US Open Tennis Championships
US Open Tennis Championships
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  • Elena Schmidt
    Elena Schmidt 37 minutes ago

    WOZNIACHI ist zum kotzen 🤮🤮

  • Noh Ken
    Noh Ken 48 minutes ago

    Impressive with Rubleb play only and it was good play by Aussie.. but i do not expect any better from Aussie.. still hate how he plays from beginning to end.. period

  • mellowman1001
    mellowman1001 Hour ago

    The prize money for Mixed Doubles is a disgrace. Sort it out, organizers!

  • Vithun Illankovan

    Sharapova was playing well enough to make 4R at the US Open if she didn't have to play Serena lol

  • まけ
    まけ Hour ago


  • Zeeyoutube Life
    Zeeyoutube Life Hour ago

    Damn it these damn onions got me crying here. I love both of these young ladies and their parents for bringing up superb role models. Amazing!! I still hate these onions lol

  • Ashutosh Mishra
    Ashutosh Mishra Hour ago

    Martic was serving bombs and Serena was still returning them very well.

  • Nowhere Man
    Nowhere Man 2 hours ago

    I should of recorded the match, this is a Serena ass kissing highlights reel.. For a second, I thought she won the US open not Andreescu

  • novak djokovic
    novak djokovic 2 hours ago

    Well, the commentators should have known better: when Nole isn't fist pumping/showing emotions it's either Wimbledon final or something is terribly wrong.

  • Eduardo Yáñez
    Eduardo Yáñez 2 hours ago

    one of the best Us Open finals ever!

  • novak djokovic
    novak djokovic 2 hours ago

    watched whole thing without looking at score board, "wow serena dominated Andreescu". Andreescu won the championship.

  • novak djokovic
    novak djokovic 2 hours ago

    great match. thumbdown for commentators.

  • Sean Combrink
    Sean Combrink 2 hours ago

    Wozniacki is so pretty

  • Michael Mesler
    Michael Mesler 3 hours ago

    Please don’t put the women’s highlights in here mixing good content with mediocre content

  • James Twiford
    James Twiford 3 hours ago

    Serena hit more winners but under the pressure of a formidable player who could return her serve and in rallies put her under pressure forcing her to hit great shots over and over, Serena couldn't find the consistent magic. The highlights show some of the best points. Williams, under pressure, made more errors. Bianca's run this year, with the final making performance in Auckland, the superb win of the Indian Wells, the intense fight to claim the Rodgers (Serena had back spasms and retired), and this moment of greatness at the US open, point to a new dominant force in tennis.

  • Дмитрий Семашко

    Wow! I never hear about Rublev. He is smart and fast.

  • Nomthandazo Ndlovu
    Nomthandazo Ndlovu 4 hours ago

    Taylor Townsend will go far in tennis

  • Toby Nwigene
    Toby Nwigene 4 hours ago

    She handles herself well

  • Nomthandazo Ndlovu
    Nomthandazo Ndlovu 4 hours ago

    Lol that look kerber gave her🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • Samir Husein
    Samir Husein 5 hours ago

    Naomi 😍😍

  • Vincent Mikko
    Vincent Mikko 5 hours ago

    The girl just got a lesson. Lol

  • pukulu
    pukulu 5 hours ago

    Townsend is not built like a tennis player but she does everything else like a tennis player. Her groundstrokes are good enough that she could stay back but she wants to keep the running to minimum, understandably.

  • Niki G
    Niki G 6 hours ago

    OMG Gorilla VS Lady

  • Robinson Crusoe
    Robinson Crusoe 6 hours ago

    43:30 backhand slice winner. That's rare, right? Federer already did one of those agnst Wawrinka u can search on a video Federer crazy points. Both GOATS! Behind Tomic of course

  • Gary Lyons
    Gary Lyons 7 hours ago

    The greatest matches of all time in each Grand Slam all have involved Nadal. In my opinion this is the greatest US Open match I have seen (2009 Federer vs Del Potro final is a close second). The best Wimbledon match ever was the 2008 final between Federer and Nadal, the best Australian Open match ever is the 2012 final between Djokovic and Nadal (the 2009 semifinal between Verdasco and Nadal is a close second). And the best French Open match ever was a semi-final between Djokovic and Nadal in 2013. But the point here is Nadal is super entertaining to watch and has had so many wars of attrition!

  • Joe Black
    Joe Black 7 hours ago


  • John Doe
    John Doe 8 hours ago

    I hope she does not interact with Colin. That effer is just a gold digger and limelight seeker! Eff him and his knee shat

  • Taylor Pack
    Taylor Pack 8 hours ago

    Cilic went god mode but he was facing god mode rafa

  • Jen T
    Jen T 9 hours ago

    This is pretty biased if you ask me

  • Phyllis Simon
    Phyllis Simon 9 hours ago

    Because of the positioning of the mic. we can't hear the questions asked by the journalists, perhaps on-screen subtitles of the questions that are being asked would be extremely helpful

  • 1000 subs with no videos

    Only 45 minutes?

  • Taylor Pack
    Taylor Pack 10 hours ago

    Nadal vs the next djokovic

  • Taylor Pack
    Taylor Pack 10 hours ago

    Wawrinka didn’t go god mode

  • Asaru Ptah
    Asaru Ptah 11 hours ago

    Sexy Osaka to experience for Coco.

  • BC Neil
    BC Neil 11 hours ago

    We know serena is american and black.....but she actually lost this match in straight sets. Hard to tell from this shitty video. hence the downvotes.

  • blkdve music
    blkdve music 11 hours ago

    Lmao she turned her back everytime she did good incase serena said something😂😂

  • Steve
    Steve 11 hours ago

    Bianca has the smarts of Graf and the power of Seles and Henin.

  • tilina mja
    tilina mja 12 hours ago

    Serena winners while she loose the match!!!!what a joke!!!!

  • BC Neil
    BC Neil 12 hours ago

    A much better sport than Serena Williams.

  • RG
    RG 12 hours ago

    Low-key one of the all time great shooters, cutters and moving of screens in nba history. If jj started his career in the 2010's his stats would be so much better. Great player for my SIXERS

  • Missy Marie
    Missy Marie 13 hours ago

    Good lord, they should’ve ended the interview immediately. Cramps like those can last an entire day. For certain it wasn’t going to end quickly. Hasn’t any of them ever had a gnarly cramp after activity? Nevermind- I forgot they have no muscles...they’re only leeches. Poor guy

  • feumba gareb
    feumba gareb 13 hours ago

    Sharapova should have taken Meldo just for that day.

  • Lucky
    Lucky 14 hours ago

    BRAVO Bianca, se vede că ai ambiție românească, să ajungi mai departe 👏👏👍👍 felicitări și la mai mare! Ferice de părinții tăi, ești un copil minunat, cu caracter și voință !!👍

  • Sileny Souza
    Sileny Souza 14 hours ago

    Acho esse rapaz fantástico... será que ele gosta de cachorro?????🤔🤭😬🤗🥰

  • shadowghostization
    shadowghostization 14 hours ago

    Is this the serena dickrider channel?

  • tenniscollector
    tenniscollector 14 hours ago

    US Open Tennis Championships, your WIMBLEDON counterparts puts up full length matches on their official YT channel - don't take my word for it, go and have a look for yourself - as well as the highlights. Why cant you follow their example? Whats the farking issue?

  • Руслан Al’Capone

    На теннис не ставьте в этом году буки и игроки в сговоре 100%

  • Big Bulk
    Big Bulk 15 hours ago

    I liked Venus’s game and attitude. I never liked Serena’s game or attitude. Extremely crass.

    AHMED YAR 15 hours ago

    You are black that is why you are less

  • Chris Lorenz
    Chris Lorenz 15 hours ago

    Schwartzman did a Rafa run. It’s quite rare to see Rafa getting outrun by someone.

  • Ricardo Feitosa
    Ricardo Feitosa 15 hours ago

    One thing is for sure, Rafael Nadal will always give you your money worth..!

  • Xavi Campoverde
    Xavi Campoverde 15 hours ago

    Wait, you can do that?

  • Nirky
    Nirky 15 hours ago

    The quality of this match was extremely high, this was really the 2019 US Open Final right here.

  • Roback P.
    Roback P. 16 hours ago

    Because of you 2 my daugthers will be a tennis players...

  • Aykut
    Aykut 16 hours ago

    I liked Medvedev after AO 2019 & i like him now after this presser

  • Maricia Williams
    Maricia Williams 16 hours ago

    Wow Very Impressive!~JOB WELL DONE TAYLOR!~💕💕🙏🙏

  • Lecto- Escritor
    Lecto- Escritor 17 hours ago

    Belinda, you are soo sexyy! Love your eyes looking upward while you serve---mmm!

  • Aykut
    Aykut 17 hours ago

    17:01 This is why its so hard to watch Spanish films even with subtitles 😅

  • Aykut
    Aykut 18 hours ago

    Medvedev's speech was great

  • Aykut
    Aykut 18 hours ago

    5:59 Rafa raises his brows when the guy says that the "fans were great" & Medvedev's face expression is just 🔥. Keep "looking up to Rafa" sir you will never comprehend what actual greatness is

  • Aykut
    Aykut 18 hours ago

    0:00 - 2:36, for me, is the moment of 2019

  • Aykut
    Aykut 18 hours ago

    42:24 If hes winning these pts, he can win a slam

  • Aykut
    Aykut 18 hours ago

    41:19 why do you motherfkers have to boo, those are the rules then its not fair on Medvedev for physically or mentally urging himself to serve in time

  • health seekers home
    health seekers home 19 hours ago

    Osaka is the best

  • Aykut
    Aykut 19 hours ago

    I dont like ppl who cant contain themselves during a pt its not hard to keep your mouth shut

  • ابافضل العباس

    😘😘😘 كنديه

  • Максим Селявкин

    No surprise, that a man could won a match against a woman. Thanks to Naomi, Simona and Bianca for saving women's tennis

  • ابافضل العباس

    😘😘😘 كنديه

  • TheDoghouseRiley
    TheDoghouseRiley 19 hours ago

    You have to smile. In her press conference Serena said, "Serena didn''t turn up today," (or words to that effect) Well she hasn't "turned up" for the last four finals she's lost. Her coach was a joke, giving the excuse that Serena was under a lot of pressure and that she'd just come back from having a baby. Pressure? 90% of the spectators (includiing Meghan) were cheering for her. What sort of pressure was Bianca under? The spectaors were even applauding her double faults and unforced errors. As for coming back after having a baby? For cryin' out loud that was two years ago! Kim Clijsters "came back" a year after having her baby and won the US Open in 2009.... and again in 2010. Andreescu is pretty unique as she's the only really "big hitter" that Serena has faced in years. Most of Williams' competitors are of a much smaller build and have problems handling her serve and many of their returns end up in Serena's "hitting zone." Bianca gave as good as she got and made Serena run. She's also "Queen of the drop shot." Bianca was giving her a pasting in Toronto a few weeks back before Serena, " threw a sicky." Serena's been a great champion, but those days are over, but I suspect she'll be turning up at the "big money" events for a few years yet, and because many people like her. But Margaret Court's record is safe. It was laughable that on a very hot day, Bianca turned up on court to play the final wearing a skirt and a sleeveless top. Serena turned up in a black plastic mac. I wonder how much Nike paid her to wear it?

  • Jasper Lee
    Jasper Lee 20 hours ago

    Bianca beat shit out of this ugly bitch lol

  • Victor Bonilla
    Victor Bonilla 21 hour ago

    Good time, show the highlights of her actually victory..not 90% Serena's points.. get the point..biased idiots.

  • Lucky
    Lucky 22 hours ago

    E o mare plăcere să o vezi pe Bianca Andreescu jucând 🎾!!👍💞o persoană naturală fără aliuri, sportivă mare de viitor, cu ambiție și conștiință!! N-a uitat de unde a plecat !!✌️💯 BRAVO Bianca Vanessa ! Exact cu acest nume am botezat și eu nepoata mea!👍

  • Aykut
    Aykut 23 hours ago

    33:40 Greatest pt of the match

  • Aykut
    Aykut 23 hours ago

    32:36 I think Rafa looking up at his player's box says everything

  • Aykut
    Aykut Day ago

    31:05 If Xisca is up from her seat you definitely know something is going on

  • AbuLaban
    AbuLaban Day ago

    people complaining about photographers, like really? what are they supposed to do, throw their cameras away and become doctors out of a sudden? his team are comingfor him. i genuinly dont understand why people are upset about it, their job is to cover what is happening in the press conference.

  • Aykut
    Aykut Day ago

    If this is Medvedev's playing character 1 thing is for sure, watching his matches is something i look forward to, something that could be more & more memorable as we look back later on. There could be quite some many big battles in the future

  • ちびノリ
    ちびノリ Day ago


  • Kamil Marek
    Kamil Marek Day ago

    This first Cossack action I like both players very much :) But Bianke most respects for the fact that she played at the enemy's house and did not crack and showed character;) Because you could see that the whole stadium was behind Serena! And I saw that the stadium upstairs was packed up to the last place :) It respects :) But Serena, despite the fact that she is still playing well but her Prime is already behind her is 38 years old and there is no wonder but a pity because I loved watching her like she couldn't do it! I think that Bianka will be Serena's successor because she has amazing talent as long as her head can stand it! Because sometimes she still has such emotional behavior but there is only a teenager and everything in front of her :)

  • Aykut
    Aykut Day ago

    What may have got Rafa the win was that in the 5th, the pressure was now on him to not lose this match after being 2 sets & a break up in the 3rd

  • Aykut
    Aykut Day ago

    27:30 I think we know whos going to win most of the slams when the big 3 retire, Medvedev is on another lvl, at 23 he has to win the AO & he can, i thought he gave Novak a run for his money at AO 2018 too

  • Scott Harry
    Scott Harry Day ago

    i know coco isn't exactly a top player, but it was nice to see naomi dominate a match and not seem so uncertain

  • T K
    T K Day ago


  • William Blake
    William Blake Day ago

    This highlight is piece of shit! It contains all the good shots of Serena but the end result was Straight set loss for serena. Isn't it? Also the commentators should be professionals and not some serena fsn club members. This Black dude's time is over post her motherhood!

  • Prince of Tennis

    May be if Haley grunt less during the match, she could stand a chance to win... lol

  • Aykut
    Aykut Day ago

    26:16 This next pt, best of the match up until this point. One of the best of the Open

  • Craig Ooi
    Craig Ooi Day ago

    Rafa shots need to land 3/4 or on baselines more often say 90% - that occurring Nadal chances of winning matches would be very high. And mix it up with drop shots, volleys and lobs, not just power at all times. This type of game plan is so interesting for the sport. Cheers

  • Tonmoy Sarkar
    Tonmoy Sarkar Day ago

    I not found full match please help me

  • Aykut
    Aykut Day ago

    20:48 Respect to Medvedev, we're definitely going to see more of him

  • Aykut
    Aykut Day ago

    17:45 I love these next 2 pts. Both players trying to make the most perfect shot one after the other. Also Rafa's looking as indestructible as possible with how hes turning defence into offence

  • william beaumont

    Taylor Townsend is amazing. A joy to watch. What an athlete. I hear she is not married. If I was really good at tennis my ambition would be to play doubles with her sometime.

  • Carlos Molinari

    She couldn’t win a match last year , suddenly she comes on tour and wins Indian Wells as a wild card , gets injured , doesn’t play until Canada and wins the tournament and next win she wins the us open , where she lost 1st round of qualifier last year .. goes from 200th to 5th in the world ... am I the only one who thinks this is kind of surreal ? Look at her record the last 2 years .. I mean good for her but something just doesn’t add up

  • Kamil Marek
    Kamil Marek Day ago

    Serina is still playing well! But this is not the same as it was when she was in her Prime because then I really would Bianke grind like a roller haha ​​the most I see that she lost the movement on the court is slower but the woman is already 38 years old there is no wonder! But Bianka showed that she has character and if her head endures, Serena will have her successor! Because this match can be so perceived just such a change great Master and here the teenager and immediately showed that she has talent! But sometimes it still reacts emotionally but if it hits good people in your life, it can come to me more or less where Serena! But we'll see how it goes on! Best regards.

  • Carlos Molinari

    Kinda surreal last year Serena was in the final and andreescu lost in first round of qualifying

  • Anil Kumar
    Anil Kumar Day ago

    Goosebumps 🤯🤯🤯

  • Dhananjay Malhotra

    Rafa is a beast. What a fantabulous and humble player he has always been. A true champion on and off the field. May he win a lot more grand slams in the years to come. Respect.

  • Meredith Thomas


  • Rodrigo R. Duterte

    Oh this bitch again, the sore loser serena.

  • Kian HORSLEY [5C]

    5:37 her grunt sounds like Simona Halep

  • Prasanth B
    Prasanth B Day ago

    Wild play