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My Thoughts on #FIX2K20
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  • Kyle Schug (Student)
    Kyle Schug (Student) 3 minutes ago

    If you hit simcast then exit out then you can sim a game and just do that every game so you can sim each game and please move face cam to top left

  • Jorik Vandormael
    Jorik Vandormael 4 minutes ago

    Races with a huayra puts a picture of a p1 and says bugatti🤦‍♂️

  • Chichaxvi Gamer
    Chichaxvi Gamer 17 minutes ago

    remove that bad haircoler jiedel you where fine whith that hair ok

  • Davis McCarn
    Davis McCarn 17 minutes ago

    Please keep doing 2k videos

  • Roman Sheoships
    Roman Sheoships 28 minutes ago

    (Team full of bigs) Jiedel- Trades 3 perimeter players for Siakam

  • Deangelo Gatewood
    Deangelo Gatewood 29 minutes ago

    Horrible GM bad team building

  • Deangelo Gatewood
    Deangelo Gatewood 30 minutes ago

    Horrible trades

  • That Kid MrPerfect
    That Kid MrPerfect 32 minutes ago

    Amazing rebuild man

  • HappyDane Blake
    HappyDane Blake 44 minutes ago

    1:28 I didn’t know Ricky Rubio was a center😂

  • The Center52
    The Center52 Hour ago

    Glad I got madden 20 instead of 2k lololol

  • Hydra Plays
    Hydra Plays Hour ago

    Please keep making the rebuilding nba teams in my team

  • It’s balake
    It’s balake Hour ago

    I believe

    FLYNNWILLWIN _ Hour ago

    Do a madden rebuild

  • Marcu Popescu
    Marcu Popescu 2 hours ago

    Rebuild the Indiana Pacers please.Like if you want to see this rebuild

  • Christian Ojeda
    Christian Ojeda 2 hours ago

    Did anyone else notice he had Louis Williams on the team and gave him 0 minutes?!?

  • Survival
    Survival 3 hours ago

    The game speed was fine. It felt like something NEW that we had to get used to and the differences between players with high and low speed were pretty noticeable. And now since they changed it to higher speeds people are still complaining. This is why the game is trash every single fucking year, the community is a fucking joke. People want change, then when change happens, they don't like it. Y'all talk about how this game is 2K19.5 yet y'all are the ones that WANT it to be just like 2K19.

  • BlazeMegatron
    BlazeMegatron 3 hours ago

    Any other Suns fans here switch off as soon as he traded booker?

  • That funny guy
    That funny guy 3 hours ago

    Jidel, Kenny , Troydan >>>>>>>> Everyone else

  • Ethan Schmidt
    Ethan Schmidt 4 hours ago

    Not sure why he wastes Kuzma on the bench when he needs a guard?

  • Gabriel Cermak
    Gabriel Cermak 5 hours ago

    Make a rebuild and build a team of dunkers and try to win a championship with this team🤔

  • Tangmuhenku
    Tangmuhenku 5 hours ago

    Nice 0:12

  • Dynamo Martinez
    Dynamo Martinez 6 hours ago

    i did not see this man change the system proficency

  • BigPapaDave
    BigPapaDave 6 hours ago

    Bro I rebuilt the sun's and I couldn't lmao

  • Muhammed Hussain
    Muhammed Hussain 6 hours ago

    I think the biggest problem is how much Jiedel overrates Winslow. Ppl still think he has the potential he did when he came into the league.

  • Joshua C
    Joshua C 6 hours ago

    Do a Heat realistic rebuild or a heat franchise.

  • Alex Martinez
    Alex Martinez 6 hours ago

    “For now we’ll keep him, a good defensive center” -Jiedel 2k19 on Ricky Rubio

  • sparky 420yo
    sparky 420yo 8 hours ago

    Stop making trades bro you trade to much relax I think you could win way faster

  • Casey Robinson
    Casey Robinson 8 hours ago


  • PositvePeerPressure
    PositvePeerPressure 8 hours ago

    Damn the thumbnail had me thinking it was Jesser without eyebrows lol.

  • JB Diansuy
    JB Diansuy 9 hours ago

    This is awesome thumbs up dude 👍

  • Cohen Gaul
    Cohen Gaul 9 hours ago

    This dude sucks at rebuilding

  • TheWhite Mamba
    TheWhite Mamba 9 hours ago

    Do a Mavs rebuild next please!!!

  • Sekou Coulibaly
    Sekou Coulibaly 9 hours ago

    I don’t want my career, it’s not entertaining to watch

  • MC Shnookle Dookle
    MC Shnookle Dookle 9 hours ago

    You are my favorite USclip. You are in my most recent video. Edit: You are at the end

  • Shayen Anthony
    Shayen Anthony 9 hours ago

    Switch Bron and mjs team and then we'll see some chips. Bron would win so many chips with that stacked Utah team

  • J Sheppard
    J Sheppard 9 hours ago

    I bet if you posted NHL20 you'd be surprised how many people would watch

  • rapters puggers
    rapters puggers 9 hours ago

    Clint capela am i a joke to you

  • Robert Daniel
    Robert Daniel 9 hours ago

    He needs to up the difficulty

  • Shayen Anthony
    Shayen Anthony 9 hours ago

    Brons rookie statline was way better than mjs😂

  • kyle raphael
    kyle raphael 10 hours ago

    peep the voice crack at 0:12

  • Koren J
    Koren J 10 hours ago

    Jeidel bro don't skip the draft. 2k added gems in draft classes kinda like madden

  • Kevin Jeong
    Kevin Jeong 10 hours ago

    I've been waiting for thisssss

  • Brett Batalla
    Brett Batalla 11 hours ago

    Hey Jiedel! Press the simulate cast/play game button then back then youll see the simulate game repeat it to pop up again. Have a good day!

  • Rogue Chicken703
    Rogue Chicken703 11 hours ago

    How dare you not know who my boy Jordan Poole is?!?!? (He went to Michigan and I’m a huge Michigan fan)

    • radness
      radness 2 hours ago

      Rogue Chicken703 he’s the kid who hit the buzzer beater in the tournament right?

  • huge ovrec
    huge ovrec 11 hours ago

    You know what your mistake was? You didn't upgrade your Point Guard. Pat Bev in 2k is better suited for the bench. Man somethimes you're frustrating Jiedel.

    The SPECIAL JUAN 11 hours ago

    This feels like a "why I'm quitting USclip" type video

  • FrankMcSwag
    FrankMcSwag 11 hours ago

    james STOP doing 9 man rotations. You NEED a 10 man roster to win and with backups at every position. You didn't have a backup center for the playoffs and lost. you need all positions to win COME ONE man you said love BIG MEN. luv u

  • F P
    F P 11 hours ago

    show the player stats!!

  • Nat Max
    Nat Max 12 hours ago

    Slim shady Jiedel

  • abhi sangu
    abhi sangu 12 hours ago

    Bruh when u traded for pascal u like ruined the whole team

  • Hitman Ace
    Hitman Ace 12 hours ago


  • Jeffrey Dong
    Jeffrey Dong 12 hours ago

    jiedel is fat! LOL

  • Angel Melendez
    Angel Melendez 12 hours ago

    those voice cracks at the beginning tho 🤣

  • alfonzo famularcano
    alfonzo famularcano 12 hours ago

    They traded his rookie

  • michael alabi
    michael alabi 12 hours ago

    Again jidel makes horrible decisions should’ve just took de’Arron

  • Gabriel Lyon
    Gabriel Lyon 12 hours ago

    Like if Ricky Rubio is the best playmaking center in the nba

  • Batzorigt Ganzorigt
    Batzorigt Ganzorigt 12 hours ago

    jiedel u dont have a big on the bench thats why youre losing

  • Bradley Vanguard
    Bradley Vanguard 12 hours ago

    voice crack starting the video off, love u jrodel

  • Tommy 120
    Tommy 120 12 hours ago

    Jesse: You don’t play fortnite me go away

  • It’s balake
    It’s balake 12 hours ago

    That camera intro maaaah eyeeeeeeeeees

  • Momma LLAMA
    Momma LLAMA 12 hours ago

    Last season 48 wins was the 8 seed clippers

  • sage17
    sage17 13 hours ago

    Show player stats at end of season plzzz

  • Owen Cooper
    Owen Cooper 13 hours ago

    I hope Devin gets a opal card this year

  • Hamid Hasani
    Hamid Hasani 13 hours ago

    You don’t show stats or nothing 🤦‍♂️

  • 360 hype
    360 hype 13 hours ago

    You need to rebuild the Cavs

  • Landon McKinley
    Landon McKinley 13 hours ago

    Can you rebuild the thunder

  • Francisco Aguilar
    Francisco Aguilar 13 hours ago

    Wanted to see booker win a championship with my suns. So I wasn’t 24mins of my life

  • Isaiah Quinney
    Isaiah Quinney 14 hours ago

    Do the Raptors next

  • Jdjskdjdd hjjddd
    Jdjskdjdd hjjddd 14 hours ago

    Giannis on the trailblazers😍😍

    CHRISTIAN CASALE 14 hours ago

    Play Madden

  • Jonathan Nelson
    Jonathan Nelson 14 hours ago

    Bro u traded Booker for Tatum your gm skills dropped major

  • Ant Silverio
    Ant Silverio 14 hours ago

    I don’t watch my career rn because I want don’t have the game yet and want to have the storyline still be a surprise for me

  • Damien Rowley
    Damien Rowley 14 hours ago

    your jumper really is a lot better

  • Flame
    Flame 14 hours ago

    Don’t ever trade Book

  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross 14 hours ago

    What mode lets you do this?

  • Sachin Pigdon
    Sachin Pigdon 14 hours ago

    Do the hornets next

  • juliano
    juliano 14 hours ago

    Oubre 😍😍

  • Jonathan Malayev
    Jonathan Malayev 14 hours ago

    James can you plz do a heat rebuild next week

  • Owen Hanson
    Owen Hanson 14 hours ago

    Like if want No Money Spent episode 2

  • Ramon Silverio Herrera

    So noone gonna talk about tge guy who got injured is named rose 3:40

  • Haris Aziz
    Haris Aziz 14 hours ago

    who was mvp

  • Mason S
    Mason S 14 hours ago

    Blames it on booker when he doesn’t even have a pg off the bench

  • Raphi Green
    Raphi Green 15 hours ago

    why do you have stepien rule and chemistry on

  • Jakub Pogorzelski
    Jakub Pogorzelski 15 hours ago


  • Dont Judge This Name
    Dont Judge This Name 15 hours ago

    bro 1:10 thats a decent trade why u skip it

  • Dylan Menard
    Dylan Menard 15 hours ago

    No one: James: calls ricky rubio a good defensive center

  • Sylvie Dumas
    Sylvie Dumas 15 hours ago

    you should have traded for coby white because your starting point guard was beverley

  • Lance Kimani
    Lance Kimani 15 hours ago

    Jiedel can I please have 2k20 I know it seems bad but I just want to try it out i don’t have enough money to buy my own😢

  • Josiah Mariano
    Josiah Mariano 15 hours ago

    Can you pls do more rebuild pls

  • King Swifter
    King Swifter 15 hours ago


  • Drk22
    Drk22 15 hours ago

    This is painful to watch

  • Ali the Allster
    Ali the Allster 15 hours ago

    Do a hornet rebuild i tried one and in my opinion its the hardest to do

  • NateBaller4
    NateBaller4 15 hours ago

    love this series keep it up

  • Chad Bremer
    Chad Bremer 15 hours ago

    Your battery % is your 2k rating

    • Σήθ X
      Σήθ X 14 hours ago

      I'm at 58.. I suck

  • Karen Fitzgerald
    Karen Fitzgerald 15 hours ago

    Check this out i've just got 400kVC from there *nbaglitch. site* dunno how but it worked im playing on ps4 btw

  • Andrew Vettese
    Andrew Vettese 15 hours ago

    Yo What’s Good Guys It’s Jiedel

  • PhxSuns Collector
    PhxSuns Collector 15 hours ago


  • johnjody333
    johnjody333 15 hours ago

    he missed isiah thomas

  • Butt Cheeks
    Butt Cheeks 16 hours ago

    Should have kept booker traded for Kuzma moves him to sf then team is unstoppable

  • SnowyGrinds
    SnowyGrinds 16 hours ago

    If This Is Blue Your A OG Jiedel $ubscriber🤤💝 👇(You can Be An OG Of Mine Today😍)