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  • Troll Trolling
    Troll Trolling Year ago


  • Musket Gaming
    Musket Gaming Year ago


  • Ben Hertzman
    Ben Hertzman Year ago

    LOve the channel

  • Victor Santamaria

    is it creepy that i want more of your content? don't care!! love your stuff, and your energy! needs me some more of that!!

  • TnT FoX
    TnT FoX Year ago

    Early donation since its not number 50 yet. but here is 50 bucks for another 2500 facts to blow my mind

  • EaterofCookies
    EaterofCookies Year ago

    I really like your 50 AMAZING Facts to Blow your Mind! If you run out maybe you should remix them together. I don't know if people would like it, but doing it once might be worth a shot. Thanks

  • Victor Santamaria


  • Survival Gamer
    Survival Gamer 2 years ago

    dude you're a trip. I love your videos.

  • Azaki Shimo
    Azaki Shimo 2 years ago

    dear matthew, I was wondering if youre feeling any better now? So far I do subscribed to you and have sometimes watched your videos but its still awesome! Hope youre feeling so far OK or yet WAY BRILLIANT AS EVER, friend!

  • Kenneth Nichols
    Kenneth Nichols 2 years ago

    Matt, make right with your fans and make your amends, you had a lot of happen to you don't let this be the mistake like you did with your ex, you can fix this. apologizing will make the hate go away. Don't let this be a trepidation.

  • napoleon 1768
    napoleon 1768 2 years ago

    your still awesome :)

  • Tyler Pilkinton
    Tyler Pilkinton 2 years ago

    Everybody still complaining about the plagiarism allegations, just check out the newest video on Matt's vlog channel.

  • Muskie
    Muskie 2 years ago


    • PieCreeper12
      PieCreeper12 2 years ago


    • Muskie
      Muskie 2 years ago


    • PieCreeper12
      PieCreeper12 2 years ago

      I'm a guy you know...

  • Joseph@Films
    Joseph@Films 2 years ago

    y tho

  • Extatic Music
    Extatic Music 2 years ago

    You seem to be a happy guy but im sorry to hear about this copyright thing you must be sad!

  • Willow Raevynwood
    Willow Raevynwood 2 years ago

    Love your channel! My husband and I put it on autoplay last night while we enjoyed some wine. I had to put my wine down when we got to the Inappropriate Children's Book video because I was laughing so hard.

  • BlazingNemo
    BlazingNemo 2 years ago

    copy my profile pic

  • Spindel
    Spindel 2 years ago

    you shouldn't really worry about the current situation that much, bet that in less than a month most people has stopped going to your channel just to dislike your new videos. Just remember this as a lesson to not plagiarise

  • Tekashto
    Tekashto 2 years ago

    Memento mori

  • Bobby Martin
    Bobby Martin 2 years ago

    One day, as long as no new languages are developed, no new cultures come in existence , then someday off in the distant future humanity will cease to be original. No mater which way you turn you will be plagiarizing, and it is in that future where as people will take from any source they please and sprinkle their own individual touch to it. Making it new. Is his videos enjoyable, does he make it his own. I see a lot in this man, vicious people are so quick to turn on an individual, trying or not, will or will not, judge as you may.

  • Amy Telinore
    Amy Telinore 2 years ago

    I guess an annoying British asshole can spout nonsense and everyone will swallow it.

    • Amy Telinore
      Amy Telinore 2 years ago

      says... the annoying British asshole? I ain't buying that sad fools assessment. you can if you want.

  • TheCallofDiamonds
    TheCallofDiamonds 2 years ago

    It is alright Matt. Your true fans are still here for you <3

    • TheCallofDiamonds
      TheCallofDiamonds 2 years ago

      +Internet Troll It is not illegal. He may have taken the information but he did change the information in his own way to make it in a video format. He used his own humour to make it funny. If he is stealing wouldn't that mean that ALL musicians who make covers also stealing. Even if they remake it with their own voice, they are still taking the lyrics from someone else aren't they? Matt never said he made those videos from scratch.

  • Trafalgar D. Water Law

    Everyone messes up. I still respect you anyways. BTW don't use Wikipedia as a source.

    • Jarynn
      Jarynn 2 years ago

      +Zoro Sceptile Wikipedia is a valid source. Its accuracy is considered to be roughly on par with Encyclopedia Britannica.

  • tђє ςคยϟє ๏Ŧ ฬєt קคภtเєϟ

    Plagiarising bald toothy cock sucker lol

  • wintonsweyr
    wintonsweyr 2 years ago

    Hang in there Matt! You can surf this lousy wave and turn it into a killer ride. Peace.

  • iCEnOVA - CSGO & more

    Anyone else still sticking with Matt like I am?:P BTW everyone makes mistakes! I was a mistake(Im not really a mistake people)!

  • Tyler Bennett
    Tyler Bennett 2 years ago

    Please, Ladies and Gentleman, He cited his sources. Can somebody please read the description.

    • Tyler Bennett
      Tyler Bennett 2 years ago

      I now feel betrayed...

    • Andrew
      Andrew 2 years ago

      +Tyler Bennett He went back and edited it them in. I guess he thought his idiot followers would not notice. Oh.. wait.... heh.

    • Tyler Bennett
      Tyler Bennett 2 years ago

      In the description...

    • Enzo Cameli
      Enzo Cameli 2 years ago

      +Tyler Bennett bich where

  • Tyler Fead
    Tyler Fead 2 years ago

    now Canadian summers are terrifying

  • davwalker
    davwalker 2 years ago

    some of us are still here for ya Matt!! best of luck and love!!

  • Stray Tyrian
    Stray Tyrian 2 years ago

    Hey, you're getting a lot of hate and a lot of critisisms Matt, I just wanted to say, I still think you're a cool guy. I enjoy your videos and find you funny and nice, I hope you keep making vids and keep being you.

    • Melika93
      Melika93 2 years ago

      +Stray Tyrian If you like his videos, you'll LOVE the articles which he copy/ pasted them from!

  • jakeisawizard
    jakeisawizard 2 years ago

    you used to have 6mil subscribers by the way

  • Sam Mloome
    Sam Mloome 2 years ago


  • Psyduck
    Psyduck 2 years ago

    Man,i used to respect i don't hate you,but you FUCKING dissapointed us ALL!!

  • Fallout forums
    Fallout forums 2 years ago

    Leave youtube we have no more room for liars

  • Buffalo
    Buffalo 2 years ago

    You suck!

    • Buffalo
      Buffalo 2 years ago

      Which channel do you think is worse???

    • Louis Rossmann
      Louis Rossmann 2 years ago

      +TheOmniscientAtheist wow the great blahino himself in full combat gear in matthew santoro's comments stream. I can't believe my eyes!

  • Mike B
    Mike B 2 years ago

    Damn plagerist....

  • Glorioustigereye
    Glorioustigereye 2 years ago

    What if nicol is write

  • Vivian Pawsworth
    Vivian Pawsworth 2 years ago

    very dissapointed mathew :( unsubbing

  • Gods God
    Gods God 2 years ago

    GRADED, scroll down for results:

  • Phloat Wireless
    Phloat Wireless 2 years ago

    Shit channel, also my freaking god you are humpbacked and you smell, why don't we meet up so I can push you in front of a bus. And sometimes I like to relax in the hot tub and think about someone else taking shit in your fucking asshole. Unsubbed. P.S I hope Leafy will fucking roast you mate.

    • Thomas Mills
      Thomas Mills 2 years ago

      +Phloat Wireless I hope someone poisons you, and burns you at the stake for this.

  • HLNinja
    HLNinja 2 years ago

    -1 sub

  • Dark Horizon 621
    Dark Horizon 621 2 years ago

    Dude, you are straight fucked.

  • ModArkPhobia
    ModArkPhobia 2 years ago


  • Hamster God
    Hamster God 2 years ago

    -1 sub.

  • Joshua Latham
    Joshua Latham 2 years ago

    Best thing you can do now Matthew is own up, and apologize. You seem like a nice guy, don't rise up to it.

  • TheoMC - Minecraft
    TheoMC - Minecraft 2 years ago

    FUCK U

  • Grand
    Grand 2 years ago

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh suck it up, you guys. It's not like he used the shit for a research paper. And besides, how else would he make the videos he makes. One video every Saturday is much harder than weeks of research for a simple essay, y'know.

    • Grand
      Grand 2 years ago

      +Joe Davitt I understand that.

    • joedav67
      joedav67 2 years ago

      +GP9Xtreme I'm not denying that, but using google or wikipedia to make a list with sources is one thing, straight up stealing someone else's list is another.

    • Grand
      Grand 2 years ago

      +Joe Davitt Still, it's harder than you think it is.

    • joedav67
      joedav67 2 years ago

      +GP9Xtreme Making money off of it without any credit whatsoever.

    • Grand
      Grand 2 years ago

      +Joe Davitt What's wrong with reading it?

  • Hardcore United
    Hardcore United 2 years ago

    Oh matt wouldn't it just be easier to get permission to use other people's content and just credit them to instead of just yourself shame on you. Prepare yourself for a shit storm

  • Sarcopathic
    Sarcopathic 2 years ago

    You'll get no sympathy from me, mate

  • Golden
    Golden 2 years ago

    Lol everyone needs to chill out, plagiarism is all over USclip. Have you seen DrawMyLife? -Plagiarism, Hauls? -Plagiarism, Facts videos? -Plagiarism. Who even cares, as long as they're funny.

    • TheBlarggle
      TheBlarggle 2 years ago

      +Icefire667 Hahaha. God damn. Bending over backwards to suck that dick.

    • TheBlarggle
      TheBlarggle 2 years ago

      +Golden You are dumb as fuck if you think similar ideas for videos are the same as stealing things word for word without giving credit to the creator.

  • ExtremelyModerate
    ExtremelyModerate 2 years ago

    I'm surprised this guy lasted this long. I stumbled upon this guy for the first time today and thought "someone has been reading cracked articles." Then I read the comments and apparently people have just figured this out within the last 24 hours.

  • Parker Hudson
    Parker Hudson 2 years ago

    Damn Matt. I had a lot of respect for you as a content creator. Not anymore -1 sub.

    • ExtremelyModerate
      ExtremelyModerate 2 years ago

      +Parker Hudson Read cracked instead. It basically did everything on this channel 6 years ago. As a guy who used to read cracked a lot and just saw this guy for the first time in my suggested videos, it was immediately clear these were a bunch of rip offs.

  • DoneWithYourShits
    DoneWithYourShits 2 years ago

    Hey, I'm still staying :)

  • TriHard
    TriHard 2 years ago

    loser faggot kys

  • Josh Ellerby
    Josh Ellerby 2 years ago

    Do u know what i want to happen to u i hope u get nut cancer literally just so you can't make videos and so that i don't have to c u on the internet you fucking nut job

  • Emo Emu
    Emo Emu 2 years ago

    no matt you are still the best list maker

    • Emo Emu
      Emo Emu 2 years ago

      List maker im sure thats right

    • TheBlarggle
      TheBlarggle 2 years ago

      List Stealer* fixed that for ya

  • Superior leader Kim Jong-Un

    So, when he goes back to like 20 subs, will they take back his plaques? Just realised, can't go back to 20 subs, his bots can't unsub.

  • Superior leader Kim Jong-Un

    You like your butthole fingered?

  • Ruben Braddock
    Ruben Braddock 2 years ago

    So many assholes. You guys are really gonna stick up for nicole arbor? M'kay then.

  • Jack took
    Jack took 2 years ago


  • TheQuazz
    TheQuazz 2 years ago

    About time this nigga gets the hate he deserves.

  • bob bobbet
    bob bobbet 2 years ago

    R3kt much m8?

  • Marshall Serket
    Marshall Serket 2 years ago

    TORCHES AND PITCHFORKS! (Hey there matt. Big fan big fan.) GETCHA TORCHES AND PITCHFORKS HERE! 24$!!!!(Really sorry about what's about to go down and i wish you the best of luck) GET YA TORCHES AND PITCHFORKS RIGHT HERE! 30$!!!(I think you're a swell guy and your content is a fairly decent way to pass time, but your next couple of weeks is not going to be very fun. I wish you the best of luck and im prayin for ya. Now nothing personal but i gotta sell all this youtube war paraphernalia before someone beats me to it.) GET YA TORCHES, PITCHFORKS, HAND GRENADES, RIOT SHIELDS,SPIKED BASEBALL BATS, SHOTGUNS, LIMITED EDITION WALKING DEAD CROSSBOWS, TEE SHIRTS, ANNNND BOB TANKS! ONLY 100$ EACH! COME ONE! COME ALL! TO THE BIGGEST USclipR EXPOSITION SINCE THE FINE BROS! (Seriously tho, my condolences. you can bounce back from this.)

    • Keigan Holliday
      Keigan Holliday 2 years ago

      +Simmba Serket This is probably one of the best comments of all time.

    • Doks Office Studios
      Doks Office Studios 2 years ago

      +Simmba Serket I'll take the chainsaw and the pdf containing his address

    • John Juanda
      John Juanda 2 years ago

      +Simmba Serket One shotgun, please =3

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden 2 years ago


  • klarth1234
    klarth1234 2 years ago


  • Papalareis
    Papalareis 2 years ago

    I like how people are jumping on the bandwagon just to hate on Matt just so they can look "cool" or, "mainstream". Don't give up Matthew.

    • Papalareis
      Papalareis 2 years ago

      +Dress Like Mao A ten foot dick is something you wish you had (Hence, is why you mention it.)

  • Rated M
    Rated M 2 years ago

    It's down to 8,000 now

  • Dr. Rx
    Dr. Rx 2 years ago

    Minus 1 Sub for you Matt! Don't worry, I'm not copy and pasting this comment from someone else! It's completely plagiarism free! Unlike somebody...

  • Bromius
    Bromius 2 years ago

    This dude is a manipulative asshole who makes up fucked up stories, (like the abuse one) for views.

  • Dylan Locke
    Dylan Locke 2 years ago

    yooooooooooooooooooooooo fuck youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    • GreyCat
      GreyCat 2 years ago

      +Dylan Locke fuck u too :P sheep head

  • Kevin Leonard
    Kevin Leonard 2 years ago

    Matthew legit likes his asshole fingered and he is a plagarist

  • Fake Name
    Fake Name 2 years ago


  • Redcorvin
    Redcorvin 2 years ago

    Unlike most of the hating immature Asshats in here whinning about some hypocrite limeys tirade of rhetoric crap.. I myself will remain subbed even tho at time i dont necessarily agree with your abusive comments about my Country (USA) Fact of the matter is Your a decent person that DID NOT Plagerize under the fair use laws and copyright laws so all the little fanbabies can get a life and learn the laws instead of being reactionary twits.

  • Mr Wonderful
    Mr Wonderful 2 years ago

    You know I thought what he said was bullshit until I actually saw the proof fuck this channel.

    • Icefire667
      Icefire667 2 years ago

      +That Atheist Is it really "proof" when we were shown ONE list? I don't think Grade had enough evidence to really back his claim up.

  • IncompleteMadness
    IncompleteMadness 2 years ago

    I wouldn't take what Grade had said too seriously. I watched the video about PewDiePie, Markiplier, and you and found it to be general slander and copious amounts of logical fallacies. I just couldn't take it seriously. I do understand that plagiarism is a real thing that could ruin a person and discredit them, I do appreciate that you are putting up the sources so now even I can have easier access to where you got the facts from. I also do know that I am fully capable of searching the internet on my own to find out where the facts came from. I follow many sites that have hundreds of articles about fun facts and trivia, but I prefer to watch videos about them because it takes less time and I can be more entertained. In short, I'm still gonna watch your videos, no one is gonna make me not watch your videos, and if someone is going to slander I will go out and find the information on it so I can have my own opinion on it. Keep doing what you do, and we love you!

    • IncompleteMadness
      IncompleteMadness 2 years ago

      Hello friend, I am a girl. Thanks for the concern.

    • Santa
      Santa 2 years ago

      +IncompleteMadness Sir... i think your madness is..... incomplete.

  • Kelvin The Emboar
    Kelvin The Emboar 2 years ago

    Can you all shut up about plagarizing. It's not a big deal.

    • Quarkenger
      Quarkenger 2 years ago

      +Kevin The Skeleton It's kinda a crime...

  • Kubo Bleach
    Kubo Bleach 2 years ago

    My favorite Audio book straight out of piratebay

    • Kubo Bleach
      Kubo Bleach 2 years ago

      +Phloat Wireless Thank you sir

    • Phloat Wireless
      Phloat Wireless 2 years ago

      Jarob deserves the audio mate.

    • John Juanda
      John Juanda 2 years ago


  • F.O.M Cobra
    F.O.M Cobra 2 years ago

    all this fucking time youve just been stealing others work? all your fame and money and status you p.o.s you and that cunt nicole were meant for each other. youre a fucking kardashian of youtube with no talent. plagiarism is a crime btw.

  • Wong Jing Shen
    Wong Jing Shen 2 years ago

    Just add your sources so your problem solves itself, it'll probably blow over really quickly because people are just looking for something to enrage themselves with. I subscribed because I like your format. Just be more aware of laws.

  • dave burger
    dave burger 2 years ago

    Matt for real man, you are a man to my heart and i have the deepest respect for you after what you have bin true. I just saw your vid about your story and i never knew a thing after 4 years of watching your content! My respect man!

  • An Agent of Chaos
    An Agent of Chaos 2 years ago


  • Uberling
    Uberling 2 years ago

    Shit dude you got caught plagiarizing your scum Mr Santoro. I was subed but I cant support plagiarizing bitch

  • Alexander Coelho
    Alexander Coelho 2 years ago

    he plagrizes

  • Robert Esensee
    Robert Esensee 2 years ago

    I hope you get banned. You are a damn thief!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Platinumhits123
    Platinumhits123 2 years ago

    Your a bitch

  • Darth Kriegor
    Darth Kriegor 2 years ago

    I wonder if there will be livestreams of Matt's sub count going down or not. Grade shredded you.

  • Jonathan Le
    Jonathan Le 2 years ago

    Yo going for a ride santoro

  • McGoldenblade
    McGoldenblade 2 years ago

    Matt, you've made a huge mistake and it's your job to fix it. If you do, I will consider subscribing to you again. Plagiarism is a crime, and is a crime that will not be tolerated. PS. everyone, please don't be too harsh on him. He made a mistake, just like all human beings do. Cursing at him will not fix anything.

    • McGoldenblade
      McGoldenblade 2 years ago

      +MaleficArken He has done hundreds of videos, if he did it for only 8-10 videos that wouldn't be consciously stealing. If he CHOSE to do this, why would evidence against him only come now? If he was constantly doing this on purpose, people would've found him out months ago. He'll catch on, he'll most likely make a formal apology. And if he doesn't, may he suffer the consequences of his actions.

    • MaleficArken
      MaleficArken 2 years ago

      +MetaKnight64 Its not a mistake. Go back several years into his past videos. 0 citations of any of them. He is only adding them into his most recent videos so that he doesnt get more flak from people. Even when you cite sources, if you copy nearly word for word and coincidentally in the same order, then it is still plagiarizing because he is gaining REVENUE from it. I can throw together a video, paraphrase it and toss my face on it and a few picture and cite the source. But im crediting off of something that was not my material with Monetary Gain. If some of the money, was going to the author of the original post. Then that'd be fine. Plagiarizing Verbatim and then acting like it was an accident? That's just scummy. Specially when it isn't just 1 video. Its MULTIPLE. So "he wouldn't do something like that." Is disproved by the fact that he HAS done it for SEVERAL videos. This isn't a 1 time occurrence.

    • James Day
      James Day 2 years ago

      +Zach Webb yep matthew is still cool with me as long as he fixes his shit it's all good

    • James Day
      James Day 2 years ago

      +MetaKnight64 so true he did fix it though he is citing all of his sources in all of his vids.

  • I can't a name
    I can't a name 2 years ago

    Jesus Christ everybody that's subbed to Grade A Just shat on your new video with dislikes

    • mrturnips
      mrturnips 2 years ago

      No pity. No sympathy. No remorse.

  • doggyass12
    doggyass12 2 years ago

    He's probably gonna post some butthurt vlog soon. Just like that time when he did a collaboration with Cinemasins and he wasn't well liked and had a suicide watch moment

    • David Hansell
      David Hansell 2 years ago

      Just because other people in the world are suffering doesn't make Matt's any less valid. Also, you seem to be unable or unwilling to realize that being abused by a loved one is one of the worst things someone can go through emotionally.

    • Keith Surratt
      Keith Surratt 2 years ago

      Matthews face stung for a second, boo fucking hoo. There's people suffering all around the world and he makes a video crying about how his girlfriend hurt him emotionally.

    • David Hansell
      David Hansell 2 years ago

      A child pinching you is much different from your girlfriend slapping you in the face. Aren't you able to understand that being abused physically and emotionally is damaging?

    • Keith Surratt
      Keith Surratt 2 years ago

      If you get pinched by a kid is it abuse? If you get pounded by a 300 pound figure is it abuse? You make the call.

  • Dusty vHD
    Dusty vHD 2 years ago

    Bye Jinx...