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Were We Friendzoned?!
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We React to Fan Compilations
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  • no yes
    no yes 4 hours ago

    16:30 *gets text from fbi* Stay right where you are.

  • Cassie Love World
    Cassie Love World 4 hours ago

    Poor damien

  • Mysty Kahlen
    Mysty Kahlen 4 hours ago

    7:55 If you think the Cleveland Browns are bad, just feel bad for the redskins dc is like champs champs champs not you champs champs

  • Hadembes Malik
    Hadembes Malik 4 hours ago

    band kids who watch smosh find out shayne was a band kid and realized the secret to his quirkiness are going to be psyched

  • Irene Destiny
    Irene Destiny 4 hours ago

    Eugene's little hop to see over the divider at like 0:49 was the softest thing I've seen all day

  • Ella Brown
    Ella Brown 4 hours ago

    Wes that is hilarious!!

  • Robert Mélomane
    Robert Mélomane 4 hours ago

    Thank you. So much 🙂

  • Naturalista Nas
    Naturalista Nas 4 hours ago

    Nose piercings look hot on Keith 😍 He pulls them off so well.

  • Redheaded _ OtakuNerd

    The most important question- did you know how to play Careless Whisper?

  • Michael Krobes
    Michael Krobes 4 hours ago

    Holy mole-y.

  • Isabella Marion
    Isabella Marion 5 hours ago

    This was great lol

  • Lil Shrub
    Lil Shrub 5 hours ago

    0:58 I expected Shane to be like "neither is your brain"

  • Stevie Domenech
    Stevie Domenech 5 hours ago

    If I buy Shayne a new alto sax, will he play it for us on Tour an have a video on Smosh of him playing it for us???

  • Onyx
    Onyx 5 hours ago

    Did anyone else see the thing go by the window at 432

  • Clay Besaw
    Clay Besaw 5 hours ago

    What if you breathed them in at the same time

  • Chris McMillen
    Chris McMillen 5 hours ago

    Courtney is too hot!

  • dolimi jotoo
    dolimi jotoo 5 hours ago

    Yay Shane is still here, i thought they would leave him out in some of these but i love that they keep him locked in XD

  • Chris McMillen
    Chris McMillen 5 hours ago

    Check out the whale on the swing at 11:20

  • Terrell Wade
    Terrell Wade 5 hours ago

    Q1: Chicken Nuggets with buffalo sauce Q2: JUST DO IT!!!!! (or maybe not she's married) Q3: Damien and Shayne news skits are always funny. The improv was a plus though.

  • Jayda Pratt
    Jayda Pratt 5 hours ago

    Are you the same shayne from sam &cat???

  • dadof1girl
    dadof1girl 5 hours ago


  • Tornado 11
    Tornado 11 5 hours ago

    Uncivil starring Will Farrell

  • Toxic Rose
    Toxic Rose 5 hours ago first i thought the T.Rex was humping him.

  • Pedro Quesado
    Pedro Quesado 5 hours ago

    I loved it when Noah was like: "I'm prepared to spend 20 million 💵" and the Bobby is like "I only need 100k 😂😂😂

  • Terrell Wade
    Terrell Wade 5 hours ago

    Q1: Beast Q2: I don't Q3: \_(0_0)_/

  • Phathyrah
    Phathyrah 5 hours ago

    7:20 yo u can just fake drink it

  • isohalilo 0Ggamer12
    isohalilo 0Ggamer12 6 hours ago

    i did not now this was 13 years ago

  • Frost E
    Frost E 6 hours ago

    Its funny that kylie jenner says she is fearful of butterflies yet tries to make the butterfly her representation in emoji form.... all because yungsweetro (Travis Scotts' side piece) coined the emoji whilst in a relationship with Travis 👀👀👀👀👀

  • Heartwithjoy :3
    Heartwithjoy :3 6 hours ago

    13:04 What a Pokemon feels when being caught by being hit with a pokeball.

  • XxBlueBunnyxX
    XxBlueBunnyxX 6 hours ago

    I’m not lieing but I’m also scared of butterflies touching me 😂

  • Myst The Adventurer
    Myst The Adventurer 6 hours ago

    I could have used their advice like in the span of 4 years ahahahahahahah

  • Julia Waltzer
    Julia Waltzer 6 hours ago

    lol i'm also terrified of butterfly's

  • Katy Arnold
    Katy Arnold 6 hours ago

    Shayen seems like he would have played the saxophone

  • Crazy Puppy
    Crazy Puppy 6 hours ago

    It tells you not to do this at home but then tells us the steps on how to do this experiment

  • yasin musicprocustion

    At 9:23 over it a little the doll moves his

  • hahaha_kimi
    hahaha_kimi 6 hours ago


  • Archit Gupte
    Archit Gupte 6 hours ago

    15:08 noah is like HELP ME!! HELP!! ME!!

  • Vinity Rourth
    Vinity Rourth 6 hours ago

    I love how you only see Damien like twice and all the top comments are about him.

  • Katie Meoli
    Katie Meoli 6 hours ago

    I ship Keith and Noah I also ship Damian and Courtney I ALSO ship Shane and Courtney ALSO Shane and Noah Lol

  • Leo Pittam
    Leo Pittam 6 hours ago

    concept: watch this video at half speed and watch some drunk smoshfam making fun of themselves for sounding drunk

  • Katie Meoli
    Katie Meoli 6 hours ago


  • la nelane
    la nelane 6 hours ago

    Who else died of laughter when the McDonald’s clown came on the screen!

  • Rachael Baldwin
    Rachael Baldwin 6 hours ago

    eat it or yeet it where garrett and shayne switch places

  • Robin Dinwiddie
    Robin Dinwiddie 6 hours ago

    noah and keith during shaynes instructions is me and my bff when a teacher says we're doing a project with partners

  • Freezin 2
    Freezin 2 7 hours ago

    Hey, wait a second. I play alto saxophone

  • Leslie Stevenson
    Leslie Stevenson 7 hours ago

    good fun

  • Leslie Stevenson
    Leslie Stevenson 7 hours ago

    going funny

  • SuperStarDucks
    SuperStarDucks 7 hours ago

    Shayne, and Damien talking with a plate of Oreos and milk in front of them Me: GODDAMNIT, JUST EAT EM.

  • Leslie Stevenson
    Leslie Stevenson 7 hours ago


  • Leslie Stevenson
    Leslie Stevenson 7 hours ago

    just me going

  • Michael Santos
    Michael Santos 7 hours ago

    lol before shayne said son of a bi- it did ad

  • Leslie Stevenson
    Leslie Stevenson 7 hours ago

    funny were okay

  • Leslie Stevenson
    Leslie Stevenson 7 hours ago

    hi kayla

  • Katlyn Britt-Mendez
    Katlyn Britt-Mendez 7 hours ago

    Shayne: “I’m gonna say the most LA thing: Lemonade.” Me, never having gone to LA: “What’s “Lemonade”?”

  • Mackenzie Shirley
    Mackenzie Shirley 7 hours ago

    Ok but can we talk about how hilarious Damien is?

  • Nightmare Wolfcraft
    Nightmare Wolfcraft 7 hours ago

    No one: one: I said no one: Not a damn soul I said: Joke: exists Kieth: HyUk hYuK HyUk hYuK

  • Michael Scott
    Michael Scott 7 hours ago

    Did you call my name??

    • dolimi jotoo
      dolimi jotoo 5 hours ago

      Can't wait till garrets on the show and Shane and everyone get to make the stuff

  • Butternutcoconut 777

    She acts like a child LOL

  • Jody Huey
    Jody Huey 7 hours ago

    My cousin got married through tinder

  • TKBD Chesseyman
    TKBD Chesseyman 7 hours ago

    The whole gang... hut anthony

  • Kaylei Rotella-Seidl

    Butterflies are terrifyingggg!!!! Olivia, I'd cry too tbh. The fluttering. I got so many chills and had to look away a lot. I got so scared when the photos of butterflies popped up, I had to drop my phone to not look. Butterflies scare me. In marching band I would scream or flinch, trying not to cry. I also scream when I see them in gym. It's bad. I'll sometimes start crying.

  • Karl Koerber
    Karl Koerber 7 hours ago

    My name is Olivia

  • Party Poison
    Party Poison 7 hours ago

    *Imagine them reading some erotica shit*

  • Cindy Perdomo
    Cindy Perdomo 7 hours ago

    Cortney did you really show him you boobs ( . ) ( . )

  • Janiah Watson
    Janiah Watson 7 hours ago

    Anyone else wish it was real.... no just me

  • gemma feuerherdt
    gemma feuerherdt 7 hours ago

    sooooo funnnnny

  • gemma feuerherdt
    gemma feuerherdt 7 hours ago

    watch the video in slow mo from 10 28

  • Belong Gt
    Belong Gt 7 hours ago

    Olivia screams like she’s having an exorcist

  • Jessy Salsbury
    Jessy Salsbury 7 hours ago


  • richard carter
    richard carter 7 hours ago

    you guys are the best love you keep making videos

  • Toxic Rose
    Toxic Rose 7 hours ago

    I do everything like olivia. Shayne: (impersonates Olivia) Everyone else on set: she really does that! Its so weird! Me: i have found my spirit animal!! 🤩😂

  • Party Poison
    Party Poison 7 hours ago

    Absolutely no one: Damien: *DAYSSS LATERR*

    JJGOOD PRODUCTIONS 7 hours ago

    _They are so _*_q u i r k y_*

  • Penguinssss
    Penguinssss 7 hours ago

    I thought the glass might have been filled with bird saliva. Hopefully next time.

  • Lynn Stuke
    Lynn Stuke 7 hours ago

    Why does no one come to Minnesota :’(

  • Daphne Farris
    Daphne Farris 7 hours ago

    Freaking smexy Courtney up in here

  • Smoothie channel !
    Smoothie channel ! 7 hours ago

    Rhetts face on the computer love it

  • Maddie C
    Maddie C 8 hours ago

    Keith in the second round didn’t look at his card so I knew he was the chameleon

  • Hej Monikaj
    Hej Monikaj 8 hours ago

    what was olivia doing at 5:11

  • WVC
    WVC 8 hours ago

    8:38 the Courtney's laugh hahahaha love it !!!!! 🤣💕

  • XxAlex GachaxX
    XxAlex GachaxX 8 hours ago

    I go almost every year 😂 I love the Renaissance Fest

  • Danni and blake
    Danni and blake 8 hours ago

    Link the previous two sims

  • The Family Friendly Gaming Squad


  • home at no 6
    home at no 6 8 hours ago

    What happens to ian

  • MoonlightSweetPotato Gachas

    I was a Beverly towards my current bf... for two years- ;w;

  • Alecia Gray
    Alecia Gray 8 hours ago

    I have a mix of a Daniel and a Beverly. I won't say his name but I've liked him since 6th grade and I'm a Junior now. I have asked him out once in either 7th or 8th grade and of course he said no. He is so kind and honestly everything I've ever really wanted in a partner. I guess we're better as friends but I still really like him but everyone thinks I've gotten over it and I haven't.

  • Godzilla Master
    Godzilla Master 8 hours ago


  • Fabrobin
    Fabrobin 8 hours ago

    Shayne got so angry-shocked when Courtney said they kissed

  • ĐH Gaming
    ĐH Gaming 8 hours ago

    How Asian work 3:24

  • KcCreations Gaming
    KcCreations Gaming 8 hours ago

    Dang, I must be old now that people don't know what PEZ dispensers are xD

  • Hamilham Fan2650
    Hamilham Fan2650 8 hours ago

    Ok so I want that type of encouragement like BRUTALLY yelling at me but it’s nice things “ *YoUrE dOiNg GrEaT* “

  • Master King
    Master King 8 hours ago

    I’m not gay but I would date shayne

  • Lauren Boyd Games
    Lauren Boyd Games 8 hours ago

    whatch this drunk and u will die

  • Cute Gaming :3
    Cute Gaming :3 8 hours ago

    10:15 I LAUGHED SOO HARD 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Cameron Stairs
    Cameron Stairs 8 hours ago

    7:48 what the f*** does he called that character

  • XSTEP gamer
    XSTEP gamer 8 hours ago

    Shayne pulled a Bryce

  • Sp0nge_bill Ps4
    Sp0nge_bill Ps4 8 hours ago

    It’s Gus Johnson

  • Michael Bricky
    Michael Bricky 9 hours ago

    cow tongue is really good in a stew tbh

  • Katie Meoli
    Katie Meoli 9 hours ago

    The constant clanking of tiny hands XDDD

  • Wantedlj LJ
    Wantedlj LJ 9 hours ago

    This is how much times Olivia said like ⬇️