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  • Captain Justice
    Captain Justice 3 hours ago

    Fat Bastard from Austin Powers and Bill Cosby from shit cartoons.

  • Captain Justice
    Captain Justice 3 hours ago

    Most pathetic fight I ever saw.

  • OG
    OG 3 hours ago

    Wish the commentators would shut the fuck up sometimes honestly, you'd think judging by what they're saying Povetkin is a 76 year old man with no experience and Hunter was fighting like Ali.

  • Mark Wilson
    Mark Wilson 3 hours ago

    Why don't y'all just stfu and stop criticising. None of you would have the balls to step on the ring with either of these men. Just appreciate what you're watching. Easy to jump on people y'all are more bitchy than football fans. These guys put their lives on the line show respect

  • guwop will
    guwop will 3 hours ago

    Was training for 3 months? Lol

  • Captain Justice
    Captain Justice 3 hours ago

    Neither one can handle Fury or Wilder. They are the true champions.

  • Ricky Bateman
    Ricky Bateman 3 hours ago

    Boring boring fight

  • pencil
    pencil 3 hours ago


  • GiantSandles
    GiantSandles 3 hours ago

    I do like Loma but the hype with people saying he's better than Floyd or Manny is getting to be a bit of a joke, it's debatable whether he's P4P the best now never mind ever

  • king Zlatan
    king Zlatan 3 hours ago

    This man is honest , humble , polite , generous and happ . Big up AJ

  • J Wilko
    J Wilko 3 hours ago

    Ruiz may be over weight but he can dish it out respects ARJ

  • Raj Nijjer
    Raj Nijjer 3 hours ago

    He smashed him in sparring and Joe Joyce in amateurs

  • Daniel annett
    Daniel annett 3 hours ago

    AJ will face Usyk at somepoint

  • TheCluelessAssassin
    TheCluelessAssassin 4 hours ago

    37:30 he's basically black ali

  • Patricia ogley
    Patricia ogley 4 hours ago

    Lol Joshua clapped him

  • Eric Baira
    Eric Baira 4 hours ago

    AJ got his belts back, goodwork champ, the real unified champion

  • Luke Frampton
    Luke Frampton 4 hours ago

    Id love to see usyk smash aj

  • tupac shakur
    tupac shakur 4 hours ago

    aj knocks him out easily

  • Chicken man
    Chicken man 4 hours ago


  • Levi Bailey-Adams
    Levi Bailey-Adams 4 hours ago

    Twooooo timee

  • Terry Jackson
    Terry Jackson 4 hours ago

    That Klitschko beats wilder

  • Alvi Ahmed
    Alvi Ahmed 4 hours ago

    I cheering for jj/KSI

  • Mr Rich
    Mr Rich 4 hours ago

    Dude ran from fat man Andy for 12 rounds..

  • Ross H
    Ross H 4 hours ago

    Ruiz hits to the back of the head

  • Si Filey
    Si Filey 4 hours ago

    Anthony always on the backfoot keeping the distance picking out jabs. Everytime he gets close and Andy about to release some punches Anthony grabs to defuse Ruiz. Anthony played it very very safe as he knows Andy would be dangerous and have out boxed him in a slugfest.

  • Gvon
    Gvon 4 hours ago

    I didn't watch the first fight but you can see improvements in Joshua when it comes to his defense. I'm only one round in and you can see how quickly he's getting back into his defensive posture after throwing a shot. In the past he would let himself hang ever so slightly after throwing a punch. Now hes getting back into position really quickly. Good to see!

  • Ash spams LT YT
    Ash spams LT YT 5 hours ago

    Anthony Joshua is just a machine who tears through boxers I’ve never heard of lol

  • kotha kotha
    kotha kotha 5 hours ago

    U just need to hit him on his jaw once and try to not let his speed get to u, he can’t take punches at all and didn’t take a punch the whole fight

  • warren lehmann
    warren lehmann 5 hours ago

    Can't ever see wilder fighting whyte although the man deserves it. See sulaimans recent comments about ruiz being a viable opponent for wilder? Wilder also gets franchise champion status to swerve mandatory. Whyte should sue the shit out of the wbc. Disgraceful

  • Nehat Abdullahi
    Nehat Abdullahi 5 hours ago

    Bismillah❤❤❤❤ 💪🏆Joshua Wins💪🏆

  • Louis Burgess
    Louis Burgess 5 hours ago

    Only Wilder has crazy power though!

  • The Demon Headmaster

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  • whispjohn
    whispjohn 5 hours ago

    What a terrible fight, Joshua seemed too cagey and didn't go for it when he could have done. Boring.

  • Ross
    Ross 5 hours ago

    58:33 AJ with the swagger, reminiscent of when he bet Klitschko

  • Paulies 1066
    Paulies 1066 5 hours ago

    Tony Bellews wife looks like a dude in drag

  • Ross
    Ross 5 hours ago

    58:23 LOL - A desperate plea from Ruiz for AJ to stand toe to toe with him so he can knock him out. :)

  • Samira Begira
    Samira Begira 5 hours ago

    Man Like AJ

  • Rock'N'RollStar
    Rock'N'RollStar 5 hours ago

    I love Dillian whyte but he always looks like he has no idea where he is

  • monkey trousers
    monkey trousers 5 hours ago

    Wilder's latest interview on sky made laugh, trying to kid people into thinking that he's been chasing the aj fight for ages, but why does he continue to plan all these pointless fights with guys he's already beaten. He will never fight aj or whyte for that matter because once the wbc make him franchise champion he will continue to fight low level opponents who lack power and speed, the only way I can see an undisputed fight is if ruiz had won or if fury beats wilder and refuses a third fight to fight joshua.

  • Chatschik Bidd
    Chatschik Bidd 6 hours ago

    30:16 KSI MADE IT

  • TridentM4DM4X93
    TridentM4DM4X93 6 hours ago

    I would like to see this fight again once Joshua has dealt with his mandatories first.

  • Vincent O'Brien
    Vincent O'Brien 6 hours ago

    Boxing.... or running away?

  • Paul Richards
    Paul Richards 6 hours ago

    Isnt the white guy obviously over weight??

  • Derek Smith
    Derek Smith 6 hours ago

    Why did he climb over the top rope😂

  • max29july
    max29july 6 hours ago

    Awesome fight bellue the brawler and Usyk the master

  • R74J R74J
    R74J R74J 6 hours ago

    This is why Indians hate Pakistanis. They fight dirty in every single way.

  • Renegade Master
    Renegade Master 6 hours ago

    Yes! He was very very very very hungry!🐷🐷🐷

  • Svetoslav Panev
    Svetoslav Panev 6 hours ago

    Funny guy who thinks only to make money. Absolutely ridiculous for the heavyweight boxing history.

  • DJ OU
    DJ OU 6 hours ago

    9:00 this clearly hasn’t aged well

  • El_Gordy R
    El_Gordy R 6 hours ago

    Are those undertaker's eyes?

  • Kill Uminati
    Kill Uminati 7 hours ago

    As long as he got home safe to his wife and kids.....after said rematches 👍

  • Chris Menza
    Chris Menza 7 hours ago

    Eddie ‘the top man’ Hearn

  • j b
    j b 7 hours ago


  • Mark Simpson
    Mark Simpson 7 hours ago

    I believe after seeing how aj can move against Ruiz 2, aj will be too big for usyk

  • Bowser K
    Bowser K 7 hours ago

    Ruiz i partyed and didnt train lmfao but this guy just said ruiz was doing good in camp

  • Riley Price
    Riley Price 7 hours ago

    1.7k like

  • Legend Gamerz1
    Legend Gamerz1 7 hours ago

    Flynn is shit

  • Lindseyyasmin Acan
    Lindseyyasmin Acan 7 hours ago

    Joshua boxing so boring he cant hit him.mike Tyson is the best

  • Nickie Ovien
    Nickie Ovien 7 hours ago


  • Jaja Mama
    Jaja Mama 7 hours ago

    Dillian put chesora in a good long sleep 😴 🛏, good night

  • Fortnite RRR
    Fortnite RRR 7 hours ago

    Sikhs shouldn’t box lol

  • Steve Ifadah
    Steve Ifadah 7 hours ago

    No doubt Usyk wants Joshua after seeing Joshua loss to Ruiz but kindly bear in mind, it's also going to be the end of your Carrier coz Joshua will humiliate you bro trust me😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Fortnite RRR
    Fortnite RRR 7 hours ago

    Jordan Flynn is shit.

  • Rayu
    Rayu 8 hours ago

    Joshua doesn't want to fight Fury or Wilder, Eddie Hearn was exposed, embarrassing

  • s8ns8ns8ns8n
    s8ns8ns8ns8n 8 hours ago

    Wilder/ Fury next ...AJ will be exposed

  • Abdirahman Hussein
    Abdirahman Hussein 8 hours ago

    At 42:13

  • Abdirahman Hussein
    Abdirahman Hussein 8 hours ago

    At 1:52

  • Moises Lopez
    Moises Lopez 8 hours ago

    Para los que no hablan ese idioma Andy dijo vamos a los tacos

  • lookatmedamnit
    lookatmedamnit 8 hours ago

    All you man chattin bout he’s fat chocolate an dat. Fuck you man allow you, the respect these guys have and the little hype shown by both after they boxing in the ring. Beautiful the way these two portray the sport😤 Respect🔐 Refreshing 🥶

    • lookatmedamnit
      lookatmedamnit 5 hours ago

      mortal sloth Fair man, I know fuck all about boxing bro haha. I was just on the fact that peeps be dissing Ruiz even tho their even rn and both were overconfident in different fights. You don’t think AJ’s as good as he is then? That maybe both fighters just going off of the trend like the USclip boxing thing? Hype hype hype...

    • mortal sloth
      mortal sloth 5 hours ago

      @lookatmedamnit Because it's pretty easy to make a Fatter Ruiz miss. AJ didn't school him at all, he was scared throughout the whole fight and had to win on points., at least Ali wasn't scared to exchange aswell as outbox. Fury easily outboxes and outperforms AJ and so do many other current boxers, AJ has been rocked by the 6 decent opponents he has faced. Also its boxing so I don't care about the respect because when the hates there for each other it makes for a much better fight.

    • lookatmedamnit
      lookatmedamnit 5 hours ago

      mortal sloth How come? Luiz won the first fight..only now after AJ won people commenting on Luiz that he’s eating too much chocolate an dat.. Both fighters we’re overconfident in two different fights, no need in commenting disrespect if both the fighters have respect for each other... And two totally different bodies colliding It’s like.. Braaaaap Panther vs Mexican hulk AJ’s feet tho🔥

    • mortal sloth
      mortal sloth 5 hours ago

      You sound ridiculous

  • lookatmedamnit
    lookatmedamnit 9 hours ago

    1:03:36 Notice all the black guys in Anthony’s team: straight face asf, just like him Cause they knew 💯 he would win🙏

  • TrueMedia
    TrueMedia 9 hours ago

    Remember this one. Felt like a public execution.

  • DillonJames
    DillonJames 9 hours ago

    @45:45 who was that idiot that pulled on Povetkin's glove and make him slip more? That surely shouldn't be allowed

  • WitchDoctor Roots
    WitchDoctor Roots 9 hours ago

    Dont English boxers know how to HOLD 37% of boxing when your HURT IS TO HOLD HELLO

  • Ste
    Ste 9 hours ago

    Ready to D.I.E 🤣 fury would jab him to death and wilder would put him to sleep...I had nothing against the guy till I heard him speak...all you get is cheesy cli-che one liners from him...when you have fought the best then say what you want ...yes he's some size but really think he's a very average boxer 🤔

  • guy
    guy 9 hours ago

    we all know watching this wilder would have walked accross and banged both of these out in the 4th lets be honest .and im not a big fan of wilder. but he is the badest man on the planet at the moment//,tysons next fight over in 5th round ,booom good night .. wilder will not waite next time .and i think tyson knowes that ..

    KEANO REEVES 9 hours ago

    im not sure if its the camera angles or something but why does this fight look like a amature fight

  • guy
    guy 9 hours ago

    my mum is 75 bless she watched this with me ,she said i know that man in the gold shorts is that prince naseem. or ricky ..,looks like ricky hatton to me ,son . pass me my cup of tea son .bless

  • lookatmedamnit
    lookatmedamnit 9 hours ago

    I shall return as 👑

  • gtoss chddy
    gtoss chddy 9 hours ago

    Just like Joshua TOOK THE MIC while Ruiz was being interviewed. Then when the interviewer went to Joshua he said no no it's HIS moment haha

  • Tony G.
    Tony G. 9 hours ago


  • Hugh Cipher
    Hugh Cipher 10 hours ago

    Hunter gotta step his game up if he thinks he gonna hang with the three headed beast - AJ,Wilder & Fury

  • Rockstar Rains
    Rockstar Rains 10 hours ago

    Wilder is a peice of Shit..that's clung onto king kings ass hole.. One irritating, contradicting wanker

  • guy
    guy 10 hours ago

    who are the british comentaiters ,if its tony blow you ,at least he wont get his car nicked outside ,its not liverpool .itl will still be there after the fight /// if it was liverpool .it might have a different number plate on they was just about to take it ..your lucky lar .

  • I have a small willy but,

    Go on Jordan!!! 🇬🇧🇬🇧

  • Flat FLSTF
    Flat FLSTF 10 hours ago

    I new Ruiz was lucky or worse it was a fix the 1 st time please no 3 really

  • Fizzy Khan
    Fizzy Khan 10 hours ago

    Aj is way fast on his feet 💨

  • abu attah
    abu attah 10 hours ago

    "To be the best, you challenge the best" Nas

  • Club de amigos Barca
    Club de amigos Barca 10 hours ago

    I feel like he's more popular in the UK than he is in his own country

  • David Polianski
    David Polianski 11 hours ago

    If Ruiz did, then anyone could, even a 42 yr old Klitschko almost knocked him the fuck out..

  • Blue Nose
    Blue Nose 11 hours ago

    AJ's loss to Ruiz has made AJ more dangerous, proven his boxing skills and made him twice as hungry, AJ would stop Usyk by round 10-11.

  • dielli art
    dielli art 11 hours ago

    Tony was a good fighter ,..i really did enjoy his technic ,..his strength wasn’t there

  • Jeremie Timtiman
    Jeremie Timtiman 11 hours ago

    If you hurt we can do the third HAHA -AJ In your 3rd fight with ruiz we will knock you out ..

  • de-man de-nize
    de-man de-nize 11 hours ago

    I must say Saudi Arabia didn’t disappoint in organising this match. This is an epic venue . The whole building up and organisations of this match is wonderful. Big respect to Saudi’s.👍👍👍

  • Ruby Ryan
    Ruby Ryan 11 hours ago

    They open open up Ruiz stomach they find number plates n shit 😆

  • Ruby Ryan
    Ruby Ryan 11 hours ago

    This is not the no2 fight for those who didn’t watch lol 😆💰

    SANGANI VIKASH 11 hours ago

    True champ.

  • the judge
    the judge 11 hours ago

    He thinks usyk beats AJ on points. I agree with him but the question is how good is usyk chin

  • Antolino3 Gurrola
    Antolino3 Gurrola 11 hours ago

    No excuses. Wey. A poco creias k con ese cuerpo ivas aganar no mms. Ruiz. Disciplina y trabajoo mijo. Si no pos. Asse sparring pides la 3rd pelea x k sabes k ya no vas agarrar alguna k te deje buena feria.

  • CHRIS198490
    CHRIS198490 12 hours ago

    Joshua avoiding fight playing games Ruiz is the HERO

  • John Doe
    John Doe 12 hours ago

    Aj felt insecure about his punching power since in the last fight he got knocked down like five times I hope wilder batters him it might happen if aj doesn’t play it safe for the rest of his careers