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Street Speed 717
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  • Zackarrie Pittman
    Zackarrie Pittman 5 minutes ago

    Glaiator would look awesome with a Tan soft top to match the wheels

  • Paul Hargrave
    Paul Hargrave 5 minutes ago

    Give the gladiator away!!!

  • Michael Minniear
    Michael Minniear 6 minutes ago

    I have to admit, I wasn’t a Gladiator fan when it first came out. But you and Stradman have shown how cool they can be and a giveaway would be cool. Merch could be cool looking too. I bet Shane’s got some Gladiator tshirt designs already in the works.

  • Alex Marshall
    Alex Marshall 6 minutes ago

    Were is the blaser

  • Ian Moskowitz
    Ian Moskowitz 7 minutes ago

    Wow you need new LED headlight for the Gladiator.

  • TheWarriorShow
    TheWarriorShow 8 minutes ago

    This isn’t directed specifically towards mike it’s just happening to go on his channel but I’m so sick of seeing giveaways! Every channel on USclip is doing them with, cars, motorcycles, utvs, dirtbikes, quads. Can’t watch a video without hearing about a giveaway. It’s all USclip is rn

  • PSD Leach
    PSD Leach 10 minutes ago

    I’m surprised the new jeeps still come with halogen light

  • Mike Kuczynski
    Mike Kuczynski 13 minutes ago

    We ---need--help , call Godzilla :-/ )-: :-)

  • ziyaad Esau
    ziyaad Esau 15 minutes ago

    Give the jeep away and the old truck

  • Chris Taco
    Chris Taco 15 minutes ago

    One thing you gotta love about mike is how much he pushes his cars and actually used them and we only see half of what he does 😂👍🏼

  • Juan Antigua
    Juan Antigua 16 minutes ago

    I love the 600LT so please dont mod the car because I would like to see it in the channel for a while and we all can agree once a moded car give you problems it's gone and that's the problem with cars once you start messing with them sooner or later they will start breaking the weak points and that's just it so please dont modify the 600LT

  • Gladiator Gang
    Gladiator Gang 17 minutes ago

    Love the attempt at making the videos with the vehicles more cinematic, but wow, you really aren’t into editing. Love your content, but the lack of effects and editing is mind blowing. But can’t knock ya, you’re killing it!

  • Shawn Robinson
    Shawn Robinson 17 minutes ago

    ZR1 give away would be a dream come true 😍

  • oba nayho
    oba nayho 17 minutes ago

    Manual is best

  • Scott Chrisman
    Scott Chrisman 18 minutes ago

    That jeep will never be the same after them trees

  • gbits bitsg
    gbits bitsg 18 minutes ago

    Make it a giveaway!

  • Carey Smith
    Carey Smith 19 minutes ago

    Give away the beep glad awesome truck you can get something else no problem.

  • Austin Wallace
    Austin Wallace 19 minutes ago

    Im surprised you don’t get a rubicon, I had one a while back and dropping the sway bar is such an amazing feature.

  • Wicked Workz
    Wicked Workz 21 minute ago

    we've been trying to reach you about your jeeps expired warranty!?

  • Premium WHITEcracker
    Premium WHITEcracker 21 minute ago

    Mike, they made more than one Gladiator. If your channel's subs want a "Gladiator Give-Away" then make that "bread" and do it. Buy another one and do a different build the 2nd time around. I bet you make it all fun, entertaining and worthwhile.

  • Mark Raouf
    Mark Raouf 22 minutes ago

    sounds like crap

  • Tucker Williams
    Tucker Williams 23 minutes ago

    No plz keep it😂

  • WESMAN381381
    WESMAN381381 23 minutes ago

    Has $500k worth of cars *Everyone else has a real job*

  • Kalepsis
    Kalepsis 23 minutes ago

    That "weird loop" in the left bank's exhaust piping is the reason it sounds so good... Jeep made the left and right sides equal length. It improves exhaust scavenging and spaces the pulses equally, which makes the note as smooth as possible, hence the excellent sound. If you delete the cats (which I do not recommend), don't get rid of that loop of pipe!

  • Noah Hunt
    Noah Hunt 24 minutes ago

    Make a lot of jeep content don't give it away

  • Jack Sammons
    Jack Sammons 25 minutes ago

    I want McLaren content

  • Steven Weber Clearwater St Pete Realtor

    that light blue with black interior and tinted windows would be just right. I have never liked tan interior on any car, it's the choice of the older crowd for sure

  • Connor Cardin
    Connor Cardin 29 minutes ago

    Gladiator giveaway

  • Andrew
    Andrew 34 minutes ago

    I really liked ur 720s videos🤷🏻‍♂️ u should post more McLaren vids

  • Noah B
    Noah B 34 minutes ago

    You should really get some tpm sensors in those tires..

  • Conner Autry
    Conner Autry 36 minutes ago

    I’d like to see you keep the gladiator

  • David Cocanougher
    David Cocanougher 38 minutes ago

    Love that corvette

  • Justin Weng
    Justin Weng 43 minutes ago

    Whatever ya do keep the zr1..

  • Jeremy Mcnally
    Jeremy Mcnally 44 minutes ago

    Gotta love the fact that you're willing to take a brand new gladiator off-road is one reason I am subscribed you

  • SIG -nificant
    SIG -nificant 48 minutes ago

    Why dose everyone think the jeep is the giveaway and not the new duramax?

  • Keller Racing
    Keller Racing 48 minutes ago

    Sureee Mike sure it wasent the plan to give away the gladiator

  • Dallas Knowles
    Dallas Knowles 49 minutes ago

    He needs LEDs in that Jeep but still very nice.

  • Michael Braxton
    Michael Braxton 51 minute ago

    I want more 600LT

  • Ian Price
    Ian Price 51 minute ago

    God the more I look at the gladiator the nicer it gets

  • Mac Rice
    Mac Rice 51 minute ago

    If you are gonna give it away I think it would be better if it wasn't wrapped in a camo, keep the black paint

  • ShelbyZ2910
    ShelbyZ2910 53 minutes ago

    I have a feeling his insurance company loves him lol

  • Mac Rice
    Mac Rice 53 minutes ago

    Mike you should get into overlanding with the gladiator

  • Kevin Tucker
    Kevin Tucker 55 minutes ago

    Stop creeping into the mud holes ... that’s how ya get stuck ... hit them banks a little harder .... nice video

  • Dylan Moody
    Dylan Moody 56 minutes ago

    Wrap the dmax a crazy orange to go with the blue ZR1 and green 600Lt

  • Keith Lane
    Keith Lane 57 minutes ago

    You're a good brother building a car for your brother. Can't wait to see the ZR-1 dominate Mexico with the new power mods. Take care Bud

  • theodoreross36
    theodoreross36 57 minutes ago

    Let’s see a rolling burnout in the 600LT.

  • Cars With Cory
    Cars With Cory 59 minutes ago

    Jesus!!! The Vette sounds amazing!!!!!

  • C. Wheat
    C. Wheat Hour ago

    Would love to see you have an offsite garage where you can park all of your toys in one place! Love the content. Thank you for uploading.

  • captnIdiot
    captnIdiot Hour ago

    We need all the Mac content possible!!!!

  • M_ RED
    M_ RED Hour ago

    Noo don’t give it away

  • Mad Mike
    Mad Mike Hour ago

    Shane’s Hummer would be a great giveaway

  • William Bourdon
    William Bourdon Hour ago more giveaway, that's not what we ment. We ment that we are sick of you and these giveaways...if you cannot think of what to film, here's a thought how about you don't film. Or are you that desperate for subs and views...I'm a sub bc of the content, not the giveaways...enough is enough buy something and KEEP IT...KEEP THIS SHIT UP AND YOUR GONNA START LOOSING SUBS AND VIEWERS...JUST STOP WITH THE GIVEAWAYS... STOP BEING AN ASSHOLE

    • nuckleheadz garage
      nuckleheadz garage 38 minutes ago

      they are raffles not giveaways. I bet if he raffled the zr1 he will still not get to 1 mil subs

  • Bobby Mulwee
    Bobby Mulwee Hour ago

    I wouldn't give it away. You'll want 1 ton axles and 42's the longer you offroad it and I want to see that!

  • Aaron Clark
    Aaron Clark Hour ago

    Yes ! I’ll take 1 bad ass gladiator please

  • Shayan. A
    Shayan. A Hour ago

    Dude we need more 600lt content, maybe tune it or do big turbos for the summer. And the garage will be perfect once the c8 gets here

  • GeenBijnaam !
    GeenBijnaam ! Hour ago

    Give that ugly 2020 away the chrome allready hurts my eyes

  • joice magallanes

    4x4 are good af

  • AwesomeAustin717

    I think it would be an awesome giveaway! I had to sell my black Jeep XJ so I could go back to college and I think it’d be amazing to have a chance to win the Gladiator

  • onefastermonte 85

    No gladiator giveaway. How about a Camaro??

  • erikjn1996
    erikjn1996 Hour ago

    He mentioned doing a gladiator as a give away in a video like 3-4 weeks ago. It's been the plan the whole time

  • Zachary Schnitker

    Jeep giveaway 🤘🤙

  • Matthew L
    Matthew L Hour ago

    Hellcat swap? A place in Michigan does a really good job

  • Trevor Fout
    Trevor Fout Hour ago

    It's not a giveaway I'm gonna beat the shit out of it for 2 months then give it away

    ODD LIL CASH Hour ago

    Hellcat swap

  • beast mode
    beast mode Hour ago

    Where is the Blazer

  • Jeremy Barnett
    Jeremy Barnett Hour ago

    Definitely make more 600LT content

  • Justin Register
    Justin Register Hour ago

    Dude from the gas station in a previous video “what did that set you back, 100 stacks”? Mike’s response and @ 1:30 of this video “Yeah, something like that”. 😂

  • Joey Patton
    Joey Patton Hour ago

    Yes please do it...

  • CVPI222
    CVPI222 Hour ago

    I wanna win the jeep!!!

  • khaox 01
    khaox 01 Hour ago

    what about the blazer and we still know you going give away the jeep u not a jeep guy

  • vette life
    vette life Hour ago

    hey Mike are you gonna respond to dude they calling you out on a race with the 600lt

  • Bassplayer95
    Bassplayer95 Hour ago

    Giveaway the Gladiator!!!!

  • Adam Nagy
    Adam Nagy Hour ago

    More McLaren content please. Thank you!

  • Justin Mock
    Justin Mock Hour ago

    I’d love it to be a giveaway!!!!

  • Michael Storms
    Michael Storms Hour ago

    Where is Andy, steve? Blazer?

  • Joe Garofalo II
    Joe Garofalo II Hour ago

    Damn it Mike, how many times did I tell you to take it easy on my gladiator

  • CVPI222
    CVPI222 Hour ago

    Please buy a new trailer

  • Horace Reid
    Horace Reid Hour ago

    MORE MCLAREN CONTENT. put some cheap tires on and send it!

  • TTAMC C.
    TTAMC C. Hour ago

    “Do I really want to scratch up the new gladiator, of course I do” Well you can keep the giveaway vehicle now !!

  • Michael Storms
    Michael Storms Hour ago

    Girlfriends car is going outside.

  • Ian Price
    Ian Price Hour ago

    I hope Mike knows when he actually has a kid he can’t spec it with alcantara hair and Napier green eyes

  • High Speed Closer

    600LT on camera doesn’t give it justice how sick it is in person 💰💰💰

  • Herbyjk
    Herbyjk Hour ago

    I need a gladiator

  • BossKing
    BossKing Hour ago

    Gladiator high centered on your stupid muffler delete with tip that sticks down right in the middle of the worst break over angle Jeep ever made.

  • navodith shankar

    Bro we want to see the 600lt content

  • J P
    J P Hour ago

    "Yet"... it's a give away

  • Fire Chase
    Fire Chase Hour ago

    I’d rather see more mclaren content

  • Cynical
    Cynical Hour ago

    Sell the old dmax and keep the 2020 and the jeep

  • Vloging and gaming with Tyler

    Where is the blazer

    SKUSKSYDS Hour ago

    Give it away brother! I also thought it was gonna be a giveaway too. It would be a GREAT giveaway man. I was never really a big Jeep fan but you got me loving it.

  • will gillis
    will gillis Hour ago

    Mike! Match the rag top to the paint on your RIMS. You’ll fackin’ BREAK THE NET BEH!

  • DrewStillPlays
    DrewStillPlays Hour ago

    Just give the gladiator away already lol or the new duramax ??

  • Scot Lobin
    Scot Lobin Hour ago

    Ripp supercharger on the gladiator would be nice to see.

  • DrewStillPlays
    DrewStillPlays Hour ago

    You forgot the blazer !

  • TTAMC C.
    TTAMC C. Hour ago

    I think he is not buying the new house. Ig having a lot of cars do take from other things.

  • aj so cool
    aj so cool Hour ago

    Yes I do it for a giveaway

  • John Germano
    John Germano Hour ago

    Every time he sells or buys a car a Corona gets a lime

  • 123Shamun
    123Shamun Hour ago

    Let’s see that rolling burnout mode in the 600lt!!

  • Robert Scott
    Robert Scott Hour ago

    it would be sick to see the 600LT on a road course!

    CERBERUS C Hour ago

    Oh yeah Christmas giveaway