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Tall Girl is kinda dumb...
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what the heck is gen:LOCK??
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alex meyers compilation
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Glee is pretty dumb...
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My Japan Stories 2
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Dogs are awesome
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  • MiraculousLB_fan [Ray]

    Yubo is literally teenage tinder!!

  • Matrix Gaster
    Matrix Gaster 2 hours ago

    Don't get me wrong, I love the descendant's franchise. But the fact that the only moment two characters realized "hey, why am is she singing when there is a bigger issue" was with One Kiss. The rest of the time it's just....idk Also, is anyone gonna talk about how Harrys outfit went from your stereotypical "bad boy" teen to "I'm trying out for My Chemical Romance"

  • Cheru Siderea
    Cheru Siderea 2 hours ago


  • Maliyah Hale
    Maliyah Hale 2 hours ago

    That music teacher really wants to cut that kids hand off. I wonder if he has a hand collection 😂 😂. The moms'😂😂🤣

  • Fortnite King
    Fortnite King 2 hours ago

    I’m 10 and I LOVE home alone

  • Luna
    Luna 3 hours ago

    okay . i understand sharks, but why the same connotation for reefs and mangroves???

  • Fortnite King
    Fortnite King 3 hours ago

    Can you do stranger things

  • Sia
    Sia 3 hours ago

    review Castle

  • Hallumi Barahama
    Hallumi Barahama 3 hours ago

    Me: *gets a notification from this vid like 1 week ago and wants to watch the vid but still hasn't watched the movie but still want to watch the vid* Me:*having second thoughts* Me: this is going to give me alot of spoilers and the fact that I pulled myself from watching all the music vids jus to not get any spoilers, but I'm going to watch this anyways. NEVERMIND!!

  • Ruby Pearl
    Ruby Pearl 3 hours ago

    so um we’re just gonna ignore the fact she was sexually harassed

  • Waffle Girl
    Waffle Girl 3 hours ago

    Luther is a number one not Diego

  • stefnolife
    stefnolife 3 hours ago

    I normally hate science fiction but this is so over the top that somehow I actually liked watching it.

  • CH Network
    CH Network 3 hours ago

    Do the movie fractured on Netflix

  • Hayley Sporn
    Hayley Sporn 3 hours ago

    Im from Australian and everything alex said is extremely correct

  • H2TYD Lover
    H2TYD Lover 3 hours ago

    “Everyone in this family hates me” “Well maybe you should ask Santa for another family” We love great parenting.

  • stefnolife
    stefnolife 3 hours ago

    Now really quick.... Gives us an ad of 5 minutes.

  • Abi :D
    Abi :D 4 hours ago

    I know this movie is weird or whatever but I can’t help but loving it 🤣😑

  • Logan Westbrook
    Logan Westbrook 4 hours ago

    I can relate to that one guy. My mom yelled at me for a C+ in Language Arts

  • Mariam Omar Abdalla
    Mariam Omar Abdalla 4 hours ago


  • the other ghost girl

    It sounds like they went straight back to the 60s there for a second. Or maybe they think gay people are werewolves. Idk

  • Sav Gallardo
    Sav Gallardo 4 hours ago

    where do u get the movies?!?

  • Abdikhadir Kosar
    Abdikhadir Kosar 4 hours ago

    Review the buzz

  • Michael Iv
    Michael Iv 4 hours ago

    So... how did Hades get out of the River Styx?

  • Abdikhadir Kosar
    Abdikhadir Kosar 4 hours ago

    She was in the buzz

  • C c
    C c 4 hours ago

    Review the politician on Netflix!!!!!

  • Mikoyaru
    Mikoyaru 4 hours ago

    “Hee touched hurr Hew-hew” xD

  • Ellie DeCoursey
    Ellie DeCoursey 4 hours ago

    Stig: *exists* Me: I KNOW THAT LESBIAN

  • Michael Iv
    Michael Iv 5 hours ago

    Here's a question, why didn't they make Ben a beast like his old man was?

  • nighteyes noori
    nighteyes noori 5 hours ago


  • Alayiah Bennett
    Alayiah Bennett 5 hours ago

    I’m a type one Diabetic beet that!

  • II Emília II
    II Emília II 5 hours ago

    Alex's videos are so much fun to watch. I bored and I'm entertaining myself with a marathon of his video and it's great.

  • Ellie DeCoursey
    Ellie DeCoursey 5 hours ago

    I know you’ve done several videos for Riverdale and Twilight and I was thinking maybe you could do another Glee video. The first one was really funny and since you don’t seem afraid to get into the gay stuff I think it would be cool to dive into the gay stuff of Glee. Which is honestly 80% of the show.


    The series is much better

  • Haf Fox-James
    Haf Fox-James 5 hours ago

    You should watch the magitions !!!

  • Kamorye Santana
    Kamorye Santana 5 hours ago

    All I have to say is *HARDIN IS HOT AF*

  • Comathan Comics
    Comathan Comics 5 hours ago

    I predicted the twist because I thought about this show being like goosebumps. Then I remembered the ghost next door book and it had the same twist

  • EssenTricTech
    EssenTricTech 5 hours ago

    Star - ABS!!! 😂😂😂😂

  • Night_ EmeraldYT
    Night_ EmeraldYT 5 hours ago

    I hate glee but also love it, mainly the 3 first seasons.

  • Sakinza
    Sakinza 5 hours ago

    no. not my childhood. stop.

  • Enraged By Everything

    i remember my sister watching this show on netflix

  • Nikeilangiloplays mc

    Do one on rasing dion

  • Bryn James
    Bryn James 6 hours ago

    The fact that minorities have sparked memes from this off that first bit is the best part. Also thank you for doing the theatre kids a solid on this musical because, please kiddos, watch literally any other performance.

  • Ifechi Ochi
    Ifechi Ochi 6 hours ago


  • Szejtan
    Szejtan 6 hours ago

    12:27 , remember , the all parts of descendants 1,2,3 are a musical...

  • The64v
    The64v 6 hours ago

    You were a freshman in 2004 in high school?! Holy crap. That means you were probably born in 1990, and are around 29 today. Damn. What have I been doing with my life?

  • Manav Udgirkar
    Manav Udgirkar 6 hours ago

    Dang ally and Dallas still exist?

  • alien confidence
    alien confidence 6 hours ago

    Inanna sarkis

  • Kaiya Jayde
    Kaiya Jayde 6 hours ago

    Caroline changed so much through the series and it’s crazy

  • Starstruck Films
    Starstruck Films 6 hours ago

    Me: *watches Tall girl(likes it) watches my babysitters a vampire(likes it) watch s basically everything he reacts to* Him: ITS TRASH My friends: all these vids suck! Me: y Ye I know.

  • Bryn James
    Bryn James 6 hours ago

    Dude... The show will destroy your faith in Canadian production.

  • ItsNatalie_Queens
    ItsNatalie_Queens 6 hours ago

    d3 doesn't make sense but you do XD

  • Kourtni Pullen
    Kourtni Pullen 7 hours ago

    I still vividly remember a nightmare that I had from watching this show. I was about eight or nine years old but in my dream I was a teenager in a group of teens, we were all out in the woods playing some kind of hide-and-seek or maybe doing a scavenger hunt. All the sudden we realized that two of our friends were missing. We heard some weird noises and we looked behind a bush and our one friend was eating the guts of the other friend. When he stopped eating he looked up at us, he growled and his eyes were glowing red and I woke up. Well I'm pretty sure I screamed my face off and my mom Banned Me from watching the show but I used to sneak it anyways because I'm a masochist I guess.

  • Mildue F.A.I.T
    Mildue F.A.I.T 7 hours ago

    Ehhhb the comic was better

  • Yenndo
    Yenndo 7 hours ago

    Alex:You can't watch in US Me:Laughs in British.

  • Chris Bakas
    Chris Bakas 7 hours ago

    Because of Ani. She sucked.

  • Charlotte
    Charlotte 7 hours ago

    "How's the weather up there?" Me: "How does it feel having gravity working against you, shortie?"

  • Fireworkzzz OwO
    Fireworkzzz OwO 7 hours ago

    Jeeze, why so much hate for this movie!?!?! I myself am a tall girl, and so I found this movie really inspirational!!! This movie isn't trying to be the best movie or anything, this movie is just to give people hope about how we are all different, and it's okay to be different!!! Like really, the hate for this movie is unbelievable!!

  • Talk Friday
    Talk Friday 7 hours ago

    Talking about this show, they've actually rebooted it.

  • KT G
    KT G 7 hours ago

    Didn't watch this show but the basic premise reminds me of something I did watch: Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids.

  • Toy Girls
    Toy Girls 7 hours ago

    I think this is ur opinion and that’s ok but.......... I LOVE THE SHOW GOOSEBUMPS AND IM A KID SOOOOOOOOOO SUCK ON THAT

  • XxEdFusionxX
    XxEdFusionxX 7 hours ago

    I need a second seasonnnnnn

  • Niovi Iosif
    Niovi Iosif 7 hours ago

    do you live in Tokyo or somewhere else in japan?

  • FiveStarMan 94
    FiveStarMan 94 7 hours ago

    6:1 that’s it wtf

  • Kateri Dehler
    Kateri Dehler 7 hours ago

    He should do a video on My Story Animated videos XD

  • Jessica Victoria Carrillo

    I wish Shannon Purser had a better movie to lead and that she co-stars with Christina Hendricks as mother and daughter. Honestly the scene where Veronica tries to pluck Sierra's eyebrows is pointless: they didn't even bother to add fake hair.

  • Rektrak Boi
    Rektrak Boi 7 hours ago

    Dude again wth is that popcorn Edit: AND YOUR ONLY TAKING 1 AT A TIME?

  • KawaiiLittleCupcake !

    There is another Twilight coming out nobody knows when but prepare for a lot of me saying "MORE TWILIGHT"

  • Celia Jajati
    Celia Jajati 7 hours ago

    CAN U DO AN UPDATED ONE ON THE OTHER 4 SEASONS OF JANE THE VIRGIN? PLEASE everyone like this comment if u agree

  • flu seven
    flu seven 7 hours ago

    Man. Just meeting every day in school to discuss the latest occurrence on teen wolf. Those were the days.

  • Chandler Burse
    Chandler Burse 8 hours ago

    " Have you tried Mountain dew recently that stuff is gross." Me: *Subscribes so i can unsubscribe for that statement then resubscribes* Edit: I actually did this.

  • Joe T
    Joe T 8 hours ago

    What are good shows similar to this?

  • Bryn James
    Bryn James 8 hours ago

    Wattpad? Sounds 'bout right. Also using the Beijing Olympics is now my new favorite quote. Using it whenever I can.

  • Eridania Tapia
    Eridania Tapia 8 hours ago

    HOLD ON!!! We’re those kids drinking milk while eating pizza 😧

  • PL Lawson
    PL Lawson 8 hours ago

    Our boy Kevin did it

  • Andreanna Pope
    Andreanna Pope 8 hours ago

    I feel the exact opposite. I’ve left and lived in several different countries and I still feel like America is better. A lot of other people I know form other countries feel the same way too. Perhaps it is because you’re an introvert?

  • Senor Cat
    Senor Cat 8 hours ago

    Alex Myers titles: Was the weirdest show Doesn’t make any sense

  • Rae C
    Rae C 8 hours ago

    If I’m being honest, I wasn’t attracted to Stefan at all. Damon however: 🤰🏻

  • Exploding Kittens
    Exploding Kittens 8 hours ago

    When i was in first grade I would tell everyone that if I touched water I would turn into a mermaid but then a kid dumped his water bottle on me

  • StandupKnight49 Yt
    StandupKnight49 Yt 8 hours ago

    Why does every movie have a blonde as the baaaaad guy this is what inspired bad guy song or something

  • Jayy From FL
    Jayy From FL 8 hours ago

    Kinda odd that I rewatched the series on Netflix and then a vid about it shows up in my recommended

  • StandupKnight49 Yt
    StandupKnight49 Yt 9 hours ago

    Imagine a movie that was a one hour song

  • My Name
    My Name 9 hours ago

    Get it! “Half baked” revenge plot! Get it! GET IT!

  • Keira Ng
    Keira Ng 9 hours ago

    when you said 2010 I was like oh shit only 5 years ago and then you said 10 and I realised it was 2019 and i'm kinda shocked ngl

  • Basically Autumn
    Basically Autumn 9 hours ago

    You’re a 30 year old man bashing on kids movies...

  • Basically Autumn
    Basically Autumn 9 hours ago

    The “spooky thing” is called a premonition..

  • Gabriel Bento
    Gabriel Bento 9 hours ago

    Do Clueless

  • Ava Santiago
    Ava Santiago 9 hours ago

    How she have time for all this with a marching band schedule?

  • Juyee Sabade
    Juyee Sabade 9 hours ago

    After watching this show, i wanted to move to Australia so badly

  • Maxxine Lynx
    Maxxine Lynx 9 hours ago

    The book was twilight without the excitement of the supernatural.

  • Nancy Chen
    Nancy Chen 9 hours ago

    Can we have a Moana one? And a Wonder movie one.

  • AroMcLovin
    AroMcLovin 9 hours ago

    pls do insatiable season 2

  • Kennedy Culver
    Kennedy Culver 9 hours ago

    i’m mad he got kpop comin out the box😂😂😂😂

  • Ljdude 23
    Ljdude 23 9 hours ago

    I’m just patiently waiting for river dale

  • Big Pink Heart
    Big Pink Heart 9 hours ago

    U should totally do a video on sailor moon

  • Chandler Burse
    Chandler Burse 9 hours ago

    Lee's hair for some reason weirdly reminds me of Dick Grayson's long hair

  • Juyee Sabade
    Juyee Sabade 9 hours ago

    One thing i realized is, it NEVER rains in their town lmao (except that one episode)

  • Passion FrUit
    Passion FrUit 9 hours ago

    I read a lot of wattpad stories. When this came out, I wasn't really interested BECAUSE I know how this will end. And you what? I did predict the whole plot😒EVERYWATTPADSTORYEVER

  • glitter girl
    glitter girl 9 hours ago

    My birthday is October 29th and the best present I could get is watching u review Dora and the lost city of gold

  • Jake The Filmmaker
    Jake The Filmmaker 9 hours ago

    i hope you realize when you say his friends are like half his size you take in the fact that he's meant to be around 6ft 4in

  • Thomas Mack
    Thomas Mack 9 hours ago

    I like pizza and this show