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  • Justin Burkett
    Justin Burkett 17 seconds ago

    I'm with Brad on the turnip comment.

  • Gabriel Malta
    Gabriel Malta 24 seconds ago

    These are just your average crazy aunts cooking potatoes.

  • Adrián Moreno
    Adrián Moreno 26 seconds ago

    "I thought you were saying butts and balls"

  • Maryanne M
    Maryanne M 39 seconds ago

    Woahhhh Ruffle's bags look so different in the states. They look more old fashioned! Glad you liked the all dressed hahaha. I always forget they aren't a thing everywhere.

  • concray
    concray 46 seconds ago

    the more i think about it the surer i am it didn't happen, but i remember molly akimbo drinking the sherries ^^

  • Nathan L
    Nathan L 46 seconds ago

    2 people overthink mashed potatoes

  • Casey Banning
    Casey Banning 47 seconds ago

    I need to know why sweet potatoes were straight snubbed!!! We all know they are better...

  • hoodisbe
    hoodisbe 55 seconds ago

    "people need to think about why they're attached to what they're attached to" -Carla, she who also unilaterally rejected turnips over carrots

  • Shjon Watlington
    Shjon Watlington Minute ago

    Honestly if msg was just not called msg and had a more friendly name like seaweed salt people would get over being worried about it

  • Daniel Shen
    Daniel Shen Minute ago

    Deviled potatos

  • Lillith666
    Lillith666 Minute ago

    Molly looks so concerned at @3:57 lOlOl

  • Xerion
    Xerion Minute ago

    Ah so they're making mentos next. I have no idea how they're going to pull that off tbh.

  • Jacob Boulton
    Jacob Boulton Minute ago

    I freaking love Rick's nails and his outfits

  • C A
    C A 2 minutes ago

    You guys are suposed to be professional cooks and you don't know how to mke mashed potatoes... Okay then!

  • thesourkroutkid
    thesourkroutkid 2 minutes ago

    His nose is good but not that good his overall culinary knoledge is better than his nose brads nose is better i smell a challenge

  • amelia sabeti
    amelia sabeti 2 minutes ago

    "torULA YEAst"

  • Harry Greenwood
    Harry Greenwood 2 minutes ago

    That’s not mashed potato

  • Corbin Gross
    Corbin Gross 3 minutes ago

    I'm a vegetarian. Mashed potatoes are MY THANKSGIVING

  • Taylor Racela
    Taylor Racela 3 minutes ago

    Nerds Rope

  • moscardo
    moscardo 3 minutes ago

    i am so incredibly incompetent in math that to everything they were sayibg i was like... ok sounds fair

  • Michaelsp9
    Michaelsp9 4 minutes ago

    Fruit gushers!

  • Giovanni Silvestrini
    Giovanni Silvestrini 4 minutes ago

    I like how the episode subtly revolves around Carla and Molly slowly developping an addiction to Sherry

  • Eliza Beth
    Eliza Beth 4 minutes ago

    What was going on with that texture?????????????? Soup potatoes???? No!!!!!

  • Ian
    Ian 4 minutes ago

    4:10 camera guy control yourself, i can tell your in love with Molly but geez.

  • guitarbrad
    guitarbrad 4 minutes ago

    Please please please try to do KFC! No one, not even the Chicago Tribune (with their "leaked" recipe) got it anywhere NEAR right. You would be the ultimate food computer.

  • Daisy Highe
    Daisy Highe 4 minutes ago

    omg do you have malteasers over there? bc if you do you should do those

  • Sergeant Shultz
    Sergeant Shultz 4 minutes ago

    Wear some Kevlar gloves.

  • Jose Basurto
    Jose Basurto 5 minutes ago

    I just love the vibes between Karla and Molly

  • shruti nishtala
    shruti nishtala 5 minutes ago

    Next one is Mentos

  • Astralis 0
    Astralis 0 5 minutes ago

    I love how chaotic this episode was. Molly and Carla are hilarious

  • Inhale the memes
    Inhale the memes 5 minutes ago

    8:30 Watching molly’s face is 100x funnier when you realize what she thought he said

  • Hermione Marshall
    Hermione Marshall 6 minutes ago

    love that english guy being like 'nah forget mash..roasties is where its at' yes legend

  • baby love
    baby love 6 minutes ago

    She got drunk after she burned her hand😂😂

  • Solon Harden
    Solon Harden 6 minutes ago

    poor brad, give his turnips a chance

  • Michael Chatusripitak
    Michael Chatusripitak 6 minutes ago

    I dated a red creamer once

  • Helios Comis
    Helios Comis 6 minutes ago

    The reason the all dressed have a longer list of ingredients is due to requiring chemical stabilizers to preserve the flavor, prevent uneven expiry and standardize the flavor profile so every batch of chips more or less taste the same. The ingridents with scary names are just regular cooking items but without the brand / commonly associated name. An example is sodium diacetate is the compound that gives vinegar its unique flavor and torula yeast is a "natural" (Natural in this context meaning its not a laboratory/chemical concoction) msg substitute. whereas the original are literally just salt oil and potato, salt is already a preservative so you don't need anymore and the desired flavor in original is that salted potato flavor.

  • LittleLovingLark
    LittleLovingLark 6 minutes ago


  • It’s Jo
    It’s Jo 7 minutes ago

    Molly referencing her watermelon juice was my favorite part of this video LOL someone give her HER watermelon juice!! Hahaha

  • Ananya Sahay
    Ananya Sahay 7 minutes ago

    why is everyone in the comments section so pressed about the fact that they wanted people to say crispy? They did make mashed potatoes in the end and you could just leave out the crispy bits.

  • Jake Smith
    Jake Smith 7 minutes ago

    What's the point of making the beurre manie instead of just adding flour and butter individually?

  • Joe H
    Joe H 8 minutes ago

    Y'all shouldn't lat her round power tools. She is just not mentioning for it.

  • Illuminum2392
    Illuminum2392 8 minutes ago

    Never imagined I'd hear mechanical metal grinding sounds in a cooking show 🤣

  • Matthew Long
    Matthew Long 8 minutes ago

    Molly using the spoon upside down to taste the potatoes triggered my flight or fight response.

  • Mei Mei
    Mei Mei 8 minutes ago

    New York City: mashed! :) Carla: no. Chris: :D Claire: :,( Me: 0:

  • Paula Costa
    Paula Costa 8 minutes ago

    This I the only time that I ever saw a pastry dough and thought 'i can do that', and so I did. Thank you so much Carla!

  • suekchong1
    suekchong1 8 minutes ago

    This is the first BA video which got me to subscribe and still my favoirite. It's not too long and just simply about cooking and little bit of story about the dish.

  • munsta007
    munsta007 8 minutes ago

    Could have made a crispy potato shell, emptied out the inside and filled the inside with mash.

  • Crushi .Music, Art & Love.

    🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜 🖤

  • Nicci 83
    Nicci 83 8 minutes ago

    “I think crack is crack for your brain” my new favorite Clare quote.

  • Harrison Snatt
    Harrison Snatt 9 minutes ago

    Ok but I just watched this WHOLE video ... I love it!! X

  • Giddy Aunt
    Giddy Aunt 9 minutes ago

    You should have asked more Brits - Roast (crispy in goose fat) potatoes for Christmas (our nearest equivalent) Dinner. Roast Potatoes + Gravy = heaven. One issue - if you are going make Brexit Gravy, You need to boil the stock for three years, add ingredients no-one wants and leave a sour, disappointing taste in the mouth.

  • Kat's Kitchen
    Kat's Kitchen 9 minutes ago

    I always make duchess potatoes for thanksgiving. It’s super soft and fluffy inside and you get the crunchy outer bits as well that crisp in the oven. Cheese and herbs added is also delicious!

  • Damian Garcia
    Damian Garcia 9 minutes ago

    I think we could all use a little queso confidence tbh

  • jf76
    jf76 9 minutes ago

    For me nothing beats really crispy golden slightly smashed potatoes roasted in goose fat with a few whole garlic cloves, and then some rosemary added near the end. Parboil first, chuff them up and then put in the oven in hot goose fat. The insides become fluffy and gorgeous and the outsides divinely golden and flavourful. Sea salt. Yum.

  • Bob Cain
    Bob Cain 9 minutes ago

    Shoutout to Brad for mentioning turnip and potatoes - also known as Neeps n Tatties, a staple in a Scottish festive dinner!! <3

  • ThePMFY
    ThePMFY 9 minutes ago

    Is Molly wearing the white version of Felicity Huffman's prison uniform? Before she even knew it would be what Felicity Huffman's prison uniform would be?

  • Chrysalism Acosmist
    Chrysalism Acosmist 9 minutes ago

    My fav Ruffles are the ones in the green bag. 😍

  • Cam
    Cam 9 minutes ago

    2:29 Claire thinking really hard about life.

  • Austin J.
    Austin J. 9 minutes ago

    I'll always remember slicing a good chunk off my thumb first time using a mandoline.

  • tidelliK
    tidelliK 9 minutes ago

    Their ribbed for pleasure

  • Nicole Ruark
    Nicole Ruark 10 minutes ago

    Chilli cheese flavored fritos!

  • Harry Oranges
    Harry Oranges 10 minutes ago


  • Harry Oranges
    Harry Oranges 10 minutes ago


  • Collette Ryder
    Collette Ryder 10 minutes ago

    Why do people seem want completely smooth potatoes? They're MASHED potatoes, not PUREED potatoes.

  • Mark LaDoux
    Mark LaDoux 10 minutes ago

    sodium diacetate is basically salted vinegar...

  • Shre
    Shre 10 minutes ago

    I love this series man

  • Harry Oranges
    Harry Oranges 10 minutes ago


  • Joel
    Joel 10 minutes ago

    what is the intro music

  • Ludovica Mirella Sasso
    Ludovica Mirella Sasso 10 minutes ago

    I like them but they don't let the experts talk much

  • xBris
    xBris 11 minutes ago

    Molly and Carla are just epic together. Every single time. Claire is still my favourite, but these two are definitely the dream team of the Bon Appétit crowd ;) Love you guys!

  • N Barnes
    N Barnes 11 minutes ago

    I don't understand why these potatoes are so soupy. Is it an East coast thing?

  • Danielle Then
    Danielle Then 11 minutes ago

    Cheddar and sour cre are the *only* flavor of ruffles.

  • Danae Goliath
    Danae Goliath 11 minutes ago

    Could you have used ghee instead of oil or butter? More taste than oil, higher smoke point than butter, just throwing it out there.

  • Thieme Family
    Thieme Family 11 minutes ago

    Is there a source for the German Butterball potatoes?

  • Bridget Bee
    Bridget Bee 11 minutes ago

    I am 100% making these potatoes sometime during the holiday season!

  • Sandra Fuchß
    Sandra Fuchß 11 minutes ago

    as a german i love nutmeg in my mashed potatoes. the best combi of crispy and mashed are Duchess potatoes!

  • jollumpy
    jollumpy 11 minutes ago

    Nobody: Camera: *Pans to Mrs. Potatohead*

  • Kyara Conijn
    Kyara Conijn 12 minutes ago

    Next episode: Gummy bears,girl scout cookies, Eggo waffles, milkyway , Candy corn,

  • Sindre Kristiansen
    Sindre Kristiansen 12 minutes ago

    I also heard the ‘pound my...clock’ comment, Molly...😆

  • Katherine Giuffre
    Katherine Giuffre 12 minutes ago

    Molly, girl you fancy spelling it “sour creme”

  • Honken
    Honken 13 minutes ago

    20:08 - 21:00 and that, ladies and gentlemen, is why you use the metric system 😂

  • Mystic6776
    Mystic6776 13 minutes ago

    At 21:20 why does Carla open the milk then not pour anything in? lmao 🤣🤣

  • pbsjones
    pbsjones 13 minutes ago

    Those are some awfully soupy mashed potatoes. No wonder those gals wanted crispy!

  • Lana Alba
    Lana Alba 14 minutes ago

    These guys are amazing!!!

  • Tati D
    Tati D 14 minutes ago

    You haven’t lived if you haven’t used mayo instead of butter for mashed potatoes I SAID IT

  • _ Broody
    _ Broody 14 minutes ago

    My god are you an egg cooking specialist .. Great video!! .. This Dutch guy finally knows what "sunny side up" and "over easy" means ;)

  • Galina Kennedy
    Galina Kennedy 14 minutes ago

    As an Irish person I feel highly represented by this episode. Also Molly and Carla please come to Ireland!

  • darkpie99
    darkpie99 14 minutes ago

    I feel like their going about the mash potatoes wrong, they should dry it out as much as they can before adding fat. Otherwise it’s gonna have a higher water content leaving less room for flavorful liquids

  • Megan Loop
    Megan Loop 14 minutes ago

    I feel personally attacked that whipped potatoes weren't even runners up for testing.

  • Montgomery Harr
    Montgomery Harr 14 minutes ago

    As an Englishman I am offended by how runny you like your potatoes

  • palalabu
    palalabu 14 minutes ago

    i'm not american. so how many turkeys do you actually need in one thanksgiving dinner? bc there's the turkey you cook whole, there's turkey in the stock for mashed potatoes, there's turkey in the gravy. so at least 2?

  • wpm
    wpm 14 minutes ago

    27:06, Chris having a little drinky-poo in the background there?

  • Spookay T'is Me
    Spookay T'is Me 14 minutes ago

    Molly is a bad speller? Sour 'creme' ... Why spell the latter half of those words the French way? Or maybe, does she think cream is actually spelled "creme"??👀 Why am I even blowing my mind over this so much? 🤯🤔😂

  • breathe
    breathe 15 minutes ago

    Please do Slim Jim’s!!

  • Charles Cantave
    Charles Cantave 15 minutes ago

    5:40 was hoping for a cutscene to Babish

  • Charlie Salzman
    Charlie Salzman 15 minutes ago

    BA is apparently pro brexit

  • TrustMeImaPhysicist
    TrustMeImaPhysicist 15 minutes ago

    I think Molly got a bit of a sunburn on times square

  • dmcgee3
    dmcgee3 15 minutes ago

    Fell asleep and woke up to this playing. Sorry Amiel but you’ll now forever be a sassy hyvee free sample person who is having trouble understanding the increasing crowd gathering at the impromptu cooking class you’ve put on at a roadside price chopper somewhere in the southwest off the highway. It’s also part rundown motel with a large pool. And you look like a mix of Elizabeth warren and David Bowie.

  • Spicy Milk
    Spicy Milk 16 minutes ago

    wait is this normal for mashed potatoes to be so runny?? that doesn't seem appealing to's more like a soup with croutons on top :(

  • Lucy Adams
    Lucy Adams 16 minutes ago

    Yeah those potatoes Chris made the crispy ones, they’re roast potatoes we have those every Sunday in England 🥰