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Cyber Posix - Nimbus
Views 4K2 days ago
junior state - Nostalgic
Views 11K7 days ago
this song is for you.
Views 22K16 days ago
moodring - wrong time
Views 16K20 days ago
Union City Nights - Easy
Views 21K22 days ago
edapollo - Make a Move
Views 14K23 days ago
oDDling - Aurora
Views 16K24 days ago
swtvlly - lost my way
Views 16K28 days ago
Akurei - Hollow
Views 20KMonth ago
1-800-lost - follow me
Views 32KMonth ago
I just want you close..
Views 21KMonth ago
love hurts.
Views 18KMonth ago
Yasper x Louk - Playful
Views 17KMonth ago
dyslm - 2 am
Views 18KMonth ago
kibishi - bad weather
Views 23KMonth ago
girl in red - 4am
Views 23K2 months ago
slipfunc - So Into You
Views 23K2 months ago
dontaskalex - t o u c h
Views 21K2 months ago
Laevi - Dinner at the Moon
Views 21K2 months ago
Gracie Convert - I'm Fine
Views 30K2 months ago
DLJ - Deep Sleep (w/ TABAL)
Views 15K2 months ago
Can't Take My Eyes Off You
Views 516K2 months ago
delayde - north fell
Views 18K3 months ago
galdive - sorbet [Premiere]
Views 101K3 months ago
Miscél - when you left
Views 16K3 months ago
Ruck P - Early Morning
Views 44K3 months ago
kokoro - i miss you
Views 22K3 months ago
TAMBALA - sauté
Views 18K3 months ago
Conor Albert - Only You
Views 16K3 months ago
Eloise - Subside
Views 37K3 months ago
kokoro - Lost Love
Views 22K4 months ago
Ambulo - Overseas and Alone
Views 44K4 months ago
saib - Whale Call
Views 24K4 months ago
Resotone - Just Let Me Down
Views 24K4 months ago
Gill Chang - stuck
Views 35K4 months ago
Eloise - Left Side
Views 50K4 months ago
Temper - Reflections
Views 29K4 months ago
niquo - rest easy
Views 22K4 months ago
Lila Yin - O
Views 29K4 months ago
Ningen - Watching Nature
Views 22K5 months ago
90sFlav - Call Me
Views 40K5 months ago
Rayons - Halfway
Views 27K5 months ago


  • lotsoflaughs13ify
    lotsoflaughs13ify 35 minutes ago

    did study girl graduated already lol nooo pls don't leave us

  • ChuppyDuh
    ChuppyDuh 2 hours ago

    I know I should be sleeping rn since it’s 1am, but I can’t resist listen to more cool tunes 💕✨

  • wolfpackgaming 5000
    wolfpackgaming 5000 2 hours ago

    This sounds good👍🏼

  • runkk full
    runkk full 2 hours ago

    I love this

  • Maah guh
    Maah guh 2 hours ago

    Wow, very good

  • moon pie
    moon pie 2 hours ago


  • D4Ç •
    D4Ç • 3 hours ago

    It’s fine, but the song is great

  • LucasTM
    LucasTM 3 hours ago


  • Amy Villanueva
    Amy Villanueva 3 hours ago


  • ToxicKapone
    ToxicKapone 3 hours ago


  • creepday Z
    creepday Z 3 hours ago


  • Kxpopx
    Kxpopx 5 hours ago

    Tf is this-

  • Sonia Sonia
    Sonia Sonia 5 hours ago


  • ThatOneGuyKaboom
    ThatOneGuyKaboom 6 hours ago

    Wait is jocelyn flores the same person as shiloh

  • Sol V
    Sol V 7 hours ago

    This is one of the best remixed oldies but goodie song I've listened to. Good stuff yo 🙌

  • Impulse_P&L
    Impulse_P&L 7 hours ago

    I want to make a joke, but I’d feel bad. I’m such a nice and relatable person, *gIvE mE lIkEs*

  • ChuppyDuh
    ChuppyDuh 9 hours ago

    When the best kicks in at 0:47, I felt that _resonate_ in my soul, Oml.

  • Uyên Nguyễn
    Uyên Nguyễn 10 hours ago

    i'm falling for u again.

  • Sinann W.
    Sinann W. 11 hours ago


  • Major Alien
    Major Alien 11 hours ago

    That’s why I want to become a farmer

  • Chris
    Chris 11 hours ago

    my brain when i see a scale

  • Pøgas - Lofi Music -
    Pøgas - Lofi Music - 11 hours ago

    I love it ❤️

  • 1800 Be Happy
    1800 Be Happy 13 hours ago

    Leshell brought me here

  • Emily Hurricane
    Emily Hurricane 14 hours ago

    Dude this is actually really scary. I get the message, but like, I don’t think this is the right way to spread awareness

    ZASHI 16 hours ago


  • Abby
    Abby 17 hours ago

    I feel it like just be like that sometimes

  • BRAN
    BRAN 21 hour ago

    Love comes to those who still hope even though they’ve been disapponined, to those who still believe even though they’ve been betrayed to those who still love even though they’ve been hurt before

  • Kim K
    Kim K 21 hour ago

    This is another hit song like "Greenlight" and "High". You just need more exposure so people know you are here with these great songs. You have beautiful eyes and face, don't mar it up with anymore tatoos. I just don't think you realize how much you have going for you. Exploit it! We all want to explore your talents.

  • hot nerd
    hot nerd 22 hours ago

    happy thoughts happpy thoughts happy thoughts happpy thoughts happpy thoughts happpy thoughts happpy thoughts happpy thoughts happpy thoughts happpy thoughts

  • Mateo Leyba
    Mateo Leyba 23 hours ago


  • AllanBro
    AllanBro Day ago

    Shes actually sleeping with her cat in another lofi stream video

  • Luli OwO
    Luli OwO Day ago

    *this is why kids hate school* *1 bullying* *2 to much homework*

  • bøõčh
    bøõčh Day ago

    Honestly I don’t talk about sadness and anxiety a lot but honestly this just gets me sad. It’s kinda like my life. I always make people happy but they never understand what’s happening behind the scenes. How other people like me do this but we aren’t that happy. We only pretend to be. And at 2:45 that’s what we think of ourselves as. Trash, Disgusting, Monsters. We hate ourselves but people think we’re happy because we get them happy.

  • dalila singh
    dalila singh Day ago

    Please tell me there is a one hour version to this 😍

  • 美味しいカップケーキ

    Eu sou do brasil amo seus soms ❤❤️❤️️🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • Vi Mattos
    Vi Mattos Day ago

    tem algo nessa música que extrai o melhor de mim. 💛

  • Ryder Arcilla
    Ryder Arcilla Day ago

    I'm selling replays for free! 0:00

  • Alexandeer alejandro

    Soooooooooooooo relaxing 10/10

  • College Music
    College Music Day ago

    0:47 ☁️☁️

  • DVon Plage
    DVon Plage Day ago

    Sad and beautiful. Thanks)

  • Brendon Lopes
    Brendon Lopes Day ago

    I think this argument in the background is a little too loud, and stressed me a little, but nice song anyway

  • Crow of judgement

    sEND MEme

  • Atul Kumar
    Atul Kumar Day ago

    💖 this put my over thinking mind at rest so chill love it

  • Aleit
    Aleit Day ago

    Qué buena canción.

  • DreamSound
    DreamSound Day ago

    Looking at the moon right now... I feel like Im not the only one ❤️

  • Atul Kumar
    Atul Kumar Day ago

    So chill & relaxing i love it

  • sirron daniels

    This🔥🔥keep up the good work👍🏿

  • NioXy 2.0
    NioXy 2.0 Day ago

    Nice sound!

  • Lil Whip
    Lil Whip Day ago

    Sup juall

  • rui lopes
    rui lopes Day ago


  • Adar gardi
    Adar gardi Day ago

    Well done

  • {Emelly san}
    {Emelly san} Day ago


  • CeeCee Vee
    CeeCee Vee Day ago

    at last long love has arrived?? i thought it was "at long last love has arrived" still a cute song tho

  • Gio Rivera
    Gio Rivera Day ago


  • Hiken NoAce
    Hiken NoAce Day ago

    Wow a short peak of a day in my life. Kappa

  • Igniz
    Igniz Day ago

    Pretty accurate when i do homework.

  • Maria Ozawa
    Maria Ozawa Day ago

    why would anyone keep a knife in the vajayjay? that would hurt

  • ItzGedi
    ItzGedi Day ago

    I kinda feel like this too but no knife. I wanna die sometimes because I'm self conscious of my weight, anxiety, opinions of others, and the world changing everyday. I just wanna end everything. But I've gotten better! ^U^ It took like 3 days to cure this cuz it wasn't a big deal. And whoever out there has depression I hope you get better soon! :)

  • AboShrh 07
    AboShrh 07 Day ago


  • Kishen Naicker

    Summer vibes, 2019???

  • Lucas de Souza

    WTF? Where is my lofi vibes? :X

  • GaSaKリゼ
    GaSaKリゼ Day ago


  • FlowerQueen
    FlowerQueen Day ago

    This is what I feel like when I remember that i have to present a project tomorrow.

  • Benson Adee
    Benson Adee Day ago

    What happened I need thsi to start up again plllzzzz ahhh

  • Rocky L
    Rocky L Day ago

    But alas, thou journey... was over.

  • tear drip
    tear drip Day ago

    Me after 7 weeks having homework every single night that's due the next day

  • Metro_Mutt
    Metro_Mutt 2 days ago

    Tysm for this its louder then the official audio and for us with shit ears its really nice <3

  • Mr.An0nym00se
    Mr.An0nym00se 2 days ago

    Jesus.. even USclip was like: “ay bruv this Is scary”

  • Robert v.d. Vlist
    Robert v.d. Vlist 2 days ago

    Why is she having a knife there

  • Edoardo Piccoli
    Edoardo Piccoli 2 days ago


  • James Deleon
    James Deleon 2 days ago

    Why did she not do it :(

  • Zoe M
    Zoe M 2 days ago

    Plug out of the matrix. You'll lose your life if u dont

  • Diablo Tempest
    Diablo Tempest 2 days ago

    And the school system says people arent overworked god damn i got chills and a discretion warning

  • AZRA
    AZRA 2 days ago

    great channel

  • فيصل mg
    فيصل mg 2 days ago


  • Nevada Stiegelmeyer

    it sounds like a fallout trailer

  • tkenny al
    tkenny al 2 days ago

    I'll follow you forever♥️♥️♥️

  • فيصل mg
    فيصل mg 2 days ago

    The fuck?

  • fen na merdjana
    fen na merdjana 2 days ago

    Can some1 link me the picture please

    ICHOR KIEGO 2 days ago


  • Groovy Tony
    Groovy Tony 2 days ago

    Saw Galdive and clicked faster than I have ever before! 👏👏👏 This track takes my mind on a vacation and makes me imagine life with my future girlfriend! 🏀⚽🎳🎱🏓🏓🏓🎮🛒 Those who are here definitely have GOOD taste in music! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 12am + This Song = 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Groovy Tony
    Groovy Tony 2 days ago

    Stumbling upon any track from FKJ is like winning the musical lottery! 💎 3:50 = 😍😍😍😍😍😍 This is a JAM! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Groovy Tony
    Groovy Tony 2 days ago

    Galimatias is a hidden GEM! 💎 0:00 - 3:35 = Floating above the clouds! 😍😍😍😍😍😍 Love the FEELS! 🔥🔥🔥 Thank You College Music! 👏👏👏

  • James Does Stuff
    James Does Stuff 2 days ago

    How long was it.

  • Mikaela M.
    Mikaela M. 2 days ago

    I literally live for thiss

  • PISCES* 904
    PISCES* 904 2 days ago

    Playing this song while traveling to figi

  • PixelaGaming
    PixelaGaming 2 days ago

    I just want the music.

  • c. hahny
    c. hahny 2 days ago

    rip this one

  • Groovy Tony
    Groovy Tony 2 days ago

    Late Night + This Song = I'm out of this world! 😍😍😍😍😍😍 Unfold reminds me of how LUCKY I am to be born in the same era as Alina Baraz! 💎

  • sadsoul 6
    sadsoul 6 2 days ago

    2:17 2:16

  • Gabriella Johnson
    Gabriella Johnson 2 days ago


  • Ned
    Ned 2 days ago

    Oh such a cute song!

    TLAXTEL 2 days ago

    Como para dedicarla a tu preciosa novia 🌟 si tuviera :c 🎺🎺🎺🎶

  • eun jeong Jin
    eun jeong Jin 2 days ago

    2:35 ❤️

  • Leopard Loco
    Leopard Loco 3 days ago

    Wait is study girl based on a real person though???

  • mulangirl223
    mulangirl223 3 days ago

    Oh fuck, sweetheart take a break,

  • RB3 The Meme Master

    For anyone who is scared to watch don’t worry there is no gore