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Happy National Bosses Day!
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Black Pumas - Colors
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Lunay - Fin de Semana
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Yehya Reviews Joker
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When It Ukraines It Pours
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  • Cora Clum
    Cora Clum 41 minute ago

    That’s me

  • Barbara Franks
    Barbara Franks 42 minutes ago

    I would expect nothing less. I will say this: Yankees, you played a great game. It was fun watching 2 great teams play. And your team definitely has more class than your fans. You both proved it many times over.

  • le gaz
    le gaz 43 minutes ago

    Did anyone else think it was the journalist?

  • Jon Bowley
    Jon Bowley 44 minutes ago

    No wonder JP doesn’t do a lot of interviews when you’ve got host like that. Jimmy made JP really uncomfortable by showing him a behind the scenes clip that was suppose to be private 👎🏻

  • elchucofried
    elchucofried 45 minutes ago

    How can people hate on this?? Alicia Keys singing a legendary song from a legend.

  • firerabbit811
    firerabbit811 46 minutes ago

    Based on how often I change my story, I've been married 80 times. 😊

  • Crystal Sherman
    Crystal Sherman 47 minutes ago

    New Yorkers are rude!

  • Robert Wiesler
    Robert Wiesler 47 minutes ago

    The BOSS is a true hero and gentleman Please call Your boys and come back to Europe soon It is time I will be there for sure You must see them live if you can It will change your life

  • Rahul Kumar
    Rahul Kumar 48 minutes ago

    This Video opens with a bang but why so Serious?

  • jssangel416
    jssangel416 50 minutes ago

    Damn, strolling thru the comments I've never seen so many ppl (women) be so happy about another person's curls lol

  • Steve Fortney
    Steve Fortney 52 minutes ago

    We NEED Bob to run for President. Dear God. Nothing could be more obvious.

  • euclid crash
    euclid crash 53 minutes ago

    God that second guy was such a jackass. "The driver that wants a tip, Jimmy, how'd I turn this off?" What a complete waste of massive space.

  • Jayne Taylor
    Jayne Taylor 53 minutes ago

    Benedict is so talented. I became a fan when I saw him in Sherlock. My friend who lives in Germany told me to watch it. He is so talented. Just brilliant.

  • TheTripleTKA
    TheTripleTKA 54 minutes ago

    90's is very "in" right now. And if you're an literal ICON from the actual 90's how do you not use this to your benefit? Look at Will Smith! A decade from now, it will be tacky again. So it's only smart to use it

  • Roman Korvinus
    Roman Korvinus 54 minutes ago

    resentment on the rise

  • Arthur Trauer
    Arthur Trauer 55 minutes ago

    Some of the best comics in history played the fool. We love you Guillermo.

  • Jessica Lankford
    Jessica Lankford 55 minutes ago

    I love jeff goldblum!!!

  • llokkmemell
    llokkmemell 55 minutes ago

    I love her weird clothes If you like it too plz ↓

  • FunkyDoolittle
    FunkyDoolittle 55 minutes ago

    Mafia dude was not invited...

  • David Gomez
    David Gomez 56 minutes ago

    *Dave Salmoni* this constrictor is about 80 pounds *also Dave* *holds it with one hand like nothing

  • Ghous Moinuddin
    Ghous Moinuddin 56 minutes ago

    I think all those animals think Dave salmoni is their dad. They're so comfortable with him

  • Kayti Sullivan
    Kayti Sullivan 56 minutes ago

    A little bit of Boston in there

  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy 56 minutes ago


  • John Martin
    John Martin 57 minutes ago

    Jonah hill should be Johnny Frost if they do a joker sequel

  • New Message
    New Message 58 minutes ago

    At least half of the audience, there, at home, and here on YT just faded off into fantasy for a moment with the words "If I was your wife..."

  • Smilestarrocks
    Smilestarrocks 58 minutes ago

    Why does she want her kids to leave so much after a point there gonna leave on their own can’t she enjoy it while it lasts

  • FunkyDoolittle
    FunkyDoolittle 58 minutes ago

    2nd passenger straight up MAFIOSO and RACIST '' I will eat you like a little taco''

  • claw247
    claw247 58 minutes ago

    So we gonna ignore the fact Jimmy is in a stripper bus

  • Enormous tuber
    Enormous tuber 59 minutes ago

    Wow Wow

  • Chris M
    Chris M Hour ago

    Remember the little girl from wreck it Ralph? This is her now. Feel old yet?

  • A Welsh
    A Welsh Hour ago

    Extreme poverty...really?

  • kelvin ehigie
    kelvin ehigie Hour ago

    Love Alicia! Lots of haters here

  • Isaiah Garza
    Isaiah Garza Hour ago

    Blow up like the world trade.... This song didnt age good..

  • FunkyDoolittle
    FunkyDoolittle Hour ago

    1st passenger typical New York attitude hahaha definitely had a bad day

  • pushp madaan
    pushp madaan Hour ago

    Dislike for the script ... And for making Jennifer act annoyed...

  • JCANPetros
    JCANPetros Hour ago

    Smart kids. We all know they love their dads more, just that momy couldn't handle knowing that...so they mostly say mom. One kid wanted to tell the truth and the mom almost strangled him.

  • Fighter
    Fighter Hour ago

    This is awkward

  • Souvik Halder
    Souvik Halder Hour ago

    He sounded like Chris Evans😁

  • Mina Rösch
    Mina Rösch Hour ago

    beautiful woman - but her hair not so much ...

  • Grammar Police -

    Someone with talent had to dethrone the Kardashains

  • Lo-Lo the Archetype

    This man clearly did not want to be there. Reminds me of me trying to socialize with my coworkers. Its hard when you don’t want to be there.

  • The Artist
    The Artist Hour ago

    That first woman can read our marriage vows to eachother.

  • vakitamosha
    vakitamosha Hour ago

    wtf is wrong with the first 2 people!

  • Ashley A
    Ashley A Hour ago

    I love how you can see that Jimmy is an actual fan of Taxi, the way he pulled the hookers name out like that was impressive. Most the time for these late night host it's just fake enthusiasm, it's nice to see him expressing genuine excitement.

  • Bupe kabwe
    Bupe kabwe Hour ago

    He is so cute

  • Apple Iphone
    Apple Iphone Hour ago

    Jamaica 🇯🇲

  • My Kingz
    My Kingz Hour ago

    it was a "great call"

  • luz bartlett
    luz bartlett Hour ago

    He is a great actor ever an Oscar winner!! love his movie!! love it!!!

  • Lisa Bowden
    Lisa Bowden Hour ago

    I knew I didn't like her..delusional

  • LJ X
    LJ X Hour ago

    Awwwww Ms. No make up finally gave in?

  • Magda la Perucha

    This is awful. The movie touches on how people with mentally illness are mistreated. Joaquin is known to be eccentric and quiet and Jimmy kept trying to poke fun with him/at him for laughs. And wth is up with that video.. I thought it was going to be bloopers, not Phoenix having a minor meltdown and it obviously made him uncomfortable and embarrassed. So rude and disrespectful.

  • Saltasuraelaka
    Saltasuraelaka Hour ago

    urgh, no

  • Munghonya Shangelao

    Thumbs up for her She is amazing😍

  • kevlarunderwear22

    love dana white, cant stand kimmell...

  • c j
    c j Hour ago

    That puma will have been a similar size to the one the jogger killed, it really wouldn't be hard, mum and dad now that's a different story.

  • Elle Bee
    Elle Bee Hour ago

    Always a *thumbs up* Sis!!!

  • My Kingz
    My Kingz Hour ago

    Trump University Graduates??

  • Adolfo Pena
    Adolfo Pena Hour ago

    Why did they suddenly switch locations?

  • Kelly brianna
    Kelly brianna Hour ago

    this is just annoying

  • Darlene McHugh
    Darlene McHugh Hour ago

    That isn’t the Alicia Keys I loved.

  • allan T
    allan T Hour ago

    She rocking 🔥

  • Aj H
    Aj H Hour ago

    He called him Allen Iverson like 5 different times lol

  • Mikaela Chiquitita

    I love one (1) man.

  • imen guizeni
    imen guizeni Hour ago

    why didn't sh mention the blue eyes or the milky white skin , that's too much easier , the snow white blue eyed red-head chick with the accent is Amy , the brown eyed red head with darker skin is Isla , i don't see why people confuse them !!

  • Carrol Clark
    Carrol Clark Hour ago

    When Mexico comes over the border and steals all the Bob wire to put around their homes in Mexico

  • Sunil Sunil
    Sunil Sunil Hour ago

    *_Why does Donald Trump think, He is smart...Why... Let me know in the comment box_*

  • Jose Dolores
    Jose Dolores Hour ago

    people think Mexicans are stupid?

  • Gui Porto
    Gui Porto Hour ago


  • coolguy5 4life
    coolguy5 4life Hour ago

    Love that boy, good for him getting play even if it's on Kimmel. And the crowd did react positive cos he's that damn good. I listen to him DAILY. Also Colter Wall, and Willie Watson.

  • iamserge
    iamserge Hour ago

    Were here for a good deal, you know the Brits. Don't think anyone picked up on that :D

  • Sunil Sunil
    Sunil Sunil Hour ago

    *_Why does Jimmy make fun of people...Because he is comedian??? He wants to make people happy..._*

  • Pomegranate
    Pomegranate Hour ago

    She should have asked that question from Conan.

  • Jade Lun
    Jade Lun Hour ago

    That was the worst interview ever ! 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy Hour ago

    Taking notes 📝

  • Tanmay Garg
    Tanmay Garg Hour ago

    have u ever fed this cheetah some cheetos 😂

  • Zaynab Diamond Ahmed

    rihannas a queen lmaoooo I love her she started thisss

  • Andrew L
    Andrew L Hour ago

    #1 if her kid is poor it's really crappy of her to talk about it. #2 if her kid isn't poor it's really crappy of her to talk about it.

  • Leena
    Leena Hour ago

    Lol I’d have to pretend to care about 50 cent if that happened to me

  • john hand
    john hand Hour ago

    Tom you need to wait buddy it's still not ripe


    If you see this comment i wish you a great day and a blessed year!❤ A Jimmy kimmel fan here From a youtuber trying to grow❤

  • Mathew Dee
    Mathew Dee Hour ago

    USA Jesse: Gail made good coffee , I shot him in the face ! Crowd : cheers In the UK Jesse : Gail made good coffee , I shot him in the face ! Crowd: Gasps uncomfortable, walks out . News: An actor has offended thousands of people , including this man from Scotland who saw a gun once !

  • Michael Galarza
    Michael Galarza Hour ago

    She a multimillionaire , keeping her kids poor , that very very sad 😢😢😢😢

  • Lorelai
    Lorelai Hour ago

    I love Luke Combs!

  • King Uzi TV
    King Uzi TV Hour ago

    Beyoncé or Alicia Keys? Who’s better?

  • Eleanor Josefina

    Alicia Keys was my childhood. Anyone else? ❤️❤️💜💜❤️❤️💜💜 👇🏼

  • Sheko's ugly voice

    WOW , Paul is that you ?

  • Lyric Fantom
    Lyric Fantom Hour ago

    13th biggie smalls

  • Moss Gaming
    Moss Gaming Hour ago

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  • Mr. Ahmed
    Mr. Ahmed Hour ago


  • money x2
    money x2 Hour ago

    If u are reading this, all i want u to know is your feature is bright and never stop aiming for ur dream. May u hv a blessed day.peace ✌ out.

  • Moss Gaming
    Moss Gaming Hour ago

    Omg love it😘😘

  • endorse it
    endorse it Hour ago

    How come 16 views and 35 likes🤐


    You're awful jimm-ey

  • ECO dom
    ECO dom Hour ago

    All the NY'ers are too pissed off and in a rush to find it strange the TV is talking to them.

  • Amira Costa
    Amira Costa Hour ago

    Omg she’s werid

  • Calvin Swint
    Calvin Swint Hour ago

    Delete delete

  • Faisal Alsalamah

    I love u jimmy from syria and canada

  • maggie198333
    maggie198333 Hour ago

    Why is the purple sofa so tiny?

  • Calvin Swint
    Calvin Swint Hour ago

    5th comman

  • Calvin Swint
    Calvin Swint Hour ago