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I Got A K-Pop Makeover
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Choosing My Wedding Dress
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I Dressed Like It Was 1977
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I Tried Period Yoga Pants
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The History of Lipstick
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I Tried Period Leggings
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The History Of Chokers
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  • Your Girl Aliya
    Your Girl Aliya Hour ago

    12:42 I felt that 😰

  • Lauren Higgins
    Lauren Higgins Hour ago

    Video idea! You tuber video style exchange. Safiya or [insert USclipr here] switches video theme and editing style with another USclipr.

  • Hanna Denslow
    Hanna Denslow Hour ago

    I use a liquid eyeliner from wish and honestly it's the best eyeliner I've ever tried, but that isn't saying much since I've never bought something from Sephora or any high end make up brands, I use an eye shadow from wish as well, pretty darn good too and better than sex mascara, I don't do much cuz I hate wearing foundation and what not on the daily, it looks good, it's just uncomfortable for my face

  • Lucy Wallace
    Lucy Wallace Hour ago

    m'kay but is nobody gonna talk about how INCREDIBLE she looked in that 60's oufit?!

  • Zamana Jahani
    Zamana Jahani Hour ago

    I Mauve you

  • flower princess
    flower princess Hour ago

    Yo love u saf

  • Jada gilliam
    Jada gilliam Hour ago

    Imagine what people think of her 😭😂

  • Chapel Miller
    Chapel Miller Hour ago

    i really want to know how much this costed

  • teslyn sabrina jimenez binet

    i am dying with the 80s wedding dress. I looks almost exactly like my mom's

  • White Vampire
    White Vampire Hour ago

    Frenklin mouve that name will be cute

  • Sarah Bertke
    Sarah Bertke Hour ago

    My mom dressed more 40's! She was in the Navy and my dad was in the Marines when they married in the 80's. So her dress was super minimal cream colored, with a beaded pearl necklace and cream colored mary janes. Her curly brown hair was deff 80's though.

  • Isabella Brower
    Isabella Brower Hour ago

    I love all of the looks! I have a slight bias towards the 20's look and the 60's look cause my marching band show was based on the 60's and my winterguard show is based off of the 20's

  • 茶姑娘Teawaii

    I got: Franken Mauve Franken Mauvie Frankenstein Mauve Frankensteiny Mauve Frankensteiny Mauvie I figured these names with 'Franken' in it because it looks like Safiya's lipstick! As they already said it in the video.

  • Happy Wolf
    Happy Wolf Hour ago

    24:05 Its like you eat your big lipstick!!!! 😋😅😅😅😅

  • Escape Reality
    Escape Reality Hour ago

    I hope you recorded your wedding I really would love to see that... but even if you don't I really hope it was amazing and you guys are happy.

  • Ayesha Mohsin
    Ayesha Mohsin Hour ago

    I wonder if Safiya would do any sex videos after her marriage as she's doing for her wedding

  • Ellis Love
    Ellis Love Hour ago

    Can you do a video of styling your gran?

  • Ayesha Mohsin
    Ayesha Mohsin 2 hours ago

    I don't like to come early as there are no interesting Comments to read

  • Ellis Love
    Ellis Love 2 hours ago

    I feel like safiya looks like Sofia Carson nothing to do with the bounding just her in general

  • Baba Yaga
    Baba Yaga 2 hours ago

    At first I was "OMG CHEESE THEMED PARK !!! WITH ACTIVITIES !!!'" but then I watched the video. I'm french. You can't imagine how disappointed I am. *cries in camembert*

  • dat gnome
    dat gnome 2 hours ago

    Safiya looks so incredibly beautiful in all the looks, I can't wait to see the wedding footage!

  • Maciej Ś
    Maciej Ś 2 hours ago

    So, which one of these will be your reception dress?

  • Hillary Gilmore
    Hillary Gilmore 2 hours ago

    That 1940s dress on her frame is STUNNING 😍

  • rebecca pigna
    rebecca pigna 2 hours ago

    Loved the video girl! Somebody wanna support an Italian youtuber? Subscribe to my channel. Ciao 😍

  • Amy Rose
    Amy Rose 2 hours ago

    Bells- in Japan ringing them wards off spirits

  • StewyTheAlien
    StewyTheAlien 2 hours ago

    I’m obsessed with the 60s look

  • Kipf Kapf
    Kipf Kapf 2 hours ago

    This voice is absolutely fantastic.

  • Tony Trilex
    Tony Trilex 2 hours ago

    Why are you talking like an authoritative figure it makes no sense. You aren't a reporter lol

  • Super Moosie
    Super Moosie 2 hours ago

    I love Saf with the somewhat longer hair that she got now. Very cute. 😍👍

  • Dale
    Dale 2 hours ago

    I must say that it's a shock to see you in this video with it being so long since your last. You've lost a load of weight presumably for your wedding, and honestly it doesn't suit you. I feel I need to inform you of this. But that little chub you always had made you way more attractive. Losing it all has made you look ten times older. I know this isn't going to go down well among the fans, but screw it. You didn't need to stop eating the pies. You were hot dude. Eat more pie ASAP. If Tyler encouraged you to do this then shame on him lol.

  • Aesthetic -Potato
    Aesthetic -Potato 2 hours ago

    Reddish Bronze

  • miss isla
    miss isla 2 hours ago


  • Wilde Designs
    Wilde Designs 2 hours ago

    Beige Gumby would be a fabulous band name.

  • hugs2003
    hugs2003 2 hours ago

    I love the 1920’s ensemble the best. 😄

  • Cassia Clark
    Cassia Clark 3 hours ago

    Anne: hey I’m Anne of Green Gabl- Safiya: SAFIYA OF HARD BOILED EGG

  • Barbara Fava
    Barbara Fava 3 hours ago

    Primark as I am autistic is one of my favorite stores, they have so many nice things, well organized and most of all made of nice touchable materials.

  • Native Tigers
    Native Tigers 3 hours ago

    "It'S NoT a ProBLeM AnyMOrE!"

  • TheBeautifullyOdd
    TheBeautifullyOdd 3 hours ago

    This video is awesome! Your MUA and costume designer are fantastic! This is so well put together. I know there are other channels that have done similar things, but this was truly a pleasure to watch since you provided so much context And the looks were tailored to you! They fit, they looked good on you, it was amazing. I'm really glad to see a fashion decades video done with so much attention to detail and with so much content. Thank you for making a really spectacular video that does justice to the content.

  • Sam S
    Sam S 3 hours ago

    Lol Tyler eating Chinese food in the background at 21:09 😂

  • Chelsea Garchar
    Chelsea Garchar 3 hours ago

    You looked lovely in all of them!! 💖

  • dustyutubeify
    dustyutubeify 3 hours ago

    ummm that 1980's dress is a spitting image of my 1995 wedding dress. That wedding... marriage... and dress are all gone now. I soooo could have donated my dress to you if I would have known. Instead I donated my dress to my daughters friend who likes to cut up and repurpose clothing.

  • Petronella McSparron

    Do like a wearing 1870 clothes for a week

  • Lori C
    Lori C 3 hours ago

    does it have to have mauve? if it does "mauveastine" if not "frankanail"

  • Kendall Lincoln Liam Nelson

    Christine USED to make nail art videos...

  • María José Lourido

    No of course there is a difference.... it looks waaaaaaay more straight

  • ResidentFan Evil
    ResidentFan Evil 4 hours ago

    Name Idea: Berry me in Mauve.

  • Chloe Boyd
    Chloe Boyd 4 hours ago

    I would 100% wear the tampon looking dress

  • V J
    V J 4 hours ago

    Brave- as it somewhere between the early tries at make up when your a kid & walking in from a long night of partying. I often do a dark eye make up & pale face (semi-goth look), it's rare I don't look like a melting panda before the end of the night. Also glitter seems to stick on me for days after- scrubs/ creams/ masks- it survives them all.

  • Taylor Xitco
    Taylor Xitco 4 hours ago

    5:11 I was like wait what

  • Thunderbolt Z
    Thunderbolt Z 4 hours ago

    To be honest Saf dresses like my mom

  • SPAGHETTI. Spitzname is da .lol.

    Whats with " Mauve and get me some tea! "😂

  • Cherrie-Chan 101
    Cherrie-Chan 101 4 hours ago

    4:40 tyler droped a hint on her dress

    • Shira Moore
      Shira Moore 3 hours ago

      Cherrie-Chan 101 she already picked her dress

  • michelle p
    michelle p 4 hours ago

    everyone's talking about the dresses and FAIR, Saf looks AMAZING! the prettiest bride on USclip for sure! but can we also talk about how much Tyler loves her? It's so cute!! The way he looks at her here 17:40 And how he LOVED the "rationed for life" joke and doesn't even hesitate to say a "hard YES" when Safiya asked him if he'd marry her in the last dress 🥺👏 a MAN!

  • Laura Edmondson
    Laura Edmondson 4 hours ago

    I would love to see you do a “I dressed like the 2020s” futuristic fashion video! I’m sure there’s a fashion of the future expert out there who could give you some predictions!

  • Leanne Parker
    Leanne Parker 4 hours ago

    I really lile the flapper bride dress and the kewpie doll lips!

  • Robin Beitler
    Robin Beitler 4 hours ago

    Love that 40's look on you, you look gorgeous.

  • Nancy Crews
    Nancy Crews 4 hours ago

    I love the 1920's look on you. And I love the 20's best

  • Alina Is my name
    Alina Is my name 4 hours ago

    I got an ad at the beginning of the video that was literally the same thing but a different brand

  • Dankonen
    Dankonen 4 hours ago

    Funky story about the brown stains. Friend of mine did a black light test on them. He had 3 stains so far. 3/3 had genetic material. I told him I'd guess with the working conditions they are probably blood! He since stopped buying from wish. Good on him. Don't support that shit.

  • Katie Nutt
    Katie Nutt 4 hours ago

    I’m obsessed with Saf’s 60s look!

  • Mariangel H
    Mariangel H 4 hours ago

    I need a clip of her running and saying cash me ousside

  • kayleigh mitchell
    kayleigh mitchell 4 hours ago

    she does mUkAbonGs

  • Cristin And Service Dog Gunner

    I ❤️ you in the 20’s dress’

  • Hoppy Bricks
    Hoppy Bricks 5 hours ago

    I recently found out that my grandparents got married on the 20th of april 1969... whether this was on purpose i don't know but its kinda badass

  • Katie Nutt
    Katie Nutt 5 hours ago

    I loved seeing the 1890s dress because my wedding ring is from that era!!

  • Healthyfit _fabulous

    Definitely shirt thing is a trick an they are using cricut iron on material

  • Hawk Light
    Hawk Light 5 hours ago


  • Deep Dish Pepperoni Pizza

    what's the name of the music at 5:20?

  • Danielle haffman
    Danielle haffman 5 hours ago

    This company is great to work with! Try they can custom to your body shape and have already made products as well

  • No More Basic
    No More Basic 5 hours ago

    When is or was the wedding?

  • julianto triwijaya
    julianto triwijaya 5 hours ago

    Oh no! Don't let TromTrom go back to victorian era!!XD lol

  • CryptoCosplay
    CryptoCosplay 5 hours ago

    I want shane to repaint a doll now and use his make up.

  • Branflakes523
    Branflakes523 5 hours ago

    I know this video is like 2 years old.....but im hoping the lipstick was named "Buffy the Butthole Slayer"

  • Dark-Stormy- Sky
    Dark-Stormy- Sky 6 hours ago

    My mum accidentally gave me a fake eyeshadow palette, I used it for a year in that year my eyesight started to deteriorate, I found out it was a fake by watching fake vs real videos and threw it out. My right eye has suffered horribly, it's more damaged than the left but, I now have to wear glasses, sadly the vision in my right eye is getting worse, it was confirmed by the optometrist that the fake eyeshadow is the likely culprit since I have never had any type of incident with in my eyes, leaving any type of residual damage.

  • Matilde Fisker
    Matilde Fisker 6 hours ago

    so just a quick question :) i have just seen some of your videos, and im not sure if i heard right, but you said your dad was danish? so my question is: kan du forstå dansk?/ do you understand danish?

  • Thunderbolt Z
    Thunderbolt Z 6 hours ago

    God that chopping board at 11:30 is gonna be a good Halloween decoration for next year

  • JC Lynne
    JC Lynne 6 hours ago

    Bwahahaha, Elizabeth Taylor changing fashion trends!

  • VeaVia
    VeaVia 6 hours ago

    *its the viking in me*

  • dobbyhas freefries
    dobbyhas freefries 6 hours ago

    If she's so busy,then how does she have time to make this entire video?

  • Von582
    Von582 6 hours ago

    I really love those t-bar shoes 😍

  • Maram akkh cutie
    Maram akkh cutie 6 hours ago

    Anyone at 8.5 M

  • Priyanka Mukherjee
    Priyanka Mukherjee 6 hours ago

    So no one's gonna talk about the HIMYM scene from 1:18???

  • Ammar Haziq Johari
    Ammar Haziq Johari 6 hours ago

    I fill like 23:17 is the best

  • Sara Myers
    Sara Myers 6 hours ago

    You should mix every foundation from Sephora

  • Luise Margarete Cornely

    As a historian, I seriously appreciate all the research and effort you put into your "Through History" videos!

  • Sophia P.
    Sophia P. 7 hours ago


  • Stephanie Huesler
    Stephanie Huesler 7 hours ago

    The 20s is a great look on you! Dress shape, hair and makeup!

  • Abigail McCreary
    Abigail McCreary 7 hours ago

    It's just a prank, *Brueah* (I win :3)

  • traci02128
    traci02128 7 hours ago

    that 20's look though...DIVA

  • Prapti Bhattacharjee

    I am just amazed by how pretty safia is❤

  • Marillyn Hurtado
    Marillyn Hurtado 8 hours ago

    I have the same LOVE shirt 😂

  • Ember Rutherford
    Ember Rutherford 8 hours ago

    You should name it "Now your just some mauve that I used to know"

  • Fluffy Puffy
    Fluffy Puffy 8 hours ago

    Literally right below this video is an add for wish 🤔 /\ / 0 \ / \ ===== *play illuminaty moosic*

  • Sincerely, Mika
    Sincerely, Mika 8 hours ago

    Watching this made me realize that we will have to start addressing the 20s as _1920s._

  • sirarpi sahakyan
    sirarpi sahakyan 8 hours ago

    I love your well-done researches for all of your videos. I can never skip a second of your video and that's great