!

  • PatternSon
    PatternSon 5 hours ago

    Shish! These guys are Unnatural!

    SHERRI HUGHES 5 hours ago

    Lamar Jackson is the best damn quarterback I've ever seen. Ravens are laughing they got a steal. M.V.P.

  • Skin Boming
    Skin Boming 5 hours ago

    Lets Go!!! They said we weren't gone be shit. Look now!

  • COGG
    COGG 5 hours ago

    Thank you audio techs to have fixed the audio problems from last game

  • IVORY123100
    IVORY123100 5 hours ago

    In a few years from now . A guy will walk into Pawn Stars and an expert will be called to authenticate the jersey .. " I am asking for 5 million dollars" ...

  • Lisa Weaver
    Lisa Weaver 5 hours ago

    So humble.. so talented. BALTIMORE LOVES YOU LAMAR!!! MVP in the we come!!!

  • greekfire995
    greekfire995 5 hours ago

    Next team up. Time to get revenge on the Browns and lock in that number 1 seed for the first time ever in this franchise. MAKE IT HAPPEN. THE NORTH IS NOT ENOUGH.

  • Paye Mialor
    Paye Mialor 5 hours ago

    Happy for my boy Chuck Clark... Go Ravens πŸ’ͺ🏈

  • Steven Taylor
    Steven Taylor 5 hours ago

    Cleveland: we winning the north Baltimore: hold my crab leg😭😭

  • Ashley Shelton
    Ashley Shelton 5 hours ago

    I had to watch this a second time. So chilling to watch. Been riding for my team no matter what. City of Baltimore needed this. Ravens fans needed this. I love my team. I love our organization. I love the fan base. Let's keep this going yall. Big boy no little boy. Big Truss. Whoop whoop. 😈😈

  • KF 808
    KF 808 6 hours ago

    Love the enthusiasm but this North Championship is bitter sweet because I know as do the whole Ravens organization that this team could've been 14-0 had we NOT suffered those early injuries defensively in the season. However, no injury to Tavon and Jimmy, then no Marcus Peters at Corner. No injuries to Peanut and Kenny, then no Josh Bynes and L.J. Fort at ILB. No injury to Tony and Deshon, then no Chuck Clark and Brandon Carr at Safety. No injury scare to Michael Pierce, then no Peko and Jelly at DT. You get the point. Defensive set backs allowed the Ravens to slip in the 2 losses, since acquiring those guys... #1 in the League. Like coach Harbs said Let's get to 13 and 2, then 14 and 2 and Cash in on the AFC CHAMPIONSHIP and SUPERBOWL... THE NORTH IS NOT ENOUGH!!!

  • astarnold
    astarnold 6 hours ago

    I started that mvp champ!!

  • Dustin Platt
    Dustin Platt 6 hours ago

    At least John didn't bring out props and weird quotes from ancient Chinese proverbs from 50,000 B.C. Those were weird times.

  • Ray Ray Dewitt
    Ray Ray Dewitt 6 hours ago

    Good Man right here

  • Real Rullah
    Real Rullah 7 hours ago

    Mark Ingram is perfect here and he is playing top level shout out to that dude

  • Ya' mon
    Ya' mon 7 hours ago

    Chris TuckerπŸ‘€

  • Teez Williams
    Teez Williams 7 hours ago

    Brooo this gave me chills!!!!

  • the legendztruth
    the legendztruth 7 hours ago

    That's our Ravens. Best team in the world. Go Ravens!!!

    THE SERPENT KING 7 hours ago


  • The Thinking Man's Templar

    Love to see genuinely good man succeed despite his trials in life.. only real struggle would create a such a humble and praiseworthy man.. salute

  • Rich Lo
    Rich Lo 7 hours ago

    Great kid lets hope he can make it a career being good..

  • Jeff Horne
    Jeff Horne 7 hours ago

    Love my Ravens !! Going to the Super Bowl πŸ™ŒπŸ»!!

  • Tom Shad
    Tom Shad 8 hours ago

    A very good player....I'm not diminishing this feat..but let's think how impressive it REALLY IS. I watched this game and Baltimore designs MANY specific running plays...(mind you,not option plays), for think for a minute.....with that great offensive line,he is basically a second running how impressive is this really??

  • Tom Shad
    Tom Shad 8 hours ago

    A very good player....I'm not diminishing this feat..but let's think how impressive it REALLY IS. I watched this game and Baltimore designs MANY specific running plays...(mind you,not option plays), for think for a minute.....with that great offensive line,he is basically a second running how impressive is this really??

  • YoungCherokee Peezy
    YoungCherokee Peezy 8 hours ago

    I swear to God they better not put my manz on tge Madden cover i hope he declines the industry when they offer him contracts je needs to stay focused and not not worried about hollywood and commercials like those other guys

    • Ravensfan23 *
      Ravensfan23 * 7 hours ago

      Commercials and endorsements have never been a issue for the greats because they never allow anything to become bigger than their craft. Lamar works to hard and loves the game too much for commercials to throw him off his game. He's not Baker!

  • Antwan Ames
    Antwan Ames 8 hours ago

    I know it's going to be hard but they need to get him more involved in the pass game

  • Burnabarian
    Burnabarian 8 hours ago

    This is nuts, he felt like they we're gonna pick him anyway.....GOD has plans!!!!

  • Deeda Meezy
    Deeda Meezy 8 hours ago

    That chain pendant lame af πŸ―πŸ˜„πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ™ˆ

  • Frosted Ice Pharoah
    Frosted Ice Pharoah 8 hours ago

    I love how none of the NFL analysts picked the Ravens to win the North at the beginning of the season.

  • David Reed
    David Reed 8 hours ago

    You know your having a great season when everyone including the assistant coaches are having fun

  • Joe W.
    Joe W. 8 hours ago

    Man so many impressive wins against the NFL's top teams. The back half of our schedule starting with seattle was brutal and we won every game so far.

  • Lex Express
    Lex Express 8 hours ago

    Goosebumps watching this. Let’s please finish this one off and bring the Super Bowl home, boys!

  • Mitchell Kuta
    Mitchell Kuta 9 hours ago

    Marlon Humphrey is a no brainer

  • Foofa Golden
    Foofa Golden 9 hours ago

    Pat ricard played with my brother (tyler G, QB) in football during highschool

  • jerome griffith
    jerome griffith 9 hours ago

    Not bad for a 6th round pick Tom Brady Not bad for a running back. Lamar Jackson... They both have that chip on their shoulder, that something to prove to be great. Let that venom fuel your success to be great.

  • joe lav
    joe lav 9 hours ago

    Div leaders graphic was busted .. y'all had hawks n Niners both as div leaders but no cowgirls ... Did y'all just sort by record instead of actual div leaders or something ?

  • tonerz0fdubb716
    tonerz0fdubb716 9 hours ago

    I hope he does bring a Superbowls to the ravens

  • Alex Fabino
    Alex Fabino 9 hours ago

    I don't even think he realizes how good he is. That coaching staff is doing a helluva job keeping horse blinders on him. Freaky L is pushing the bounds of extraordinary.

  • king shark
    king shark 9 hours ago

    Beat the browns.....

  • Disx parity
    Disx parity 9 hours ago

    Coach Heartbaugh 😍

  • Richard Ordaya
    Richard Ordaya 10 hours ago

    This will be a year to remember

  • Gee Batiz
    Gee Batiz 10 hours ago

    Lamar is definitely Hall of Fane bound. Love this team and their dedication! Biiiiiiggggg Trussssss πŸ˜†

  • Disx parity
    Disx parity 10 hours ago

    His apparel dope lol read his shirt. "The north is not enough " super bowl all that matters

  • knoxmlgclan
    knoxmlgclan 10 hours ago

    A true role model for millions, stay humble stay hungry

  • Travis Stoudt
    Travis Stoudt 10 hours ago

    Congrats Ravens but there’s a lot more work to be done

  • woofer13
    woofer13 10 hours ago

    Whoa! At 11:18 immediately after Marcus batted down Allen's throw into the end zone, the ref looks very upset. Makes me wonder how many of the refs have bets on these games.

  • Trizzy Trey
    Trizzy Trey 10 hours ago

    Bmore big trust (RAVENS BABY) 24/7

  • WL Rouse
    WL Rouse 10 hours ago

    I hope he keeps breaking record just to piss off you haters.

  • Linda Harris
    Linda Harris 10 hours ago

    My name is Howard remember me and this nothing take place of our human right not even sport,are politics

  • mike mailei
    mike mailei 10 hours ago

    What a speech and a coach and an organization and a city I've been to Baltimore one time and watched a Ravens game is the only NFL game I've been to in my life.

  • Rico Roland
    Rico Roland 10 hours ago

    Joe flacco somewhere crying

  • Randy Dubin
    Randy Dubin 10 hours ago

    Love the James Bond 007 reference on the AFC North champions shirt.

  • Shannon Wells
    Shannon Wells 10 hours ago

    Will we let Jefferson walk

  • Shannon Wells
    Shannon Wells 10 hours ago

    Real talk Ravens fans what happens to Tony Jefferson?! Chuck Clark has filled the whole. All the big plays against us stopped when Tony got hurt.

  • Real Rullah
    Real Rullah 11 hours ago


  • Just Jay
    Just Jay 11 hours ago

    Bet the ravens don’t regret the draft now

  • Valan The dark
    Valan The dark 11 hours ago

    The best rb in the league. Period.

  • Rodd Banks
    Rodd Banks 11 hours ago

    You kno you’re GOATed when you blow a team out by 21 and they line up to get one of your jerseys

    • BRED OV LYFE Ministry Minister Reggie Smith
      BRED OV LYFE Ministry Minister Reggie Smith 9 hours ago

      Rodd Banks πŸ‘ŒπŸΏπŸ’―πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ˜ŽπŸ™πŸΏ, I never seen that before ever, especially for a 22yr old πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈπŸ’ͺπŸΏπŸ‘†πŸΏπŸ™πŸΏπŸ’―

  • kamoi chapman
    kamoi chapman 11 hours ago

    Raven had a great defense so that's made people sleep on them I know lamar and the coach talk good about the defense but they need more love Judon Humphrey peter earl Thomas the 3rd and many more they are the back bone of this team

  • Ruben Rivera
    Ruben Rivera 11 hours ago

    This is a fucking squad right here.

  • Adri3n
    Adri3n 11 hours ago

    I cant wait for these guys to take out patriots in playoffs, and im a packers fan by the way 😎

  • Willie_Wonk:D
    Willie_Wonk:D 11 hours ago

    Just imagine if Ray Lewis was still playing with Bmore...

  • Glass Chin Joshua
    Glass Chin Joshua 11 hours ago

    All the teams that got spanked disliked this video

  • Charlie Proctor
    Charlie Proctor 11 hours ago

    from WEST VIRGINA. we just got indoor plumbing last year and this our TV. And dang it ! we are watching this here oh boy play football on SUNDAYS. !! damn !!!

    UNCLE RICO 11 hours ago


  • Kevin J
    Kevin J 11 hours ago

    They did that because they know they have a trash quarterback that would rather get mono than win games

  • Corey Oden
    Corey Oden 12 hours ago

    He's opening the door for other college QBs that have his type of skill set and play his type of football.