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  • shinobitech13
    shinobitech13 3 years ago

    you've been missing in action for 3 years what happened?

  • Justin Watson
    Justin Watson 4 years ago

    fucking asshole FIX THE AUDIO LEVELS!

  • The Gamer
    The Gamer 5 years ago

    let me know if u received the " 8th and Detroit " message.

  • The Gamer
    The Gamer 5 years ago

    8th st and Detroit

  • Robert Williams
    Robert Williams 5 years ago

    Your comment on the TheYoungTurks video made me think you would like to see this controversial documentary that shows how we can take back our country. Use this ending on USclip to see it: watch?v=s-GWdpvgiIA

  • MrCopyrightViolator
    MrCopyrightViolator 5 years ago

    Nice little channel you have here!

  • Dewott
    Dewott 6 years ago

    2,500 subber!

  • ArwingFighter
    ArwingFighter 6 years ago


  • Federalism24
    Federalism24 7 years ago

    Merry Christmas!

  • warrengonline
    warrengonline 7 years ago

    Awesome videos GrooveRaider, awesome!!

  • Classic Gamers HQ
    Classic Gamers HQ 7 years ago

    Keeping it classic @ Classic Gamers HQ!

  • Enrique Mendez
    Enrique Mendez 7 years ago

    thank you friend := for you coment

  • Reason2HateMe
    Reason2HateMe 7 years ago

    Thank you :) Im well aware that im going to be treading on toes with my videos, but not everyone is going to get along.

  • Change Games Entertainment

    heavy channel

  • JuicyPlayer
    JuicyPlayer 7 years ago

    I love your page! You have lots of great historic videos!

  • PeteDorr
    PeteDorr 7 years ago

    congrats on having your video featured on :)

  • MichaelUSAJackson
    MichaelUSAJackson 7 years ago

    Wow man great vids and channel. You better keep this up!

  • EmptyPocketsCollector

    Thanks for subbing! Much appreciated!!!

  • IAmAndrew
    IAmAndrew 7 years ago

    Hey man, firstly great channel name also great vids. Keep up the great work and check out my vids when you can!

  • vegetamartinez1992
    vegetamartinez1992 7 years ago

    hello guy

  • tacitlogos
    tacitlogos 7 years ago

    Any SNES-related video is always appreciated.

  • Change Games Entertainment

    hiyu ;)

  • ReplayRetro
    ReplayRetro 8 years ago

    Fantastic Channel mate, with some really great and different features, SUBBED keep up the awesome work!

  • keeperxiii
    keeperxiii 8 years ago

    Unlike team mountain, this bg gives me headaches!xD Kudos for the great gaming channel.

  • Tool Shop Guy
    Tool Shop Guy 8 years ago

    i love this background i hope you never change it! Thank you so much for all the Video Power and Johnny Arcade stuff!!

  • Henrik
    Henrik 8 years ago

    Awesome old school videos you have. Subscribed.

  • jointbuttz
    jointbuttz 8 years ago

    hi,nice channel,say what is the song on- Memory Lane: Essential Gaming Mags of the late 80s - 90s?iv heard it before somewhere

  • PeteDorr
    PeteDorr 8 years ago

    I love your channel and just subscribed, keep posting these retro videos they are great!

    kNIGHTWING01 8 years ago

    Great channel love all the old commercials and Nintendo news stories.

  • Royo'
    Royo' 8 years ago

    nice vids


    Great Videos Big Props from London

  • Change Games Entertainment

    like your channel

    PIXELKITSCH 8 years ago

    hey grooveraider, thank you for subscribing to PIXELKITSCH! :) cheers from germany, barto

  • Change Games Entertainment

    yeah, your channel rocks!

  • RetroDeath
    RetroDeath 8 years ago

    Hey dude, I completely agree with you on the Ashenclone thing, he does come across like an arrogant pr*ck, just like you my first thought was: "Dude, you are 17 how on earth did you afford that yourself?!" I also like it how he says everything he has is unplayed....sure kid, we believe you...

  • agreekgod11
    agreekgod11 8 years ago

    do you ever sell your videos on dvd???

  • Change Games Entertainment

    nice channel ;)

  • HappyConsoleGamer
    HappyConsoleGamer 8 years ago

    thanks Herman!

  • SwaggerLikeUz
    SwaggerLikeUz 8 years ago

    Hey "Video Power" those Uploads are So Exclusive Man, I used to Search for that on USclip awhile back , but No one had it... That was the Beggining of the Video Game Shows, Next to GamePros Show, back then... Great Channel .. Thanx

  • HappyConsoleGamer
    HappyConsoleGamer 8 years ago

    Hey thanks Herman! I hope thats what appeals to people is that they just see two normal down to earth gamers that they can relate to!

  • ChevyJP86
    ChevyJP86 8 years ago

    thanks for the sub man, much appreciated!

  • ChevyJP86
    ChevyJP86 8 years ago

    Hey man just thought i would say you have an awesome channel, i love retro gaming and collections, i actually have My dreamcast collection uploaded so far as well as my game cube game collection.

  • MetroiDude Doby
    MetroiDude Doby 8 years ago

    What!? wow i really can't believe you meet Gunpei Yokoi and is truth you meet him. what honor men! bad for me i was too young for that date, I always want to know for thank him for his great work, thanks to him im a big super fan of Metroid games and the virtual boy, saddly he died 4 october 97 after his birthday 10 september. But by the way thanks for stay remenber all his work and his life from the internet !, dude I such feel good to find a cool channel with this kind stuffs, thanks men! =]

  • MetroiDude Doby
    MetroiDude Doby 8 years ago

    hey Herman a question dude, do you really meet the legendary Gunpei before 97? by the way I really like your kind stuff on your channel =]

  • Tekknorg
    Tekknorg 8 years ago

    This is one of the most important video game documentary channels on youtube / internet.

  • Change Games Entertainment

    Hey what a great site with realy nice video clips! Also watch our brandnew gameplays for starcraft 2!

  • warrengonline
    warrengonline 8 years ago

    Cool! I'm glad i found this channel! Awesome!

  • Jon H.
    Jon H. 9 years ago

    i'm sorry i really wanna see tron legacy

  • PlayItAgainGames
    PlayItAgainGames 9 years ago

    You've got some crazy awesome footage man! I really wish I could make it out to an E3 someday!

  • PeteDorr
    PeteDorr 9 years ago

    awesome collection of videos, what a great channel :) 3DO press conferences? Nice!

  • Jon H.
    Jon H. 9 years ago


  • Langusto Schreiner
    Langusto Schreiner 9 years ago

    man i'm so glad i found your channel (thanks to happyconsolegamer)! i really like all that retro-scene footage you got!!

    NANDOTABAJARA 9 years ago

    I have silent hill 1 for ps1,you have resident evil 1.5?

    NANDOTABAJARA 9 years ago

    Hey you like resident evil?

  • Atarix777
    Atarix777 9 years ago

    Hehehe, I try to do my best ;-)

  • Atarix777
    Atarix777 9 years ago

    Hey, awesome channel, I subbed ;-D

  • HappyConsoleGamer
    HappyConsoleGamer 9 years ago

    Hey I just subscribed! you have sooo many killer videos! And if you are ever up in the vancouver area you are always welcome to some old-school gaming!

  • Joey19990
    Joey19990 9 years ago

    Happy New Year!

  • Joey19990
    Joey19990 9 years ago

    Hey, just ran into your channel again after about 6 months... nice channel!

  • HappyConsoleGamer
    HappyConsoleGamer 9 years ago

    It was an official Tower Of Doom Poster, and I fully agree Ys on the Turbo CD back in the day was amazing, nobody will remember how ground breaking that was at the time! Hope you got some fun stuff for Christmas too! Johnny

  • TheDrisk
    TheDrisk 9 years ago

    This is one of the best Retro themed Channels I have stumbled across. Fantastic.

  • greenmotorcar
    greenmotorcar 9 years ago

    You are a true hardcore gamer. I think the term hardcore gamer has been confused by system specific fanboys. True hardcore gamers have games they like on every system and try to own every system. By the way, I think you would agree with what I said to the troll on the comments over Metroid Other M. I agreed with you 100%

  • Elektrikana Rekordz
    Elektrikana Rekordz 9 years ago

    Thank You so much, Herman!! Sincerely - Maruzha :)

  • OnThatPowder
    OnThatPowder 9 years ago

    whatsUP Playa!!

  • orangekittystudios
    orangekittystudios 9 years ago

    yay! im subscriber #700!!

  • Akumacornflakes
    Akumacornflakes 9 years ago

    Man, I don't think your profile pic could be any more awesome! You and Gunpei Yokoi in the flesh!

  • 80sWeekends
    80sWeekends 9 years ago

    great channel and you have a Power Glove and Virtual Boy.

  • OnThatPowder
    OnThatPowder 9 years ago

    awesome channel,man

  • RetroGoodness
    RetroGoodness 9 years ago

    Hi dude! Just want to say thanks very much for subscribing! :-D And that is a cool Username! lol

  • BossBossly
    BossBossly 9 years ago

    Hey man, thanks for the sub and the kind words!

  • PiTBuLLeD
    PiTBuLLeD 9 years ago

    Damn man helluva channel you have here, thanks for the memories your vids have brought back.

  • HappyConsoleGamer
    HappyConsoleGamer 9 years ago

    LOL you were the only person to mention/notice the OPA OPA Shirt.

  • MetroiDude Doby
    MetroiDude Doby 9 years ago

    Wow men you need to see my page no for subcribe or something like that just you need to see I'm like you how was the best guy who admire Mr. Yokoi and his best work for me "Metroid, Samus Aran" I hope we can be friend =]

  • GamingInsurrection
    GamingInsurrection 9 years ago

    You're welcome! Getting my parents to let me film them was pretty easy when I told them a Wii was involved. My mom is definitely buying one for herself soon. I also interviewed them both for separate podcasts at our Web site. BTW, the video tribute to Mr. Yokoi is awe inspiring. I wish I could have met him before he died. I still get a little misty-eyed when his name comes up in the credits of Super Metroid. I'm a Metroid girl at heart. :) -- Lyndsey M.

  • yearofox
    yearofox 9 years ago

    hey bud, i just watched your video "Legendary Video Game Memorbillia" and thought it was great, especially the music. could you name that tune for me?

  • GamingInsurrection
    GamingInsurrection 9 years ago

    Found your channel through the Metroid Database channel. Very awesome what you have here. We're big fans of retro gaming so we dig what you're doing! Keep up the good work and look us up sometime. :)

  • mattyodude
    mattyodude 9 years ago

    i love all these videos thanks for the flashbacks :)

  • 1983parrothead
    1983parrothead 9 years ago

    I appreciate you for uploading some hard-to-find recordings of Video Power. I found some more footage of it at RetroStatic and preserved them just in case if the website shuts down and makes the recordings unavailable.

  • TylursVideo
    TylursVideo 9 years ago

    Please if you have anymore video power episodes PLEASE UPLOAD NOW!

  • Jon H.
    Jon H. 9 years ago

    man, where do you get all your footage from?

  • Jon H.
    Jon H. 9 years ago

    great channel, you're a cool guy

  • gunpeiyokoifan
    gunpeiyokoifan 9 years ago

    Gosh, you were lucky to see Mr. Yokoi when he was alive... what was Mr. Yokoi like in real life?

  • haleman1704
    haleman1704 10 years ago

    yo got a FANTASTIC collection of videos. i couldn't believe my eyes when i saw your b-roll-video with beta mario 64. thank you so damn much for uploading!!! very interesting

  • TerporFIN
    TerporFIN 10 years ago

    Do you own Commondore 64?

  • Atarix777
    Atarix777 10 years ago

    Yes, Retro ruuuulez :-D

  • deletaintekontot
    deletaintekontot 10 years ago

    Yes! It's really fun to see some of these old TV programs! Very nostalgic~

  • yearofox
    yearofox 10 years ago

    Thanks so much for your videos. There was a real magic to gaming back in the day. Thanks for doing your part in keeping it alive.

  • Atarix777
    Atarix777 10 years ago

    hi there, thx a lot for subscribing! Seems like you have a nice place here, I subbed to you, too :-D

  • latinelover24
    latinelover24 10 years ago

    hey wasup, i just gotta say that your vids just brought back sooo many fond memories of my childhood, and do u have more clips of the video power 2nd season, cuz i just had a major flashback of this show. thanks again and keep on the good work. cheers, marco

  • Oni64
    Oni64 10 years ago

    Great MK videos, I was born around 88 and seeing these videos bring some nostalgia into me.

  • cougarsmarque
    cougarsmarque 10 years ago

    Thanks for the comments! Love your page! I'll be doing more videos soon. It's been way too long.

  • Grooveraider
    Grooveraider 10 years ago

    therealhardrock | - I'm trying to think of such a SNES ad where a kid slams a cartridge into the console - but nothing rings a bell. Do you remember what year you caught this ad? As for contests - this doesn't sound like an official Nintendo commercial. Do you remember who promoted the contest ? Sometimes contests are exclusive to the place we live at as well. I wish I could help you more - i'll keep it all in mind :)

  • Grooveraider
    Grooveraider 10 years ago

    jase7474 - Sure thing :)

  • therealhardrock
    therealhardrock 10 years ago

    Do you have a Super Nintendo commercial that starts with a kid slamming a cartridge into the Super Nintendo? Do you remember an old contest where the prize was a Super Nintendo game where the main character had the winner's face? I wonder who won that contest and what game it is.

  • Jase Doe
    Jase Doe 10 years ago

    thanks for the add.

  • Grooveraider
    Grooveraider 10 years ago

    Synrom - I'm glad your're enjoying the channel. I wouldn't have created one if people like yourself weren't interested. Thank you for watching :)

  • Grooveraider
    Grooveraider 10 years ago

    dreamaker23 - Actually I did own a huge VHS camcorder to film some of the trade shows and special events in the early 90s. I've kept it real as it was back then. I find it amazing how the gaming industry has done such a poor job in recording gaming history in the 90s. Its the only reason I have this channel. To show how the industry arrived to this very day. Nowadays its about how "mature" you can get with ATI and Cell processors. What happen to taking risks in bringing new genres? Or is that beginning to happen thanks to WiiWare and Life With Playstation networks ? Don't get me wrong - I love where the technology is going but it won't survive without gameplay innovations . We're not just playing with friends in your room anymore. Its WORLDWIDE ! That leads me into looking forward to Sony's PS3 Home software. I can see this evolving into "sim life" . Btw, I play with Wii and PS3 nowadays. But every now and then I go retro and pull out my classic consoles.

  • Chris Issac
    Chris Issac 10 years ago

    Dam B. You Been Around! if you were there in some of those Vids. I can picture you wit a big ass but nice men! Like the fact that you keep it real....Trust me, these lil punks now. Dont know what a real game is. WE CAN SAY WE SAW THE BEGINNING OF IT'S CREATION! Keep It Up....Hey What Do YoU Play Now?

  • therealhardrock
    therealhardrock 10 years ago

    Go watch my "identify this sound" video and see if you can identify the sound.

  • therealhardrock
    therealhardrock 10 years ago

    It seems that nobody has that commercial. It's like a big holy grail. Countless people have posted the rigid dead squirrel and dog commercials, but no one has posted the other one yet.

  • Grooveraider
    Grooveraider 10 years ago

    therealhardrock - sorry it took me a few days to answer you. I remember that Game Gear ad you described. I'm afraid I don't have that commercial. I searched high and low through USclip and abroad. I guess noone has it -- as of now. Maybe in the future someone may have it on some form of media and generous enough to upload it. If I ever find it -- i'll let you know.

  • therealhardrock
    therealhardrock 10 years ago

    So, I was wondering you have a Sega Game Gear commercial that wikipedia describes like this: An advertisement was shown in black and white, with players milling about aimlessly in a dark void, playing Game Boys. A lone rebel appears with a Game Gear, cuing the narrator's comment of "The Sega Game Gear: Separates the men from the boys." I remember that commercial as a kid but have never seen it on the internet.

  • Grooveraider
    Grooveraider 10 years ago

    Therealhardrock - All the videos come from me. I've been into video games eversince my parents bought me the Atari 2600 :) My fascinations with video games really began when the 8-bit Nintendo came onto the scene in the 80s. Over the years, i've tried to keep up with the movers and shakers. I've attended many electronic trade shows and have obtained some promotional material. Whenever I saw something on television regarding video gaming - i'd video doc it onto VHS - kinda like a personal video scrapbook. Little did I know at the time in the future i'd be able to share these clips to the world.... Lately, i've been going back into my tape collection to uncover clips I originally taped as the event happened or during a time period hence the rough break-ins in the clips - I think its more interesting that way than editing wouldn't you say ? :)

  • therealhardrock
    therealhardrock 10 years ago

    Where do you get your videos?

  • Grooveraider
    Grooveraider 11 years ago

    Oni64 - Thank you and to everyone visting and commenting on my channel. I've been impressed with the amount of retro gaming nostalgia clips found here on USclip. I thought i'd contribute with some original nostalgic content as well. I hope this trend continues to grow with or without USclip. There's more clips coming from me on my channel. Stay Tuned Thanks Again!

  • Oni64
    Oni64 11 years ago

    Great videos my friend, they bring alot of memories when I was kid, and watching video-game-relatedTV-reports/special on them.