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  • Tommy T tannet
    Tommy T tannet 3 months ago

    subscribe to my channel

  • jason flexner
    jason flexner 3 months ago

    what happen to 52 year old matilda and the baby girl?

  • Jeffery Mack
    Jeffery Mack 3 months ago

    Sorry to say but I think you are getting away from the music that made you great. Songs like Ghost, Bloodshed, Dirty South were fantastic song, but lately all I hear is songs about how great you are and trashing people who say shit about you. Please get back to your roots and stop trying to be another slim shady, never liked him and don't want listen to songs like that. I am not trying to be mean, I just think you were very unique with your songs and now there just another rap song like every other rap song.

  • Matthew Casselman
    Matthew Casselman 3 months ago

    Have you seen the new ad on youtube? it's about men being rapists just because we're men. it says rape, murder, violence all have one thing in common. Men. you dont see me saying, sluts, hoes, skanks, all have one thing in common. Women.

  • Jesse Middleton
    Jesse Middleton 4 months ago

    I love your music upchurch and everything that you do. I am your biggest fan there can ever be. love ya (no homo)

  • roy ogle
    roy ogle 4 months ago

    RYAN upchurch has been one and only to make me want to start righting my own couse he bleves in people as far as we no hes my kind off country music and he has inspired me to start righting musice thanks ryan

  • Ridgely Elmer
    Ridgely Elmer 4 months ago

    wheres all the funny videos i miss them. why youtube why

  • The_Xtremist_
    The_Xtremist_ 4 months ago

    Hey Upchurch you probably wont get this but its worth a shot .im a little curious i was trying to look up videos of yours and its saying "private video" i was looking for a laugh due to i was having rough week and seeing your videos turns it around. I was wonder why some of them are private now?

    • Janice Phillips
      Janice Phillips 4 months ago

      Censorship is why. Sadly, America has turned CommiePussyFuck. Despite the fact that "hate speech" does NOT exist here, the liberal PC authoritarians want you to think it does. FB, Twatter, YT...the tech giants have an agenda and are pushing the pedal to the metal to drive it over the cliff. We all need to say FUCK YOU. Sadly, when you depend on these CommieFucks for your dinner, you end up self-censoring...just to keep the paychecks coming. We need to demand an internet Bill of Rights to protect our FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Now.

  • Nicholas Season
    Nicholas Season 4 months ago

    What happened to your comedy play list dude?

    CHEYENNE CALDWELL 4 months ago

    so the confederate flag is no longer allowed in my school they just started this year

  • LiveRealEnt
    LiveRealEnt 4 months ago

    mgk killed it ?

  • Paul Solevo
    Paul Solevo 4 months ago

    bro, im callin it right now, if church keeps it up at this rate... with the improvements over the past few years, i really think he's gonna get legendary (em or beyond) status. i really dig the fact that you are one of the few who doesnt have shit all messed up, you do it cuz you're passionate about music and seem to enjoy making it, aint all about money. thats what is going to keep you at the top, is loving what you do man. so church dog, keep fuckin it up silly! by the way, saw ringer remix on simbas channel or watever, you just proved my point. bro, you are the undisputed heavy weight of spittin shit.

  • Ty Uhl
    Ty Uhl 4 months ago

    Take time for yourself bro god bless health comes first

  • Roy Shirkey
    Roy Shirkey 4 months ago

    Highly Suspect - My Name Is Human [Official Video]thought this was upchurch but no it not

  • LadymillionsPhat
    LadymillionsPhat 4 months ago

    @ryanupchurch I love your videos. My 5 year old son LOVES your music! His favorite is "Hillbilly" and "Can I get an Outlaw" My son usually complains about my music because I always play it LOUD, but when I have your songs playing in the car, he always says "TURN IT UP, MAMA! LOUDER!" lol. Thank you for puttin out great music. Keep up the good work. Don't forget to take care of yourself, and as always #fuckthehaters #RHEC

  • Shawn Landrus
    Shawn Landrus 4 months ago

    Hey Brother.... Northwest Arkansas has a business with your name.. check it out. I know alot of ppl done really think of Arkansas as being the "south" but I lived way out in the sticks near a national park done long dirt roads most of my life.. I am loving the songs and the unique and honest message you put out... here checkoout that business I was talking about... www.upchurchelectrical.com/

  • T.R. Sanders
    T.R. Sanders 4 months ago

    Hey upchurch been a huge fan for a long time. Just gotta quick question though.. it’s getting close to high school graduation and I’m needing to pick a song. I’d really like to use one of your songs, if you have any suggestions. Please let me know. Thx

  • Tracy Ellis
    Tracy Ellis 4 months ago

    You need to make a cd with all your songs on it...Rooster,Nutshell, Dirty south and pond creek etc....I will buy it...

    ALYSSA WHISENANT 5 months ago

    i love your viedoes i watch them every day

  • Matthew DeBlassio
    Matthew DeBlassio 5 months ago

    Brahhhh... I watched this CMA fest or whatever with my wife.... Im not gonna talk shit on "country" music, but they REALLY need you in my opinion. You have made great music, some of which i consider to be timeless tracks. anyway nashville needs you, these big names artists should speak up and start to recognize REAL talent. keep it up kid, you have already won in my book. my book dont pay the bills though. haha

  • Carla Hunter
    Carla Hunter 5 months ago

    I'd love to see you collaborate with Kid Rock.

  • eddy uderman
    eddy uderman 5 months ago

    Upchurch rules the shit

  • Puncia Savannah Cats
    Puncia Savannah Cats 5 months ago

    "Barefoot Buckwild" Instant hit. Go... :-)

  • cameron harris
    cameron harris 5 months ago

    upchurch u come a long way from were u started u kept raising the bar and in my apinion your the best in the game keep raising that bar church#RHEC

  • Billie Ryan
    Billie Ryan 5 months ago

    I absolutly love your music!!! and that your doing it all yourself! Whenever I am having a bad day (whitch happens a lot lately) all I have to do is throw on your some of your music or one of your videos and im calmer almost instantly!!

  • Johnny carroll
    Johnny carroll 5 months ago

    1m...concrats brother

  • Jim Meiers
    Jim Meiers 5 months ago

    So awesome to get a Million subscribers.

  • D3RP Meme
    D3RP Meme 6 months ago

    1Million Sub's congrats 💯

  • Kass Lynn
    Kass Lynn 6 months ago

    Congrats on your 1M subscribers!! I was on here like an hour ago and it was only 999K!!! I have been following you for quite sometime I am so happy you have gotten to this point!! Keep up the awesome work and music :)

  • rc's4life 2003
    rc's4life 2003 6 months ago

    Katie Noel - Diesel Gang, listen to it!!!

  • Donny Mccann
    Donny Mccann 6 months ago

    hey church aint nobody begging for a free ride jus would like to record some ol country tunes an some new stuff my boy wrote rich m green from ketucky we know aint nothing for free but this guy is on point gimme a shout

  • Dave Holmes
    Dave Holmes 6 months ago

    PLEASE SEE THIS!!!!!! PLEASE DO A SONG WITH TOM MACDONALD!!! that would be something so badass you two would set ablaze the music industry lmao

  • Jake Y.
    Jake Y. 6 months ago

    UPCHURCH-If this gets to you. Would like you to watch and maybe give your feedback on a video i made for me and my buddies using some of the great music you make. SEARCH-Cwb on the southside Thanks

  • Danielle Tate
    Danielle Tate 7 months ago

    m.usclip.net/video/Ooluys7T9XM/video.html Please leave a comment on this video your my son's favorite artist and he would be thrilled if you would do so. Thank u so much.

  • Stuart Jacobs
    Stuart Jacobs 7 months ago

    Ryan needs to also do stand up comedy . His music is the shit , but Fuck he is one hilarious mother fucker !!

  • rbmotorsports79
    rbmotorsports79 7 months ago

    Church!!!! I need a new hat...lol

  • Haley Potter
    Haley Potter 7 months ago

    Ryan Upchurch I love your music. I live in Maine. You are coming to New Hampshire but I'm only 18 years old and you have to be 21 to go. I would love to see u in concert.

  • wayne whitehead
    wayne whitehead 7 months ago


  • wayne whitehead
    wayne whitehead 7 months ago


  • wayne whitehead
    wayne whitehead 7 months ago


  • wayne whitehead
    wayne whitehead 7 months ago


  • wayne whitehead
    wayne whitehead 7 months ago


  • wayne whitehead
    wayne whitehead 7 months ago


  • wayne whitehead
    wayne whitehead 7 months ago


  • wayne whitehead
    wayne whitehead 7 months ago


  • wayne whitehead
    wayne whitehead 7 months ago

    seems like all the rest of the fake accounts no replies from ryan smh

  • Joshua Guerrera
    Joshua Guerrera 7 months ago

    keep up the good work you rock cant wait to meet you

  • Elizabeth Pennington
    Elizabeth Pennington 7 months ago

    You rock dude, love your music, and you look awesome to.

  • Patrick Bowersox
    Patrick Bowersox 7 months ago

    Man I absolutely love the way you do you. You are a talented artist who loves his fans. You care more about your fans than the places that hire you. You are just a great person and I can't wait to see what continues to come from your career. Hope to see you back up here in Maryland again soon.

  • Jerry Scott
    Jerry Scott 7 months ago

    bro i'v seen maybe 6 out of 10 of your videos and all of them rock keep it up

  • sean smith
    sean smith 7 months ago

    can me and u meet up in Fl upcherch

  • semaj cas
    semaj cas 7 months ago

    ryan idk if im being stupid right now but pleas come out to UTAH it may be hot but fuck it fight?

  • Savanna lashae Lynn Brooks

    Why are you roasting team10 don't or they might come for your ass

  • Kenneth Langley
    Kenneth Langley 7 months ago

    upchurch ur awesome and funny watch you videos all time and listen to your music everyday bro

  • Charles Hopper
    Charles Hopper 7 months ago


  • DestinysSpirit36
    DestinysSpirit36 7 months ago

    Hello Ryan Upchurch... I have no clue how to tag someone on here lol . I just wanted to share a vid with u that my 11 yr. old daughter made of u with ur song " Simple Man" ! She and I hope u like it :-)!! Here is the link: usclip.net/video/qXu_HDyixKs/video.html?t=1s

  • Dylan France
    Dylan France 8 months ago

    did you guys here about where he performed

  • aaron adams
    aaron adams 8 months ago

    we should ride sometime

  • I’m Jeffrey
    I’m Jeffrey 8 months ago

    nerver mind up church

  • I’m Jeffrey
    I’m Jeffrey 8 months ago

    do you have a merch store

  • Jason Gavin
    Jason Gavin 8 months ago

    Hey what's up brother, I just subscribed to your page. I think your shit is comedy as fuck. I've lived in Iowa half my life and PHX the other half. I'm currently in Iowa at the moment. I've always been into country, rock, rap music and when I first heard your shit I gotta say you represent well for us white boys. I'm all for the movement you have going on, let me know how I can be apart of that. I'm not no creepy wacked out fan or fucking faggot either. I just like to give props where they are due. Keep doing your thing bro.

  • deathdog1392
    deathdog1392 8 months ago

    So.. What happened to your original "Donald Trump" music video? It was dope!!! Anywhere else it can be viewed???

  • Phantom Suzzy
    Phantom Suzzy 8 months ago

    Hey Bro, Can I come be your Ghost Ranch gardener/landscaper/farmer? I promise to grow the Tennestickyicky to the best it can be and enough fruits & veggies to skip the grocery store soon. Sup?

  • Bryan Pegram
    Bryan Pegram 8 months ago

    New fan love your music and videos! Keep up the good work, you inspire people everywhere. bryanspoertrycolumn.wordpress.com/2018/05/08/southern-pride/

  • Lena Grant
    Lena Grant 8 months ago

    Ryan upchurch you are the best

  • Mason Shelton
    Mason Shelton 8 months ago

    Just started a new channel plzz subscribe if your seeing this🤟🏼🤟🏼

  • Country/Country Rap Lyrics

    Yo Church! I know you prolly won't read this but I am a huge fan and I'm down to help your fans with understanding what you say when you rap! I have a few of your songs out on my channel right now actually. Hillbilly is my most viewed it's sitting at 22K right now. I haven't been here with you long but I am fo' sho' staying for a good while. I love your music and hope you continue coming out with great songs and great videos. #RHEC

  • Jay Casey
    Jay Casey 8 months ago


  • Jason Moore
    Jason Moore 8 months ago

    church theres new Alice in chains tomorrow man teasers on Instagram

  • HQLive
    HQLive 8 months ago

    haha. this is dope. If your up to checking out new music stop by my channel. my new video "Ferrari" could use your feedback

    HIRAM HILL 8 months ago


  • Ada Sizemore
    Ada Sizemore 8 months ago

    will you please come to iowa me and friends love your music and you so much im orginally from knott county kentucky

  • Dwayne Lewis
    Dwayne Lewis 8 months ago


  • Samantha Barton
    Samantha Barton 8 months ago

    Upchurch you are one of a kind and u always speak your mind. you dont care what anyone else say about you and i respect that i really do. i look up to upchurch ur a model that i admire. i love your songs, every single one of them . i know thats a little weird to like every single song of yours, but i do. i would love to meet you in person one day . and if u dont mind, give me a shout out or just email me back at Samantha_barton@kcsdschools.org thanks upchurch love u

  • Sean Trepanier
    Sean Trepanier 8 months ago

    hello from yelm washington! by the way all your music rocks bro!

  • Brayden Harris
    Brayden Harris 8 months ago

    my name is brayden Harris and I'm in 8th grade i did a project about the III% and my school states that they cant have me selling a III% sticker that i made

    MR_LORED 8 months ago

    hey dude love your your music man you should come to Merle fest in Wilkes county

  • MOTIV-8-U
    MOTIV-8-U 9 months ago

    Church....love the Adam C. cuts. I really need to see you and Yelawolf cut it up. two good ol boys from the dirty south would be epic.

    ROBBY STEWART 9 months ago


  • eugene richardson
    eugene richardson 9 months ago

    Hey Ryan, as an inspiring USclipr, what programs do you recommend for editing?

  • Bailey Duffy
    Bailey Duffy 9 months ago

    Hello Upchurch, I am asking if you ever heard of Montage Mt. and if you have ever been offered to do a show in Norther PA? Your shit is my favorite genre and what I listen to get away from my everyday shit, inspired me to reject the hate and speak my mind.

  • Logan Blanchard
    Logan Blanchard 9 months ago

    ryan u are my boyfriend i love u with all my heart u have no idea . urs songs are so awsome our baby boy is getting big

  • rose 25
    rose 25 9 months ago

    hi Upchurch I'm a big fan of your music and vlogs i just started vloging and i was wanting to know if you can subscride to my channel

  • Dawn Chaney
    Dawn Chaney 9 months ago

    I love all of your music my fave is ghost RHEC for life

  • Rachelle Marie
    Rachelle Marie 9 months ago

    great music love t

  • Small town USA
    Small town USA 9 months ago

    we need more people like you in this world. more people that talk with there head and not other peoples mouth

  • Mel Sonley
    Mel Sonley 9 months ago

    Love the life style, love the music.... hope someday ya make it out in my area. Would be suiting for our mud-bogs or better yet, a good ol' fashion tailgater. If anyone I know is reading this..... I'm movin' back to the ranch!! Tail-gates down bonfire higher & music always louder.... Bottom's Up!!!

  • Oldschoolplaya 420
    Oldschoolplaya 420 9 months ago

    your a really big insperation when im writing my songs keep it up bro hopefully ill get were your at keep pushing forward my nigga

  • Brittany Graham
    Brittany Graham 9 months ago

    So, I never ever ever ever comment on USclip but this one is an exception to me...and who even knows if the intended person will read this but eh here it goes...This month my Fiancee and I will be attending one of your concerts in Pittsburgh. I had to save money up to buy the tickets but I was thrilled to do so because my Fiancee absolutely loves your music (~ he would be so mad that I am commenting publicly because he is a humble and private man~) and the songs have gotten him through some very hard times but your music has also become almost a soundtrack to our relationship because it seems to be always playing in the background through so many of our memories. Your concert comes at a time that has been rough on us two...a time when I keep thinking the stress is done but then BAM something else happens. So, I guess I am saying thanks for making music that has helped my ridiculously patient, kind and strong partner get through every shit situation that life throws at us. And I guess a thank you also for having a concert in Pittsburgh...that night is going to be a well deserved break from stress and I am sure that it will be filled with fun memories :) Maybe you or your team will read my long and sappy post or maybe you guys won't but either way your music is well appreciated and respected! Hopefully you have a meet and greet at the concert!

  • phoupho
    phoupho 9 months ago

    Please roast Swordfight Music hes one of the biggest haters on USclip

  • Aimee Simmons
    Aimee Simmons 9 months ago

    Keep doing what your doing....

  • Tyler Woods
    Tyler Woods 9 months ago

    Hey yo upchurch, this is like the third or fourth time I have tried to contact you in the past year still havent had no luck with reaching out to you...

  • Abi Marie
    Abi Marie 9 months ago

    I just wanted to stop by and say that you truly rock dude. I stay busy with work so much and get overwhelmed with it all and my mood just seems to drop...but when i watch your videos and listen to your music, it is immediate happiness on my face. Keep doin what your doin man, never let anyone get you down or take your happiness away, always remember your fans love you with all they have, and that you are truly loved by so many people. God bless you man...always! Hollerin at ya from Auburn Alabama

  • Shawna Douglas
    Shawna Douglas 9 months ago

    upchurch just found out who you are two weeks ago and your the top artist out there last two years been banging kevin gates 2018 i am banging nothing but you bruh in for everyone that think upchurch is racist well ya stupid let the man stand for the south not just country south or rap south but for the south the backwood ppl the ppl that eat beans n cornbread the ppl that whoop your ass for hit a woman for ppl that still have a code for life so sick of flags fight they both come from racist background in if ya really want talk about racism well i am mix mom white and dad black i think we get worse than white or black bc we get from both side but guess what you dont see scare bc what ppl wear bc i got taught to defend my self but back to you upchurch keep make music let the hater hate n i am going keep banging your music in the ky

  • Tyler Woods
    Tyler Woods 9 months ago

    Hey yo upchurch, was wondering if I could feature you on my channel? I have no daggum idear how to do that but I am guessing I have to have some daggum request like on fb or something... Hey bratha I am a big fan of yours and would like to chat sometime, You are like a man I look up to

  • Larry Garrison
    Larry Garrison 9 months ago

    MR. RYAN UPCHURCH.....i would like for you to do 2 songs...ghost riders in the sky and re-do devil went down to georgia...BUT,,,CALL IT WHEN CHURCH WENT DOWN TO GEORGIA................PPPPPPPPPPLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LaDonna Dawson
    LaDonna Dawson 10 months ago

    you are so hot I would like you to be my future ex-husband if I was younger

  • Julie Anderson
    Julie Anderson 10 months ago

    I stand for everything you believe in friend............. keep doing what ur doing!

  • Digital Camouflage
    Digital Camouflage 10 months ago

    I did not know this worked like this. I love you tube no homo. How come everybody gets to make a video with Calhoun except me? #00L3WMETOO

  • Christina Ingram
    Christina Ingram 10 months ago

    i love u on utube

  • Delilah Brown
    Delilah Brown 10 months ago


    • Delilah Brown
      Delilah Brown 10 months ago

      My daughter is doing a fundraiser for her school here in Raleigh Co. WV. It's called Jump for Hearts Association. Would love if you could give it a share!! Please and thank you, you are AWESOME!

  • Hannah May
    Hannah May 10 months ago

    please do a video talking about the story behind mohican its mine and my bf favorite song

  • robbie soper
    robbie soper 10 months ago

    upcurch just have to say eminem dont have shit on you n im from the eminem era all he did is cry n bitch about is lame ass whif and his slut ass hoe dog wife you do aliitl bit of everything man keep it up u fucking redneck

  • J Wallace
    J Wallace 10 months ago

    Yo Ryan, keep up the music f*cker.. I don't give a f*ck if ya care, but you better f*ckin' listen.. no matter where you get the inspiration or lyrics, you keep up that dam voice. I'm sure ye don't think much of Canada, but you got so many fans here too an all over the world bro, like we got small towns runnin' how your showing an expressing real country life eh, and it's people like yall that help in ways I can't explain to keep our real country life real. I just wanted to say your an amazing artist.... like hey you got me to type something on the internet since I left the hole social media seen & net. comment thing behind some years back.. but I am now because of you man! Anyways, you keep up the f*ckin' incredible music an lyrics bro.. and I'll keep up getting you downloaded, listened to & loved by the sexy women here in the north!!!!!!

  • Ty
    Ty 10 months ago

    You are a very talented young man! I wish you all the success and good fortune in the world brother! You remind me of the good one, THAT is my BOY! My boy! UpChurch mother fucking Rocks son!

  • Meagan Jordan
    Meagan Jordan 10 months ago

    You're such a great inspiration. You say what you want without caring who says what! I love it! Love your music and your videos are too funny! You're awesome! Keep Rockin' Upchurch!

  • Johnny McElwee
    Johnny McElwee 10 months ago

    I've been listening to a lot of your music and its amazing! Hope I'm around to see a red carpet event for country rap. Your doing great things with your music and USclip channel. Keep up the great work. Cant wait to hear more songs.

  • danny hoover
    danny hoover 10 months ago

    Or better yet Ryan, since you scared rebel dipper away off of youtube, roast his boyfriend Terry Dipps who along with rebel dipper made fun of mentally challenged kid

  • danny hoover
    danny hoover 10 months ago

    Hey Ryan, its about time to roast the pikachu childrens batman cup spitting dippers ass again bro! lol I love the hatred he shows not being able to affect you LMAO Veterans For Upchurch!

  • roger allen lewis
    roger allen lewis 10 months ago

    hey brother gotta say really enjoy your work, simple man is one of the greatest songs ive heard in a very long time...looking forward to hearing more like it.

  • Ridgely Elmer
    Ridgely Elmer 10 months ago

    Thank you for making my day good. I watch your videos every day and laugh my ass off. Thanks.

  • Matt McWilliams
    Matt McWilliams 10 months ago

    Church, Keep doin you, let the haters fuel that fire! Waitin for a show in Oregon... Anywhere, other than Portland, That place sucks.

  • Damaris A
    Damaris A 10 months ago

    Phora is subscribed to you wtf

  • Jim W
    Jim W 10 months ago


  • Caleb Middleton
    Caleb Middleton 10 months ago

    hey upchurch listening to your music make me feel like I'm sitting in the back of a square body chevy with a cold one in my hand and enjoying the beautiful day in Minnesota

    TRAVIS MOORE 10 months ago

    hey man you should do a cover on catfish billy by yella wolf

  • Hunter Elkin
    Hunter Elkin 10 months ago

    Upchurch you have a really nice Dodge.

  • Matt M
    Matt M 10 months ago

    Hey Brotha!! if your interested in making a bad ass viedo with bikers in Cen-Cal, hit me up. ima long time fan, you should visit Cali Bro.. Bring yo Harley, Motha Fuka!!

  • Chucky McClaskey
    Chucky McClaskey 10 months ago

    hey man im getting back into playing music myself i have a music channel, im not a great musician, but i had a nifty idea, a collabe of you and lyndsey stirling, she a violin/ ballet, she a beast, you a beast, just a thought, keep on rocking bro!!!!!

  • Landon Hood
    Landon Hood 10 months ago

    Yeeyee upchurch

  • Alison rachelle Langdon

    im a huge fan you are amazing at what you do you are a real funny and cool guy im inspired by you and your music

    CB PUFFNSTUFF 10 months ago

    Love what you're doing bro. Keep rockin it out.. RHEC "HAVE A SMOKIN DAY!!"

  • ryan riddell
    ryan riddell 11 months ago

    This is probly a little off topic from what you usually get but.. UPCHURCH please don't take part in the Illuminati's game

    • Jeff Johnson
      Jeff Johnson 10 months ago

      From what my Niece's impression is of Upchurch, he is the real thing and I don't think he will sell out to Jay Z and the illuminati!

  • robert garner
    robert garner 11 months ago

    I need you or jj help

  • Kountrykid0221
    Kountrykid0221 11 months ago

    hey church would go come to my church one Sunday. please respond back at agodley0221@gmail.com

  • J C
    J C 11 months ago

    Who keep's Banning "Country Boy Shit"?

  • katie kelly
    katie kelly 11 months ago

    Hey Upchurch, somethin' has been botherin' me for a bit now about all these shootings. now before ya think it no im not a piss your pants NRA hater. i just am so overwhelmed with the conflict that something DOES need done about it. But you better believe I DO NOT want the guns in the hands of the government only. Because they are the ones not even trying to help or do anything about the shootings. (I don't trust it) I can't claim I know anything about whats going on but i do know that I feel we should be allowed to keep our guns only for the fact that eventually i feel our government is going to collapse at some point or they're gonna try to destroy us as citizens (yea I kno Irrational fear of government) but at the same time I worry also for the future shootings, the future violence ahead to innocent people. I don't kno how to react anymore and was curious of your thoughts.

    • Jeff Johnson
      Jeff Johnson 10 months ago

      My Son has done a lot of research on school shooters and we don't have a gun problem. The problem is that most of the shooters had been placed on multiple psychotropic drugs.

      JFROMOZ 10 months ago

      *pane of glass

      JFROMOZ 10 months ago

      I am not Upchurch but...... All Americas resources are heavily guarded . Our children are the most important and valuable resource we have . We guard all other resources with guns , walls , fences , limited access and many many other ways . Why are our kids just one pain of glass away from these people who choose harm on our children . Guns are not the issue .

  • Manuel Corcoba García
    Manuel Corcoba García 11 months ago

    hermano, desde españa te envio mis respetos, tu country es bestial. Aun que a mi no me gusta el rap, pero eres grande hacia tiempo que no escuchaba buena musica gracias.

  • Anne Donohue
    Anne Donohue 11 months ago

    upchurch my little cuzzin is like the biggest fan u have and it wouled mean alot to him if you shouted him out next vid oh yeah his name is cody donohue

  • Austin Digvonni
    Austin Digvonni 11 months ago

    Ill be at your KC show in august because brother that's my birthday so I'm for sure gonna be there

  • Brittany Carlson
    Brittany Carlson 11 months ago

    My only wish for my b-day is to meet you in person Upchurch!! FEb 16th

  • Jackson Shaw
    Jackson Shaw 11 months ago


  • shafferchristopher
    shafferchristopher 11 months ago

    you are the best

  • Brayden McMichael
    Brayden McMichael 11 months ago

    you should do a remake of "Old Red" by Blake Shelton

  • chris causey
    chris causey 11 months ago

    church youve done it again ole boy dominating every chart going viral everywere doing what you want when you want how you want honestly bro you are my hero so many people think they can change you because they think there better than you well 2 years later my friend youve done it all by your self and left the haters in the mud keep on making them bangers that i jam as loud as i can through my neiborhood at the campgrounds through the woods and still bumpin your music at the school you are the definition of success my friend

  • Rachael Waldrop
    Rachael Waldrop 11 months ago

    All this technology shiet is confusing. I made an Instagram thing and have no clue how to use it! I sent over a message (on Facebook) about our wedding. Hey if you’re open we have free booze (jack) and a bacon bar! You’re invited and my fiancé would love to meet u! Thanks for your consideration!

  • curtis permenter
    curtis permenter 11 months ago

    ryan i am new to your channel love it keep it real

  • Clayton Carter
    Clayton Carter 11 months ago

    I'm so glad Ryan made it and has a name for himself now but am i the only one who misses being in the car with the aux cord and everyone being like what is this absolute fire that's coming outta the speakers and your just like ahh its just that new Upchurch and everyone's all who the fuck is Upchurch and your like just wait hes gonna be big and now he is and i'm just kinda tired of all the dick riders who act like they been down since day one like wtf

  • Jamie Gardonyi HK
    Jamie Gardonyi HK 11 months ago

    Church...just watched and listened to the video you did for nutshell..and man ...fuckin goosebumps bro ...good shit man love what u do ..keep killin it!!!

  • Kam Shields
    Kam Shields 11 months ago

    Could you have a show in like the Bryce Jorden center or a place like that so us that love you in pennsyltuckey can c you

  • Clay Artman
    Clay Artman 11 months ago

    Upchurch i have watched you for about three years now. My cousin was like man this guy from my town has some awesome stuff on youtube and you have to see it. I was hooked ever sense. I can't wait to get to one of your shows. Keep doing what you are doing you are awesome and put out some amazing and funny stuff

  • Kaylee Wiyrick
    Kaylee Wiyrick 11 months ago

    Upchurch, I have a favor to ask you. My ex-boyfriend Daniel Hendren is in love with you and your music. He is your biggest fan. His friend Austin and him are always talking about you. Upchurch this, and Upchurch that. Daniel is obsessed with your new album and your song dirty hat. He loves your music and just cant get over you. He even bought a rebel flag hoodie just like yours in your music video, Hillbilly. Well, Daniel is the love of my life and I will literally do anything for him. I need to find a way to get him back, to prove the love that I have for him. Can you help me? Do you have any ideas?

  • jeff boron jwho
    jeff boron jwho 11 months ago

    think you should cover the doobie bros ...give me a beat.. thinking you could do it justice.

  • Milky Kloudz
    Milky Kloudz 11 months ago

    brotha, if you need a bassist for your rock project u got going on gimme a holla, been playing for a while now and i know its a bit of a haul from michigan to tennessee but shit ill do whatever i need to do for ya man

  • william carter
    william carter 11 months ago

    7 albums thats badass killer jam from what i heared so far awesome god bless u on ur journey through ur music god speed

  • william carter
    william carter 11 months ago

    hey bro just started watching love ur music just want to say thank you my house burne4d down 3 years ago bought my place finally no rent anyway no insurance im a smart dumbass 70000 gs for 7 munths been living in a camper never going anywhere depressed ur videos havnt laughed in a long time between ur videos n music has lifted me up so thank you for that fucking keep rocking and fuck the hateres peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gina Bowman
    Gina Bowman 11 months ago

    Can we all sign something some day to get our Rebel Flags back UpChurch? :)

  • Ken Brock
    Ken Brock 11 months ago

    “Pls release your shit on karaoke so drunk white dudes will fucking quit shaming me for not having your shit on karaoke and then talk shit on me for not illegally doing you tube karaoke which is a $9,000 fine to my bar and the license I am employed under. Also, it will tarnish me and my name forever.” And, might wanna add: not a lot of female KJ’s. Who work solo. a message from a friend..

  • jarred bryant
    jarred bryant 11 months ago

    hell yea your song are bad ass

  • Carl C.
    Carl C. 11 months ago

    I went on the "3" videos that I had of Hosier's in my playlist to delete them, which they wouldn't have been there if not for Upchurch, so I went to each one for the last time today to post "Unsubscribed and dropped as fast as a vegetarians diarrhea.. Just going through my list to remove Hosier's shit, so when I click on play, I don't give any Posers a hit... LMFAO.. UPCHURCH IS THE MAN!!! Thanks Ryan.. You the #1 artist in my book brother..

  • clashing clasher

    we need to hit 1mill

  • Jerami Stortz
    Jerami Stortz Year ago

    Upchurch your amazing bro. Your music is real it tells me story’s and so much of it I can relate to. Your personal videos are funny yet true and it’s like u took the words right of my mouth. And how you go from rapping to some amazing country singing it’s like wow that’s also Upchurch. Dude I love some country rap and have since Colt Ford and Lenny cooper and jawga boys but by far your the best keep on keeping and do u and if u ever get chances man thank our vets and military for there services. Love family soldiers and god

  • The gaming duck
    The gaming duck Year ago

    Nice vids u always are funny

  • Colette Champagne

    Keep up your awesome work Upchurch!! I love your videos!!

  • redneck 163
    redneck 163 Year ago

    yea little larry was so funny

  • Robert Roesch
    Robert Roesch Year ago

    i would love to see more LITTLE LARRY

  • Carl Jr
    Carl Jr Year ago

    Heard you recently on Amazon Music. I have a Lil Wyte station and I think your song "Red Carpet" came on. I was like "Huh. who's this? He's pretty good." I got hooked on your music, dude. And that's saying a lot. I hate country music, and I hate slow jams. You def did something to change my mind, though. LOL Great work!

  • Silas Schmudlach

    upchurch we need your help with these bastards usclip.net/video/Zd7NgXCoQOw/video.html and under the comment (MspJen) (Why are so many people hating on the little boy so basically girls can wear makeup but not boys? That's messed up) In the replies, you will see what we need help with. ps. it's a liberal bitch.

  • Swiftfox & Friends

    Upchurch you make my life a beeze with your clever amuzment of others

  • Michael Craig
    Michael Craig Year ago


  • redneck 163
    redneck 163 Year ago

    you should go to the Dixie republic store in Greenville south Carolina or go on their website go their for all you redneck needs.

  • redneck 163
    redneck 163 Year ago

    all i do is watch you videos they are so funny i just can not stop watching

  • Tatton Sarnac
    Tatton Sarnac Year ago

    shout out from Peck Michigan, upchurch man can, it would be amazing if you could come up here and have a show in Lexington Michigan.

  • Alisha Beverly
    Alisha Beverly Year ago

    love your music, keep this shit coming !!!!

  • Ruthie Dykshorn
    Ruthie Dykshorn Year ago

    Upchurch why have you been removing all of the videos that hurt someones feelings they may be some of the best ones

  • Courtney Ball
    Courtney Ball Year ago

    I have never really like country rappers but you sir, you are my favorite!! Ive been following you on facebook 2 years, didn’t know you made music. I was just following you because i enjoyed your videos and you were funny and you made videos that made a lot of sense about society’s and every thing and then i herd u had music to, so i had to check it out and now my favorite songs by you are, legendary, old days, come and get it, and chasing white lightening. I also have a flash drive full of just ur songs for my car. My brother loves your music to his favorite is shit bubba. I hope you come to lacrosse Wisconsin one day, ide love to see you in concert! Thank you for being inspiring!!

  • 2SHOES
    2SHOES Year ago

    hey bro ryan unchurch if u see this will u do a shout out on my friends youtube channel here is a link usclip.net/channel/UC44No_NPt8FGPQv7_iz1iuw

  • robo betch
    robo betch Year ago

    i sent you something on snap chat ryan upchurch

  • Amber
    Amber Year ago

    "TATTOOS and SCARS" by MONTGOMERY GENTRY. That songs speaks to me every time I hear it... Be great to hear you sing it in memory of Troy Gentry <3 Keep doin what you're doin Bub,your bars have impressed me so much. You're at a level that will be hard for anyone to top. Much love,Amber Marie

  • bella millican
    bella millican Year ago

    so i was watchin my strange addiction and there was one that was another fully grown man 31 years old acting like a 1 year old bottle and all like that girl and the guy, think you should check it out it seems a lot weirder than the other two, you might get a laugh outta it. its on the my strange addiction compilation #7

  • Christian Beal
    Christian Beal Year ago

    I love Ryan Upchurch!!! Been listening to his music for a while...

  • GrizzlyDark 98
    GrizzlyDark 98 Year ago

    I need your help brother!!! If you could give me some kind of feed back, im a starting off youtuber and i want to have quiet a few of followers on my channel! when ever you can, your help would be appreciated!

  • robo betch
    robo betch Year ago

    when are you going to go live on you now

  • bella millican
    bella millican Year ago

    Upchurch i had made a video on my channel and it is the first so it doesn't have good quality but i did talk bout you more saying thank you its public if you wanna see it. i'm honestly surprised how much hick-hop has become even though its still not the most popular but more than what it use to be.

  • Charles Hopper
    Charles Hopper Year ago

    HAPPY NEW YEAR CHURCH CHURCH CHURCH Waiting to hear about your haunted studio and your thoughts about the face on the wall

    • Charles Hopper
      Charles Hopper 7 months ago

      Thank you, your songs say it all if you listen to the words RHEC

  • The Potato GodFather Vlogs

    I love UpChurch Music!

  • Clayton Carter
    Clayton Carter Year ago

    Come do a show in KY #RHEC

  • Taylor Brock
    Taylor Brock Year ago

    upchurch i am on a discussion on facebook about "how kids should never eat before the man of the house" tell these guys the southern way of why kids and females should get their food first.

  • Sun Spot Animations

    What happened to the recent video he just uploaded?

    • Wade Baker
      Wade Baker Year ago

      Im wondering the same thing! I got the notification and all of a sudden I couldn't access it anymore

  • Victoria Van Dyke

    Hey, i just wanted to say that you're one of the real country people out there. No of course your music isn't traditional country music, but that is the point it is country rap. But thank you for putting this music out there! it honestly has helped me a lot. Hope to see you come back to Greeneville, Tn. Have a blessed christmas!

  • Bah Dah Boom
    Bah Dah Boom Year ago

    Just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas.

  • Tyler Hendershott

    and what is you favorite kind

  • Tyler Hendershott

    which do you like better dip or chew

  • Tyler Hendershott

    how well do you know outlaw

  • Steve Boudreau
    Steve Boudreau Year ago

    So good man, Love the music. Keep up the great work buddy!!!

  • JustSteve
    JustSteve Year ago

    +Upchurch I wanna pay for you to get a tattoo from my famous friend when you're in town at Johnny and Junes. U game?

  • JD Hall
    JD Hall Year ago

    Hey you still fuck with Big Smo? I would love to hear yall do an album together or something like that

  • Nate Dogg
    Nate Dogg Year ago

    Hey Man...Upchurch fans are blastin hosier in the comment section of the "HOSIER Featuring Upchurch Redneck Rave Anthem video"...All day too...

  • Milky Kloudz
    Milky Kloudz Year ago

    bro that diss track tho..can we PLEASE say that youve won the savage award for 2017 AND 2018? im even more curious to see how the hell he's gonna respond haha

    • Nate Dogg
      Nate Dogg Year ago

      What up Milky? Yea I agree...I am interested to see if there is a response.. Church tore his ass up.....

  • Dawn Farnsworth
    Dawn Farnsworth Year ago

    check out joe wells on you tube PLEASE

  • Blaze Cosner
    Blaze Cosner Year ago

    hey upchurch does ur tattoos have meaning to them and if they do could u do a video of what they all mean

  • Nathan Morton
    Nathan Morton Year ago

    @Lacelo82...OK...Maybe I misunderstood your previous post...I feel like if you are white and southern you get attacked...You calling Upchurch a follower seemed like a diss to me...And He has had the balls to stand up for white male Southerner, for that he has my respect and I want to have his back..Maybe you did not mean it that way...If you, HONESTLY, feel like Upchurch is speaking out for Disenfranchised Southerners then I apologize for coming at you...If you are using this site to post and help yourself out, then good...I hope you find some sort of catharsis and are better off for it...

  • Aaron  Williams
    Aaron Williams Year ago

    What happened to Show Off, Red Carpet and a couple other songs ? Can't find them on here anymore

  • Nate Dogg
    Nate Dogg Year ago

    @Lacelou82...Don't tell us you're on your wife's profile...Just admit, you a little bitch...You probably like to tuck ya junk between ya legs and look at yaself in the mirror....Anyway...you sound like a complete retard...How is Upchruch a follower?....He is blazin his own musical trail and keepin it real... If you don't like his videos, it's probably because punk ass pussy...

  • nicole b
    nicole b Year ago

    Ryan Upchurch , me and my husband watch your videos and you should come to Schenectady NY it would be awesome for you to come here..your music video are life changing and we love how you are funny in your videos , hit us up on facebook ryan

  • Jade teenage redneck

    Hey Upchurch i stumbled across your music and channel about a week ago. Just want to introduce myself. Im 16 and in early college in NC. My name is Jade and I absolutely love your content and agree. I appreciate what you do on youtube and what you stand for. Keep doing it man and thank you so much. God Bless you and your family. Stay safe and amazing. Cant wait to see what you post next.

  • kam shields
    kam shields Year ago

    church do a reaction video on my own lane explaining it pls