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Jingle Bells...?Jingle Bells...?
Jingle Bells...?
2 months ago

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  • Wut Stock
    Wut Stock 6 months ago

    Mr. Verta. I've been an avid follower of the restoration you attempted of Star Wars anno 1977, I'm aware that progress has probably been terminated based on the ending of online updates. Recently the version 4K77 of Star Wars was released in a state where colour correction and noise reduction could be improved. I may not have the knowledge you posses, but seeing that version made me want to attempt restoration too of various older movies, potentially ones that have received more recent special edits than the source material. Since you showed really great progress of certain shots on Vimeo, I was wondering if you could share the material you used and potentially some insight for said project, as long as it wouldn't cross any borders the ranch doesn't want you to cross. Your work was truly amazing and so far what I've seen from others it's nearly as good. You can contact me on wutstockofficial@gmail.com if you so please. If that's not possible any hint to whether you have continued your pursuit for certain restorations in any capacity, official or not, would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, and the force will be with you, always.

  • Ed Genovese
    Ed Genovese Year ago

    Hi Mike, Amazingly earthy break down on everything! great humor and solid concepts ! looking forward to classes very much. I never had the chance to study so now I found you ~ Lucky me !!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and skills. Best... Ed G PS. How do I find out when and where to submit my music for your next Unleashed ? I logged in so you should have my email (:

  • Tjeu Geelen
    Tjeu Geelen 2 years ago

    Several days I've been looking at the UNLEASHED 3 Video. It's amazing to see and hear how fast you get to the nitty-gritty of strenghts and weaknesses of submitted cues. The almost 12 hour video is a great inspiration, as well as your videos on live composing and VI-techniques. This in depth information to me is invaluable after follwing te Berklee classes on Orchestration I and II and Composing for Film and TV I and II. It made me buy two of your Masterclasses to continue to build on my competences in 2017. I also like the way you compare music to storytelling, where a line (form) is needed, a good idea and a lot of horizontal and vertical development. Thanks for thwe inspiring materials! Greetings from The Netherlands! Tjeu Geelen

  • CaptainSmith23
    CaptainSmith23 2 years ago

    Hello Mike. Where you saw the model of TITANIC, can anyone see it, is it a museum?

    • CaptainSmith23
      CaptainSmith23 2 years ago

      +Mike Verta How did you get so lucky Mike?

    • Mike Verta
      Mike Verta 2 years ago

      No it is not on display to the public, it is housed at Cameron's production studio, Lightstorm Entertainment!

  • Jack
    Jack 4 years ago

    Thoughts on October by Eric Whitacre?

  • mhitos7722
    mhitos7722 5 years ago

    Hello! Could you tell me how do you manage with putting sections/solo instruments in space ??I mean by this not only left and right panning but front, rear and center... What do you think about making a tutorial in this topic? Kindest regards!