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  • Faiq Windraya
    Faiq Windraya Hour ago

    this looks good

  • Arslan Choudhary
    Arslan Choudhary 3 hours ago


  • bhavna misra
    bhavna misra 7 hours ago

    Very good... Will try 👌👍

  • Rahul Nandan
    Rahul Nandan 18 hours ago

    Very tasty 😋 cake

  • N Anjum
    N Anjum 19 hours ago

    Main ny try kiya hai laikin mery cake pr hmesha jo coco pwdr se design bnaty hain wo nai bnta mix ho jaty hain plz btain q kharab hota hai

    • khan khail
      khan khail 15 hours ago

      Coco powder wala better ap kafi thick banai phir design khabi nhi khrb hoga strt may may ny be thin banaya ta sarah mix hogaya next tym thick banaya phir nhi mix howa kafi acha design ban gaya ta perfect

  • Linda L Rosario
    Linda L Rosario 19 hours ago

    Cake overflow twice!

  • moiz channel
    moiz channel 21 hour ago

    Ma ny apk method sy bun bnaya wo to kch ajeeb hi hogya na rise hoa or bech sy boht sakht hogya ta

  • munthus easy recipes


  • Wasila Khan
    Wasila Khan Day ago

    Thanks. If I back in oven then plz tell me temperature and backing mod , uper lower or both elements ?

  • Prea prema
    Prea prema Day ago


  • Knowledge Hub
    Knowledge Hub Day ago

    wow boht he achii recipee hai.. mai zaroor try karun gi isay..

  • umwali sharon
    umwali sharon Day ago

    God bless you ❤️ thanks to you not having an oven will no longer be an excuse 😉

  • The Adaiah Agency

    I will definitely make this dish, minus the ketchup and Sriracha.

  • Anastasiia V
    Anastasiia V Day ago

    Really great!

  • Rnlh Mln
    Rnlh Mln Day ago

    Hello. Can I use foil container instead of cake tin? Thank you.

  • Rnlh Mln
    Rnlh Mln Day ago

    Hello. Can I use foil container instead of tin cake?

  • Gurpreet Kaur
    Gurpreet Kaur Day ago

    all purpose flour mean atta use kiya hai apne

  • umwali sharon
    umwali sharon Day ago


  • Dads P.
    Dads P. Day ago

    Hello! Is a full cream milk considered a heavy cream?

  • Merve Dmr
    Merve Dmr Day ago

    The tomato and the another sauce has ruined the whole meal

  • Mimi La Peine
    Mimi La Peine Day ago

    You had to ruin it with the ketchup didn't ya

  • Chayanika Debbarma
    Chayanika Debbarma 2 days ago

    Thank you 😊😊😊

  • erum jamil
    erum jamil 2 days ago


  • madiha dulal
    madiha dulal 2 days ago

    can i skip yougurt? mam

  • Tamil Rahi Krish kitchen

    Woww how do it? its amazing ideas sis ,i will try like u,looks yummy pizza

  • Hamida Qayyum
    Hamida Qayyum 2 days ago


  • Cooking With Shaheen S

    Amazing lovely 👍💞❤🔔👈💗😊💖stay conneected 👍👍👍👌👌👌👌

  • Zainab Hanan
    Zainab Hanan 2 days ago

    V nice I’ll try it soon

  • Louiza G.
    Louiza G. 2 days ago

    Bravoooo !!! Fantastiko Super👏👏🎂🍰💗🎈🎈

  • HAMILTONfreak
    HAMILTONfreak 2 days ago

    Mine had the texture and look of gelatin

  • oka piya
    oka piya 2 days ago

    Try this best item…just mind blowing recipe….

  • Sheila Lopez
    Sheila Lopez 2 days ago

    OK yum

  • Nechus kitchen
    Nechus kitchen 2 days ago

    Super😋.. Pls subscribe nd support my channel

  • Piyali Debbarma
    Piyali Debbarma 2 days ago

    Awesome 👌

  • Melisa Sibanda
    Melisa Sibanda 3 days ago

    Can you not remove words quickly will be still reading please

  • Sathyan. kp kp Sathyan

    Thanks , I am searching for this recipe thanks

  • Tass Trendz
    Tass Trendz 3 days ago

    Absolutely loving ur recipe....gonna make it today😀

  • Sahr Osama
    Sahr Osama 3 days ago

    طريقع برا

  • Sahr Osama
    Sahr Osama 3 days ago

    هو يلي دعا علي كبستي

  • Sahr Osama
    Sahr Osama 3 days ago

  • Usha Morrison Channel

    guess what's non the menu tonight now!😋

    MOUREEN KHAN 3 days ago

    I made it and the ketchup and siracha totally made it taste yum

  • Risana Thooz
    Risana Thooz 3 days ago

    Pastha without oven?

  • emmyr Renxia
    emmyr Renxia 4 days ago

    why did people dislike there's no problem

  • Diana Katundi
    Diana Katundi 5 days ago


  • ForPETE’S sake
    ForPETE’S sake 5 days ago

    Raw uncooked egg ...... was a time I wouldn’t even think about that

  • bushra rehman
    bushra rehman 5 days ago

    Wow very easy recipe i will try

  • Vaishali Kambli
    Vaishali Kambli 6 days ago

    But when we add salt in the pot it smells very bad after the cake has been ready

  • Mohammad shaad Bachun

    keep on making new recipes plz

  • Fatima Malik
    Fatima Malik 6 days ago


  • Cooking Festival / Sha

    Grt sis...mouthwattering pizza...thnks fr shrg mam 😊😊🤝🤝

  • Michael Gaunia
    Michael Gaunia 6 days ago

    Can I steamed this?

  • Chef shaheena
    Chef shaheena 6 days ago

    Wow looks very yummy

  • No 2-White
    No 2-White 6 days ago


  • Winwin Llenos
    Winwin Llenos 7 days ago

    What kind of oil po?

  • sokhnaawa toure
    sokhnaawa toure 7 days ago

    I like

  • Ifydum Nwokike
    Ifydum Nwokike 7 days ago


  • Dadwar Ramos
    Dadwar Ramos 7 days ago


  • maggs :3
    maggs :3 7 days ago

    flower caster sugar cocoa baking pounder milk water butter vanilla

  • Remafel Ariola
    Remafel Ariola 8 days ago

    Makain Yang silver balls??

  • Hot Sab Recipe
    Hot Sab Recipe 8 days ago

    Quick, Excellent and Easy 😋😋😋👍👍

  • arafat qatar
    arafat qatar 9 days ago

    বন কি রাইস কুকারে হবে

  • Ashley Young
    Ashley Young 9 days ago

    I love the way you explain step by step

  • johanna nett sanchez

    For chocolate ganache what kind of cream is that?please tnx

  • Naxiya patel
    Naxiya patel 10 days ago

    Will u plz tell me the substitute of egg..?? Nd it's proportion..??

  • Sitti Nasren
    Sitti Nasren 10 days ago


  • Reshma Khatun
    Reshma Khatun 10 days ago

    Upar Mai dudh laga sakte hai egg ki jagah

  • Danielle Fuentebella

    Lol ... Not gonna do this😁😁😁putting a ketchup???🤣😃😃😁😄😄😄thumbs down👎👎👎👎👎

  • Victoria Torre
    Victoria Torre 11 days ago

    Que le ponen en el fondo de la olla o base de la olla porfavor español

  • krimozy
    krimozy 11 days ago

    How many cup ? 100 150 or 200ml ? Thinks

  • unique virgo
    unique virgo 11 days ago

    yummmmy yummmmy

  • tyara 22
    tyara 22 13 days ago

    Nice yummy

  • Seema kitchen
    Seema kitchen 13 days ago

    wow nice video

  • P ravi
    P ravi 13 days ago

    Mare pas bitter nhi hai hand maker sy Kar sakte mam

  • Sabitha Shameer
    Sabitha Shameer 13 days ago


  • laiba jabeen
    laiba jabeen 13 days ago

    This dish is very tasty ❣️❣️❣️👌👌👌👌

  • Zara Muneer
    Zara Muneer 14 days ago

    Oven ki neeche ki grill on honi chahiye ya oper wali?? Pasta bake krne k liye

  • shakila banu
    shakila banu 14 days ago

    What if we have no aluminium foil

  • Usman Malik
    Usman Malik 14 days ago

    Yours rolling pin is so cute from where you perchased

  • Reynilda Calimlim
    Reynilda Calimlim 14 days ago

    Wow! looks delicious! I’m surprised that only 2 tbsp of gelatin powder is enough to hold the batter .

  • Blessed girl
    Blessed girl 14 days ago

    maida ki exact measure kitni h??

  • kate celedio
    kate celedio 15 days ago

    in philippines,we call it MAJA,we use cocomilk instead of full cream milk..some put corn kernels,peanuts or friut cocktails...xoxo

  • Asmhan Hassan
    Asmhan Hassan 15 days ago

    Arabic language please

  • Mahnoor Butt
    Mahnoor Butt 15 days ago

    If don't have pan then???

  • Priscilla Ford
    Priscilla Ford 16 days ago


  • Dirgesh scientists
    Dirgesh scientists 16 days ago


  • ashwini bachu
    ashwini bachu 17 days ago

    We love this Cake because Easy to make and tasty also. Looking Chocolaty and Fresh. Thank you for Sharing.

  • Muznah Iqbal
    Muznah Iqbal 17 days ago

    Hi. Can we use small hand electeic beater of coffee mixer to beat the whipping cream rather than this big beater. Will that give the same result?

  • 恺晴Myuca
    恺晴Myuca 17 days ago

    It was to my liking until the ketchup🤮 Im confuse about but Ill just make everything except the ketchup

  • ÎLi na
    ÎLi na 17 days ago

  • ÎLi na
    ÎLi na 17 days ago

  • sai sarupya Chinnu
    sai sarupya Chinnu 18 days ago


  • Adi Ali
    Adi Ali 18 days ago

    Can I use cheddar cheese??

  • finalist farrah
    finalist farrah 18 days ago

    Hi, may i know how much in cup for 110g of butter?, Tq

  • Daisy Dela cruz
    Daisy Dela cruz 18 days ago

    Thank you

  • ayesha imran
    ayesha imran 19 days ago

    zbardast moun mn pani aa gya sooooooooo yummmmmmmyyyyyy

  • abdullah abdullah
    abdullah abdullah 19 days ago

    On 24 august it was my sisters birthday so that Time I did not make cake for her so today I will make it becz after reading this all comments mashallah❤❤❤❤

  • isaiah king
    isaiah king 19 days ago

    I will give you white sauce

  • Maryam Fatima
    Maryam Fatima 19 days ago

    Aoa i tried ur 1st n zebra cake both ...plz help me out as i did not get a spongy cake...the taste was good but cakes sponge is feeling wet ...what to do ? Plz identify my mistake