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Pirate Papercrafting!
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Dealing With Big Changes!
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Is Game Grumps Dead?
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Welcome To The Grumps!
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  • Dustin Rodriguez
    Dustin Rodriguez 4 minutes ago

    When are you guys going to finish Zelda's Adventure?!

  • Will the Gamer
    Will the Gamer 12 minutes ago

    ooh meditation, what kind? danny: "trasnnsfiinygisnahl meditation"

  • Mitch Harper
    Mitch Harper 16 minutes ago

    So it's a version of Telestrations

  • Kameron Scott
    Kameron Scott Hour ago

    Being inspired through action as opposed to inspired to do action is both refreshing and inspiring to hear. Well said, guys <3 thanks

  • Madison Sido
    Madison Sido Hour ago

    Arin doesn't have a wedding ring on. Does he never wear one? I hadn't noticed it before. Has he ever talked about it on the show?

  • arocknrolldream
    arocknrolldream Hour ago

    “It’s just normal psychology: you see a spiced up dino, you want that boy to smile.” I love Jory

  • Madison Sido
    Madison Sido Hour ago

    Yo being a plumber or any kind of technical/trade work like that is still a huge improvement over the minimum wage unskilled labor jobs that a lot of people are doing. Working in food service or retail etc. is surely waaay worse than being a plumber.

  • RockingChairShotgunner

    please build dan a fursuit for a power hour

  • Kraison Frameworks

    Next on Ten Minute Power Hour: Making Fursuits!

  • MisterTylerrr
    MisterTylerrr Hour ago

    With the mics they seem to use in porn nowadays, shit is ANYTHING but silent. Every floorboard WILL CREAK in this picturesque, Hollywood studio apartment. It will also echo..lots of echo. Seriously though, learn some good sound design.

  • Liz Danly
    Liz Danly Hour ago

    anyone know why arin wears that black ring

  • Carter
    Carter Hour ago

    Be your furry self, Dan.

  • Kalliblast
    Kalliblast Hour ago

    where can i send videos of my cat watching heave ho

  • RealbLuERock
    RealbLuERock 2 hours ago

    Oh god no not the furry tiktoks

  • Peter Brooke
    Peter Brooke 2 hours ago

    Thank you Aaron and Donny i am going to watch the porn now thank.

    SAM BONE 2 hours ago

    Literally a minute and 20 seconds in. Dan: MAYBE THEY LOVE THE POOPY?!

  • leonardo rodriguez
    leonardo rodriguez 2 hours ago

    "Once you are in a rhythm it just comes when it has to come", that also applies to porn xD.

  • shabnomnom
    shabnomnom 2 hours ago

    "once you're in a rhythm, it just comes when it needs to come" - arin hanson, completely unironically, mere moments after a discussion involving sexual content

  • Ash Vampire
    Ash Vampire 2 hours ago


  • Cielinabox
    Cielinabox 2 hours ago

    So hey, where do you guys get the fan content from? I want you to see my game grumps tiktoks lol

  • Wesley Patterson
    Wesley Patterson 3 hours ago

    "Hey, Tiny Tim, whats your favorite episode of the untitled Grumps fan show?" "I like the one where Arin and Dan talk about porn music for a LLLOOONNNGGG time!"

  • Wesley Patterson
    Wesley Patterson 3 hours ago

    6:58 I still remember super clearly when we were studying famous American authors in 7th grade language arts and I had the realization of "wait, people get PAID to write? and they make it their JOB?!?" and from that moment on I was officially an aspiring author

  • FirestoneX
    FirestoneX 3 hours ago

    They should kiss. You know, just get it over with. No homo

  • Hawkeye Stegosaurus
    Hawkeye Stegosaurus 3 hours ago

    I thought of a great name for this show. Socks and Skins. Dan wears socks and Arin doesn't..

  • the king of hazel nuts

    This show could be a fucking awesome podcast.

  • FirestoneX
    FirestoneX 3 hours ago

    Wow. Dan has some freaky thumbs.

  • Fakeredhead
    Fakeredhead 3 hours ago

    take me to chunch

  • Chalena Gibbs
    Chalena Gibbs 3 hours ago

    Anyone else peepin Arin's arm 👀 Him gettin S W O L

  • TheGiggliepuff
    TheGiggliepuff 3 hours ago

    Excited for helpful and inspiring advice for motivation - Arin and Dan: PORN

  • Swishy Blue
    Swishy Blue 3 hours ago

    Game Gyaru Cosplay Power Hour! Drag Grumps!

  • Canyon Duncan
    Canyon Duncan 3 hours ago

    Dan talking about Postmates directly transitioned into a Door Dash ad...oh the internet 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣

  • CooCooCaChoo
    CooCooCaChoo 4 hours ago

    "I am a professional artist" That shit killed me.

  • Zip Zapper
    Zip Zapper 4 hours ago

    Arin is furry?

  • StoreyTwoFace
    StoreyTwoFace 4 hours ago

    Sound seems flipped. Danny in the left ear but sitting on the right and vice versa with Arin

  • Zip Zapper
    Zip Zapper 4 hours ago

    Dan's been wearing some fun shirts lately!

  • Aries.bxm
    Aries.bxm 4 hours ago

    Stompy feet 🥰😩💚💚 I missed her, she's perfect

  • Percent _0
    Percent _0 4 hours ago

    "Please send us more TikToks" no... please...

  • carro t
    carro t 4 hours ago


    MARKO 4 hours ago

    "two attractive people" Dan's inner furry is showing once again

  • Noah Jakobovits
    Noah Jakobovits 4 hours ago

    “Maybe they love the poopies” I think is my favorite Dan line ever.

  • mykaël GramOfNoodles

    Well staying inspired has a lot of similarities to enjoying some time solo. "You just get into a rythm i guess... Cause once you're in a rythm it just kinda comes when it needs to come."

  • Nat Thunder
    Nat Thunder 4 hours ago

    Arin’s hair is extra pretty in this episode

  • Alejandro Lopez
    Alejandro Lopez 4 hours ago

    “Want me to make you a fur suit?” “*GULP*.. what’s that?” 😂😂😂

  • mykaël GramOfNoodles

    Everyone that works for/with you guys are such lovely people :D Jory is such a good boi. Love the video! <3

  • WALN Zell
    WALN Zell 5 hours ago

    "He's the boy who manages all the games." You could say he's... the video game boy?

  • The Big Bad Wolf
    The Big Bad Wolf 5 hours ago

    "You might as well be dead then." Sure. Just too lazy to kill myself.

  • jeremiah canty
    jeremiah canty 5 hours ago

    What ever happened to Barry?

  • GunshyOwl
    GunshyOwl 5 hours ago

    Around 2:24 is that attack on titan manga laying ontop of the books right next to arins head

  • narutop2244
    narutop2244 5 hours ago

    The Grumps should just be a podcast.

  • ProfPepper58
    ProfPepper58 5 hours ago

    i cant believe they got dan's little brother on the show!

  • Pathfinder Entertainment

    I'm on a new computer and I was confused about the comments about the audio. My speakers were flipped. How I didn't notice this for a week is completely beyond me.

  • Hillowrym
    Hillowrym 5 hours ago

    DO YOUR RESEARCH before going near Transcendental Meditation. There's some bad stories of CULT-like practices surrounding it.

  • Annna Kathryn
    Annna Kathryn 5 hours ago

    When like a thousand lovlies show up at Johnny Napkins at once in a few days, all asking where Amy Napkins is, they'll be so confused

  • TB 7788
    TB 7788 5 hours ago

    hey i’m grump i’m not was in the beginning somebody’s breath of the wild compilation and it was the funniest thing ever.

  • Cade Says
    Cade Says 6 hours ago

    wait why doesn’t arin wear a wedding ring

  • Chrysie Beryl
    Chrysie Beryl 6 hours ago

    We are proud of you too arin! ^.^

  • Castle Garden
    Castle Garden 6 hours ago

    "A son plz"

  • Jeff Keeler
    Jeff Keeler 6 hours ago

    Oh this will not help the Dan furry lore at all..

  • isaiah navarro
    isaiah navarro 6 hours ago

    Me nd my dad always watched bruce lee and look up jiddu krishnamurti its the man bruce lee looked at for philosophy

  • Kate Lopez
    Kate Lopez 6 hours ago

    Arin sounded like Christopher Walken when he said, “That’s why we call her Amy Napkins.”

  • Jeff Keeler
    Jeff Keeler 6 hours ago

    How do you stay inspired? Proceed to discuss pornography soundtracks

  • JC Holmanation
    JC Holmanation 6 hours ago

    Surely we must be heading to a Power Hour of "Making Dan's furry suit."

  • D. W.
    D. W. 6 hours ago

    8:00 - That's not a very healthy mentality.

  • Chris Wilson
    Chris Wilson 7 hours ago

    Im only one question in and they’re already talking about porn

  • Rob Mulligan
    Rob Mulligan 7 hours ago

    The fan made content song has an extreme "I will remember you" energy

  • Keith
    Keith 7 hours ago

    Teleport me to Johnny Napkins at 9PM

  • Calvin Hargis
    Calvin Hargis 7 hours ago

    The Ryan plot is way more epic than it has any right to be

  • Keith
    Keith 7 hours ago

    This episode was more than 50% off topic. What does off topic even mean when it's more than 50%?

  • Grey Arcano
    Grey Arcano 7 hours ago

    Yo, so I got a top comment on a recent video, and am down on my luck. What say you give me a chance Brent and/or Arin for guest grumps or even an internship. It would mean a lot for me before I inevitably figure out I have cancer. 😁

  • Suckmydictionary
    Suckmydictionary 7 hours ago

    Please can you guys play the untitled goose game, you would love it.

  • Rafael BriFer
    Rafael BriFer 7 hours ago

    *SERIOUS QUESTIONS* ...then proceeds to talk about the usage of "bow-chica-bow-wow" throughout the history of porn industry I love The Grumps <3

  • Ry-Ry
    Ry-Ry 7 hours ago

    Can we make this a semi regular game thing the grumps and crew do? this was brilliant!

  • I Eat Garbage
    I Eat Garbage 7 hours ago

    Plumber: **enters house** **Benny Hill theme starts playing**

  • Zach
    Zach 7 hours ago

    This week a business mogul and a rockstar sit down to discuss what inspires them and how they stay on that grind while dealing with life's little surprises, as well as porn soundtracks.

  • Ghost phantom
    Ghost phantom 8 hours ago

    "SHOVE IT UP YOUR PEE HOLE!" lol liquid game grumps

  • Voltoro Darkwatch
    Voltoro Darkwatch 8 hours ago

    I vote we have a small camera in the corner called the Allie Judgement Corner that just shows the funny looks she gives the grumps

  • Devidra
    Devidra 8 hours ago

    Arin, I love you. But for playing THAT deck, we can't be friends.

  • BulletinProductions
    BulletinProductions 9 hours ago

    I've never seen more raw sexual energy than with dan and cam 3.

  • Rock N'Roll
    Rock N'Roll 9 hours ago

    I want the "take me to lunch" song!!!!

  • maggs131
    maggs131 9 hours ago

    Whoever made the lego fursuit for Ryan McGee should definitely make one for dear ol Danny

  • purplecatonbroadway
    purplecatonbroadway 9 hours ago

    I love how they both absolutely lose it over the "hey I'm grump. I'm not" cause I lost it too. I swear to God we have the same humor

  • Seranox
    Seranox 9 hours ago

    Maybe you guys should just call this show 'Grumps: Off Topic' since that's the majority of the show XD

  • beef989
    beef989 10 hours ago

    if jory didnt put in all of that extra fluff shit in his description, it probably would have been a lot better.

  • Adam Cunningham
    Adam Cunningham 10 hours ago

    Did you guys know there's game grumps porn? You are apart of rule 34 and famous enough for people to greatly sexualize you

  • Adam Cunningham
    Adam Cunningham 10 hours ago

    I love you all

  • CountdownSmiles
    CountdownSmiles 10 hours ago

    "How do you stay inspired?" *talks about porn*

  • Roeleboy
    Roeleboy 10 hours ago

    Please add just a soft little touch of backgroundmusic

  • zelos1826
    zelos1826 10 hours ago

    *"I'M NOT"*

  • Angel Madera
    Angel Madera 10 hours ago

    Dan: He's watching Heave Ho... What a great game that *was* Me: Crying cat meme

  • Leon Mallow
    Leon Mallow 10 hours ago

    Shame tiktok officially banned all LGBT content. I actually liked it before

  • John Stamos
    John Stamos 11 hours ago

    “Boy, that’s amazing.” “You’re amazing.”

  • sambo0203
    sambo0203 11 hours ago


  • Donald Morley
    Donald Morley 11 hours ago

    "That gets me a Biddle....and a Bop!!!" fuckin dying xD

  • エイレン
    エイレン 11 hours ago

    Now i wanna go to Johnny Napkins

  • Brian Metcalf
    Brian Metcalf 11 hours ago

    Take me to lunch, let me worship like a dog at the Panera Bread!

  • Viktor Hernandez
    Viktor Hernandez 11 hours ago

    Take me to lunch I'll have a chilli dog With a side of large fries A chocolate, cinnamon pretzel with a Sprite

  • Kuya B
    Kuya B 11 hours ago

    I'm sure this has been answered already, but who plays those beautiful piano transitions?

  • toffeecrumblepie
    toffeecrumblepie 11 hours ago

    Wow Dan only enjoys adult films with random background or construction noises with attractive furries in it confirmed.

  • FluffyPoopPrincess
    FluffyPoopPrincess 11 hours ago

    I drifted off a bit when they were talking about porn and missed when they went back to how to stay inspired and Arin said "you just get into a rhythm and it comes when it needs to come" and I felt he shared a bit too much.

  • Alucard Murcielago
    Alucard Murcielago 12 hours ago

    4:01 4:03 did anyone else hear a creepy voice ?