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  • RB Joson
    RB Joson 2 months ago

    Can Beef Boss join the ssd pls and I wish I could eat his door burger.

  • Rage King
    Rage King 2 months ago

    =) im fat lolz

  • Candice Sparks
    Candice Sparks 2 months ago


  • Dominick Perry
    Dominick Perry 2 months ago

    Bring back noobinator

  • champion breaker
    champion breaker 2 months ago

    I LOVE watching your videos and always puts a smile to my face

  • Adel Fani
    Adel Fani 2 months ago

    where are black knight is he going back or never

  • Lamsect
    Lamsect 3 months ago

    I have a question. Why is there no Rex in the short films if the channel icon is one?

  • George gamer0708 Free
    George gamer0708 Free 3 months ago

    Give drift and Jon a chanill

  • Candice Sparks
    Candice Sparks 3 months ago

    can drift become the new vampire skin , the male one , like he is traped in the cube room

  • Gregg Bachmann
    Gregg Bachmann 3 months ago

    You need to make a playlist about YOU playing fortnite #Your a Beast

  • Elise P
    Elise P 3 months ago

    the project Zorgo is haking USclip and soon no youtube and in November(go check there chanel no joke)

  • xxChaise6xx
    xxChaise6xx 3 months ago

    im gonna do fanart

  • Jacob Quinlan
    Jacob Quinlan 3 months ago

    I think that dire should have his own channel well done little lizard and the SSDT keep up the good work πŸ˜ƒ

  • Xander Anderson
    Xander Anderson 3 months ago

    hey wick do you mind if i make a Halloween story based off your characters you will get a copy of the story.

  • Jacob Layton
    Jacob Layton 3 months ago

    when are you going to do more dragons

  • lucy plays
    lucy plays 3 months ago

    can drift and dire get a channel

  • Garythebat n
    Garythebat n 3 months ago

    this chaannal is so cool

  • Bass Bunni
    Bass Bunni 3 months ago

    So my friend and I were going off on a tangent one day and started talking about some of the stuff in this channel and like, the lore that was built around everything etc, although it's difficult personally for me to know what's actually cannon and what isn't cannon. Anyways, as far as that goes she was like, "I know I probably sound super weird, but here's a crazy idea, make a discord server that is just a huge roleplay of the fortnite universe and see what happens" and I just, thought about it, and I'm almost kinda on board with it, she and I were just watching these vids for like, probably too long. She literally said to me, "OMG you act so much like Drift," and I was like, "Right, but you're a total mom friend so you're old man Wick" and that's how the discord server idea happened. I have no idea if this is gonna happen or not, but if it does, anyone who is interested in joining the server, hit me up in the comments on here. We'll see what happens. And to the creators of these vids, hope you don't mind this whole idea, you are all welcome to get involved as well!

  • Chisko24 gaming
    Chisko24 gaming 3 months ago

    love the vids and channels can drift or dire read this comment there my favorite character keep the good work

    VIDAK99KING 3 months ago


  • Freezeboy 892
    Freezeboy 892 3 months ago

    Are you bring back dragons for real now

  • GamerBros.
    GamerBros. 3 months ago

    What recording software do you use?

  • Ian Sullivan
    Ian Sullivan 3 months ago

    do more videos! do more videos!

  • Ian Sullivan
    Ian Sullivan 3 months ago

    Hi do more videos. keep it up!

  • AlimThe Gamer
    AlimThe Gamer 3 months ago


  • Joaquin Mesa-Ramirez
    Joaquin Mesa-Ramirez 3 months ago


  • Adel Beckham jr05
    Adel Beckham jr05 3 months ago


  • Harry Adams
    Harry Adams 3 months ago

    Fumbs up on this comment if you think John wick deserves a channel

  • Harry Adams
    Harry Adams 3 months ago

    Can dj yonder get a channel

  • AquaV0rtex
    AquaV0rtex 3 months ago

    are drift and sunstrider still dating/married. Plz repliy

  • RandomName 101
    RandomName 101 3 months ago

    what the fuck is this shit

  • AK4mr cool guy
    AK4mr cool guy 3 months ago

    can people subscribe to my channel

  • greg angwin
    greg angwin 3 months ago

    i love vedos so much

  • greg angwin
    greg angwin 3 months ago

    i love your vedos

  • Mary Fogo
    Mary Fogo 3 months ago

    please read my comment can you make a channal about the super star danger team please let dire read my comment

  • Ekam Kooner
    Ekam Kooner 3 months ago

    i just want u to do minecraft again :(

  • Ekam Kooner
    Ekam Kooner 3 months ago


  • Ekam Kooner
    Ekam Kooner 3 months ago


  • Ryan Dobrowolski
    Ryan Dobrowolski 3 months ago

    I know I won't get my comment read, but I just got the new raptor skin and he is really cool. Looks like you guys need to deal with two raptors now, even though you guys already seem to struggle with one. If Dire does reads this, I have to say you are my favorite character.

  • A.I.M
    A.I.M 3 months ago

    Which character is played by Little Lizard?

  • Candice Sparks
    Candice Sparks 3 months ago

    have archetype come in as an observer and tell the heroes that he has been watching , and knows how to beat dusk!

  • Liam Donovan
    Liam Donovan 3 months ago

    fortnite rules little lizard is the best and drift and if i were you make a video about your self in fortnite !!!!!!!!!

  • Liam Donovan
    Liam Donovan 3 months ago

    i watch your videos every day

  • Liam Donovan
    Liam Donovan 3 months ago

    you can also call me liam

  • Liam Donovan
    Liam Donovan 3 months ago

    you guys are the best make a story about the dj lama!!!!!!!!!(= and raptor you are the best

  • Elise P
    Elise P 3 months ago

    do blooper [ like if you agree]

  • Jeremy Lau
    Jeremy Lau 3 months ago

    can you make more dragon pls

  • Batman Wayne
    Batman Wayne 3 months ago

    can I please be apart of the group im a big fan

  • Infinite Chaos
    Infinite Chaos 3 months ago


  • Edgar Cordero
    Edgar Cordero 3 months ago

    you are guys are cool and try to make a gaming channel with the group and the supper star danger team you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bigdawg1
    bigdawg1 3 months ago

    two things 1 drift needs a son 2 drift needs a chanel

  • xDropshoTz Shotty
    xDropshoTz Shotty 3 months ago


  • GamerBros.
    GamerBros. 3 months ago

    Little Lizard can you do a skit tutorial vid where you show us how you make your skits?

  • Brandon Ghent
    Brandon Ghent 3 months ago

    what happened to skull trooper also rip ssdt HQ

  • Cooljack Mick
    Cooljack Mick 3 months ago

    ho thinks drift is the best like if you do

  • Cooljack Mick
    Cooljack Mick 3 months ago

    drift plz read my comment mine has never ben read and I watch you videos all the time

  • Roblox_ Fortnite
    Roblox_ Fortnite 3 months ago

    can get my comment read by black night *srry about spelling*

  • HPT 123
    HPT 123 3 months ago

    hey ya, drift is my favorite hope he reads this (I know he will not!) love yo vids ;)

  • Josh Playz
    Josh Playz 3 months ago

    drift needs a channel

  • Malachi Martell
    Malachi Martell 3 months ago

    me and my sis we mad you and the club somthing

  • royce richardson
    royce richardson 3 months ago

    i love drift and rapter can i help

  • Just0rd1nary5
    Just0rd1nary5 3 months ago

    thank yo

  • Will Weeper
    Will Weeper 3 months ago

    I hate You sound messed up I hate it you

  • Will Weeper
    Will Weeper 3 months ago

    You are the best son a Lannister

  • Sarah Gregoire
    Sarah Gregoire 3 months ago

    Hey little lizard i watch your vids everyday and it would be sick if you read my comment raptor is awesome and drift is boss too i use him everyday! Same with beef boss #goSSDT #durrburgersforlife keep up the good work -Joe

  • Chloe G
    Chloe G 4 months ago

    #ReturnofDragons please bring back dragons and minecraft. You said that 4 months ago. Lol. By the way Omega should get a channel of his own.

  • Kimberly Goode
    Kimberly Goode 4 months ago

    i love the whole ssdt

  • Jaden Brown
    Jaden Brown 4 months ago


  • James75 a
    James75 a 4 months ago

    wait where is the minecraft channel

  • musa shaikh
    musa shaikh 4 months ago

    the cude is goingloot lake

  • Ekam Kooner
    Ekam Kooner 4 months ago

    Plssss stop the fortnite

  • T F
    T F 4 months ago

    what happend to minecraft :c

  • Mystic - Fortnite Battle Royale

    Can I please get that comment read ? :P

  • Mystic - Fortnite Battle Royale

    I play Fortnite But I get no dubs I’m also on USclip But I get no subs I can even get a kill I like my own comments Because nobody else will read them so i go to the bathroom and cry

  • Sohail Mirza
    Sohail Mirza 4 months ago

    where is minecraft

  • Purplepeopleseater 1
    Purplepeopleseater 1 4 months ago

    little lizard where is minecraft

  • Ahmad Bahzad
    Ahmad Bahzad 4 months ago

    wer after you do my little game for my find the sawnd on voce chat

  • Ahmad Bahzad
    Ahmad Bahzad 4 months ago

    this is the end

  • Ahmad Bahzad
    Ahmad Bahzad 4 months ago

    NO finds no kands yor on my list eilt

  • Xfree
    Xfree 4 months ago

    Villain sucks.

  • RB Joson
    RB Joson 4 months ago

    Pls let Omega read the comments cause i will tell him Omega, Omen, Wildcard, Enforcer, and other villain sucks.

  • Thanos Roblox
    Thanos Roblox 4 months ago

    little lizard is fucking cancer

  • 076dee
    076dee 4 months ago

    if you read this and give a like il give you a golen scar

  • Confused ShadowYT
    Confused ShadowYT 4 months ago

    ... :(

  • Oscar Laureano
    Oscar Laureano 4 months ago

    little lizard drift and sun strider go back to gether

  • Golden Arrow Gaming
    Golden Arrow Gaming 4 months ago

    raptor IS THE BESSSTTTT so raptor plz read this.

  • Jarryd Lautenbach
    Jarryd Lautenbach 4 months ago


  • Golden Arrow Gaming
    Golden Arrow Gaming 4 months ago

    levithan if u are reading this i have secondery school and i would love it if u read this out.

  • leon noel
    leon noel 4 months ago

    l love your videos

  • leon noel
    leon noel 4 months ago


  • alex wolanski
    alex wolanski 4 months ago

    can i half free v buck

  • Bradyn Harris
    Bradyn Harris 4 months ago

    play more dragons plz

  • Epicmcgo
    Epicmcgo 4 months ago

    hey ive never been in a comment shown of the end

  • Freezeboy 892
    Freezeboy 892 4 months ago

    TT and Scuba Steve are looking for you please how to train your dragon

  • Zecd
    Zecd 4 months ago

    my fav is archetype and raven also can u make vids with the rest of the villans i miss omega

  • Fortnite Riot
    Fortnite Riot 4 months ago


  • Mollie Kinsey
    Mollie Kinsey 4 months ago

    more fortnite and dinos

  • Jay Jafar
    Jay Jafar 4 months ago

    little lizard did noobintor go on a vacation of island or something?

  • Elise P
    Elise P 4 months ago

    what is skull Trooper boing

  • Crystal Rainbow
    Crystal Rainbow 4 months ago

    where is part 2 of the tomato temple??!!

  • Alek Ninja
    Alek Ninja 4 months ago

    love you raptor can we play togherther drift i love ya i wish il be like you

    SAME TAG 4 months ago

    make a tomato crown video

  • Cooljack Mick
    Cooljack Mick 4 months ago

    LL you are so meen because no how to train your dagon

  • Michel Asmar
    Michel Asmar 4 months ago

    hello ! when will the part 4 of the movie come out ?! >.< please i can't wait to know what's going to happen !!

  • Extreme Gamer 5000
    Extreme Gamer 5000 4 months ago

    LittleLizard, I would like to be apart of your stuff and maybe do some stuff in game for you, I have many skins, some could be helpful too! please message me back

  • GrimCreeperX - reb_creeper

    What music is used in this video at 5:35? I was rewatching old vids and I liked the song

  • Elise P
    Elise P 4 months ago

    i love your vi pleas read this and i'm sure to try my best in middle school/5 grad

  • Alek Ninja
    Alek Ninja 4 months ago

    no yone will read its my dirthday today love every video you make

  • huzaifa mufti
    huzaifa mufti 4 months ago

    Hey lizzard can u pls do some mincraft how to train your dragons? or whos your daddy! :D

  • Xtreme AliX
    Xtreme AliX 4 months ago

    bring crazy craft back plz

  • Termite 06
    Termite 06 4 months ago

    hey little lizard i love your fortnite challenges and i am a default skin and i am not a noob i hope john reads this it would mean a lot

  • Noob_at_everything
    Noob_at_everything 4 months ago

    What is ur favorite skin

  • Noob_at_everything
    Noob_at_everything 4 months ago

    Keep doing them awesome vids my guy

  • Diles46 - AIRSOFT
    Diles46 - AIRSOFT 4 months ago


  • Cooljack Mick
    Cooljack Mick 5 months ago

    I can not baleve weeng man is drights brother

  • Cooljack Mick
    Cooljack Mick 5 months ago

    I have drift I love fortnite little lizard plz gift me one item

  • Jordan G
    Jordan G 5 months ago

    I want Drift to read this: Drift reminds me of Peter Parker in Spiderman: Homecoming: They are both super anxious, being mentored by an old dude with a beard, and are my favorite superheroes!!!

  • Zavier Hernandez
    Zavier Hernandez 5 months ago

    John if you here your best and you to omega beacuse you frand

  • K Krimson
    K Krimson 5 months ago

    hey drift is super

  • Eduardo Castro
    Eduardo Castro 5 months ago

    When is part 4 of thr fortninte movie coming out?

  • Abdulmalik Mohamed
    Abdulmalik Mohamed 5 months ago

    little lizard what happen to the noobs channel u could had shut down the bonus channel not the noobs. i love the noobs they cute. im un subscring it it doesnt get a vid by the end of the week

  • Kai MacMillan
    Kai MacMillan 5 months ago

    You should do the Vanishing Point set vs. the Burnout set

  • AquaV0rtex
    AquaV0rtex 5 months ago

    thx for making a vid for drift and sun strider it was GREATTTTTTTTTT!!!!!! (did I add enough t's

  • Driftz
    Driftz 5 months ago

    Party! One million subs!!!!

  • Royalty Love
    Royalty Love 5 months ago

    DRIFT IS THE BEST PLAYER EVER!!!!!!!! but raptor is the coolest and sweetest

  • Christopher Shaffer
    Christopher Shaffer 5 months ago

    can raptor or drift read this keep up the good work and pls read

  • WillTCM
    WillTCM 5 months ago

    i love your videos i feel like you should make a movie about it i would love it if you did please read my comment if you read it id ill scream soo loud and tell every single person i meet to subscribe to every single one of your channels you should also make a video with you in it in fortnite

    DESPACITO 5 months ago

    It will be cool a 1v1 of Omen and Omega to decide who is better

  • Ari Romero
    Ari Romero 5 months ago

    omen is the best villian

  • loc Ta
    loc Ta 5 months ago

    hey LL how come you promise dragons but they're not there. Did you completely lie to our faces and get our hopes up and then crush them ( sorry it's just been so long since you have released a video and we have just been waiting for so long).

  • AquaV0rtex
    AquaV0rtex 5 months ago

    little lizard you should make more videos for drift and sun strider

  • Axzz
    Axzz 5 months ago

    your youtube is disguting

  • Little Minecraft
    Little Minecraft 5 months ago


  • AlexJrTV
    AlexJrTV 5 months ago

    Drift NEEDS his own channel-He's so LIT best character ever right there

  • Ren_gaming124
    Ren_gaming124 5 months ago

    will u be making a discord server?

  • Maggie Schillermann
    Maggie Schillermann 5 months ago

    Ok i am confused i watch your fortnite short films what order do they go in because i watch one then another and they are different is there any order because it is really confusing

  • General duck
    General duck 5 months ago

    if leviathan reads this i will explode!!!!!!!!!!!!! ps i the pee pee dance

  • LeoD007pro YT
    LeoD007pro YT 5 months ago

    hows it going peeps lol

  • Nick Weddle
    Nick Weddle 5 months ago

    i unsubed cause u soped mine craft

  • jane jones
    jane jones 5 months ago

    CAN DRIFT GET A CHANNEL? plz plz pzl

  • jane jones
    jane jones 5 months ago


  • Alfie Harrison
    Alfie Harrison 5 months ago

    let kelly read comments she is the best

  • Alfie Harrison
    Alfie Harrison 5 months ago

    let kelly read comments she is the best

  • jane jones
    jane jones 5 months ago


  • LaNeisha Williams
    LaNeisha Williams 5 months ago

    omg why is raptor sooooooo cool

  • Andrew Skinner
    Andrew Skinner 5 months ago

    little lizard when is dragons coming back?

  • Bella Arona
    Bella Arona 5 months ago

    DO MORE HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGONNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plz

  • The Burning Gamer
    The Burning Gamer 5 months ago


  • Holly Harris
    Holly Harris 5 months ago

    do a omaga vs noobanaitor

  • Ahmad Bahzad
    Ahmad Bahzad 5 months ago

    haw do you git a comment hir

  • Lauren Hepker
    Lauren Hepker 5 months ago

    I love ur vids Little Lizard! They keep me happy after a day of school! Keep up the good work!

  • Tyler Ally
    Tyler Ally 5 months ago

    little lizard start playing Minecraft I love mine craft dragons and the other series pls breen it back

  • Cusmic _
    Cusmic _ 5 months ago

    little lizard i just want you to know you are the best youtuber i have ever seen kepp posting and keep up the good work

  • Cusmic _
    Cusmic _ 5 months ago


  • Zeda Abdul Kareem - Sir Winston Churchill PS (1555)

    This is all annoying can people stop making themselves type of videos like o ninja reacts to Fortnite creation o myth make s a new way to not take fall damage stop the bull

  • LittleBro Gaming
    LittleBro Gaming 5 months ago

    when is ur next how to train your dragon

  • SpiiN_Devion
    SpiiN_Devion 5 months ago

    i hope leviathan gets a girl

  • Cosmic Ice
    Cosmic Ice 5 months ago

    Put Funk Ops on the SSDT

  • General duck
    General duck 5 months ago

    i want leviathen to read this: when is ragnarok gona upgrade????!!!!

  • i cannot fly
    i cannot fly 5 months ago


  • Michelle Levy
    Michelle Levy 5 months ago


  • NightWolf061 Gaming
    NightWolf061 Gaming 5 months ago

    By at some point in time if there is a new popular game and fortnite is abandon, what willl happen to the noobs of fortnite and Raptors Channel!

    ENDER ETHAN 5 months ago

    Can drift have a channel pls

  • XxScorpion m8
    XxScorpion m8 5 months ago

    I mean funny sorry

  • XxScorpion m8
    XxScorpion m8 5 months ago

    raptor is my fav becuse he is so funnty and cool and tall

  • john ross driggs
    john ross driggs 5 months ago

    i will be here when you do a face reveal and when you hit 1 milloin subs

    • R.A.N.A
      R.A.N.A 5 months ago

      he has a face reveal in his mc channel

  • Randy Goff Jr
    Randy Goff Jr 5 months ago


  • Xx LaraWolf xX
    Xx LaraWolf xX 5 months ago

    u deleted a video, that was my favorite video!

  • stuart stilwell
    stuart stilwell 5 months ago

    Poe’s read my comment can drift read this he is my favorite and rapter

  • R.A.N.A
    R.A.N.A 5 months ago

    Dabbing on them Fortnoobs

  • Amos Du-pont
    Amos Du-pont 5 months ago

    Your the best little Lizard

  • ubayd boss
    ubayd boss 5 months ago

    plz say to drift when is he coming back and little lizard your the best

  • Inkling Kid
    Inkling Kid 5 months ago

    Wat do u play on ps4 pc or xbox

  • Cjfirefly !
    Cjfirefly ! 5 months ago

    omg love ur vids

  • A Person With a Name
    A Person With a Name 5 months ago

    ...Wasn't your channel based entirely around Minecraft before? And now it's entirely Fortnite... You also don't sound like you're having fun anymore...

  • AydenSWG
    AydenSWG 5 months ago

    Love your channel

  • omar king
    omar king 5 months ago

    is drift and ragnarock gonna fight when they get they're full power please let ragnarock read this

  • GiRaFFe-XD
    GiRaFFe-XD 6 months ago


  • david
    david 6 months ago


  • Dylan Nastari
    Dylan Nastari 6 months ago

    yes!yes i am

  • Christian Wurlitzer
    Christian Wurlitzer 6 months ago

    from a old friend, just fucking stop dickheads ,trends dead along with minecraft . . .

  • B Sa
    B Sa 6 months ago

    hey little lizard little Kelly thes pea[le plaed minecaraft

  • Hunter Padilla
    Hunter Padilla 6 months ago

    can u read this comment maybe u sould put raptors picks one of the girls lil kelly and sun strider

  • Hunter Padilla
    Hunter Padilla 6 months ago

    i am subscribed to all the channels by the way

  • Hunter Padilla
    Hunter Padilla 6 months ago

    why would u remove a video everyone loves your videos man why

  • Nadia991
    Nadia991 6 months ago

    why u remove the video

  • T.W. Johnson
    T.W. Johnson 6 months ago

    drift channel

  • Driftドγƒͺγƒ•γƒˆ

    Wow I love your videos is it alright if I make Drift montage videos?

  • townofsal
    townofsal 6 months ago

    how do you make these amazing videos

  • Hardware Family
    Hardware Family 6 months ago

    it would be cool if you made a video where omega finds out that carbinde is his step brother

  • utopiazexal
    utopiazexal 6 months ago

    how does this have double the amount of subscribers that lil lizard minecraft have

    • God Slayer
      God Slayer 6 months ago

      That is because he is uploading on this channel

  • Dirtyfrancis
    Dirtyfrancis 6 months ago

    please for the love if god allah abraham akatosh stop your the cancer that is killing youtube a may be a single man but you trash and so is fortnite.

  • Chief TWEAK
    Chief TWEAK 6 months ago


  • ojdrendog ojdrendog
    ojdrendog ojdrendog 6 months ago

    raptor said he wants a gaming channel

  • Zavier Hernandez
    Zavier Hernandez 6 months ago

    I love you raptor i love keep you make those vidos good and all you guys😚😚😚😎😎😎

  • Renzo Hernandez
    Renzo Hernandez 6 months ago

    i mean i play fortnite as well