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BTS: A Toast to 15 years
Views 287KMonth ago
A Toast to 15 Years
Views 3.4MMonth ago
WoW® Classic with Creators
Views 954K2 months ago
New Mount: Sylverian Dreamer
Views 222K3 months ago
Cinematic: "Safe Haven"
Views 8M5 months ago
New Mount: Vulpine Familiar
Views 191K10 months ago
Now Live: Tides of Vengeance
Views 492K10 months ago
Terror of Darkshore
Views 1.6M11 months ago
Cinematic: "Lost Honor"
Views 3.6M11 months ago
Warbringers: Azshara
Views 3.6MYear ago
Warbringers: Sylvanas
Views 4.1MYear ago
Warbringers: Jaina
Views 10MYear ago


  • MLKdasBedRock
    MLKdasBedRock 28 seconds ago

    Reduziram os paladinos e homens de fé pra escravos de um deus fosforescente, coitados.

  • Höher wertiger
    Höher wertiger 8 minutes ago

    looks like an imbecile, talks like an imbecile, makes decisions like an imbecile. worked in a high position of a company which is led by imbeciles. imbecile confirmed.

    LOST DARKLORD 11 minutes ago

    I just find it funny that the human and orc suddenly teamed up because they were getting their asses kicked by a panda. The human even gives the orc his makeshift spear. It's just funny they went from being enemies to allies that quickly. And they didn't even hit each other while fighting the panda.

  • dJ' kAmi
    dJ' kAmi 57 minutes ago

    The best cinematic trailer and the best game patch WOTLK!!

  • Dark Knight
    Dark Knight Hour ago

    The begining of the end of warctaft amazing content retarded LFG/LFR/FLYING System killed wow pvp killed communtiy killed MMO

  • Jordan Sullivan
    Jordan Sullivan Hour ago

    Classic wow comes out now I'm hearing they going all the way to the Lich King and stopping there. Has our prayers been answered?

  • Roku the God
    Roku the God 2 hours ago

    “Beware the old man in a profession where men usually die young”

  • Aaron Crawford
    Aaron Crawford 2 hours ago

    "Hey it's Jeff from the original warcraft team"

  • Air Conditioner
    Air Conditioner 3 hours ago

    *LiBeRaTe hOnG Kong ReVoLoTiOn oF oUr aGe* That's how all u idiots sound like, it's a video about a content patch in a video game and this is the stuff u wanna talk about? If u hate blizzard so much go send them an email or go tell them yourself.

  • Gavin Van De
    Gavin Van De 3 hours ago

    If Blizzard was smart they could make these into short limited netflix series. It would be great marketing for the games and net some $$.

    GREYJAKZ 3 hours ago

    we need WARCRAFT movie 2 from Grommash, and movie 3 from lich king !!! :)

  • Xtrafibers
    Xtrafibers 3 hours ago

    GREAT use the end of this expansion to wrap up all ends and use the "corruption" to reset the world in something people would actually enjoy instead of planetary threats and aliens.

  • LionSperanto
    LionSperanto 4 hours ago

    Taran Zhu to Talanji : « Your father dabbled in powers beyond reckoning... Where is he, now ? »

  • Taha Yasin GÜL
    Taha Yasin GÜL 4 hours ago

    miss you

  • mantyxxx
    mantyxxx 4 hours ago

    I hope that 'breaking the cycle' means, that we can play horde alongside alliance if we choose so.

  • fluffsnake
    fluffsnake 4 hours ago

    Zappy Boi <3

  • Jey Bry Does Things
    Jey Bry Does Things 5 hours ago

    WAIT, this was posted 2 years ago... I Frikken swear I remember this like it was posted yesterday.

  • Rob Roy
    Rob Roy 5 hours ago

    What is the name of this track 22:40? Epic! Help me guys

  • CeBePIII
    CeBePIII 5 hours ago

    1:47 - Russian word (Smert' - Death) is in all versions

  • bosmanbing
    bosmanbing 6 hours ago


  • Sean Liao
    Sean Liao 7 hours ago

    "You just keep failing!!" Ey why you attacking my grades it hurts alot

  • Nguyen ha chau
    Nguyen ha chau 7 hours ago

    Pretty sure a Warcraft movie will erase all of Blizzard's missteps in recent political environment.

  • S_ Shepardd
    S_ Shepardd 8 hours ago

    If only you could see yourselves as we see you, money wrapped in flesh, digits who hollow for freedom, clambering to speak, enjoy it while it lasts - Blizzard 2019

  • Sonkoly Leon
    Sonkoly Leon 8 hours ago

    Now thats a lot of CGI

    INSTANTKARMA 8 hours ago

    Wow needs to get rid of it’s subscriptions bs. At least do what eso does and let us buy the game and own it while paying for latest expansions. Wow already has the ingame store. I think blizzard would be making a lot more money without subscriptions because more people who can afford to play the game would buy it.

  • JC Visuals
    JC Visuals 8 hours ago

    Well that was dope movie. I don't play anymore but glad to see my WoW taxes going to work lol

  • Nathan St
    Nathan St 9 hours ago

    What is the music that starts at 0:43 when Xe'ra starts talking? I've fallen in love with it and can't find it!

  • Robert J Cotter
    Robert J Cotter 9 hours ago

    "We will Never be Slaves!" Me watching this a few years later:.....HA!

  • Macaroni Zero
    Macaroni Zero 10 hours ago

    China Comment

  • Adonz Sky
    Adonz Sky 10 hours ago


  • Sam Amzic
    Sam Amzic 11 hours ago

    Dunno what's with all those hate against blizzard if you don't like Bfa you're welcome to play classic with me xD

  • General Strawberry
    General Strawberry 11 hours ago

    How come every time someone says: "Dont worry ..., ive taken care of everything." Something terrible happens, usually including the ruin of a kingdom!?

  • A D Robinson
    A D Robinson 11 hours ago

    I think Anduin sees his father when he's healing his troops. Only reason I could explain the tears in his eyes.

  • Casey S
    Casey S 11 hours ago

    Seeing this for 1st time years ago made me play WoW during WoTLK. but all the recent stuff has never felt as epic or given me the same feeling of playing during the LichKing saga.

  • Seive Zhong
    Seive Zhong 11 hours ago


  • Charles Polanco
    Charles Polanco 11 hours ago


  • Jorge Oscco
    Jorge Oscco 11 hours ago

    Te asesinare sylvanas maldita traidora me la pagaras caro

  • Gabriel lins
    Gabriel lins 12 hours ago

    you disgust me blizzard, you disgust us all

  • 0 _ 0
    0 _ 0 12 hours ago

    What's Freedom of Speech? :'D

  • 0 _ 0
    0 _ 0 12 hours ago

    And I quote... "Don't Trust China, China asshoe"

  • Lazar Živadinović
    Lazar Živadinović 12 hours ago

    I just noticed this has many paralels with medieval fable of sunken city of Ys.

  • SuperDave
    SuperDave 12 hours ago

    This is the best cinematic ever made. This gives me goosebumps so bad that i could sand some wood with my skin

  • Fransens
    Fransens 12 hours ago

    Sylvanas to the horde and forsaken who basically worshipped her: "The Horde is NOTHING!" Blizzard to their western fanbase that held them up as standard for the gaming industy for years while EA and others dicked around: "Your Rights are NOTHING"

  • TechnoWaffol
    TechnoWaffol 13 hours ago

    The only thing better than Blizzard's animations are the comments on USclip. Thanks for the laughs.

  • James Turner
    James Turner 13 hours ago

    You guys suck

  • Zaru
    Zaru 13 hours ago

    How did we go from these insane levels of hype and storytelling to the travesty that is Battle for Azeroth?

  • Gaunerchen
    Gaunerchen 13 hours ago

    0:50 Close your eyes and enjoy.

  • David
    David 14 hours ago


  • Riley Palmer
    Riley Palmer 14 hours ago

    Liberate Hong kong

  • Eugene Barajas
    Eugene Barajas 14 hours ago

    why didn't he use spell reflect

  • James Chan
    James Chan 14 hours ago

    Make a movie/tv series like this!

  • Bleeding Eye Watcher
    Bleeding Eye Watcher 15 hours ago

    Hey, how does one pick up night elf women? With a dust pan and a broom! 😆

  • Gamer nick
    Gamer nick 15 hours ago

    Hongkong > Blizzard

  • clark p
    clark p 15 hours ago

    We want Blizzard back! not Chinavision Blizzard. We will protest until Chinavision Blizzard dies!

  • Tyyr Grav
    Tyyr Grav 16 hours ago

    Police in Hong Kong have murdered over +800 people!!!! Vote this up so you can see what Blizzcucks are supporting!!!!!

  • Nathan St
    Nathan St 16 hours ago

    Zappy Boi: How many hours of wow have you played? Saurfang: To many...

  • Condenmed by Society
    Condenmed by Society 16 hours ago

    Long live Hong Kong freedom

  • Daniel Leslie
    Daniel Leslie 16 hours ago

    Do anyone else notice the look of this guys eyes? O.o

  • Jörg Rees
    Jörg Rees 16 hours ago

    i didn't played this but the legion/illidan story is the best

  • carline1357
    carline1357 16 hours ago

    Don't get why so many people have been complaining about Blizzard not liking the Horde. Since the beginning of BFA I could kill for Alliance-centered cinematics as beautiful as these T.T

  • Ömer
    Ömer 16 hours ago

    Hey Blizzard, could you give us more action scenes and lore stuff about Night Elves? Lorewise they are the true children of Azeroth, second oldest and must be strongest and most populated people cause of noordrassil, yet they are like cats in Azeroth. Bring them to the action

  • Ivaylo Petrov
    Ivaylo Petrov 17 hours ago

    [This comment was censored by The Chinese Government.]

  • Herrix
    Herrix 17 hours ago


  • MagicianSul
    MagicianSul 17 hours ago

    Blizzard: "I have traded my freedom for money before!"

  • Zaru
    Zaru 17 hours ago

    Give us back Master Loot and our GCDs you dead-eyed corporate lawyer.

  • Super Kiwi
    Super Kiwi 17 hours ago

    Every time I see Thrall I feel like he's gonna cry

  • Just a Guy
    Just a Guy 17 hours ago

    Ages has passed, still Sylvanas first words here pair with her final against Saurfang... What makes us strong and united? Fear?

  • KnightGuardian3
    KnightGuardian3 18 hours ago

    ‪And wow please make new Oder class hall champine missions for all classes as well include armor weapons and more to do around the order halls please for all classes and make the experience of the order hall a lot more cooler please better please blizzard and World of Warcraft‬

  • Nation of Masturbation

    Not an amazing month for Blizzard

  • robert franz
    robert franz 18 hours ago

    xinjinPIG is a sonofprostitute

  • burbon ­
    burbon ­ 18 hours ago

    The auction house change seems very good! I love it :)

  • kokowa
    kokowa 19 hours ago

    Stupid netizens brainwashed by the Western media. Stupid to think they are standing on the side of justice.

  • Neon Genesis
    Neon Genesis 19 hours ago

    Look at those fingers HAHAHA

  • Jose Angel Rentroia
    Jose Angel Rentroia 20 hours ago

    Is a shame, the plot is a Way fantastic and epic, but actual game... Is boring has Fook, I mean seriously, I don't get it, but of course now people is paying subscription so blizzard have a machine who make A LOT of money every month, so they will not go back and actually make a good gameplay

  • Anmol Kumar
    Anmol Kumar 21 hour ago

    I miss Arthas😔🙁

  • lakermangmx
    lakermangmx 21 hour ago

    Liberate Hong Kong. Revolution of our age!

  • Петр Сидоров

    Еханый бабай! Почему же вы, близзы, не смогли выпустить достойный фильм? Ролики просто улетные.

  • Aleksei J
    Aleksei J 21 hour ago

    that was the last masterpiece from Blizzard... F

  • Ar D
    Ar D 21 hour ago

    Are we not gonna talk about that orc who got swallowed by vines? That ought to be one of the most terrifying deaths one can experience. Malfurion finally going back to his WC3 roots.

  • 별빛등대
    별빛등대 22 hours ago

    Hi I'm nothing.

  • Renan Fernandez
    Renan Fernandez 23 hours ago

    Blizzard make Warcraft 4. And make it like the Witcher 3 or Skyrim.

  • Jonathan Newborn
    Jonathan Newborn 23 hours ago

    VS MapleStory

  • 써나SSEONA
    써나SSEONA Day ago

    For The Nothing LOL For The Alliance

  • haiel refaa
    haiel refaa Day ago

    This is my go to revenge mood video

  • David Decarie
    David Decarie Day ago

    Best cinematic ever ! Blizzard had it big time few years ago !

  • Adrian Gore
    Adrian Gore Day ago

    Freedom For Hong Kong!

  • Ato leguizamon

    Sylvanas Two years later: The Horde is Nothing!! 😡😡

  • LazyTigress
    LazyTigress Day ago

    "All eyes shall be opened." While the statues eyes close. This is more than just him leaving, its symbolic of the Light and the Void. The Light only sees one path, one way, and will turn away/close its eyes to anything other than that. Void sees all paths and values each as their own. Rewatch Illidan & the Naaru's Legion cinematic again. The Light is set on there being being ONE hero, A chosen hero. Illidan said that WE must be the heroes.

  • PowermadNavigator

    This Blizzard. Where is this Blizzard?

  • Rossen Goshev
    Rossen Goshev Day ago

    I need to know who voice Azshara...This voice sounds so....Magnificent!

  • Kami Kuru
    Kami Kuru Day ago

    The trolls are so lame especially their accent

  • frostbjorne
    frostbjorne Day ago

    best patch ever

  • TankandSpank
    TankandSpank Day ago


  • Terence Watts
    Terence Watts Day ago

    The people who disliked this video clearly has no taste and looking for attention Just like me by making this post

  • chubseybubs
    chubseybubs Day ago

    Revamp the classes already, no one cares about new races.

  • ALittleAccurate

    I hate the kowtowing Blizzard has shown against American rights, but this still gives me goosebumps.

  • KnightGuardian3

    Blizzard please bring back ashbringer and the powers of ash ringer and the other artifact weapon and powers please please bring them back please blizzard and wow to battle for Azeroth make the artifact weapons powerful please

  • KnightGuardian3

    We deserve to play a game with out getting banned and just having fun all by keeping our accounts safe keep our accounts away from hackers so we the gamers could enjoy the game and have fun please blizzard and wow do your best to keep our accounts safe and not ban anyone please blizzard

  • Edellea
    Edellea Day ago

    even if people dislike this so much, it still gave sylvanas much more character unlike the unsatisfying ending of the war campaign where she just insults everyone and yeets out of there