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  • thefluff
    thefluff 3 minutes ago

    I know the Bon appetit test kitchen isn't necessarily a public food handling location, but my inner safety officer is screaming at me. People are in a kitchen with their hair down and rings with stones on fingers and other jewelry. I just feel like at time someone is consuming food that's made by someone else, that all nitty gritty health procedures should be followed. It's all fun and games until someone's hair is caught in a blender, on fire, or if jewelry/stones are baked/cooked into food.

  • ツidkMirror
    ツidkMirror 4 minutes ago

    Another way of cooking it: Frozen *RAW*

  • Ein Google Nutzer
    Ein Google Nutzer 5 minutes ago

    Those are some sad Falafel in the original recipe

  • Anna Aucompaugh
    Anna Aucompaugh 6 minutes ago

    Okay but wheres the recipe for the falafel and green tahini sauce because that sounds awesome.

  • jelly
    jelly 11 minutes ago

    Giving a beginner cook non-specific measurements is a great idea!

  • Khalid Kashogi
    Khalid Kashogi 14 minutes ago

    yo, that yellow bottle is about to fall yo!

  • Afrin Ahmed
    Afrin Ahmed 15 minutes ago

    this video makes me so happy

  • Andile Sheta
    Andile Sheta 17 minutes ago

    i just love this video and that's all i have to say

  • ImNotMLGPro
    ImNotMLGPro 17 minutes ago

    Version 10 should make the grill and slabs removable so you can arrange them however you want.

  • Melvin Collins
    Melvin Collins 21 minute ago

    How is it possible you miss garlic?

  • Lorna S
    Lorna S 21 minute ago

    That’s a long human

  • wadooshful
    wadooshful 22 minutes ago

    I won't lie to y'all I thought Chris Morocco had a husband

  • Sam Adams
    Sam Adams 26 minutes ago

    Omg Gaby ducking down to take her phone call 😂

  • Adam Smith
    Adam Smith 27 minutes ago

    Jamie oliver can suck my left teste

  • Lucinara al glowbine
    Lucinara al glowbine 28 minutes ago

    What about Thai omelette 🥺

  • Joshua Santelises
    Joshua Santelises 28 minutes ago

    Sucks his place burned down

  • Storm
    Storm 32 minutes ago

    pen sai down. PENSAIDOWN!

  • Kevin Kesler
    Kevin Kesler 32 minutes ago

    This video is incredible!

  • Cliff P
    Cliff P 34 minutes ago

    Chris I truly love listening to you. I like your voice and how easy your voice is also. I thank you very much.

  • Ren Newman
    Ren Newman 34 minutes ago

    Chris saying "Wisp!" reminded me of the scene in Brave where Merida is a child and gasps and goes "A will-o'-the-wisp!" We need a side-by-side comparison/gif of both.

  • Sam Adams
    Sam Adams 35 minutes ago

    Claire is so cute the way she responds to praise lol

  • pinky2389
    pinky2389 36 minutes ago

    I was waiting for the sour cream or tomato soup to go in but it didn't happen

  • luis tavares
    luis tavares 37 minutes ago

    I have the biggest crush on Chris Morocco. With his sweaters and the way he explains himself.

  • Rachel Lin
    Rachel Lin 37 minutes ago

    Is this like a pavlova?

  • Michael Kharitonenko
    Michael Kharitonenko 39 minutes ago


  • Rizka FRJ
    Rizka FRJ 39 minutes ago

    Lotus Biscoff pleaseee

  • mattyuu
    mattyuu 42 minutes ago

    Claire and Chris really do be making my favorite way of eggs

  • Richard Willis
    Richard Willis 42 minutes ago

    Great tip on the skewer and how cake testers lie. I had no idea why I sometimes see folks test with a skewer. I thought it was just for the video look of it. I also now zest all citurs as instructed by Chris. Morocco Minders are great! Two thoughts: I think I would bloom the cocoa in the warm milk, rather than make a cocoa paste to which warm milk is added. Also, the next time Adam has a pow-wow with Anna you should explore the possibility of paid internships--where individuals apply to pay to be a BA Test Kitchen intern for a week.

  • pinky2389
    pinky2389 42 minutes ago

    I like to think I'm a healthy blend of Brad and Claire in the kitchen but I'm pretty sure I'm becoming more of a Chris.

  • DANIK's RULES Mobile account

    This video was recommended to me since it came out. I thought it was cringie lifehackish trash video... it's not. XD

  • Oops Later
    Oops Later 46 minutes ago

    Peep the Golf Wang shoes

  • Sheree Astill
    Sheree Astill 50 minutes ago

    Claire is very bossy and rude 😕

  • mikooaxdcdz
    mikooaxdcdz 50 minutes ago

    Old heaf

  • HIF1alpha
    HIF1alpha 50 minutes ago

    Khoresht has t at the end.

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt 50 minutes ago

    Anybody else think Hailee looks way prettier without makeup?

  • SayIDidItTM
    SayIDidItTM 57 minutes ago

    Can someone dairy free this recipe? Sub for the milk and cream cheese?

  • jessica twum
    jessica twum 58 minutes ago

    He tasted the raw egg ... 😭

  • Mike Farace
    Mike Farace 59 minutes ago

    How did he pull a cake out of the oven with his bare hands witout burnign them?? Because the oven was off :)

  • Hazey Oscar
    Hazey Oscar Hour ago

    More NBA players for sure. Would love to see Ibaka or Carmelo

  • Troy Graham
    Troy Graham Hour ago

    I forget which flour is which. Is All Purpose just plain flour or self raising?

  • Sadie Lou
    Sadie Lou Hour ago

    what kinda “cow”boy dont drink milk

  • Andee McKenzie
    Andee McKenzie Hour ago

    If it takes 2 professional food people🤔 this long to make this recipe, how would I ever do this by myself? Can I get Claire and Brad to come to my house? Better yet, can I book Claire and Brad to be the entertainment at my next party😁!

  • Birdie Kay
    Birdie Kay Hour ago

    I can't believe them, I would have been all over the chance to eat an ostrich egg like that!

  • Robin Clarke
    Robin Clarke Hour ago

    I wonder what the person at the shop said when they bought 43 steaks

  • Jimmy Stetler
    Jimmy Stetler Hour ago

    What kind of a freak doesn't like cake?

  • Princess Carmilla

    That guy at the back. 8:07 . His reaction 😂😂😂

  • iplaywithfoodtt Mohammed

    the oven was off when he took the done cake out. didn't even use a handtowel to fake it being hot. so is the raw cake even gonna get baked?? poor cake.

  • lakshmi chandran

    "Pen side down" - Chris Morocco

  • Your Majesty
    Your Majesty Hour ago

    In the interview setup, they light her to harshly imo.

  • Kσу
    Kσу Hour ago

    Anomaly 1#: 12:25 There is a clink sound akin to glasses yet it is a soft breakfast burrito tortilla.

  • Colm Duffy
    Colm Duffy Hour ago

    it warms my heart that the comment section has collectively welcomed sohla in her first solo video. really nice and i HAVE to try this recipe some time

  • Gunkers
    Gunkers Hour ago

    more big bud press shirts! yaaaas claire!!!

  • Courtney Skinner

    Love that you did this episode!

  • Courtney Skinner

    90s kid, me and my brother loved them we’d always rinse off the sour lol

  • Courtney Skinner

    Rip the inside of ur mouth

  • Danny Nguyen
    Danny Nguyen Hour ago

    i would die for gabi

  • Conner Nantz
    Conner Nantz Hour ago

    Stfu man

  • WalkIntoMyFace
    WalkIntoMyFace Hour ago

    Love the intro

  • Connor Chamalbide

    His comments about Matt Stonies burritozilla video cracks me up, somewhat famous competition eater with millions of views on USclip.

  • Paul Haastert
    Paul Haastert Hour ago

    Is it normal in NYC to pay like 10$ for a piece of cake???

  • Jenny RH
    Jenny RH Hour ago

    Try to make gourmet hi-chews!!! Please like so they can see this!!

  • Asaami
    Asaami Hour ago

    Why am I watching this when I can’t even break an egg nicely??

  • Shiva, the chef Chandar

    U gonna temper that cake

  • Dustin Anglin
    Dustin Anglin Hour ago

    This is clearly a Chris impostor. At no point does he sniff the cake before eating it.

  • Nitul Deshpande
    Nitul Deshpande Hour ago

    'no one made a green sauce' She made chutney tho so that counts

  • August Zera
    August Zera Hour ago

    Lol Brad was offended by these suggestions.

  • 12DayInsanity
    12DayInsanity Hour ago

    Absolutely No One: Chris: Pen-side down.

  • Woowoo
    Woowoo Hour ago

    does Chris have a partner?

  • Carson Harney
    Carson Harney Hour ago

    matty and brad spinoff please

  • Jarrod Sage
    Jarrod Sage Hour ago

    I love this video bahahaha

    PUBG KING Hour ago

    Love these vids

    SMC SMC Hour ago

    What happened to vin

  • Shahzaib Khan
    Shahzaib Khan Hour ago

    Chris Morocco make-a-da Choco

  • gabe wilson
    gabe wilson Hour ago

    Look it up on how it’s made

  • Blatty26
    Blatty26 Hour ago

    I miss Vinny 😒

  • XQ ZX
    XQ ZX Hour ago

    how tf they didnt know its falafel ingredients im not even a chef or know how to cook like them but i know this is clearly a falafel 🥙 ingredients lol

  • Mr TeaTime
    Mr TeaTime Hour ago

    Wait did they just flash black pepper and dry mustard for cayenne? I thought cayenne was a chilli

  • Laura Krigline
    Laura Krigline Hour ago

    Love how much of Chris' personality we got in this!

  • Richard H-B
    Richard H-B Hour ago

    what else you picklin bra? maybe viniger somethin up, or not... eh... maybe something, in where you can set it and forget it. yah know....

  • ShellForLife
    ShellForLife Hour ago

    As someone who can’t stand tomatoes, I enjoyed watching this tomato snuff film.

  • Mari jan
    Mari jan Hour ago

    Where is 🍗 or 🥩 ?

  • Adam Diaz
    Adam Diaz Hour ago

    do this more pls! i love all you guys.

  • Garrett Steinagel
    Garrett Steinagel 2 hours ago

    “Let me put this in the fridge” *places coleslaw in the shade “it’s only 98 down there”

  • Alana Vaidya
    Alana Vaidya 2 hours ago

    14:31 why am i seeing two brads

  • Santana Rodriguez
    Santana Rodriguez 2 hours ago

    What we learned about oyster farming. 1. It takes 2 years 2. They're needy

  • ananya shukla
    ananya shukla 2 hours ago

    Bring Priyanka Chopra

  • Nah Don't feel like it

    *_What kind of torture are you performing on are kind?_*

  • Claire Lin
    Claire Lin 2 hours ago

    I want Music as my last name

  • Erin Hillstead
    Erin Hillstead 2 hours ago

    Why do i think hes so hot

  • Sumeja Lastname
    Sumeja Lastname 2 hours ago

    "whats the mango" omg ahhahaha

  • windowpane
    windowpane 2 hours ago

    I bought red lentil to make this.

  • REMA N
    REMA N 2 hours ago

    She is so cute oh God

  • Squishy
    Squishy 2 hours ago

    4:24 is a potato chip

  • PÃRΊ
    PÃRΊ 2 hours ago

    Me:sees takis *mouth starts watering*

  • Ella Rachel Manasseh

    My favorite way to eat salmon is sashimi! What’s your favorite way of eating salmon?

  • MsIlovemanga
    MsIlovemanga 2 hours ago

    gabby is my reacting to anyone shouting cake 10:20

  • Simon Opps
    Simon Opps 2 hours ago

    I love Rick's intros. Also the German in me screams while he totally messes with how I got to learn how to make the cookie dough. Soft butter? No chilling? That's hard.

  • Claudia Meliksetian
    Claudia Meliksetian 2 hours ago

    Why is nobody talking about when Brad tried to explain fertilization and the editor had birds and bees fly...THE BIRDS AND THE BEES!!! That was pure gold!!! We love you Hunzie (aka the editor)

  • seeriu ciihy
    seeriu ciihy 2 hours ago

    Claire and Cosmo: eats Claire's warheads Everyone else: THEY'RE GROOVIN'

  • Phillip Bracha
    Phillip Bracha 2 hours ago

    Has anyone stopped to think that maybe, just maybe, these videos are a joke? I'm sure he's actually eating them and giving real opinions, but the voice over thing it's obviously a joke