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  • Puthsi CAT Sinananpat

    24h of spa next.

  • Tom Carli
    Tom Carli 2 hours ago

    Do Bathurst 12hr

  • Bennie Hendrickx
    Bennie Hendrickx 2 hours ago

    Yes do some endurance racing. Don't start with the nürnburg ring . There is a reason it's called the green hell. 15 miles 136+corners that all look alike with old narrow roads with no run off in the woods miles away from help in the dark without any Street lighting . We want to se more videos than one endurance race.

  • Pro Gamer217
    Pro Gamer217 2 hours ago


  • Real OG
    Real OG 2 hours ago

    Sexiest car ever made

  • Chuck's Stuff
    Chuck's Stuff 2 hours ago

    Dudes a straight champion of life!!!

  • D Humphries
    D Humphries 2 hours ago

    Scotto has all the Lemons cars

  • aaron meggs
    aaron meggs 2 hours ago

    FYI bugles are still made here we have them in the Midwest

  • Ronn711
    Ronn711 2 hours ago

    theres still bugals in u.s. lmao

  • chooch
    chooch 2 hours ago

    Sounds like my 2 stroke dirtbike

  • Parcevaux Florent
    Parcevaux Florent 2 hours ago

    Little mistake on the video, it's peugEot not peugot :)

  • H Heink
    H Heink 3 hours ago

    Only do endurance racing if hert drives. #wildcard

  • who cares
    who cares 3 hours ago

    I think the car only had front brakes before you hit the wall if the brakes weren't locked up you wouldn't ever hit the wall. I'm guessing this is shart Kart.

  • TheJagjr4450
    TheJagjr4450 3 hours ago

    1940 FORD sedan rear windows have the "smokers" vent as well... turn the handle backwards and the window gaps about 1-2" along the front edge.

  • Jan Scholl
    Jan Scholl 3 hours ago

    Nice to see your Shout out to Opel. I'm living in Rüsselsheim right next to the Facility wall. Also nice to see Ironforce Racing in your Video. Hell Yeah please do that 24h Race at Nürburgring! I would love to see you next Year over there.

  • Holzwurm _HD
    Holzwurm _HD 3 hours ago

    Wikl there be a fan meeting? PLEASE Edit: GOD DAMNIT

  • Holzwurm _HD
    Holzwurm _HD 3 hours ago

    Wikl there be a fan meeting? PLEASE

  • Peter Fraumeni
    Peter Fraumeni 3 hours ago

    That Fox looks good from afar but it’s far from good.......finish that interior.

  • CG Wenham
    CG Wenham 3 hours ago

    I'm here a year later to tell you that he kinda got the Audi to roll 😂 and that's it. 😂 #isitscottos #doesitrun #carcaine @thehoonigans

  • Peter Fraumeni
    Peter Fraumeni 3 hours ago

    Too bad it has that 5.slow motor. It’s begging for an all aluminum LS, a motor lighter than that iron sbf for and more powerful.

  • Zhayon Youngblood
    Zhayon Youngblood 3 hours ago

    Dude Vin's head is just so freaking marvelous!

  • w s l
    w s l 3 hours ago

    sat nav's in Germany only take you to poland lol

  • Skinny Arms
    Skinny Arms 3 hours ago

    Man that guy knows his shit. Good to see a president of a company that KNOWS the product like the back of his hand. If the president of a company hasn’t the slightest idea of how their product is actually produced, thumbs down.

  • michael timmer
    michael timmer 3 hours ago

    It’s still a civic

  • zachariah liles
    zachariah liles 3 hours ago

    They did not discontinue bugles here in America. I bought a bag from the cafeteria where I work like a week ago.

  • T0K3N SM0K3
    T0K3N SM0K3 3 hours ago

    definitely a bucket list track, been infatuated with it for years 🤤

  • arand4
    arand4 3 hours ago

    Why is it you guys don't want to do the lemons race? seems a lot of fun and it would be quite up your alley.

  • who cares
    who cares 4 hours ago

    Will I ever see a burnout on a flatbed while the flatbeds doing doughnuts? that's the only way it's cool.

  • Rudi Angi
    Rudi Angi 4 hours ago

    Do Endurance!

  • Jonh jacob Balatbat
    Jonh jacob Balatbat 4 hours ago

    Please give me cp

  • iflystuff1
    iflystuff1 4 hours ago

    6:55 Well this is awkward

  • Mr. GTO
    Mr. GTO 4 hours ago

    Sweet SR5.. I had one in 1980. I Modified the 2TC with a Weber and headers.. No Cat. Put low profile 14" tires.. I had a CHP officer reminding me on I-580 that the speed limit was only 55.. LOL It was a fun car to drive even in snow around Lake Tahoe

  • Ignazio Pili
    Ignazio Pili 4 hours ago

    Bello correre da soli quando non hai nessuno da sfidare... nel Rally Cross te le hanno suonate di santa ragione 😂😂...

  • HRChunter
    HRChunter 4 hours ago

    Sh*tcar would be perfect for 24 hours of Lemons tho.. But I definitely think you guys should do some endurance racing. I'll come shoot it if you do it!

  • 42Redeyes
    42Redeyes 4 hours ago

    LOL hahahahahah thats so funny

  • Manx_Jay
    Manx_Jay 4 hours ago

    You boys need to come and watch the Isle of Man TT. Yes it is bikes not cars, but you can sit at the edge of the track, public roads that have been closed. , 200+mph on sections, and its 37.75 miles long each lap.. Nurburgring who??

    DBGMLV 4 hours ago

    The i30N is quite the bargain in my view, especially in Germany. Here the Mk7.5 GTI starts at 36k Euros, with basically no options, and a fully loaded i30N is 37k Euros. For me the only downfall of the i30N is the lack of a DCT for a daily driver.

  • sp4nrs
    sp4nrs 4 hours ago

    In hindsight, I reckon Kikawa backed into the car on purpose.

  • NuclearDanno
    NuclearDanno 4 hours ago

    We got Bugles in Canada!

  • 42Redeyes
    42Redeyes 4 hours ago

    Mythbuster did this test

  • Salvare000
    Salvare000 4 hours ago

    Does the Informational Segment lady have a name yet? If she's going to start having opinions I feel she should have a name!

  •  4 hours ago

    Best lightweight drift car

  • john kindon
    john kindon 4 hours ago

    the US took one part and england took the other part then france get it right iam sure you yanks think you own it all but you are wrong are you so jealous of us you cant even say UK when we make most indie cars it's only recently you guys have started making them same as all the rally cars are made in northampton UK even ken blocks were made there northampton is the capital of race cars but i still love you guys there was the english zone and the american zone which was shared.

  • Ahmet Bolay
    Ahmet Bolay 5 hours ago

  • Casper Dedorsson
    Casper Dedorsson 5 hours ago


  • Catalin Apostol
    Catalin Apostol 5 hours ago

    Bro...you can get easily 700hp out of the 4 cylinder engine. Why all this body transformation ,big engine, exhaust pipe work, etc...for just 700hp?

  • yungshermmm
    yungshermmm 5 hours ago

    12:03 I am eating bugles in America right now they weren't discontinued

  • _ F__
    _ F__ 5 hours ago


  • Sadist Fish
    Sadist Fish 5 hours ago

    Rob my rotary hero

  • Jay Allen
    Jay Allen 5 hours ago

    Man the most excitement I had delivering pizzas is when I got the delivery for extra anchovies

  • Jakob Hallman
    Jakob Hallman 5 hours ago

    THIS is what the MK5 Supra should be like. What an absolute masterpiece.

  • Scott thomson
    Scott thomson 5 hours ago


  • ShironAdam
    ShironAdam 5 hours ago

    5 tons and pulls a 1/4 mile in under 13seconds that's insane

  • derPetunientopf
    derPetunientopf 5 hours ago

    Someone should teach you how "Der, die, das" works. It takes a decade of training to master this black art but it would make a couple of us pedantic germans smile. In other News: SCHNAPPS ! 4:12

  • Joe Leahy
    Joe Leahy 5 hours ago

    run champ car or AER. you should absolutely do it!!

  • Josh Taplin
    Josh Taplin 6 hours ago

    Scotto’s Audi on the ring!!

  • Michael Sepp
    Michael Sepp 6 hours ago

    Amsterdam/zandvoort etc was a 3 hour/ish drive ..

  •  6 hours ago

    Triangle shape , strpngest shape

  • Hamelnerkeule Ltd.
    Hamelnerkeule Ltd. 6 hours ago

    Who tf doesnt know that germany was split after ww2 in east and west germany? What do americans learn in school? How to handle a gun properly or what? Ridiculous!

  • Marco Janssen
    Marco Janssen 7 hours ago

    that wasn't an LPM car. I was was there when that happened. The car you say it was, was a NISMO Nissan GT-R and the thing went over the fence, kiling 1 person ....

  • woodandmetalandstuff

    Come to Bathurst in Australia, you can do the 1000 with touring cars or the 12 lour with GT cars

  • Andrew Lang
    Andrew Lang 7 hours ago

    You guys would be hero’s if you raced an American piece of iron in the Nurburgring, like say that guy who came by the Burnyard with the all wheel drive Buick. Anyway, thanks for covering a cool even I’ll probably never make it to

  • Almost Evil
    Almost Evil 7 hours ago

    19:04 guest appearance of Doctor Crazy. I wonder if someone will get this joke :D

    RANDOM GUY 7 hours ago

    It's not DAS RING. It's DER RING.

  • MrLincoln87
    MrLincoln87 7 hours ago

    Wow! Already keen for more (after seeing snippets from instagram accounts) Totally could have made this trip into a "24" series haha

  • kaoruhonjou
    kaoruhonjou 7 hours ago

    Whats the point of the rear diffuser? ....aesthetics?

  • A34
    A34 7 hours ago

    9:59 for the 2 step

  • James Bishop
    James Bishop 7 hours ago

    Do the 24h in shit car 🤣🤣

  • KevskiStyle
    KevskiStyle 8 hours ago

    @brainscotto: Why not build a replica offenhauser in the manta you have around the shop? A susbstitute engine which looks a lot like it and you can get your hand on fairly cheaply is a Quad Four found in 1980's and 1990's old's, pontiacs and buicks. Shouldn't be more then a couple 100 bucks?

  • jonbear666
    jonbear666 8 hours ago

    Next year “We are taking shit car to the ring!”

  • hansdietrich83
    hansdietrich83 8 hours ago

    Maybe read up on the traffic laws before going to a country. On the Autobahn, overtaking on the right is very much not allowed and if the lane on the right is free, you have to change over

  • Traxxas kid
    Traxxas kid 8 hours ago

    Hyperdrive: ... If you dont know what hyper drive is, it's on Netflix.

  • lachlan westrupp
    lachlan westrupp 8 hours ago

    Good luck getting any reasonable amount of air through those air intake runners with the 120 deg short radius bend in them

  • TronCat
    TronCat 8 hours ago

    what is the song they play during the helicopter ride? I NEED IT

  • AeroR
    AeroR 8 hours ago

    Great video Big like👍 Enjoy the motorsport life

  • 6designsmotorsports
    6designsmotorsports 9 hours ago

    And my mom tells me to stop wasting time watching hoonigan vids all day. I'm learning history mom geeezz

  • Chef Camsey
    Chef Camsey 9 hours ago

    What if you bought a car for 1000. And raced it in an endurance race to see how far it gets

  • Chill Cali Vibes
    Chill Cali Vibes 9 hours ago

    Im so happy Ron called it out at 5:26

  • Rene Joergensen
    Rene Joergensen 9 hours ago

    The Manta and Ascona B are awesome. I have a Ascona B '79 project car in the garage.

  • Daniel Spencer
    Daniel Spencer 9 hours ago

    What an amazing event, problem is, now assholes like me know how cool it is and will bucket list that shit!

  • Geoff Sandvoss
    Geoff Sandvoss 9 hours ago

    World Racing League at COTA. My mid-life crisis plan unless I can get to it sooner. Probably the coolest track in North America

  • Potaka79
    Potaka79 9 hours ago

    Just watching these guys drive on the roads in Germany I know there would have been some really pissed off German's. American's really don't know anything of road rules or road manners and German's are the most polished drivers on the planet with some of best road manners and road rules.

  • Red Neckery
    Red Neckery 9 hours ago

    Would love to see yall do the ring but not to make funny failure of yall and the hoonigan name but to put yall on the map as staple of all racing actual slip,drifting, boy shit in the yard as well as burn yard shit , not hating but want to see yall grow, hit Nuremberg and make us all fans of talent but don't send the wrong g rep

  • Joe Bob
    Joe Bob 10 hours ago

    Those are not turbos

  • Kalandaari
    Kalandaari 10 hours ago

    8:04 MANTAAAAA ! Sorry, it's a tradition on USclip for Nürburgring fans during 24hrs stream and VLN streams, when you see the Manta, you have to write "MANTA" in the chat. This car is legendary, it's the soul of the 24hrs race and the VLN championship.

  • LaVespaMortale
    LaVespaMortale 10 hours ago

    What beat were they using in the beginning?

  • Reiskocher2
    Reiskocher2 10 hours ago

    "Das Ring" no! Der Ring! 😅

  • kundealter
    kundealter 10 hours ago

    Nice Trip! Best greetings from Dresden, Germany ✌🏼😉

  • dael pebou
    dael pebou 10 hours ago

    awa faible

  • Stephan Gaul
    Stephan Gaul 10 hours ago

    go and do it!!! these guys are always looking for sponsors: Team Ring Police Some Hooligan stickers would round up the livery! :D

  • Josh Dobson
    Josh Dobson 10 hours ago

    9 Minutes in it's the Chevy Vega we never got!

  • taidokazu
    taidokazu 10 hours ago

    FOXTAIL MANTA for life!!

  • Tony Schnitzel
    Tony Schnitzel 10 hours ago

    7:35 I swear you did it to trigger french fans, it's "PEUGEOT" not "PEUGOT" !

  • Dean Robert
    Dean Robert 10 hours ago

    24hr racing, I Europe, that's a big call boys. Wish you all the best with that monumental task. I take it won't be Brad as team manager lead mechanic then. LOL

  • Austin Sears
    Austin Sears 10 hours ago

    I need to go on an awesome fun filled super dope trip like this!!! Too dope!!! You guys suck! ;)

  • Still Fat Fitness
    Still Fat Fitness 10 hours ago

    I love the i30...I really wish they would bring it to the US cause the veloster is garbage compared to the Elantra/i30. Interior is way better on the i30 but they won't bring it to the US. It's my dream car currently.

  • Michael Williams
    Michael Williams 10 hours ago


  • Rens
    Rens 10 hours ago

    We all love old opels scotto

  • Tanner Smith
    Tanner Smith 11 hours ago

    Scotto there’s bugles in Iowa come visit

  • Lille boy
    Lille boy 11 hours ago

    Never overtake on the right side...