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New Hoax. Same Swamp.
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  • Shawn&Inna Barrett
    Shawn&Inna Barrett 2 minutes ago

    ho law g r a h am hol l o g R A h ‘em st IR stirr ing f o y i g r a t c t y y t c tic solid thick metal on the bikes and they get lot of crashes easy the metal on bikes is think and yet they get vosmerka v o s I V I e r Ca what happened with that black guy who kelly ann was licking lips and what happened with video crew hu left that episode and posted on white huse you time are they still working there if they are wa st intentional show off the female power cant someone question this black shepard and there is no tapes of the physical encounters and have that shepard testify about what happened between him and kelly ann caus eit is not even about std it could be hpv literals the doctors say the hpv can develop until 45 why is that do they only care about women child bearing years ? but regardless there is free screening in canada nd what it cost here? why ther are no deadlines like thsi in every news channel? and newspapers electronic

    • Shawn&Inna Barrett
      Shawn&Inna Barrett Minute ago

      thsi type of swelling is very dangerous someone puts msg and salt in food. my kidneys shutting down i think cause i get a problem cause of salt

    • Shawn&Inna Barrett
      Shawn&Inna Barrett 2 minutes ago instead of likes can they download percentage how many people watched the entire video tuMAcho let me introduce the smartest dog in the world eating one dry food occasionally eats food from the table etc commands between legs snake and booty? and eight ф ее с т ч l i m б L e e M P exa cutel y exactly or exe cut ly ?? exe cute lee lobby sst

  • 4orl2c
    4orl2c 5 minutes ago

    God I hope he wins again. Everyone outside of the US just love's stupid humour.. The man's an idiot......

  • Fred Norman
    Fred Norman 10 minutes ago

    what is wrong with liberal democrats, what is there problem?

  • drago petrovic
    drago petrovic 10 minutes ago

    LOl pocahontas i know that woman ,fake native american ,and running for democrats stupid party

  • Final HIT
    Final HIT 17 minutes ago

    Lexster15 perfect example of obsession. Democrats would say election meddling.

  • Katja-Franziska Müller
    Katja-Franziska Müller 22 minutes ago

    Danke aus Berlin.

  • Pischue Forqe
    Pischue Forqe 22 minutes ago

    Be careful you might lose some of your base. But you cover that by pretending you only do it because you have to, to appease the powerful. (Both lies he has genuinely liked Jews his whole life, and knows that many Jews are in poverty and know nothing about power, about 20% of 'white' Jews are in poverty. Until 200 years ago 99% of Jews were in poverty, so freedom has done us well.)

  • drago petrovic
    drago petrovic 33 minutes ago

    CNN ,the stupid idiots Democrats are so stupid jealous to my president TRUMP #MAGA #2020 four more years

  • Deborah Jones
    Deborah Jones 39 minutes ago

    Merry Christmas WWG1WGA !!!

  • Final HIT
    Final HIT 51 minute ago

    Democrats abuse of power should be charged after impeachment hoax. All involved also. A solider last night got a warm welcome home. Only kindness I've seen in a decade in NJ.

  • Gaius Caligula
    Gaius Caligula 56 minutes ago

    Can someone just put a a timestamp in for the news worthy bits, no one can be bothered to sit through this bullshit.

  • patriot time
    patriot time Hour ago

    The do nothing anti American demon rats talk and act like WE THE PEOPLE don't excist and we all want the president impeached , it's only the useless who want something for nothing or ones to brain dead to think for themselves or non Americans that's your demon rat supporters

  • Samir Benkirane
    Samir Benkirane Hour ago

    Liste to m'y music 🇺🇲🆓 🇺🇲 i make parol no game with i dont (Terrorist family saudi killer ) its your job to make this all your Arms from, 🇺🇲 the game in the World itd change delete all barriere list with 🇺🇲 you win you make against you Lose because smell trahison you in GOD beleve in it its the 1 no others All your Equipment from 🇺🇲 I can Tell you iknow way but its secret for the future🚧 🇺🇲🆓🚧

  • Charles Rhodes
    Charles Rhodes Hour ago

    The Grand Canyon is empty sir ⭐

  • Samir Benkirane
    Samir Benkirane Hour ago

    🚧⚠️Panda i dont Like you but you make your job because you make it⚠️ you have dream 🇺🇲 make your Dreams True Just Listen to News no others hi want you stai fake Terror now Show the Real Terror 💥😘 🚧⚠️🇺🇲🆓 🇺🇲🆓⚠️

  • Troy Crith ll
    Troy Crith ll Hour ago

    Uh bei 🇮🇩

  • Military Veteran

    WE HAVE THE BEST PRESIDENT EVER, woooo hoooo! AND WE HAVE a REAL BEAUTIFUL #FLOTUS AND a HANDSOME, SMART #VP PENCE! SO GO FUC* YOURSELVES, YOU F*GGOT USELESS LOSERS AND #COWARDS (talking TO THE #Leftist LOSERS Called #betacuck #SoyBOY F*GGOT #antifa because ALL THEY DO ALL damn day IS CRY LIKE a Female B*TCH, INSTEAD of GETTING A REAL J-O-B, SO GO GET YOURSELVES a REAL J-O-B, YOU USELESS LOSERS = this Message IS MAINLY For that F*GGOT Lexster15 AND his COWARD LOSER #antifa BUM Friends, haa haa), Lmbo! #TrumpandPence #MAGA #hispanicsforTrump #4MoreYears #MilitaryVeterans #TeamRed #KAG #GodBlessAmerica

  • A.K.A KDOG
    A.K.A KDOG Hour ago

    God bless our President and first lady..

  • ShWeJaPa
    ShWeJaPa Hour ago

    55:42, Thank you♂️

  • Charles Rhodes
    Charles Rhodes Hour ago

    They got swamps and bugs sir ✌

  • Charles Rhodes
    Charles Rhodes 2 hours ago

    They got bayous 😵

  • Samir Benkirane
    Samir Benkirane 2 hours ago

    🚧⚠️PdTrump stai safe i know that you love you Lady but stai safe i See⚠️🚧 🇺🇲🆓🆓🆓

  • ShWeJaPa
    ShWeJaPa 2 hours ago

    51:39, just sayin' Jewish people are bound by the letter of the law Jesus freed them, is that fair?

  • Agnes van Duffelen
    Agnes van Duffelen 2 hours ago

    This is totally over the top exagerated. How much money is spent on this insane decoration overkill???

  • Sarah Maleh
    Sarah Maleh 2 hours ago

    LMFAO were they put into office to decorate the White House or change America for the better...what a joke

  • A.K.A KDOG
    A.K.A KDOG 2 hours ago

    Wow I never imagine we could have such a beautiful first lady too guide our nation with so much class and style in such elegance in decorating design, we haven't had a beautiful first lady with class and elequence style since Jackie Onassis was our first lady in the Whitehouse until we got Malania Trump. God bless the USA and the Trump family 🙏🙏 especially our first lady amen.

  • I love Yeshua
    I love Yeshua 2 hours ago


  • Kevin Irish
    Kevin Irish 2 hours ago

    TRUMP 2020

  • Kevin Irish
    Kevin Irish 2 hours ago

    MERRY XMAS .. TRUMP 2020

  • Charles Rhodes
    Charles Rhodes 2 hours ago

    Sunni 🌙

  • A.K.A KDOG
    A.K.A KDOG 2 hours ago

    Love our classy first lady and the style of our Malania Trump and she so beautiful also we are so blessed as a nation too have her she like Jackie Onassis in class and style.

  • Krazy Kat
    Krazy Kat 2 hours ago

    Fuck the Saudis!! Horrible cunts!

  • A.K.A KDOG
    A.K.A KDOG 2 hours ago

    Our first lady got such class and style and beauty, we are so blessed as a nation too have such a woman remenecent like Jackie Onassis with such class and style and elequence as Melania Trump bestowed upon our nation. Merry Christmas too the Trump family and god bless you all.

  • veronica sotelo
    veronica sotelo 2 hours ago

    I'm wondering how much it set us, taxpayers, back????

  • Diana Gerard
    Diana Gerard 2 hours ago

    Trump you need Gowdy

    • Diana Gerard
      Diana Gerard 2 hours ago


  • Ron We
    Ron We 2 hours ago

    That is my beautiful job doing president....❤️❤️☃️❄️🥰☃️❄️❤️❤️

  • Kevin Irish
    Kevin Irish 2 hours ago


  • Charles Rhodes
    Charles Rhodes 2 hours ago

    Yasser Araphat good people ✌

  • Kevin Irish
    Kevin Irish 2 hours ago

    TRUMP 2020 .............. 12 MORE YEARS

  • Dallas Raatz
    Dallas Raatz 2 hours ago

    “If I didn’t get elected there wouldn’t be a steel industry” I genuinely doubt that is factual.

  • Kevin Irish
    Kevin Irish 2 hours ago

    TRUMP 2020 ....... 12 MORE YEARS

  • Kelhori Elhori
    Kelhori Elhori 3 hours ago


  • Charles Rhodes
    Charles Rhodes 3 hours ago

    Trump might be cool 😎

  • CapitanoGUC
    CapitanoGUC 3 hours ago

    It shows that he is a ducking Shabatgoi :-/

  • Kelhori Elhori
    Kelhori Elhori 3 hours ago


  • Kelhori Elhori
    Kelhori Elhori 3 hours ago


  • B. Ramitovich
    B. Ramitovich 3 hours ago

    I will call you back Mr. President. I am so busy 😁😂🤣

  • Kevin Irish
    Kevin Irish 3 hours ago

    TRUMP 2020 ....... 12 MORE YEARS

  • Камиль Хабибуллов

    Во Имя БОГА, Любимого. Слава БОГУ, Милостивому и Милосердному. БОГ один, другого божества нет. БОГ создал этот мир, и в этом творении человек не главное. Возгордились вельможи, строя небоскребы и биржи. Так гордо, увлеченно строили подземные царства, и прежние, погибшие племена. БОГ Велик, Мудр. ОН мир строил не забавляясь. Заблудшие не видят Знамения БОГА, и не верят что оживут для вечной жизни. Они богатеют устраивая козни, лишь во временном мире. Невозможно быть счастливым, без Веры в одного БОГА и День Суда. Бойтесь БОГА, Повинуйтесь Мне Пророку. Пророк Камил.

  • Elizabeth Mclaughlin

    Mr. Trump I think it's terrible the way nasty nasty Nancy's doing people don't realize that you are a president I voted for you nasty Nancy just once you not to be going through the election cuz she probably thinks she might win she's a bad woman fighting isn't a very nice person either I saw him on the news the way he behaved and also weigh nasty Nancy behaved on the news don't people see it doesn't people see what they're trying to do to you I wish you all the best mr. President and your family I hope they'll have a lovely Christmas have people out there who care about you I really don't know why they're not speaking up but there is people who care about I really don't know why they're not speaking up but anyway on for you God bless

  • Kelhori Elhori
    Kelhori Elhori 3 hours ago


  • Kelhori Elhori
    Kelhori Elhori 3 hours ago


  • Kelhori Elhori
    Kelhori Elhori 3 hours ago


  • Kelhori Elhori
    Kelhori Elhori 3 hours ago


  • Angel Cher Victoria
    Angel Cher Victoria 3 hours ago

    Blessed Christmas 🎄 President Trump and First Lady Melania❤️ May God Bless America! Thank You too!!

  • the Patriot
    the Patriot 3 hours ago

    God bless Donald j Trump and the chosen people of Israel !!!

  • Fighting '42
    Fighting '42 3 hours ago

    I'm with you, Mr. President. Thanks for everything you're doing for our country. I will NOT watch impeachment bullshit.

  • garden Pear
    garden Pear 3 hours ago

    I love you

  • Maktak M
    Maktak M 3 hours ago

    god morning President Donald J.T.

  • Sheri JK
    Sheri JK 4 hours ago

    President Trump should get impeached then run for 2 more terms

  • vman armand
    vman armand 4 hours ago

    take your clothes off, melania! that's all you're good for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Charles Rhodes
    Charles Rhodes 4 hours ago

    Nappy cool also 😎

  • Charles Rhodes
    Charles Rhodes 4 hours ago

    I like citrus ✌

  • SIR T
    SIR T 4 hours ago

    45 deployed!🇺🇸 you know where AfGHAN? Vote Trump!🇺🇸

  • Charles Rhodes
    Charles Rhodes 4 hours ago

    I've cut cabbage before , I've never picked oranges ✌ 😉

  • wendy conway
    wendy conway 4 hours ago


    HEADBANGRR 4 hours ago

    Another day of TRUTH From President Trump! TRUMP LANDSLIDE 20! KEEP AMERICA GREAT!

  • 호떡
    호떡 4 hours ago

    This is the true president of the United States!

  • Raymond Gardner
    Raymond Gardner 4 hours ago


  • Nikola Bijeliti
    Nikola Bijeliti 5 hours ago

    Why are only White countries expected to be multiracial and multicultural? Why are only White people expected to become minorities in the countries that their ancestors founded? Why is "diversity" only being promoted in White countries? The promoters of diversity and multiculturalism claim that they are anti-racist, but what they actually are is anti-White. Diversity is a codeword for White genocide. Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  • Alejandro Martinez
    Alejandro Martinez 5 hours ago

    Mexicans for our great president.

  • Alejandro Martinez
    Alejandro Martinez 5 hours ago

    Is Israel the one who pulls the strings on our great president? And if so, who are the Jews families who have enough power to pull such strings ?

    • Pischue Forqe
      Pischue Forqe 32 minutes ago

      Stupid and evil nonsense. You're beyond dumb. But looking at history, the only group who ever pulled strings have been you antisemites. Try to pretend you're not lacking any thinking ability, why are so many brainwashed to think that about the most persecuted people in human history, for 3000 years? Who is pulling the strings?

  • Detroit Warrior
    Detroit Warrior 5 hours ago


  • Chargi Kamal
    Chargi Kamal 5 hours ago

  • Keeper One
    Keeper One 5 hours ago

    So elegant and beautiful! Thank you to our beautiful first lady. 💕😘🙏

  • Atom Bigod
    Atom Bigod 5 hours ago

    We are soooo LUCKY, to have TRUMP in office. Thank you for your selfless service.

  • Am PP
    Am PP 5 hours ago

    Love both of them, thank you for everything you endure for all of us, God bless you

  • Idalia Martinez
    Idalia Martinez 5 hours ago

    The best foreign policy PRESIDENT GREAT LEADER.

  • Lydia Sherman
    Lydia Sherman 5 hours ago

    Orange man good.

  • Mislady1969
    Mislady1969 5 hours ago

    Beautiful!! God bless our first Lady Melania 🌹♥️🤗

  • Tommy Jones37
    Tommy Jones37 5 hours ago

    I heard a idiot wanted to buy Greenland, anyone know who that idiot is.🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Tommy Jones37
    Tommy Jones37 5 hours ago

    Trump says let's kick out countries that dont pay the minimum 2% to nato, guess only a smart man can think that up.. Imagine for a sec if that really happened & Russia started invading & taking these countries, wouldnt russia become more powerful than America & what will America do with all that money because now nato is obsolete, russia with all that power, decide to take America, guess trump will say " I though you was my friend".. Worst president ever....

    • Charles Charlemagne
      Charles Charlemagne 5 hours ago

      Or maybe the other nations could just pay their fair share? Obviously no one is getting kicked out of NATO...stop pretending to be smart

  • So Vu
    So Vu 5 hours ago


  • Twee Nguyen
    Twee Nguyen 6 hours ago

    TRUMP 2020

  • Jay Millette
    Jay Millette 6 hours ago

    Trump is garbage.

  • Tommy Jones37
    Tommy Jones37 6 hours ago

    The idiot also broke his promise to Syria, guess trump thinks that was smart, when the next big terrorist threat comes to America, because of the promises trump has broken, no country will ever trust America ever again, making near to impossible to thwart the threat, guess trump will think that was smart also, or when he said Turkey when you go into Syria dont you dare hurt our troops, guess only a smart man would show that much gratitude to a country who gave everything & got nothing to hear it's open season on killing them as long as America troops dont get hurt.. Worst president ever...

    • Charles Charlemagne
      Charles Charlemagne 5 hours ago

      We never had any "promise to Syria" you idiot...we had no agreement with Syria whatsoever...all of a sudden you leftist fools are neo-cons and want to stay in Syria forever. Go over there and fight in Syria if you care so much about Syria.

  • M Infante
    M Infante 6 hours ago

    USclipr denounces Marvel pedo trans project. Will COPPA law apply for Marvel? Or will wokes replace US law again?

  • damaxpowerway
    damaxpowerway 6 hours ago

    California: Destroy Detroit's steel and car industry. Also California: "Poor Flint, poor Detroit, Save Flint from conservative monsters. Let's send all our broke artists to Detroit."

  • Tommy Jones37
    Tommy Jones37 6 hours ago

    Seriously who cares about jobs numbers when the cost of living costs more than the average salary, leaving no room for savings & in some cases become in dept every month, what would be impressive is if wages went up, then you can boast about job numbers, so who cares, I know who does Trump the idiot who likes higher numbers, not people but numbers, worst president ever I laugh at your stupidity, you really are I in a billion.🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣💩💩💩

    • Charles Charlemagne
      Charles Charlemagne 5 hours ago

      yes, the cost of living is extremely high in DEMOCRAT run cities and states...thank you for pointing out the FAILURE of democrat politicians. California and NY are the most fled from states every year for a reason. Thank you for pointing that out!

  • James L
    James L 6 hours ago

    <3 love this maga maga maga!

  • Anil Varma
    Anil Varma 6 hours ago

    For staying longer term....use the arguement that some Prime ministers ....Angela Merkel....example...go for it....😀

  • Rehoboth Farm
    Rehoboth Farm 6 hours ago

    Why are our service people disarmed at our bases? This is yet another example of why they shouldn't be. At least officers should be allowed to carry side arms. Perhaps required to do so. This is ridiculous! If they had been armed this nut probably wouldn't have ever even tried to pull a stunt like this. Do we not trust our own military to be armed and defend our country?

  • Derek Richards
    Derek Richards 6 hours ago

    Each and every time there's a new presidential candidate to psychological warfare Czar played on the American people and they pulled different demographic types of individuals to get the votes but as you know it's all propaganda and it's all fake news because 911 was still an inside job Washington DC still pulls false flag attacks to blame the American people into believing that we are being attacked by other foreign agent and the fact that American public was dumb enough to believe that a building can collapse with a would-be airplane and to contradict that note is Google b-25 bomber hit the empire State building in 1945 because of steel and concrete building will not collapse if hit by several airplanes small or large but because of the constant repetition on mainstream media Americans were full into believing the biggest lies and war crimes in world historyDonald Trump is simply a front-runner patsy to take the blame of when United States goes against their campaign promises like they always done with every other president of the United States because at one point in time we were republic and a republic protects the people but a democracy protects the majority that's why United States is going to fall apart and destroy itself from within! 😭I don't wish America to fall apart but the government has took the Constitution and Bill of Rights and wipe their ass with it and the days of honor and integrity have gone by putting this idiot in front of the White House and I'm not saying Hillary or the Democratic party would be any better and the Republican party because both parties have committed treason and false flags against the United States and the rest of the world!

  • damaxpowerway
    damaxpowerway 6 hours ago

    News flash: the "king" of the ISLAMIC KINGDOM of Arabia run by the Saudi family....IS LYING. That nation state is a branch of Islam and is the keystone nation that continues to educate it's citizens and fund those in the jihadist violent religion, which targets Americans and Israelis as its two biggest particular enemies. ("Infidels" or "people of the book")

  • shark Hua
    shark Hua 6 hours ago

    Why so many people don't applaud

  • Mark Helland
    Mark Helland 6 hours ago

    So glad theres a president who actually wants to go down in history as a good one.

  • Get in the ARK!
    Get in the ARK! 6 hours ago

    God bless President Trump, the United States of America, Israel and may God's favor stay upon us! Amen Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas!

  • snafu killjoy
    snafu killjoy 6 hours ago

    Merry Christmas to Mr. President and first lady and all the white house staff

  • st.favour Augustine
    st.favour Augustine 6 hours ago

    Wow! God bless you Mr. President, God bless America, God bless Israel and God bless Me too.... God bless those singers as well. May God give our enemies tribulations after tribulations and let them perish in Jesus Name! Trump 2020!!!

  • Daniel Medlin
    Daniel Medlin 6 hours ago

    Just imagine how much a conservative veteran is mistreated in the great state of Washington you know the other Washington