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Why We Need a Joker Sequel
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The Joker vs. Pennywise
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Top 10 Copycat TV Shows
Views 139K28 days ago
Ad Astra Ending Explained
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  • Akash Hazarika
    Akash Hazarika 46 minutes ago

    "The American Indian" accent though 🤣

  • Tom Riddle
    Tom Riddle 46 minutes ago

    WatchMojo: here is a video to prove you are an idiot

  • Ray MacElroy
    Ray MacElroy 46 minutes ago

    If AVI ARAD helms it... THERE IS NO HOPE

  • Ole School
    Ole School 46 minutes ago

    Ben 10? Billy and Mandy? Generator Rex?

  • George M
    George M 46 minutes ago

    What about Rush Limbaugh getting caught with a bottle of Viagra - which he had no prescription for - upon returning from a trip to the Dominican Republic in June of 2006? That sounds like an investigation by Chris Hansen just waiting to happen.

  • Bundy714
    Bundy714 46 minutes ago

    8:14 Way to go WatchMoJo, you just made fun of people with disabilities. It's an excellent example of the Dunning-Kruger effect, because something that doesn't make sense to you, is not stupid just because you see no need for it. It's used by people with mobility issues, back problems, arthritis, and the obese.....What a stupid product! It's so funny to make fun of people with disabilities though, right? Are you Donald Trump by chance?

  • Scrillex_I5
    Scrillex_I5 47 minutes ago

    My take on Joker is that all of it happened besides the obvious delusions and that this made Arthur the first Joker but he escapes Arkham and makes a Joker toxin which then he will use on one of the rioters to turn them into another joker which could be Jared Leto and keep the legacy going between the two of them.

  • Benjamin Lee
    Benjamin Lee 47 minutes ago

    10: Huel 9: Huel 8: Huel 7: Huel 6: Huel 5: Huel 4: Huel 3: Huel 2: Huel 1: Huel

  • Basketcase642
    Basketcase642 47 minutes ago

    What no "Goosh Goosh"?

  • Steven Lopez
    Steven Lopez 47 minutes ago

    I honestly was so mad that the family died in murder house I really wanted them to survive

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 47 minutes ago


  • rockx1011
    rockx1011 47 minutes ago

    damn... i guess Light's notebook just ain't good enough

  • Endorphins27
    Endorphins27 47 minutes ago

    Yeah I didn’t get all of those dumb Easter eggs from cartoons made in the 2010’s....

  • Manuel E. Itriago M.
    Manuel E. Itriago M. 47 minutes ago

    Everyone: we respect watchmojo, regardless of my personal opinion. Metal fans: not me.

  • Anime Moments
    Anime Moments 48 minutes ago

    I think one punch will be enough..!!❤️

  • Cutler Rexroad
    Cutler Rexroad 48 minutes ago

    Speaker knockerz died at 19 years old and was poppin he deserves a spot on this list

  • reded XD
    reded XD 48 minutes ago

    Fucking fate all i wanted is the loli oni fuckkkkk

  • Ollie S
    Ollie S 48 minutes ago

    You forgot Crusader or Crusader no remorse. A Pc game it's a crazy isometric game, futuristic storm trooper type main character. It was awesome.

  • mmk
    mmk 49 minutes ago

    Cool:) Thanks, Welcome to my channel:)

  • Insert Name Here
    Insert Name Here 49 minutes ago

    Idc Mark Hamill is the best joker imo

  • Jessa Mae Busa
    Jessa Mae Busa 50 minutes ago

    Both perfection

  • Elmedina MJJ
    Elmedina MJJ 50 minutes ago

    i am here for MJ!!! the greatest entertainer that ever lived! THE LEGENDARY KING OF POP ❤️👑

  • Kobbra 2004
    Kobbra 2004 50 minutes ago

    So many good and fun TV shows back then now we just have teen titans go............. And it's sad

  • bambino demone.
    bambino demone. 51 minute ago

    I couldn’t hate gus after seeing his best friend get murdered like that

  • J.P. Larson
    J.P. Larson 51 minute ago

    no bambi?

  • Cpt. Knight
    Cpt. Knight 52 minutes ago

    Nba 2k..

  • kiryuzilla257
    kiryuzilla257 52 minutes ago

    What about the goodbye scene in Godzilla final wars

  • shadowxneo
    shadowxneo 52 minutes ago

    omae wa mou shindeiru.

  • Amin Mahmoudi nasab
    Amin Mahmoudi nasab 52 minutes ago

    Expendables 3

  • stevemrmusic9
    stevemrmusic9 53 minutes ago

    HOW ON EARTH IS PERSONAL JESUS at Number 6??? Arguably with Enjoy The Silence, this is the most famous and iconic Depeche Mode song ever!!! Who writes these lists?????

  • ravenlorans
    ravenlorans 54 minutes ago

    Anyone want to buy a Bridge? Like New, Barely Used... See My Ad on Craigslist for Details.

  • Bladez
    Bladez 55 minutes ago

    Mine's death isn't on here?

  • Skotch Korean
    Skotch Korean 55 minutes ago

    After some son of a bitch made Son of the Mask, I never wanted to see Jamie Kennedy's stupid fucking face again.

  • The Wandering Samurai
    The Wandering Samurai 55 minutes ago

    Why is no one talking about Rurouni Kenshin: Trust and Betrayal? It is amazing!

  • wstine79
    wstine79 56 minutes ago

    So the moral of the list is: "Old Shows.... bad. New Shows..... good."

  • neil johnson
    neil johnson 56 minutes ago

    highlander 2 was ok

  • kieran franey
    kieran franey 56 minutes ago

    No rolling stones?

  • deniseg812
    deniseg812 56 minutes ago

    American Pie? Isn't there enough misery in this world?

  • Joshua Traffanstedt
    Joshua Traffanstedt 56 minutes ago

    I bet it was weird back then. See some blonde haired chick with a smoking hot ass in spandex, walk up behind to holler with half a chub, and bill from the 7-11 turns around. Smh. Holy shit man. I dont get the whole dressing like their sister thing.

  • AstroDomo4
    AstroDomo4 56 minutes ago

    Animal cruelty is *wrong*. Eating meat is *not* wrong. Simple as that

  • Jor- El Rand
    Jor- El Rand 57 minutes ago

    Miguel is my third favorite Spider-man.

  • brian wilson
    brian wilson 57 minutes ago

    what about yungblud? not even an honorable mention

  • Kayla Zielinski
    Kayla Zielinski 57 minutes ago

    Update! The movie was awesome. Pretty much the best part of my birthday

  • Mia Tangerud
    Mia Tangerud 58 minutes ago

    Oioioi, hahha think of all the friends you could have if you where Norshk. Jaja det er det beste eg har hørt noen snakke norsk ;)

  • Skate ‘OR’ Die
    Skate ‘OR’ Die 58 minutes ago

    6:12 Oreo O’s have been brought back into local stores.

  • Skotch Korean
    Skotch Korean 58 minutes ago

    This USclip video is the most I've ever actually seen or care to see of Dragonball Evolution. I hope whoever green lit that monstrosity gets analy raped by a rhinoceros horn.

  • sanam beer
    sanam beer 59 minutes ago

    Just Katy Perry 😍

  • DR. Vince
    DR. Vince 59 minutes ago

    Kratos needs to watch this i bet hes going to egypt on the next sequel after ragnarok

    B0RICUA4LIVE Hour ago

    Event Horizon should be in the lisl

  • FanaticalMiles
    FanaticalMiles Hour ago

    Soviet pls not Russian

  • Gaming Grandpa
    Gaming Grandpa Hour ago

    I thought this was a list about trash anime. I realise I'm wrong now

  • Ezekiel Messenger

    Sure beats the pandering trash we get today

  • Lorenzo Bonfili
    Lorenzo Bonfili Hour ago

    Roger Daltrey?

  • Almando Ebisi
    Almando Ebisi Hour ago

    The worst episode is every moment where Squidward is always unlucky ... Squidward is my favorite character, he deserves something good

  • Elliott Core
    Elliott Core Hour ago

    Come on, y'all knew Star Wars would be number 1

  • fishpop
    fishpop Hour ago

    List starts at 1:02

  • Elmedina MJJ
    Elmedina MJJ Hour ago

    HE IS THE KING FOREEEEVER!! rest in peace beautiful soul ❤️

  • Nick Neo
    Nick Neo Hour ago

    Dredd is Sofa King good!

  • Mc001Rem002
    Mc001Rem002 Hour ago

    Can anyone explain to me what and how trash Hollywood is anymore? This is a joke compared to old Chuckys

  • Joshua Traffanstedt

    Funny how people that grew up in the late 70s and 80s talk shit about how this generation dress lol. They wore their mothers makeup and thongs. Chicks then didnt even think nothing of it to pull a guys thong off before she blew him smh. By the way, cut your fucking mullets please.

  • Mr turtle
    Mr turtle Hour ago


  • Ole School
    Ole School Hour ago

    8:35 this is the only reason I clicked

  • Buckethound production's

    Which one is stronger, gokus UI air punch or saitamas mountain destroying death air punch?

  • Pavlina Georgieva

    what is the name of the 0:10 movie I know I've watched it but i don't remember what it was called? I think it was something with tomorrow. Please I ......neeed ti knoww

  • Andrei Poenaru
    Andrei Poenaru Hour ago

    Where is deathstroke????

  • Daniel Gallinator

    I will quit outlast, and i will put Killzone Shadow Fall in the list

  • Mortada Saleh
    Mortada Saleh Hour ago

    お前はもう死んでいる。 何?

  • crazyhillbillyjoe

    Well at least we didnt got butt hurt over nothing like the millenials do ALL the time. 80s and 90s was the last true thing!

  • Thicgang436
    Thicgang436 Hour ago

    My favorites are Matthew, Connie Maury and Andrew, not in order

  • Random Ryan
    Random Ryan Hour ago

    Both of them were good. Joaquin does the Joker’s origin, and Heath does the Joker in his prime.

  • Andrew Powell
    Andrew Powell Hour ago

    Full House was unwatchable in its original run.

  • Thicgang436
    Thicgang436 Hour ago

    *i think I’m the only one who adores Matthew with a passion*

  • Freddy Pedraza
    Freddy Pedraza Hour ago

    Insects that big would make me sad to squash them Except the tarantula hawk I killed that shit like android 17 smashed dr gero's head

  • Mitsux31
    Mitsux31 Hour ago

    Basically you give us a top but then spoil everything... What's the point?

  • Toysvill TV Studios

    Sponsorship SHOULD BE kept under a minute or a few seconds. Not 3 or 5 minutes for goodness sake!!! It should go like this: "Hi, I'm (Name) or Welcome to/back to (Channel name) Today's video is about (Theme). But before we start, I would like to give a shout out to today's Sponsor, (Sponsor name) and it's really cool. If you want to learn more about it, Go to their Website (Website name) and Check it out!..." SEE? Short and sweet. It makes people curious or interested. If they're curious about it and they can check it out if they want to. It doesn't bore anyone, It makes it quick and and they can skip over it if they want to. (Which most people would do. People want to see the video more than the Ad itself. Or better yet. Put the Sponsor in the Comment section or Description box Instead. Like some would say: "Short, But Sweet.." Hope this advice would help some folks out there. Just keep it in mind. This trick would help the Sponsors and keep your video interesting. ;)

    • Toysvill TV Studios
      Toysvill TV Studios Hour ago

      PS: YES! Quit it with the Yucky Shippings! It's uncomfortable!!! ~No Offense to anyone here~

  • Eder Manuel
    Eder Manuel Hour ago

    I'll skip this show. I would still love kick ass if it wouldnt be for the dreadful sequel

  • Diane Dollimont-McGrath

    "Soul Man" points out the hypocrisy of giving scholarships based on skin colour rather than academic performance.

  • Peter Kuykendall

    I have came up with shows that began good, but went downhill. Law & Order (season 18 finale) Jesse L Martin leaving. Replacing him with Anthony Anderson to co star Jeremy Sisto for season 19 premiere. The Drew Carey Show (season 8 premiere) Christa Miller leaving. Replacing her with Cynthia Watros. More problems happened on season 9. The reason is that when Craig Ferguson left, the show gotten less funny. Grey's Anatomy (season 8 finale) cast gotten boring and predictable. Family Guy (season 13 premiere) everything after season 13 premiere is just unwatchable. Once Upon a Time (season 2 premiere) The reason is that when ABC brought in characters from Frozen, things went south really quickly, and ratings never recovered.

  • neil johnson
    neil johnson Hour ago

    number 1 should have been that Madonna crap with the tiger


    He protec He atac But most importantly he will be bac

  • Carlos Planas, Jr.

    I actually enjoyed the Arch Deluxe growing up in the mid to late 90s... I remember it as being advertised as "adults only taste" or something similarly to the effect...

  • THE ME
    THE ME Hour ago

    Video justin biber should watch and die

  • Mike Manhattan
    Mike Manhattan Hour ago

    The music should be done by either Amon Tobin, Flying lotus,or both

  • highflight41
    highflight41 Hour ago

    Happy Days and Mash.

  • Diane Dollimont-McGrath

    But they can mock the Christian faith as much as they like as long as Hindus aren't offended. Ooookayyyyy....

  • crazyhillbillyjoe

    Bloodhound gang still rock🤪

  • M3nta
    M3nta Hour ago

    DC failed being Marvel so they went back to be DC again.

  • CPT Riptide
    CPT Riptide Hour ago

    Does anyone get the drifter vibe from the narrator?

  • mcostagirl123
    mcostagirl123 Hour ago

    This year's list should include WWE 2K20.

  • cell pat
    cell pat Hour ago

    Bill looks like Clint, but Jim Carrey sounds more like him. Love Bill's Vincent Price impression the most.

  • Aden Pierce
    Aden Pierce Hour ago

    If you have hard time to sleep, just listen to pink floyed. Its laluby for adults.

  • Blubberykollis Blu

    Yeah, truly saitama's punches are instant-death, I remember how Boros got killed in one punch. Oh wait. "True Death" in Overlord is surely a nice technique. But there's one ability in Overlord that stands ontop(Spell wise), that is 'The Goal of All Life Is Death' Combined with the likes of 'Cry of the Banshee'. According to trivia, it is impossible to survive it. Even 100% resistance would kill you instantly, it's just not possible to survive it. It also kills the air, inhaling the air within the radius will kill you.

  • neil johnson
    neil johnson Hour ago

    mac and me wasnt that bad

  • TFE niname
    TFE niname Hour ago

    Chuck Norris secret life Chuck Norris regular guest Crossdressing Club Beantwoorden

  • Lauren Fletcher
    Lauren Fletcher Hour ago

    Wait...... SEAL is English??!!

  • House Garrett
    House Garrett Hour ago

    This was a good list. WatchMojo always links you to new anime to watch!

  • Wow Poops
    Wow Poops Hour ago

    Miley WAS a weirdo before Malibu.

  • ishaq yousuf
    ishaq yousuf Hour ago

    Trip and Shota shouldn't be on the list, also why did you ignore Charizard vs Articuno? It was the first time a non-legendary pokemon defeated a legendary pokemon which was far better than Trip and Shota's battle.

  • Bradford Jones
    Bradford Jones Hour ago

    Big had 2 albums

  • Prince Christian

    I agree with everything on this list.