Patriot Act
Patriot Act
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  • broskie gang
    broskie gang 24 minutes ago

    i laughed so hard at 6:12

  • anee
    anee 39 minutes ago

    Out of all the things he said, that "you know how indian people stare?" really got me. Why do we do that :')

    CFCMAMO1 39 minutes ago

    And she's not funny.

  • shivaprasad naik
    shivaprasad naik 40 minutes ago

    In 3 hours you get break wow

  • hunlyn82
    hunlyn82 48 minutes ago

    Digital and editing teams were incredible, yet again.

  • Strongly Indian
    Strongly Indian 57 minutes ago

    These are like the most opportunistic people on the earth. Eating readymade food. Not reaping your own.

  • St Sabados
    St Sabados Hour ago

    Yeah , we never had slave owners, yet people immigrate here with the preset disposition that we are racist because USA had racist , and they have the same color as our skin so people say we are responsible too!

    THANOS Hour ago

    Damn......Another idiot talking about politics of a country he doesn't know but of course foreign audience would love to hear it after all he is criticizing India. Just if someone is interested to know I'd like to let you know that most of the 'facts' and stories that he gave were either irrelevant or incomplete. He did not do his research properly (if he did any at all) and left out important information just so he could mold his points into his favour this info is very wrong at a lot of times I can't say that everything he said was wrong but most of his thoughts were well simply wrong.


    I too would have been good at video games if my brother had let me use the second remote in my childhood days 🙁😞

  • adamtzsch
    adamtzsch Hour ago

    The country I work in will soon be the first to offer free public transportation: buses, trams, trains. *That’s* what you call a country who values its workforce.

  • Sokoya Abdulazeez

    there's no way he can do it without moving his hands

  • MrHanh
    MrHanh Hour ago

    Malaysian here. Im proud of u hassan


    Well that was pretty intense

  • freedom1234573
    freedom1234573 2 hours ago

    I wouldn’t go on a free cruise never mind paying

  • RegiRuler
    RegiRuler 2 hours ago

    Yo what's the music that plays during Patriot Blast

  • Derek Lee
    Derek Lee 2 hours ago

    Ajit Pai, in cantonese we call him A Cibai

  • kumar kartik
    kumar kartik 2 hours ago

    Your hoddiee create indian flag😊

  • James Boorsma
    James Boorsma 2 hours ago

    I bought a mattress on Amazon. I know that isn't local but do you blame me? It is expensive to buy mattresses.

  • Akhi Semwal
    Akhi Semwal 2 hours ago

    Hasan is not a spy..... He is just lazy.... Check sam sharma video for reference ........

  • rose mary
    rose mary 2 hours ago

    the reason why they love filipinos because its cheap. here in PH, a dollar is worth 50 pesos which is big here and they abuse it.

  • Andee Lilah
    Andee Lilah 2 hours ago

    i'm crying. look how far she's come :(

  • Nowfel Al Hindhi
    Nowfel Al Hindhi 2 hours ago

    Quality video

    SNEHAL GAIKWAD 2 hours ago

    Great effort guys...Hasan Minaj and team🤘

  • فوعانيات
    فوعانيات 3 hours ago

    trudeua looks like "metroman" from the animation movie "mega mind"

  • Raquelpixie
    Raquelpixie 3 hours ago

    Does he use a laugh track?

  • Faceless Beanie
    Faceless Beanie 3 hours ago


  • Ben
    Ben 3 hours ago

    Hasan I love your work but that end bit of mixing Spidey quotes and Black Panther is KILLING ME

  • Najma Butt
    Najma Butt 3 hours ago

    Love to watch your video 👌

  • Devang Chandel
    Devang Chandel 3 hours ago

    Pffft liar

  • Harvey -
    Harvey - 3 hours ago

    Don’t really play that game. I’m a 22 year old student. Watched a lot of it the commentary was actually pretty entertaining. Please stream other games too.

  • goon303
    goon303 3 hours ago

    Try Rocket League. That game creates its own hilarity.... :P Or Stick Fight: The Game. That one is always fun to watch people play.

  • Eric North
    Eric North 3 hours ago

    I tried for the Public Service forgiveness. They transferred my loan from the servicer I was using to FedLoan so they could assess my 120 payments. I only owed about $1700, but I wanted it forgiven. They decided that my payments were set up incorrectly and didn't apply. Then they told me that I would need to continue my loan servicing with them and that they only had the option to place me on a ten-year payoff. That ten-year payoff plan was back-dated to when I graduated and had obviously lapsed since I had already made 10 years of payments. That triggered a late charge of 10% of the loan balance and an interest rate hike to 22%. The only options I had was to take the predatory loan terms or pay off the remainder of my loan and the person on the phone made me make that decision immediately. The 10% would kick in immediately upon getting off the phone. I got on the phone expecting relief and got off the phone with a significantly lighter savings account. That's not how this is supposed to work!

  • Nerdy Joe
    Nerdy Joe 3 hours ago

    its important to be a multiplanetary species simply bc of excintionen level events, like a super vulcano (yellowstone is over the clock), an asteroid or simple nuclear war. it would be nice to know that our species can survive this by being on more then 1 planet

  • Kendall George
    Kendall George 3 hours ago

    Hasan is complete trash at Fortnite and Zach isn't much better.

  • mehhh.
    mehhh. 3 hours ago

    See the major opponent's leader was a straight up jackass and was responsible for Modi ji's landslide win. Rahul Gandhi said that he would make gold from potatoes that's how stupid he was

  • Aleksandra Kovacevic

    I've literally only heard Americans do that thing, if you were (something) what (something) would you be. Like, if you were an organ in your brothers body which organ would you be? I mean I get where's that coming from, you wanna see how creative that person is and how he/she thinks, also you want to come up as creative and cool as well. I guess. But man, that is so annoying for some reason.

  • TheSolitudecity
    TheSolitudecity 4 hours ago

    Painful to watch

  • dinesh Kaushal
    dinesh Kaushal 4 hours ago

    The British won.... Truth spoken.

  • Parvez Khan
    Parvez Khan 4 hours ago

    In India, we say.. Main kahan hoon.. Where am I? after some 100 years of sleep :P

  • Geekmom D
    Geekmom D 4 hours ago

    New rules just fucked us. School was found guilty of fraud, now we can't file for relief on the federal loans.

  • Toni Lynn Iachetta
    Toni Lynn Iachetta 5 hours ago

    Hasan & Team, could you please do an episode about how USclip and Instagram allow underage girls to be sexually exploited. Danielle Cohn, please look her up. She's 13 years old, but her mom lies and claims she's 15, which still isn't better. Check her IG. Reporting the account to IG doesn't do anything even though it's explicitly against their ToS. She's not the only one. A lot of kids are getting trapped into this and it's really their parents. We need a bigger voice to address this and bring awareness. Children are being used for sexual exploitation on IG and YT and they're not doing anything about it.

  • Nadia Raza
    Nadia Raza 5 hours ago

    Moving your hands along with your words actually show that you know the facts with your mouth and your hands. The hands are the first thing we see when we meet a human being. That's because in cave man times, cave men would see if the other were friend or foe by looking at what they were holding.

  • Regen 615
    Regen 615 5 hours ago

    And today the photo of White Knight Justin in brown face. But since he is liberal, it will be explained away. And he is corrupt AF. The Woke Crew has some explaining to do.

  • SauceySandwich
    SauceySandwich 5 hours ago

    I am guessing that the states the legalized weed are also part of the solution

  • BMW E46 ///M
    BMW E46 ///M 5 hours ago

    Awww, poor Hasan, you are awesome!

  • Fawn Whisperer
    Fawn Whisperer 5 hours ago

    Either that dog hasn't been walked in forever or it's sick.

  • 44zeex
    44zeex 5 hours ago

    This is the best thing I have ever watched. Hahahaha

  • naga sivakrishna
    naga sivakrishna 5 hours ago

    epic vid hassan

    SNEHAL GAIKWAD 5 hours ago

    When will Indian people be a lil bit tolerant towards sarcasm

  • Shruti Shrotriya
    Shruti Shrotriya 5 hours ago

    Firstly,we live in a democratic country so people are allowed to have opinions and no one is going to shoot you for that. Second,Hasan the thing about assam is illegal immigrants and no country tolerates immigrants who are illegal. Third,India is the best place to live in as a muslim as minorities are really favoured here. Fourth,As an Indian when we go to foreign country or get a stage where we get audience from different countries we should rather glorify our country instead of talking about lynchings specific to our country because what we say on such stages becomes the perspective of people from other countries.

  • Sabrina Frölich
    Sabrina Frölich 6 hours ago

    ..or a single bus in Mumbai...

    SNEHAL GAIKWAD 6 hours ago are so good at this😍

  • Abhinav Anoop
    Abhinav Anoop 6 hours ago

    I am a die-hard Slytherin who was waiting for at least one guy in the crowd to say Slytherin. I'm disappointed. Anybody else relate?

  • Bish
    Bish 6 hours ago

    Well India is more India.... Thanks to strong decisions which everyone wanted... Even the Muslims of India... I wish he could have talked about the Tripple Talaq and the Madrasa modernisation as well.... But it would be too much to expect from a Comedian I guess!!!

  • Karan Kapoor
    Karan Kapoor 6 hours ago

    Hasan minhaj kii MAA ka bhosda first 😂😂

  • Shenly Jean
    Shenly Jean 6 hours ago

    Hasan doesn't get it.

  • Shenly Jean
    Shenly Jean 6 hours ago

    I get what JT is saying. Clean energy is expensive. Transitioning into that requires more money, thus JT made the decisions he made.

  • Subash Bose
    Subash Bose 6 hours ago

    Trump is tugger and Modi is hugger ur mom is duck sucker 😂

  • Jitendra Prajapati
    Jitendra Prajapati 7 hours ago

    You didn't talk about Election you just Hatting Modi's and Government of India.

  • Polish Prince
    Polish Prince 7 hours ago 🤣justin in black face 🇨🇦

  • Priyokumar Ningthoujam

    The British won! They are the reason behind the border conflict between India and Pakistan

  • adil khan
    adil khan 7 hours ago

    Patriotic act is more famous on USclip than Netflix

  • Maha Humayune
    Maha Humayune 8 hours ago

    The way Zach said ‘bhai’ 😂

  • Sarthak Malhotra
    Sarthak Malhotra 8 hours ago

    8:05 India: Well......This is awkward

  • Aabidah Siebritz
    Aabidah Siebritz 8 hours ago

    I'm a Muslim from South Africa and I teach English online, I cannot get a job with a Chinese company, is this related...... or

  • VwertIX
    VwertIX 8 hours ago

    Midget Geyser is pretty funny though

  • Faolin Siannodel
    Faolin Siannodel 9 hours ago

    Put this video right next to the john oliver one on Charter Schools. In the latter all the advocates are all about letting the free market dictate which schools stay open because competition brings good service, in this video, they try to pass laws to limit the free market. So basically the free market is great until we get paid to say otherwise.

  • T Fatima
    T Fatima 9 hours ago

    Hassan you are so brave 💪

  • Antoh Mwas
    Antoh Mwas 9 hours ago

    This is my First time watching the show since inception and let me admit its hilarious and most important informative @hassan minaj am back

  • Shubham Gupta
    Shubham Gupta 9 hours ago

    9:59 Is that his fathet Naajme Minhaj there on the debet at left top corner.

  • Render Wood
    Render Wood 9 hours ago

    Government should force all the companies (who previously mis-sold fentanyl) to produce Naloxone for free if they want to keep their license! Fix the mess they created themselves!

  • vivek gangwar
    vivek gangwar 9 hours ago

    😂😂what is goat yoga

  • Aabidah Siebritz
    Aabidah Siebritz 9 hours ago

    Wakanada! I'm dead!!!!!!!!

  • Xtreme Viewer
    Xtreme Viewer 10 hours ago

    #hasanminhaj = #lassanpiyaaj

  • Xtreme Viewer
    Xtreme Viewer 10 hours ago

    #hasanminhaj = #lassanpiyaaj

  • Omar Rashad
    Omar Rashad 10 hours ago

    Who's here after Trudeau's brownface incident lmao

  • Simon John
    Simon John 10 hours ago

    Hasan bhai now it’s time to play Fortnite whil interviewing politicians.

  • Areesha Hasan
    Areesha Hasan 10 hours ago

    He knows Jinns are in the Quran right 😂😂

  • Mr Swamp Gass
    Mr Swamp Gass 10 hours ago

    Lets play sum Apex

  • Janice H
    Janice H 10 hours ago

    Poor Y0y0man

  • Wurmheart
    Wurmheart 10 hours ago

    There are huge glaring omissions here. Granted not all are that well known. Opioids are needed for chronic pain as well, as there is a subsection of chronic pain patients that only respond well to Opioids and struggle heavily without them. (That and the better alternatives like cbd oil and kratom are kind of hard to get in the USA.) Granted there isn't any proper scientific study on that yet, but there is ample anecdotal evidence and enough patients are asking for such a study to boot. And there even assholes like Kolodny (Who somehow managed to influence the DEA, CDC and the J&J trial.) insist that absence of evidence implies there's no benefit there. Big Pharma was actually correct in stating that chronic pain is an often undertreated condition, as far too many doctors outright disbelief or refuse to act on chronic pain for god knows what reason. No, it's the same as regular pain, stop making guesses FFS. Though Opioids alone could never fully fix that as plenty are too resistant to Opioids. Anyway, the point is that an overprescription of opioids oddly also tends to help out chronic pain patients. But that's a point most don't ever bring up. IIrc there wasn't any reliable study on the benefits of Opioids for relatively mundane types of pain. (Read: non-chronic, non-terminal, and not otherwise high pain) So there might not be a necessity for Opioids for that level of pain. Or there might have been a benefit. We don't really know yet, which is why it would ideally be better to find an answer for that before we potentially hand out dangerous medicine to people who might not even need them. Doctors are supposed to carefully manage painkillers regardless, and there are literally pain specialists they can defer to if they so want to. Regardless Opioids, Cannabinoids and even NSAID's all have severe risks attributed to them that can all result in death and a myriad of other undesirable side effects so they should never be blindly prescribed. Long term use also needs to carefully find the best safety/pain reduction combo, while taking resistances into account. Point is; Doctors play a huge part in pain management and far too many have neglected their responsibilities entirely. So it doesn't surprise me that they're keen to blame big pharma. And a lot of the blame still goes to the DEA and the war on drugs. This "Opioid Crisis" wouldn't even be possible without them creating a vacuum for opioids to begin with. And that's far from the least of their issues either. (Like how there might be other issues at hand due to poor documentation, some deaths are likely from poly-medicine misuse.) And for comparison, here in the Netherlands we're literally still overprescribing opioids but we don't have an Opioid Crisis in the slightest. Also FIY, the war on opioid prescriptions will only hurt chronic pain patients more. Those who need it are now more often forced to chose to having no functional pain management, suicide, or using the illegal fentanyl just to try and stay functional.

  • BeAn BeAn
    BeAn BeAn 11 hours ago

    Isn’t life, liberty and _prosperity_?

  • greenisgreener
    greenisgreener 11 hours ago

    The sports things is a FCKING AMAZING IDEA

  • BetterLifeAhead
    BetterLifeAhead 11 hours ago

    Hasan frustrated me with this one. The pipeline issue was WAAYY oversimplified. Seriously. I'm all about the environment, but there are certain points you have to cede to. You also have to recognize the struggle to keep up the economy in your country and keep your people well off. Without a good enough economy they can't keep up their social programs, retain the refugees Hasan was praising them for housing. If you're going to take issue with the pipeline at least bring up alternatives. It's not as black and white as he makes it sound.

  • BetterLifeAhead
    BetterLifeAhead 11 hours ago

    Denying people self-expression? it's not as simple as that. When you work for the government you represent the government. Therefore if you are presenting a religion that is the government promoting a religion, which goes against the separation of church and state. Can anyone explain how it would be possible to let government employees wear religious objects and NOT have it fly in the face of separation of church and state?

  • kalex888
    kalex888 12 hours ago

    This mf ain't joking about converting people to islam

  • Areesha Hasan
    Areesha Hasan 12 hours ago

    He really knows how to work a crowd

  • Arun Gaddam
    Arun Gaddam 12 hours ago

    I'm commenting on the video trailer. Factually speaking. I'm Indian and I live in India and I've a few uslim friends. And we don't judge them from being Muslim for terrorist. Testimony of people who no more living in India ain't going to portray the reality as they no more live in India.

  • XcerptShow
    XcerptShow 12 hours ago

    Did someone say brownface?

  • Xeno
    Xeno 12 hours ago

    Um isn’t the highest a 1600 cause if I get a 1310 I’ll literally have a 🎊

  • Geoppetto Hosseltoff
    Geoppetto Hosseltoff 12 hours ago


  • greenisgreener
    greenisgreener 12 hours ago

    Who be dat dumass dumb btch kid that did that

  • Samuel Bousfield
    Samuel Bousfield 12 hours ago

    Justin Trudeau has turned our country into a joke

  • guzel beshbaliq
    guzel beshbaliq 12 hours ago

    What a coincidence, several months later, the Amazon fire caught international concern and mouth war between french president and Brazilian president and their wifes. Let's save amazon

  • Taylor Hagin
    Taylor Hagin 13 hours ago

    "Hasan says what he wants and we cannot control him" lol

  • anita ericksonhak
    anita ericksonhak 13 hours ago

    ,dude you are so funny😂

  • Rana Mathew
    Rana Mathew 13 hours ago

    Lol hasans eyes when the prayer rolled in. Haha

  • G K
    G K 13 hours ago

    This is the best thing I've ever seen.

  • Ron Smith
    Ron Smith 13 hours ago

    You will never stop the pharma companies and the black market just reverse engineers whatever comes out by the ton in China

  • Samson Sapuro
    Samson Sapuro 13 hours ago

    Hassan we need the update after the revelation he did Brownface