Patriot Act
Patriot Act
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  • Fe Simco
    Fe Simco 20 minutes ago

    2:43 ''People can't wrap their head around that I'm brown'' Are you fucking messing me? Fucking grow up and stop going on about race, it's killing me.

  • Sidahrt Gautum
    Sidahrt Gautum 30 minutes ago

    Since when is China spelled Chine

  • feverm00n
    feverm00n 43 minutes ago

    I knew someone at my methadone clinic who had been improperly given fentanyl by her doctor. Then they abruptly stopped giving it to her. And some years later, she was sitting in group at a methadone clinic. So unfair.

    GETCHNAH 48 minutes ago

    Jeez thank you for always speaking up for all minorities. Your voice is valued.

  • almoravid almurabit

    Desi Americans are nerds

  • Appy B
    Appy B Hour ago

    That was awesome!!

  • c p
    c p Hour ago

    Cops addresses should be public record

  • feverm00n
    feverm00n Hour ago

    This, plus some more news' episode on this subject, such an interesting look at police

  • Rida Imran
    Rida Imran Hour ago

    Is this Simpsons thing a brown thing? Or did other parents also ban it?

  • Amrut Katigar
    Amrut Katigar Hour ago

    rafael deal got clean chit to modi, you need to re iterate in new episode whats your view on this?

  • Adrian Abella
    Adrian Abella Hour ago

    I've never heard someone so willingly ignorant as Hasan Minhaj. And I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt, otherwise, he is just stupid and ignorant.

  • nintendoboy17
    nintendoboy17 2 hours ago

    *Seeing that ending sketch* As Squidward Tentacles points out: "Nobody cares about the fate of labor as long as it gives them instant gratification."

  • dvs288
    dvs288 2 hours ago

    Give this man a burnol. But hats off to efforts of closet jihadis and leftists/Communists.

  • SparkGX
    SparkGX 2 hours ago


  • SparkGX
    SparkGX 2 hours ago

    why did Abeer get so quiet in the middle it’s so funny😂😂

  • karakol86
    karakol86 2 hours ago

    Keys to better mental health: exercise, diet, working on self esteem, surround yourself with good people, get out of the house, read, cultivate a skills, and set boundaries <- these have kept me out of therapy for 6 years. Practicing coping skills will make you more resilient. It doesn’t take much to build resiliency, keep at it. 💜🧡💛💚💙❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ lets love each other and be kind.

  • ansh patel
    ansh patel 3 hours ago

    The kids are saying how they’ll beat people up but when u g o to do it it’s actually a little scary

  • MrNight48
    MrNight48 3 hours ago

    I was with you until that diss about pineapples on pizza, it's the best topping and your life is basic without it.

  • Partiesbyp
    Partiesbyp 4 hours ago

    I loved the jazzy pants.

  • Arkesh Sharma
    Arkesh Sharma 4 hours ago

    Whoa! Calculators and breaks in between exams? This is so convenient! I have sat 3 hours without breaks and without a calculator in lot of exams. Hasan did well without any preparation. Way to go Hasan! I’m proud of you!

  • arielle gates
    arielle gates 4 hours ago

    Mine is the 14th, so your point is what exactly Hasan?🤔🤨🤪🤣

  • Sarthak Goel
    Sarthak Goel 4 hours ago

    can't stop saying awww such an asian feeling attached with this episode omg. Manipal, Actors, Marvels <3

  • Anup Panwar
    Anup Panwar 4 hours ago

    Irony NRI talking about India and indian politics

  • Whole Food Plant-Based Man

    The skater down the stairs put me in a great mood. That’s all it takes sometimes. Thanks Hasan.

  • Whole Food Plant-Based Man

    Hasan is wearing a jacket like Conan. I like it.

  • Greg Nathan
    Greg Nathan 4 hours ago

    Typically the Country has a way with flaunting Pride shooting out of an intentional Blindness of sorts...... And it costs dearly each time.....

  • rio for river
    rio for river 5 hours ago

    Hasan: but if the fourth change doesn't happen, then the third change will work cuz everyone will be like 'i was stuck in traffic" no one: literally no one: me: the third amendment is the respect of the seasons whatchu mean?

  • Muhammed Asghar Dharani

    This is weird

  • kewlade719
    kewlade719 5 hours ago

    Hasan doesn't look a thing like either of his parents lmao 🤣

  • Trust213
    Trust213 5 hours ago

    I really don’t understand how this is that messed up. He speaks on such important issues in the world and North America that no one knows about unless they do hours and hours of research and even then they can’t do anything about it. How does this not get the awareness it deserves? This is so important and along with other episodes this should be held against these companies.

  • Sierra Morales
    Sierra Morales 5 hours ago

    If Pizza Hut doesn’t utilize this they are Damn Fools

  • Ammar Abbasi
    Ammar Abbasi 5 hours ago


  • Ram Mohmad
    Ram Mohmad 5 hours ago

    hassan. u r amazing. but how do u manage to stay alive

  • Shin
    Shin 5 hours ago

    Now I'm hungry for Pizza! Thanks you guys.

    NICHOLAS REED 6 hours ago

    I'm in a library and I have this playing on mute with closed captions.. I feel like its a try not to laugh challenge with his puns and one liners... well said Hasan

  • Dhinesh Srinivasan
    Dhinesh Srinivasan 6 hours ago

    Hasan, you may give a very logical account of the Indian elections, but you my friend have deep rooted Hinduphobia! Stop reading leftist writings and man up by broadening your intellect by gathering information from all sides.

  • nikhil sha
    nikhil sha 6 hours ago

    still cant say your own name, white washed your asian asses

  • Vishal Aravinth
    Vishal Aravinth 6 hours ago

    My birthday is too in 23rd September chicklet

  • Dhinesh Srinivasan
    Dhinesh Srinivasan 6 hours ago

    The RSS has a Muslim branch to it called Muslim Rashtriya Manch. Hassan, why is your show on Indian elections alone biased?

  • Shahad
    Shahad 6 hours ago

    My boys relationship with his parents is sooo pure ✨✨

  • Noahfan27
    Noahfan27 6 hours ago

    Cheez-It pizza sounds nasty.

  • Dhinesh Srinivasan
    Dhinesh Srinivasan 6 hours ago

    Identifying Modi as "Hindu Nationalist" is a juvenile attempt to branding India as Dar-ul-Harb and encouraging Indian Muslims to protest against an ideological enemy who doesn't exist! Millions of muslims all over the country voted him to power. He's not a Hindu king my dear Hasan. He is the head of the world largest democracy.

  • Tom Shafer
    Tom Shafer 6 hours ago

    Netflix is corrupt!!!!!!!!

  • Adil Asgher
    Adil Asgher 6 hours ago

    I was with you until the pineapple man. Why are you hating love?

  • Shahad
    Shahad 6 hours ago

    This is probably the most brownest video on the internet

  • Shahad
    Shahad 6 hours ago

    * Hassan jokes about porn and realizing his parents gonna watch it later* . . . He did what every brown guy would do.... Covered it up

  • Susmita Das
    Susmita Das 6 hours ago

    That girl at the back in the black outfit is so beautiful. Her skin is glowing💜

  • Imaad Zaman
    Imaad Zaman 6 hours ago

    Whats even worse is my dads birthday is on 9/11 smh

  • Dropped Croissant
    Dropped Croissant 6 hours ago

    As an Iranian , I can confirm hasan works for us

  • Sarah Jamal-Alikohe
    Sarah Jamal-Alikohe 6 hours ago

    I live for this 😂😭👏🏾

  • Hassan Raza
    Hassan Raza 7 hours ago

    This is what the truth is i think this man has alot of knowledge about india politics....

  • sri dhar
    sri dhar 7 hours ago

    These are Desi kids?

  • Pushpak Shukla
    Pushpak Shukla 7 hours ago

    Can someone please tell what's the musical score at the every end of deep cuts.

  • Ishita Mondal
    Ishita Mondal 7 hours ago

    this is the future liberals want

  • Arshi Saifi
    Arshi Saifi 7 hours ago

    Nailed it brother 😂

  • Manav Bharath
    Manav Bharath 8 hours ago

    Ok boomer

  • Hassan Senpai
    Hassan Senpai 8 hours ago

    11:01 You wanna hold the *steering wheel* 👴🏿?

  • Sai S
    Sai S 8 hours ago

    This was actually a very good episode. Nice end to the season. 👍

  • Maxwell Medford
    Maxwell Medford 8 hours ago

    'i made up my own major' Definitively a Hufflepuff Thing...

  • Wiked Wakeida
    Wiked Wakeida 8 hours ago

    It's easier to find a drug dealer than a therapist 😔

  • Mumen Rider
    Mumen Rider 8 hours ago

    Get the Pretentious logo from Philip Defranco

  • no one
    no one 8 hours ago

    Hasan out here making people ask question then asking those same questions back

  • Igot7army's 2493
    Igot7army's 2493 8 hours ago

    I love the jacket 😍

    DANGUS 9 hours ago

    What does desi mean? I assume it means Indian but why have I never heard that word before

  • Artfrique
    Artfrique 9 hours ago

    And they're themselves speaking their names the wrong could say it a million times better than they

  • Zainab Habib
    Zainab Habib 9 hours ago

    At 9:39 ❤ aww uncle

  • Tahmid Hossain
    Tahmid Hossain 10 hours ago

    Do you prefer formals over casuals ?

  • Ram Mohmad
    Ram Mohmad 10 hours ago


  • naman verma
    naman verma 10 hours ago

    India is not what it was after 1947 India is what it was before all the invasions Dont confuse india with the corrupted and mangled nation that was left by britishers and mughals

  • naman verma
    naman verma 10 hours ago

    Good video man But u cannot put a western template on india Changes take time!!!!

  • toffguy 007
    toffguy 007 10 hours ago

    Loved the way Anna Kendrick pronounced the name

  • mostafa panahi
    mostafa panahi 11 hours ago

    your great man:), u talk about shitty things happening in many countries i wonder if your gonna do the same for iran :) its a good case :D

  • Vijay Rawat
    Vijay Rawat 11 hours ago

    Bring this man an Oscar for his acting, when he was writing lyrics.

  • Yogesh Nigam
    Yogesh Nigam 11 hours ago

    Man this man is amazing, I have been introduced to a phase of bjp that I didn't even expected. Keep going hasan, india needs people like you. -Richa

  • Rollin Metzger
    Rollin Metzger 11 hours ago

    At least in porn the son does what the mother tells him. Deeper harder faster.

  • karuna gaire
    karuna gaire 11 hours ago

    Gosh!!! Hasan you are great😂😂😂😂 You just know real sarcasm 🤣🤣🤣

  • Divyanshi Singh
    Divyanshi Singh 12 hours ago

    hasan be like A BEER lying bro ....well non of them pronounced their name correctly

  • Александр Михайлов

    just whose idea was to add out-of-frame laughter it's so tacky and it's not adding to it

  • Roshan Minai
    Roshan Minai 12 hours ago

    It's actually not entertaining as it started. Patriot Act, don't settle, make better than yesterday.

  • walter heisenberg
    walter heisenberg 12 hours ago

    "I chose biryani to be my middle name" Lmaoooooooo

  • Pihoo Chauhan
    Pihoo Chauhan 12 hours ago

    I'm surprised hasan didn't do an "ok, boomer. " Joke

  • Pihoo Chauhan
    Pihoo Chauhan 12 hours ago

    I loooooovvvvvvve this video. This makes me want to complain about everything someone has done something wrong to me and fight against wrong.

  • Shojumaru
    Shojumaru 12 hours ago

    Pizza hut, come back to the taste of your own completion, come home to pizza hut

  • Sören Zielke
    Sören Zielke 12 hours ago

    This continueous canned laughter is highly aggravating.

  • Nyxan
    Nyxan 12 hours ago

    man editor.... how could you let your friend Lee be done like that?

  • Yangchen
    Yangchen 12 hours ago

    Hassan u r so knowledge & shows other side of story esp a true story alway on ur show that’s y I love to watch it show. China is not just dictator & lair! Independent country Tibet is invaded by China in 1949 & took full control/conquered in 1959. Hassan pls talk about about Tibet.

  • mimprincesa
    mimprincesa 13 hours ago

    Eddie reminds me of that guy that Ellen degeneres always scares

  • Eye Of Destruction
    Eye Of Destruction 13 hours ago

    What a troll fest. Care to mention that how the riots started in Gujarat? Half baked information to colour the narrative.

  • Suhanee Zaroo
    Suhanee Zaroo 13 hours ago

    My name is suhanee. I get that girl with her susu story

  • Vaibhav Tanwar
    Vaibhav Tanwar 13 hours ago

    These cant even spell their name themselves and want white people spelling their name correct

  • smarty boy
    smarty boy 14 hours ago

    India (Axom) Hassan fans give me a like ❤️thuko

  • Eva
    Eva 14 hours ago

    I don’t have a last name. And I too am Indian!

  • Ipsit Kumar Dhal
    Ipsit Kumar Dhal 15 hours ago

    manytimes you stare too much😂😂

  • Clarissa L
    Clarissa L 15 hours ago


  • Diamond Dore Woods
    Diamond Dore Woods 15 hours ago

    "Are you gonna cover my therapy bill tomorrow?" The hero we needed in 2019

  • himanshu kumar
    himanshu kumar 16 hours ago

    great man🤣🤣

  • TheLastHylianTitan
    TheLastHylianTitan 16 hours ago

    It’s back!!!!

  • Carol Naranjo
    Carol Naranjo 16 hours ago

    isn't that Ryan? XD

  • Calum Leys
    Calum Leys 16 hours ago

    3:50 he totally wasted that joke by not saying "wifisfuneral"

  • Yash Rathore
    Yash Rathore 16 hours ago

    Seriously! The opening theme is so Dope!!