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I'm Still Here
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Meme Templates Are EASY
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KFC Dating Simulator
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You're Gonna Wanna See This
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I Quit Youtube For This
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This Has To Stop
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I'm Sorry To Do This
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  • Ahh Why
    Ahh Why 8 seconds ago

    I started thinking about DBH mid episode and how I watched Jack's first, and then I pictured Connor as Frisk/Chara screaming '28 STAB WOUNDS' during sans and I started laughing-

  • Twix the bunny
    Twix the bunny 39 seconds ago

    “This is for babies and milk drinkers” Me: ... *puts the milk carton I was drinking down in shame*

  • Christman Brimley
    Christman Brimley 47 seconds ago


  • Ashley
    Ashley Minute ago

    Me: **sees the title* Me: ANTI?!?! IS THAT YOU?!?!

  • gamergirl
    gamergirl Minute ago

    “That’s a lot of Ls, ha! About as many Ls that Nugget is gonna hold after I read this letter” *L* i *l* y *l* o v e *l* e t t e r 4 Ls, if you give an L for each line it’s actually equal to the amount of Ls.

  • Dexrex Gaming YT
    Dexrex Gaming YT 2 minutes ago

    Soooo... music turns jack on?

  • Tito Pena
    Tito Pena 2 minutes ago


  • Kris Greenfield
    Kris Greenfield 2 minutes ago

    I haven’t watched this channel for a long time and this just brought me back, go Jack! As a fellow drummer this is amazing!

  • Idan Shoval
    Idan Shoval 3 minutes ago

    Below zero got tons of updates

  • RUBY Stuart
    RUBY Stuart 3 minutes ago

    Jack:Alexa this is so sad Alexa:answers Me:*laughs so much*

  • Padee Cha
    Padee Cha 4 minutes ago

    It’s back!!! I’m so happy!

  • Bob With Cheese
    Bob With Cheese 4 minutes ago

    Me: about to detain someone Also me: *I'm gonna do what's called a pro gamer move*

  • led003
    led003 4 minutes ago

    He just shot that dude's dick off. Damn.

  • Eevee Speedpaints
    Eevee Speedpaints 4 minutes ago

    “Now THIS is HARD!” * genocide sans: haha *

  • Jayden Raynor
    Jayden Raynor 4 minutes ago

    Italian dinosaur. Aka yoshi.

  • Marcus M
    Marcus M 5 minutes ago

    See you back on the kit in another couple of years

  • Xavier Chavera
    Xavier Chavera 5 minutes ago

    5:09 for What exactly?

  • Erin Fandey
    Erin Fandey 5 minutes ago

    Oh no. People's love of weed or people's love of dogs.

  • Branden H
    Branden H 5 minutes ago

    game 2 stranger things much.

  • Boaking 101
    Boaking 101 5 minutes ago

    At the end,, Super secret science doctor person: *problem occurs in whatever is on the monitor* “let me use my handy dandy gaming keyboard*

  • Æzach Plays
    Æzach Plays 6 minutes ago

    Why You talking about Anti we are talking about Dr Shneeplestein not Anti (yet)

  • Izuwu Cosplay
    Izuwu Cosplay 6 minutes ago

    That was 2 days after my birthday last year :3

  • FireCarf
    FireCarf 7 minutes ago

    I miss these simple times...

  • Jay Gaming
    Jay Gaming 7 minutes ago

    3:07 my puppy barked

  • Sophia
    Sophia 7 minutes ago

    I thought tall jack was the one he knocked over..

  • jayden rodriguez
    jayden rodriguez 7 minutes ago

    does he know the dogs can teleport if far away

  • Emma Smith
    Emma Smith 7 minutes ago


  • Lucas Chelcea
    Lucas Chelcea 7 minutes ago


  • Jayden Raynor
    Jayden Raynor 8 minutes ago

    Go ragdoll mode as blood goat with the power on...

  • John Carcher
    John Carcher 8 minutes ago

    I looked up homer simpson and I could see the M just not the G.

  • What to Play Next
    What to Play Next 8 minutes ago

    Jack needs a really good skin for this... like Cookie Monster...

  • dulguun odmandal
    dulguun odmandal 9 minutes ago

    Crap! 17:18 got me!

  • Shannon Bennett
    Shannon Bennett 9 minutes ago

    you are dumb idiot

  • Nicolas Eaton
    Nicolas Eaton 10 minutes ago

    I have a hammer, I have sickle, MOTHER RUSSIA

  • Biscuit Lol
    Biscuit Lol 10 minutes ago


  • Dest
    Dest 10 minutes ago

    "Sick Like The Sith" someone put that on a shirt

  • Nicole Weirich
    Nicole Weirich 10 minutes ago

    10 times 10 =100 you are a fuckr

  • KingChubbs
    KingChubbs 10 minutes ago

    I understand, Joel saved Ellie instead of her being sacrificed to create a cure. But I was thinking, it’s been over 20 years. It might be a bit late to find a cure now. Most people are dead and gone.

  • D. W.
    D. W. 11 minutes ago

    Jack discovers the rainbow vagina portal to ultra-exclusive non-virginity.

  • satanisdaddy _
    satanisdaddy _ 11 minutes ago

    I screamed at the first one

  • Shannon Bennett
    Shannon Bennett 11 minutes ago

    your girl freind is ugly

  • Ethan Roberts
    Ethan Roberts 11 minutes ago

    You should go play fnaf world again

  • Dan Lavine
    Dan Lavine 11 minutes ago

    Why jack you have fallen so far

  • Cam GB
    Cam GB 11 minutes ago

    Bruh, really? that's Beethoven

  • Fraser Marshall
    Fraser Marshall 11 minutes ago

    You should try building a replica of the Titanic! that will be fun

  • Evil Evil
    Evil Evil 12 minutes ago

    Okay what the hell is Jack writing on that paper I really wanna know it's eating me alive

  • Ted Tesco
    Ted Tesco 12 minutes ago

    Ngl Fortnite actually looking ok

  • Adam Zlotkowski
    Adam Zlotkowski 12 minutes ago

    Weird, I have hairy hands as well

  • Shannon Bennett
    Shannon Bennett 12 minutes ago

    u hore

  • Cheyenne Olewiler
    Cheyenne Olewiler 12 minutes ago

    omg i love the Deadmau5 thing xD

  • Saoirse Duka
    Saoirse Duka 13 minutes ago


  • Βικτωρ Τζημκας


  • Adam Phazey
    Adam Phazey 13 minutes ago

    47:04 the toriel face of guilt

  • Shannon Bennett
    Shannon Bennett 13 minutes ago

    u butthole

  • ᏒᎧᏰᎧᏖᏁᎥᏦ 75 ᙭Ƴ乙

    Undertale has arguably the best soundtracks

  • Βικτωρ Τζημκας

    You can move the poop

  • Stephen Collins
    Stephen Collins 14 minutes ago

    It said on the wall to ignore her. That was probably her that scared you in the hallway with the chairs

  • Lazy Rainbow Man
    Lazy Rainbow Man 14 minutes ago

    Robin is the best editor

  • Nate Singh
    Nate Singh 14 minutes ago

    11:58 i almost died i fell out of my chair m8

  • Shabz
    Shabz 14 minutes ago

    Play borderlands 3

  • Shannon Bennett
    Shannon Bennett 14 minutes ago

    what the hell is wrong with u

  • the nameless dude
    the nameless dude 15 minutes ago

    When Jack cried i wanted to just jump through the screen and give him a hug because he looked so sad

  • Ez Squeezy
    Ez Squeezy 15 minutes ago

    The baby has a bigger wee than I do

  • Nate Singh
    Nate Singh 15 minutes ago

    11:59 i fell out of my chair i almost died XD

  • BlackBirdGaming
    BlackBirdGaming 15 minutes ago

    What the hell was happening in the end

  • ツMarissa
    ツMarissa 15 minutes ago

    He not the killer she is

  • みおみ
    みおみ 15 minutes ago

    What is ego can you shortcut the ego teaching pwease!! If your thinking I’m dumb. I’m not dumb I’m stupid!! you should know the deference!

  • Shannon Bennett
    Shannon Bennett 15 minutes ago

    suck a fart

  • TONO Benters
    TONO Benters 15 minutes ago

    Has anyone else noticed that Jack doesn't do his intro anymore? Is this a Jenna Marbles moment..

  • Annie The Fallen
    Annie The Fallen 16 minutes ago

    I'm loving that ending!!!!!

  • Rachael Peterson
    Rachael Peterson 16 minutes ago

    Jack villagers only become witches when they get hit by lightning bolts.

  • Koro-sensei
    Koro-sensei 16 minutes ago

    You know that it's a good freaking video when I start bawling 30 seconds in

  • Adicile
    Adicile 16 minutes ago

    Wall wally WALL wall

  • night knight
    night knight 16 minutes ago

    not so fun fact the ting with the rat used to be a REAL torture method was hungry before watching this video now i'm not hungry anymore :P

  • Gazi Tazick
    Gazi Tazick 16 minutes ago

    5:57 jump scare and Anti Septiceye, your welcome

  • jepa the gamer
    jepa the gamer 16 minutes ago

    Wait if freddie is dead then the dog is dead too

  • Nicole Weirich
    Nicole Weirich 16 minutes ago

    Your a duck? Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • McCarton Of Milk
    McCarton Of Milk 16 minutes ago

    the narration in the final game reminds me of Layers Of Fear

  • Demon_ Lord666
    Demon_ Lord666 16 minutes ago

    Javk behind the face is good loot

  • crazygachaboi112 1
    crazygachaboi112 1 16 minutes ago

    The genocide route triggers when you kill toriel and papyrus.

  • Paolo Villena
    Paolo Villena 17 minutes ago

    haha that 5:54 got me, I'm not ready yet

    TITANFALL PLAYER 17 minutes ago

    cool intro

  • Courtney Oldfield
    Courtney Oldfield 17 minutes ago

    Jack: GO BACK TO AFRICA My freind:racist dude Me: that’s Jack for ya

  • camryn barlow
    camryn barlow 17 minutes ago

    Jack u should play the game the way u wanna play the game, don't let people tell you otherwise. If they not satisfied, they shouldn't complain, they should just go watch another video.

  • chelsea foster
    chelsea foster 17 minutes ago

    Every glitch I thought is it the return of anti? 😱😱😱

  • Cyrus Heydari
    Cyrus Heydari 18 minutes ago

    WANT ANOTHER SODA SECRET YOU SON OF A FUCK 9:30 dam that will always make me LAUGH

  • killmonger 202
    killmonger 202 18 minutes ago

    I'm confused

  • BigYeeter 6969
    BigYeeter 6969 18 minutes ago

    The bigining sounded like le' monke

  • Forest Huang
    Forest Huang 18 minutes ago

    Can somebody make a jumpscare list so that I don’t have to wait with my fear escalating with every second video.

  • Saoirse Duka
    Saoirse Duka 18 minutes ago

    You are Da best Who agrees 👇

  • Marvin Hanson
    Marvin Hanson 18 minutes ago

    But we are ready for more minecraft

  • CallMeKes
    CallMeKes 19 minutes ago

    Messed up thing is, the previous family just didn't want to take their fish with them so they dumped it in the toilet, still alive, and it died there when they left.

  • BlackWhite Death
    BlackWhite Death 19 minutes ago

    If i didn't stop watching this video i will throw out

  • Hiiamkayes
    Hiiamkayes 19 minutes ago

    Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! 5:51

  • lawlen the best
    lawlen the best 20 minutes ago

    Jack i miss your old intro

  • Mewtwofallout lel
    Mewtwofallout lel 20 minutes ago

    Hey Jack you should play Siren Head it’s a scary game

  • Sara Awji
    Sara Awji 20 minutes ago


  • Littledoggokid
    Littledoggokid 20 minutes ago

    *breathes heavily* It's spooky month... Time to screeam...

    DOAMA 20 minutes ago

    Fortnite Chapter 1: Difficult with unique challenges. Fortnite Chapter 2: "And you get a kill, and you get a kill... Everybody gets a kill."