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  • Rudy A.P.
    Rudy A.P. 31 minute ago

    Julian has the little man syndrome to the extreme!! And yes number 3 is better

  • Rudy A.P.
    Rudy A.P. 43 minutes ago

    Number 3 is better player than julian... Everyone sees it

  • Christon Willis
    Christon Willis 56 minutes ago

    #14 from south shore is a problem!!!! He has a promising future.

  • RyanBK
    RyanBK Hour ago

    Thank you ballislife for this video Ny really has some of the best ballers ong

  • Cozy’s Way
    Cozy’s Way Hour ago

    Remember Gabe York

  • nomadxpert
    nomadxpert Hour ago

    Newman has been EXPOSED!

  • Ellis Barron
    Ellis Barron Hour ago

    that hop step is too tuff

  • Adrian
    Adrian Hour ago

    If u listen carefully, the crowd laughs wherever Julian is dribbling lol

    EYE X CLAN 2 hours ago

    14 got any offers?

  • joy du toy
    joy du toy 2 hours ago

    Number 3 is a walking bucket!

    EYE X CLAN 2 hours ago

    14 got any offers?

  • Disabled Datalist
    Disabled Datalist 2 hours ago

    All my niggas balling like curry

  • Jesse Foster
    Jesse Foster 2 hours ago

    "Lebron being like the Michael Jordan of our erra" Someone explain this wtf??

  • Eddy2smooth
    Eddy2smooth 2 hours ago

    These lil dudes be having MONEY. Supreme, BAPE, Fear of God x Nike???? What da

  • Eddy2smooth
    Eddy2smooth 2 hours ago

    I’m rocking with him heavy. He’s going to be somebody. He has an elite build to where he can compete at a high level.

  • Ig Derekingjr
    Ig Derekingjr 2 hours ago

    That’s lebron a old team

  • Jace T.
    Jace T. 2 hours ago

    Backstreet Boys vs Jackson 5

  • Christian Castro
    Christian Castro 3 hours ago

    This kid thinks he kobe or some shit

  • Christian Castro
    Christian Castro 3 hours ago


  • Ryan Ramil
    Ryan Ramil 3 hours ago

    Mayfair got no bigs lol

  • Lego Calrissian
    Lego Calrissian 3 hours ago

    0:37 his hair shitted

  • Glory Boy
    Glory Boy 3 hours ago

    lmao @ the wutang referendum

  • Yungeen Lik
    Yungeen Lik 3 hours ago

    U can tell #4 neva get in the game

  • J Pacion121
    J Pacion121 4 hours ago

    Devin lane bouncin back

  • DB
    DB 4 hours ago

    At 5:20 did the announcer say Jeremy Lin ?!?!? 😭😭😭

  • James Hermes
    James Hermes 4 hours ago

    Didn't LaMelo drop like 94 one game though

  • Joshua Carlin
    Joshua Carlin 4 hours ago

    The stare down from chunky at the end lolol

  • E.C. Moore
    E.C. Moore 4 hours ago

    He belong in the 90s or 2000s

  • Mr. Roboto
    Mr. Roboto 4 hours ago

    Racist ass black coach... old man who is jealous he never made it. Lol

  • Theorist
    Theorist 4 hours ago

    Mans is wearing booty shorts. Yall aint gunna talk ab that?

  • T Money
    T Money 4 hours ago

    I know #23 see this vid and he better calm down with that losing by 52 attitude

  • Verbatim - NF
    Verbatim - NF 4 hours ago

    Don’t sleep in Zaire’s bounce either I didn’t realize how bouncy he was, he can dunk of both feet

  • Advancer Films Commercial

    Wait a second this guy is freshman doing this???? Dam!!!

  • Verbatim - NF
    Verbatim - NF 4 hours ago

    1:45 what was that 😂

  • John Moore
    John Moore 4 hours ago

    10:37 White jersey #1 he wasn’t gone do anything lol

  • The RY Tone
    The RY Tone 4 hours ago

    Better than Julian Newman

  • Dean Kruse
    Dean Kruse 4 hours ago

    What did I just watch?!

  • Deeze Nuts
    Deeze Nuts 5 hours ago

    They playing some bums lmao

  • evanbot
    evanbot 5 hours ago

    7:48 thought this dudes bone pooped out 😭

  • Mason Quaintance
    Mason Quaintance 5 hours ago

    With Kyrie, its not his ability to make shots that impress me (well they do), but his ability to create shots that no one else can see. #handleready

  • TheNadeCooker
    TheNadeCooker 5 hours ago

    Homie with the glass strait outta victorious.

  • Hong Kong
    Hong Kong 5 hours ago

    Yo if anyone sees this what shoes did mikey have on i finna cop

  • Rox Magenta
    Rox Magenta 5 hours ago

    Cp3 really just ass and all them comments y’all sent y’all some bitches 🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾

  • I am Chiz
    I am Chiz 6 hours ago

    Why does Mater Dei have four dudes that look the exact same?

    • Joshua Carlin
      Joshua Carlin 4 hours ago

      They're cloning 6'5" awkward white dudes at Mater Dei

  • ImSo Envious
    ImSo Envious 6 hours ago

    77 is hella nice for a university game but it ain’t no 100 he need to put that piece of paper down.

    KEZEEWHOA TV 6 hours ago

    Istg Mayfair stay losing some stuff of games but it’s hella comp my boy josh should’ve just went to Sierra cannon 😂😂

  • War2827Eagle
    War2827Eagle 6 hours ago

    Already the most over hyped player in BBall history.

  • jerrol montemayor
    jerrol montemayor 6 hours ago

    i see him like young Michael Jordan

  • jabroni
    jabroni 6 hours ago

    they beat a team that spells the name of their team "komets" with a fucking k...can't be too much of a feat

  • BlessYourTrapz
    BlessYourTrapz 6 hours ago

    For anyone who thinks this is JV. Nobody with Mikeys athleticism would EVER play JV. Period.

  • jabroni
    jabroni 6 hours ago

    everyone: mikey williams scores 77 points omfg ballislife: *that's cool n' all but don't forget bronny james scored 4 points and led his team to victory*

  • Charzinc
    Charzinc 6 hours ago

    How tall is mikey?

  • Muhammad Farrel Ferdiansyah

    10:25 sad he got ankle break 😂

  • Pragmatist
    Pragmatist 6 hours ago

    After watching him play well in the NBA, I wonder if they still think he's overrated?

  • Nicolas Quenneville
    Nicolas Quenneville 6 hours ago

    Meló looks so high

  • The VintageFiend
    The VintageFiend 6 hours ago

    Is this a jv game?

  • Pentaツ
    Pentaツ 6 hours ago

    9:24 smacked homie with the hat on 😂

  • tickle shyts
    tickle shyts 6 hours ago

    Dude won't even get drafted

  • Marnie Gregoire
    Marnie Gregoire 7 hours ago


  • Jonathan Truijllo
    Jonathan Truijllo 7 hours ago

    5:28 "He got packed by a white boy" 😂😂

  • jehiel
    jehiel 7 hours ago

    whaaaat have yall heard of lamelo ball didnt go to a California school and drop 92 points

  • ben a
    ben a 7 hours ago

    lmao miley lie will smith in that fresh prince episode "give the ball to win" nigga got his own chants and shitccrazy

  • Dr.
    Dr. 7 hours ago

    Play some defense bro.

  • Much Greens
    Much Greens 7 hours ago

    Today in my basketball game we won 60-9

  • Owen North
    Owen North 7 hours ago

    Devin Askew is a true PG

  • LinxGaming
    LinxGaming 7 hours ago

    CHECK OUT MY USclip ❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Travis Warren
    Travis Warren 7 hours ago

    I hate Mater Dei but that's mostly just because I'm Servite alumni and our rivalry runs in my blood.

  • Xavier Hourigan
    Xavier Hourigan 7 hours ago

    Julian Newman looks like a little kid compared to everybody else, even muggsy bogues would make him look small.

  • FLOReilly965
    FLOReilly965 7 hours ago

    5:28 had me dead "OOOHHH you got passed by the white boy" LOL

  • DJ Henderson
    DJ Henderson 7 hours ago


  • Seth Lynn
    Seth Lynn 7 hours ago

    i hope all this hype doesn’t go to his head

  • will 2 grind
    will 2 grind 7 hours ago

    They playin some lil ass kids tho

  • Dom LeBlanc
    Dom LeBlanc 7 hours ago

    Those dislikes fuel him🦍‼️

  • Ethan Hicks
    Ethan Hicks 7 hours ago

    10:27 I was tryna find out how many #10 had. Glooks my guy✊🏽😂

  • YeetMeatBoi
    YeetMeatBoi 7 hours ago

    Who’s here now that he’s in the nba

  • Holden Cope
    Holden Cope 7 hours ago

    I just posted a highlight reel/montage of Mikey Williams I think everyone watching this would enjoy it, it would mean the world to me if you watched it

  • Judah Is Rising
    Judah Is Rising 7 hours ago

    Pops was the same way in college..a walkin bucket

  • TheFlY ENT
    TheFlY ENT 7 hours ago

    It's niggas that love him n that hate him on the team... Tryna figure out what kinna talent he playing against. 77 ball, I'm 39 n he ain't putting up 20 on me. Have some heart grit n grind and show up to show out. Good shit sir keep up the good work n make em love you in college as well as the pro's💯💯💯💯

  • Kobe Dearhouse
    Kobe Dearhouse 8 hours ago

    Its so quiet lol

  • Clapzz #
    Clapzz # 8 hours ago

    Man Julian Is overated

  • Fontavius Hardin
    Fontavius Hardin 8 hours ago

    This boy only 14 and is looking like a whooooole DemiGod!!

  • Clapzz #
    Clapzz # 8 hours ago

    Emannuel Molando vs Zion Harmon

  • kirk corpin
    kirk corpin 8 hours ago

    with that many adidas brand things in his house im guessing he's gonna have an adidas signature shoe

  • kirk corpin
    kirk corpin 8 hours ago

    damn he T H I C C C

  • Dodging Comp
    Dodging Comp 8 hours ago

    Filming sucks Video is too long We don’t care about anyone other than Mikey Add a scoreboard

  • Rip Dead
    Rip Dead 8 hours ago

    Mikey Act Just Like Me I Stg

  • kashhhoutzion
    kashhhoutzion 8 hours ago

    keke fine ass

  • Joey R
    Joey R 8 hours ago

    The disrespect 😂😂 what did they say to you? Lol

  • Calvin Smith
    Calvin Smith 8 hours ago

    15 black seems like a good guy

    SADWORLDWIDE 8 hours ago

    What do these kids be eating these days?

  • Kwadow Bary
    Kwadow Bary 8 hours ago

    What about when melo scored(oops I meant) 92

  • Fargo Nice
    Fargo Nice 8 hours ago

    What a display of amazing talent and terrible sportsmanship. Mikey’s coach is a tool.

  • guest guest
    guest guest 8 hours ago

    He is a fuckin bucket 💪☝🙏

  • Glenmart France Orate

    He has a Philippine Flag on his arm. Shout out to all Filipinos out there.

  • Drew Kimble
    Drew Kimble 8 hours ago

    daishen nix alwyas jump hella high on his lays makes the rim look short lol

  • Brandon
    Brandon 8 hours ago

    What’s happened to melo highlights lmao???

  • TooShortSmey
    TooShortSmey 9 hours ago

    Julian newman’s first score was at 10:02

  • Miguel Murillo
    Miguel Murillo 9 hours ago

    Lost the jump ball tho

  • Dayhz
    Dayhz 9 hours ago


  • Lacracha Cherry
    Lacracha Cherry 9 hours ago

    Yo ball is life im on my mama phone and im 14 but im hella cold and i give buckets to any team i play against how do i get you to take videos of me playing :|