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  • Irfan Shekh.
    Irfan Shekh. Hour ago


  • Cinema Plus
    Cinema Plus 2 hours ago

    this is preety awesome.... glad to see Priyanka Chopra Jonas back in industry...gud luck babe

  • Saryop Rigez
    Saryop Rigez 3 hours ago


  • RAJ SHUBHAM mariner
    RAJ SHUBHAM mariner 3 hours ago

    Awesome priyanka chopra is back

  • Dak Man
    Dak Man 4 hours ago

    I think this movie is nice

  • Deepak Vadaskar
    Deepak Vadaskar 5 hours ago


  • Hema Mishra
    Hema Mishra 6 hours ago

    Chlo sb batao apni age jb unhone first time kiya tha?

  • rahul prajapati
    rahul prajapati 6 hours ago

    Full movie kb daloge sir

  • Rahul pawase
    Rahul pawase 7 hours ago

    nice...i think this film rocking at the worldwide box office

  • Rahul pawase
    Rahul pawase 7 hours ago

    hi..very beautiful

  • pravesh mishra
    pravesh mishra 7 hours ago

    Priyanka Chopra once again... Yo yo yo

  • Abigail Rebello
    Abigail Rebello 8 hours ago

    Music at 2:17 ?

  • Gajula Harshyasree
    Gajula Harshyasree 9 hours ago

    Horror movies are better than this

  • Khemraj Thakulla
    Khemraj Thakulla 9 hours ago

    Waisa aap ki age kya thi jab aapna pahili baar kiya tha priyanka g?

  • Im Busy
    Im Busy 9 hours ago


  • Mikhail Anand
    Mikhail Anand 11 hours ago

    Looks dull as hell

  • Gets Learners
    Gets Learners 11 hours ago

  • Nazme Alam
    Nazme Alam 12 hours ago

    we need that realy can you do it

  • Shushank Sagar
    Shushank Sagar 13 hours ago

    जय हिंद🇮🇳 जय हिंद फौज🇮🇳

  • Apna Channel
    Apna Channel 14 hours ago

    That Arijit Singh song is the next trending hit

  • Raisha Salik
    Raisha Salik 15 hours ago

    After watching this movie trailer, i find it how really innocent the young child😭😭she doesn’t know that her mother was died😭

  • SK David official
    SK David official 15 hours ago

    Wait for arijit

  • Samurai Jack
    Samurai Jack 18 hours ago

    Another shit. Too much routine drama btw 2 leading role poor casting over a poor kid who has to die to justify this poor drama like >1000th time till now in bollywood films.., nd a rotten cherry on this so old script is by adding lame dialogues [ nd ancient like at 2:50 which probably is the most rotten part of that cherry ]., nd yeah that kid's disease has done damage to kid's acting too!, Nd it's just a trailer 😅

  • Lincy
    Lincy 18 hours ago

    Is it zaira's last movie or has she come back from retirement???

  • Shrikrishnakant Sharma

    Ye zaira wasim toh ola se shadi karne jaa rhi thi na

  • Sameer Qureshi
    Sameer Qureshi 20 hours ago

    Ye to Tatti h...

  • MK Shaikh
    MK Shaikh 20 hours ago

    Welcome back #PriyankaChopraJonas Have a Great Output, people will admire your work, like previous. #AllTheBest

  • Damith Dissanayaka
    Damith Dissanayaka 21 hour ago

    Best love story 👇👇👇

  • Prince Bollywood Movies

    Puri ki puri hollywood ki kisi movie ki copy lag rahi hai yaad nahi aa rahi nahi chalegi mere hissab se india mein

  • Jakir hussain
    Jakir hussain 23 hours ago

    Finally my childhood actress "Priyanka chopra" is back🖐🏼

  • abhilasha Mudgal
    abhilasha Mudgal 23 hours ago

    waiting for arijit's new song 😍❤️

    RAJ 'KABIRA' 23 hours ago

    still getting goosebumps by seeing it....🤘💪💪💪💪💪 Jai Hind

  • Rajat Y
    Rajat Y 23 hours ago

    Hats off man... your hard work was worth it

  • Syasya Ames
    Syasya Ames Day ago

    They look damn good as parents to two teenagers.

  • Vivek Prajapati

    Most hated actress priyanka😤😒

  • Darkness’s
    Darkness’s Day ago

    Priyanka is my favorite All Time

  • Darkness’s
    Darkness’s Day ago


  • KID'S Boy
    KID'S Boy Day ago

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  • Vineet Kumar
    Vineet Kumar Day ago

    Iski mim kaise dead hui

  • Baljit Singh
    Baljit Singh Day ago

    That girl.... She said she won't be doing anymore films.... What happened?

  • Prasaad Royal
    Prasaad Royal Day ago

    Please awatch

  • Gaurav Raghuvanshi

    Bakwaas... Vahi gisa pita bollywod soap opera😖

  • Aditi Jaiswal
    Aditi Jaiswal Day ago

    *_Can't wait to watch full movie just to hear my name in the cinema hall again n again._*

  • Aditi Jaiswal
    Aditi Jaiswal Day ago

    _I'm so happy to hear my name in this film. But I am not prEgnAnt._ 🤣

  • Pradeep Sarangi


  • Shaurya Music Company

    Milkha Singh , Babita Phogat & Mary Kom In A Single Movie. Have To Watch It

  • Arpit Vajpayee

    Zaira is a disappointment. She is so radicalised by her mother.

  • Prachi Singh
    Prachi Singh Day ago

    Hey, this is such a cool video. We have come up with a cool shooter based game on the Surgical Strike. This is our time to avenge the fallen. Here is the link to the trailer You can also download the game here Let us know what you think.

  • Loshan Kavin
    Loshan Kavin Day ago

    awesome movie!! great salutes🧐✊

  • T. A. W.
    T. A. W. Day ago

    What? I don't speak Spanish!

  • abdul mubeen
    abdul mubeen Day ago

    Thank god... this is the last shooted film of zaira wasim sister.. i was shock how she is return to bollywood. Shooted before she quit bollywood

  • Suy Piseth
    Suy Piseth Day ago

    Cute girl

    SANA ROAST Day ago

    Waiting this movies to go out with someone

  • vishnu J
    vishnu J Day ago

    2:10 #MaharastraPoliceInAction

  • Devi Saba
    Devi Saba Day ago

    Thanks for saving me my hard earned money.

  • israr shaikh
    israr shaikh Day ago

    Zaira is my ❤️

  • Bumihin Rayian

    September mai kon kon?

  • Mr Perfect
    Mr Perfect Day ago

    *Arijit Singh Voice In Trailer Makes The Trailer Like A Movie* 😊

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  • Mandhira Acy
    Mandhira Acy Day ago

    Excited to see this movie😍😍..with my favourite priyanka and farhan❤.

  • Toqeer Nasir
    Toqeer Nasir Day ago

    Zaira Waseem is under siege these days, think about her you bloody promoters

  • Vijay Justin
    Vijay Justin Day ago

    Toooooo good movie

  • hemanth kumar hemu

    CF ,five feet apart 😒😒😒

  • Nona Hazel Dhakal

    Zaira's last movie Not gonna miss it.

  • Ishwar Negi
    Ishwar Negi Day ago

    Don't want to see any movie of zaira wasim. Don't encourage such women in bollywood.

  • dhara bhatt
    dhara bhatt Day ago

    It's just me or anyone else think that this Kinda look like Bollywood version of fault in our Stars ,

  • paridhi Sharma

    The kiss at 2:30 😍😍

  • uzis kitchen
    uzis kitchen Day ago

    Awesome Waiting for this movie

  • Doodies World
    Doodies World Day ago


  • Vikrant A Shatrap

    Sick of bollywood sama dramas,priyanka a crook with intolrent indians

    • Fap
      Fap Day ago

      Bhai sab modi ka muh me leke shah ke tatte nahi khujana chahte na..

  • Sonali Sarkar
    Sonali Sarkar Day ago

    Well average. Not impressed

  • Soul of the Cosmose

    Wow senses

  • amit nagpal
    amit nagpal Day ago

    I am going to watch this on the first day.

  • Yash Agarwal
    Yash Agarwal Day ago

    Watched this trailer once again. It just got better. Weird right?

  • Lavanya Lal
    Lavanya Lal Day ago

    thank you priyanka for bringing sense in bollywood...we see u did learn something in hollywood huh?

  • Niloy Mia
    Niloy Mia Day ago

    puri flim to dikha de vhai..

  • A Questionable Username

    Why exactly is this trending in the UK?

  • Mahima Kainthla

    I haven’t had this bug ( this urge to watch a movie) in almost two years and I am glad it’s back with a vengeance and that too for a movie that I am pretty sure is gonna blow everyone’s mind ... just a hunch ! 😋😍🖤

  • Yasif Rizwan
    Yasif Rizwan Day ago

    movies he bana sakta ho asi Pakistan sy mokabla India ka Kam nahi ha 27Feb Hmko yad ha kia kia tha india ka sahat ....... Pakistan Zinda Bad ....PAF zinda bad ....Pak Army Zinda bad ..... ISI zinda bad ....Kashmir lana ka soch rahe ho kahen asa na ho Apna Dheeli Bhe Pakistan ko Da jao ...

  • Amit Modhave
    Amit Modhave Day ago

    this movie will do $500 million worldwide collection because of priyanka Chopra 😢😢😢

  • Sabir Ali
    Sabir Ali Day ago

    Ap log Movie Bhot vip bnate Ho Yar Lakin Gr Ma Gus ke Marna Mardo Ka kam ha Na Mardo ka nai Apni Okat Dako or Gr ma Gus ka marna Dako Gai Ka Pashab pene walo tum log kuch be nai kr sakte BAT Yad Ha Gr ma Gus ke marna Pakistani shero ka kam ha

  • ankita agrawal

    Zaria wasim is suppose to leave film industry.. Then why she is in the film... Love to see u priyanka mam....

  • maulikrajarajkot

    After so long finally... Thanks PC from Maulik Raja @peeceeliciouss

  • Raw Anan
    Raw Anan Day ago

    Very wonderful

  • Indian youtuber Neelu

    Farhan and Priyanka good pair

  • MONSTER Gaming

    Welcome back zaira wseem👏

  • Keshav Anand Being Fun

    I think Pahle Farhan akhtar ko Srk ke liye Don 3 bana leni chahiye thi 😔

  • maheen khurram
    maheen khurram 2 days ago

    Bare dino ke baat pc ki hindi suni hai...

  • singh rawat
    singh rawat 2 days ago

    How is the article370 😀😀😀😀

  • cynthia rouse
    cynthia rouse 2 days ago

  • actionmovie clips
    actionmovie clips 2 days ago

    Ek tha india new movie Rales date 01-01-2021 lol

  • Jeet Inder
    Jeet Inder 2 days ago

    It's different concept 👍👍

  • angel status
    angel status 2 days ago

  • saimon rahman
    saimon rahman 2 days ago

    Good job zaira to leave this zionist backed industry