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IM-LA-NAH-Bruh 🤙🏼
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Yew Mutha Muffler
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GloveBox Geeses’ 🦆
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Da’ CELL-Uh-Ree 🥬
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Upchurch “Deh SMESH”
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Upchurch “Cargo Head”
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Sup fellers
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Fuggum Frank (Random)
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genealogical hybrid ✨
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DingleBerry Jerry
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Jimmy Crouton 😆
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V-V-Volume Sevin 😆
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Billy Eyelash
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Old Town Road (WEED VERSION)
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Tukashi 6ix8ight
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What in the algorithm?
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Your My Boy Blue 👊🏼
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Fred Skintone 🦕
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Dis My TouYube Channel 🤠
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Fukk Da Nay-Bores
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DIS-TRACK-TED’ (Distrack)
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Chillin in the ChurchCave
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Bullshittin, whatchu durn?
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Lacquer Thinner Larry
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That’s Methed up mane 😂
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Nicola Tessa 😂🤘🏼
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Take that SnMellfie then. Lol
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Don’t laugh skin 😂
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  • J.A.M jr
    J.A.M jr Hour ago

    Time to start thinking of a new career.and you got that bum adam on the track...dam...desperate...and dont hate the messenger.nobody likes that racists p.o.s adam calballon....

  • Jason Plaisted
    Jason Plaisted Hour ago

    Thid dude sounds like he gargles rock salt and alka-seltzer😂

  • Boo Yascone
    Boo Yascone Hour ago

    Man lol hahahaha this was killing but that maam part hahahaha

  • Nikita Castellon

    Binks... like from Hocus Pocus?

  • Dennis Schaff
    Dennis Schaff Hour ago

    Caught that leak we aint even know about it lmao

  • TheChristonline
    TheChristonline 2 hours ago

    DUDE !!! OMG !!!

  • Trevor Siebels
    Trevor Siebels 2 hours ago

    Shit is hilarious

  • taf shock 2
    taf shock 2 2 hours ago

    Lol he sounds like Tom 😂😂😂 Fuggin...

  • Tommy Harlan
    Tommy Harlan 2 hours ago

    You 2 need to do more song together keep it up love you 2 so much

  • Deni Smith
    Deni Smith 2 hours ago


  • William Baylis
    William Baylis 2 hours ago

    10:31 bruh that don't sound like the shits, thats more like the runs lmfao

  • Deni Smith
    Deni Smith 2 hours ago

    I really hope and pray this tail pipe humping Windex drinking asshat is just trolling everyone I mean this CANT BE A REALLY THING THE CAR NEVER GAVE CONSENT TO BE TOUCHED INAPPROPRIATELY LMAO

  • Young pup Phil
    Young pup Phil 2 hours ago

    Anyone notice that his mouth isnt even moving to the music.

  • Deni Smith
    Deni Smith 2 hours ago

    Oh damn no wonder the douche flute is from Arkansas bahahaha He really is a tail pipe humper haha

  • Jimmy Harding Sr.
    Jimmy Harding Sr. 2 hours ago

    Upchurch cracks me up 🤣

  • Levi Dyer
    Levi Dyer 2 hours ago

    You can call me Tony Tennessee I dont live in Montana Jesus that's 🔥🔥🔥

  • megan clifton
    megan clifton 2 hours ago

    Love you Upchurch!

  • Single Jingle
    Single Jingle 2 hours ago

    Im drunk as fuck right now. Thank god for spellcheck holy fuck. Get that shot church

  • Liberty Walker
    Liberty Walker 2 hours ago


  • James Homzak Jr.
    James Homzak Jr. 2 hours ago

    You both make amazing music.. But together OMG yall unstoppable.. Keep up the good work.. Also yall beautiful together.. Good luck to yalls future..

  • Chaz Cockrum
    Chaz Cockrum 3 hours ago

    Do you know when you will be coming back to this area or even little further south?

  • Courtney Kabasta
    Courtney Kabasta 3 hours ago

    What did Colorado ever do?!

  • Pegashift
    Pegashift 3 hours ago

    Either dudes brain took a shit or he secretly identifies as a New Holland tractor with a bad starter

  • tim b
    tim b 3 hours ago

    "Keep up the fans bro bc that's the only ones you'll ever get"

    • tim b
      tim b 3 hours ago

      Thnx for pointing that out upchurch

  • tim b
    tim b 3 hours ago

    With rapping like that I bet he goes to the thrift store on clearance an still can't afford it

  • Andrew Mink
    Andrew Mink 3 hours ago

    Hell ya upchurch

  • William Baylis
    William Baylis 3 hours ago

    Yo Church, you be havin way too much fun when you blazed man lmfao(idk how to add the crying laughing face but add about 10 of those for me)

  • Green Eyes
    Green Eyes 3 hours ago

    Lmfao u crack me up!! U remind me of myself and my fam southern by the grace of God! U shud totally do a rap with Tom Macdonald

  • conservative cripple

    Thank you and no thank you at the same fucking time 😂😂

  • Katherine Carney
    Katherine Carney 3 hours ago

    You look like a mid 30's country lesbian.

  • lily Gwen
    lily Gwen 3 hours ago

    Idk why anyone would unlike this or any of y'alls videos or music period I love it and you two are perfect together

  • AmericanOutlaw93
    AmericanOutlaw93 3 hours ago

    Am I the only one who died laughin when he chipmunked his voice an talked shit bout his tongue ring lmao 🤣🤣🤣

  • TheAmazingRazer
    TheAmazingRazer 3 hours ago

    What in the hell did I just seen somebody need to show that dude a pair of tits or something that dude is not missing a few bolts in the head he’s missing the whole damn thing

  • tim b
    tim b 3 hours ago

    Is this the remix version

  • tim b
    tim b 3 hours ago

    @ryan_upchurch you gave him way to much credit thinking he made it to the 1st grade. I'm pretty sure he didn't make it to preschool

  • Danielle M
    Danielle M 3 hours ago

    I bet you he still lives in his moms basement....🤔🤷‍♀️ dude upchurch is more of a man then is dumbass.

  • tim b
    tim b 3 hours ago

    I bet you had to take a couple about 6 hrs to get through the video from the repeatedly speech boring the shit out of you

  • Michael Brickman
    Michael Brickman 4 hours ago

    This dude sounds like a Whoopi cushion

  • Jesse Loveday
    Jesse Loveday 4 hours ago

    Hey from Tennessee

  • Gear Head
    Gear Head 4 hours ago

    This dude is speaking in wingdings

  • tim b
    tim b 4 hours ago

    It's shit stain Jerry again o good lord

  • chris rollins
    chris rollins 4 hours ago

    Nerf gun Ned returns

  • Allen Bridges
    Allen Bridges 4 hours ago

    You fuckin kill me skin 😂 good shit

  • Jesse Smith
    Jesse Smith 4 hours ago

    This song is probably my favorite song but it makes me miss my neck of the woods and makes me wish I could go back and see it again

  • Jonathan Selinsky
    Jonathan Selinsky 4 hours ago

    Next Brittany Spears? Lol

  • Chevy Girl57
    Chevy Girl57 4 hours ago

    LOL you posted this on my birthday 😂😂😂

  • Chevy Girl57
    Chevy Girl57 4 hours ago


  • Jonathon Erickson
    Jonathon Erickson 4 hours ago

    My wife showed me this and I have played it every night at work at least 2x a night! Very good job on this

  • Karen Nicole
    Karen Nicole 4 hours ago

    he’ll be keepin his tears in a jar until he sees this video

  • TheAmazingRazer
    TheAmazingRazer 4 hours ago

    It’s called Hick-Hop not country rap lol

  • Danielle M
    Danielle M 4 hours ago

    Lmao don't ever stop your videos!

  • conservative cripple

    I ain't really comment alot but i just wanna say bro you make my day better all the fuckin time bro God bless

  • MACVSOG 5th SFG.
    MACVSOG 5th SFG. 4 hours ago

    We need to see the dirt bikes

  • Aiden Dean
    Aiden Dean 4 hours ago

    The lip sync is off by so much😂😂😂

  • djIIaSh
    djIIaSh 4 hours ago

    this is old.

  • conservative cripple

    Dude upchurch killed me with this video lol 😂😂😂😂

  • Casey Furman
    Casey Furman 4 hours ago

    Fuggin the tailpipe 😂😂

  • Shane Lindquist
    Shane Lindquist 4 hours ago

    Sounds like bling bling from bum fights😂😂🤣🤣

  • paper airplane
    paper airplane 4 hours ago

    Remember the time I tried to dis upchurch? Lmao

  • Brittaney Rae
    Brittaney Rae 4 hours ago

    I watched this when it was uploaded and am rewatching because of the IM-LA-NAH Bro video all because you said *insert shitty imitation of the goofy Church voice* Da-Celery in it 😂

  • Jeff KI5CBK
    Jeff KI5CBK 4 hours ago

    “You sound like big smo transformed into a midget, sucked in a bunch of helium and couldn’t reach the microphone stand”....I’m fucking ☠️☠️☠️😂😂😂

  • Melissa Salisbury
    Melissa Salisbury 4 hours ago

    Sounds like Gonzo from sesame Street he went to Canada.. he looks like Fred durst

  • Gary Willis
    Gary Willis 4 hours ago

    Lmao had me rollin in the floor

  • Leeanna Bolton
    Leeanna Bolton 4 hours ago

    Ryan man he looks like he's trying to take a big shit

  • DarthaNater0407
    DarthaNater0407 5 hours ago

    Taking shots at nolifeshaq😂😂😂

  • Jessica P
    Jessica P 5 hours ago

    155 people must be Hillary Clinton supporters 😭🤣🤣

  • Brandon McKnight
    Brandon McKnight 5 hours ago

    "Keep up the... keep it"

  • Tyler Crafton
    Tyler Crafton 5 hours ago

    Great fuckin video man. This is why I subscribed. Funny as holy fuck

  • Ray E
    Ray E 5 hours ago

    LMAO! "Pierced by nipple with a spinnerbait."

  • Connor Lhamon
    Connor Lhamon 5 hours ago

    upchurch, Aaron lewis and cody jinks would've been the best show, i'm up in ludington michigan small town we actually have 20k people in county so it's a larger farm town, but i drove 2 hours to see brantley gilbert, Aaron lewis and josh phillips and that was the most badass first concert. i wish you could do a farm show up here man. hit me up? lmao i know you won't. have a good one i'll catch you when i can

  • Danielle M
    Danielle M 5 hours ago

    He must be a snowflake he sounds like one.

  • Heather Johnson
    Heather Johnson 5 hours ago

    I'm just here decorating my Christmas tree to Upchurch 🎄🎄🎄 I love this so song so much!

  • Ncreasenation [Gaming]

    At the end i swear he said na na na broom😂😂😭

  • Justin Hubbard
    Justin Hubbard 5 hours ago

    This song makes me remember getting stoned with my friends.

  • Austin Hougendobler
    Austin Hougendobler 5 hours ago

    That dude needs to take the fuggin pity dick out of his mouth next time he tries to make a "diss track" 😂 even though Church will just end up destroying him like he does everyone else anyway 🤘

  • Ron  Rico
    Ron Rico 5 hours ago

    He sounds like macho ma'am on the Mic!

  • Cody Arnett
    Cody Arnett 5 hours ago

    He sounds like a garbage disposal that just hit puberty and why is half the vid in great clips

  • Sara Catherman
    Sara Catherman 5 hours ago

    I don't know what he's saying... I catch like one word but he switches.. it's sloppy and all over the place...

  • Connor Lhamon
    Connor Lhamon 5 hours ago

    dirty south is a play on words it shows that you can get away with a lot more being that there's more roads untraveled, more woodlands, smaller towns, more farms and easier to hide things. i grew up in the city and you're bound to get caught at every, the country was always my escape. i blare this song since it 5 minutes after it went live. got any questions about any songs or lyrics from songs talk to my, you'll find me drunk or high as shit using my phone walking through a farm, or the woods i actually grew up in, i reply.

  • James Allen
    James Allen 5 hours ago

    How tight you want your corn rolls fuggen

  • James Allen
    James Allen 5 hours ago

    Boii..you are a clown, but it makes me smile.....throw is body in it......

  • how to make weird vids boi

    I just realized church dont get ad revenue on these cuz it's under 10 mins

  • CrazyNight151
    CrazyNight151 5 hours ago

    Muhfucka sounds like boomhauer From hank hill after smokin 20 packs a day

  • Perfectly Imperfect
    Perfectly Imperfect 5 hours ago

    Fuck yes!! Wish I could go. Pretty far to go from 423 Tennessee when a newborn is in the pic, though.

  • Calvin Pyles
    Calvin Pyles 5 hours ago

    He sounds like he found his mom's vibrator when he was a kid, and now he's trying to sound like it...

  • Punkylilsissy Yeah
    Punkylilsissy Yeah 5 hours ago

    Slingblade is rapping lmao 😂

  • Moto Madman74
    Moto Madman74 5 hours ago

    Well that was cheesy...

  • jenjo92 1
    jenjo92 1 5 hours ago

    He sounds like boomhauer from king of the hill 😂😂

  • Samantha Bowden
    Samantha Bowden 5 hours ago


  • Johnathan Guire
    Johnathan Guire 5 hours ago

    Some on tell me is upchurch and Katie Noel together

  • Chris Hamburg Jr
    Chris Hamburg Jr 5 hours ago

    Can you react to Mc Nemesis? He keeps talkin mad shit about you Katie and Adam

  • Carter Trudgeon
    Carter Trudgeon 5 hours ago

    The look on your face when the realization of him being gay with the car🔥

  • Chevy Penton
    Chevy Penton 5 hours ago

    2019 fuggin someone call child (car) services 👀👀🤣

  • brandon george
    brandon george 5 hours ago

    Lol i love you bro. Imma smoke you out one day, make a video just like this lol.

  • Redneck Red
    Redneck Red 5 hours ago

    On Conrad Bradley's Facebook on his video # Hotgirlsummer he "raps" about date rape at the very beginning of his so called rap song.

  • Moto Madman74
    Moto Madman74 5 hours ago

    Heard he saw it on the back of a tow truck and hung himself..🤷🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Maurice Radtke
    Maurice Radtke 5 hours ago

    Sounds like boomhaur combined with two Tom cats fuckin in an ally high on pcp and cocaine

  • Malcolm Perez
    Malcolm Perez 6 hours ago

    I watched this racking my brain trying to figure out who you look like. And just figured it out. He looks like Michael Gross in tremors. Think about it. Now wheres Reba!!!😆😆😆 Edit: Burt Gomer! Michael Gross's character in tremors.

  • Bubbles the Midget rent-a-cop

    Great Value big Smo 😂🤣

  • Jamie Leigh
    Jamie Leigh 6 hours ago