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The Galaxy Fold: Display
Views 69K25 days ago
The Galaxy Fold: Cameras
Views 153K25 days ago
Samsung AR Space
Views 102K28 days ago
Soundbar R650│Samsung
Views 96K2 months ago
Soundbar Q90R│Samsung
Views 505K2 months ago
Galaxy Book S: Unveiling
Views 1.1M2 months ago
Galaxy Note10: Unveiling
Views 383K2 months ago
Galaxy Watch Active2: Running
Views 139K2 months ago


  • Luca vingren
    Luca vingren 47 minutes ago

    I need one!!!!!! But i dont have money becuse im buy a s10

  • Jmaul Garschantual
    Jmaul Garschantual 52 minutes ago

    I used to like samsung until this popped up

  • RazzAbucejoVlog
    RazzAbucejoVlog Hour ago


  • Aidris Khan
    Aidris Khan Hour ago


  • Hariharen Gankatharan

    Note 11 i wait

  • Hariharen Gankatharan

    Samsung s10 vs note 10

  • Hariharen Gankatharan

    Samsung note best

  • Genesis
    Genesis Hour ago

    She’s so perfect

  • Lukigt YT
    Lukigt YT Hour ago

    I was listening this video with AirPods

    SOY JOVANA 2 hours ago

    Te ammmmmo mili

  • UsernameHere
    UsernameHere 3 hours ago

    Why not just have a tablet for the kitchen. Thats all it is...

  • stacy
    stacy 3 hours ago

    Love it love it love it❤

  • kasidet kongkapirat
    kasidet kongkapirat 4 hours ago

    I have a7

  • Abrajan Arturo
    Abrajan Arturo 4 hours ago

    I love note10 and I Phone 11 pro

  • Roosevelt Rozario R
    Roosevelt Rozario R 5 hours ago

  • Renanmvc
    Renanmvc 5 hours ago

    Este serviço não funciona bem... É necessário muita evolução

  • Karilene Lima Correia


  • שחר רט
    שחר רט 7 hours ago

    5G 5G but 15 fps video

  • Alanya Dillard
    Alanya Dillard 7 hours ago

    eleven from stranger things

  • Lance Grimmez
    Lance Grimmez 8 hours ago

    OK!!!!! I highly doubt it can make lunch reservations!

  • Nvelo Cody
    Nvelo Cody 9 hours ago

    Amazing phone wish they could make a full screen display when folded

  • The McPherson Fam
    The McPherson Fam 9 hours ago

    Just because of this video I might switch to Samsung

  • Julimyanna Frangao
    Julimyanna Frangao 9 hours ago

    Like is XIAOMI

  • Lexie Neda
    Lexie Neda 10 hours ago

    Can charge from your Galaxy S10 which also lacks enough battery of its own...

  • DINAN 93
    DINAN 93 10 hours ago

    Saya masih kurang percaya dengan kualitas vivo,oppo,reealmi,huawei.dll. Dan utuk smartphone yg aku pakai saat ini adalah samsung.aku percaya dengan kuliatas samsung 100% good. SS J2 PRIME #Masuk air masih bagus. #Jatuh dari kereta dan terlindas mobil masih bagus. #jatuh dari tangan20+ # I LOVE SAMSUNG

  • Arjun Jinesh
    Arjun Jinesh 11 hours ago

    ഒരു രക്ഷില പൊളി ഐറ്റം

  • Maria Jvenilda Januario Ferreira


  • Snapman404
    Snapman404 11 hours ago


  • Apple Hater
    Apple Hater 11 hours ago

    how much capacity?????

  • Samuel Contesse
    Samuel Contesse 11 hours ago

    The only downside is the price (and the headphone jack)

  • Apex -217
    Apex -217 12 hours ago

    Cool! I want tis smartphone very? very much!:))

  • Aste Mir
    Aste Mir 13 hours ago

    I honestly thinks the airpods is better but this. This is so cool aswell

  • Henlo Pee
    Henlo Pee 13 hours ago


  • Ajay Manoj
    Ajay Manoj 13 hours ago

    I seriously don't want to die of cancer

  • Bahtiar Rifai
    Bahtiar Rifai 13 hours ago

    I always chose samsung cause samsung is the best 👌👌

  • Riley Williams
    Riley Williams 14 hours ago

    Galaxy fold 2

  • shah550i
    shah550i 14 hours ago

    Price ?

  • Amirdex_ TDG
    Amirdex_ TDG 14 hours ago

    Pretty good battery life here.

  • deiaa okla
    deiaa okla 14 hours ago

    were is the a 10

  • ajay kumar
    ajay kumar 14 hours ago

    my galaxy s10 is better than i phone 11

  • palmmy_ doraemon_ag
    palmmy_ doraemon_ag 14 hours ago

    My phone can fold but when it fold it will immediately collapse.

  • Kathleen Ramm
    Kathleen Ramm 15 hours ago

    Who’s here from The Health Code podcast.😂

  • Kira Sheffield
    Kira Sheffield 17 hours ago

    Well done Sam!

  • Chriz Arban
    Chriz Arban 18 hours ago

    I got it for free thank you Samsung! I love it!

  • sumit mirpuri
    sumit mirpuri 18 hours ago

    Lol people are so obsessed with apple! This is Samsung’s Buds ad but still more comments are about Airpods 😂😂😂

  • Riley Williams
    Riley Williams 18 hours ago

    Well done Sam Evans, just cam from "The Health Code Podcast" absolutely worth the strain!

  • Grégory ANFRAY
    Grégory ANFRAY 18 hours ago

    This is pathetic, of course OLED TV are really better than LCD called QLED from Samsung.

  • it's stranger things bitch

    I love you

  • Nasreddineツ
    Nasreddineツ 19 hours ago

    Watching on my s10

  • Roblox Makers
    Roblox Makers 19 hours ago

    Anyone now using Power of 10, Like to me.

  • Roblox Makers
    Roblox Makers 19 hours ago

    My phone is 'Galaxy Note 10+ 5G' and..... IT IS REALY SUPER!!!! MY BEST PHONE EVER!!

  • do you are have stupid

    No wonder why I use iPhone Sigh Ali-A and Ninja

  • BROK3N T0Y
    BROK3N T0Y 21 hour ago

    All samsung need is a better OS like games from the google play store contain viruses and some websites that are suggested to you can give you viruses and they can't be removed so please try to improve on that.

  • Cool Kam82
    Cool Kam82 21 hour ago


  • John Dela Torre
    John Dela Torre 21 hour ago

    Sana all

  • Saif Ansari
    Saif Ansari 22 hours ago

    Samsung team please upgrade (galaxy note 9) front camera

  • pvz68man
    pvz68man 22 hours ago

    The Samsung Galaxy fold is a scam buy the S10 Plus instead

  • Peter Morales
    Peter Morales 23 hours ago

    “Why carry a computer, when you can plug your phone into your computer!” Bruh...

  • EclipseTrips
    EclipseTrips 23 hours ago

    A9 Four Cameras A10 One Camera A20 Dual Cameras A30 Dual Cameras A40 Dual Cameras A50 Three Cameras A60 Three Cameras A70 Three Cameras A80 Rotating Camera A90 idk

  • Piano Guy
    Piano Guy Day ago

    Sooo beutiful Millie is my crush

  • CorbanDoesBasketball 1

    Samsung please bring back battery removal phones

  • CorbanDoesBasketball 1

    I miss the battery removal phones like if you agree rip

  • Steak Sauce
    Steak Sauce Day ago

    and she uses ipad in real life

  • Tarek Mahfouz
    Tarek Mahfouz Day ago

    Just wow!

  • Priyanshu Raiyani

    Which phone is this

  • Luis Mendezmusic

    Mañana estoy de cumpleaños yo pedí un Samsung galaxy S10 5g y mis papás eligieron un !phone y no me gusta estoy parte dela familia Samsung estoy suscrito a USclip y Instagram Facebook todo ojalá me llegue el Samsung galaxy S10 ojalá que tú Samsung me podrías dar ese regalo me siento triste sin el Samsung galaxy S10

  • Johnston Steiner

    Don't know about you guys but I haven't watched a single mediacorp production in years. I could care less if they failed tommorow. I barely remember any mediacorp artistes

    ITECH Day ago

    Samsung I’m switching to iPhone 11 pro max 10+ Samsung nope 10+


    everything on my house is of samsung i love it

  • Angelina Bobo
    Angelina Bobo Day ago


  • valen sweet :v

    Like si amas a Millie Boby Brownd 😚😚😘😘

  • Tyler Kane
    Tyler Kane Day ago

    Still loving these. Now that this ad came up again I'm gonna buy the white version...

  • faze szebasztian

    I am pretty sure that is the amsung galaxy s10 plus not the normall s10

  • James Prince
    James Prince Day ago

    That awkward moment when I can watch USclip, text my friends, and "book my stay" all at the same time on my LG Stylo 4.

  • Demeee
    Demeee Day ago

    Little do we know, it take 12 hours to charge

  • Demeee
    Demeee Day ago

    What's next? Phone to computer?

  • Mas Gunarso
    Mas Gunarso Day ago

    Bisa main pabji?

  • Angelina Bobo
    Angelina Bobo Day ago


  • dirty clown
    dirty clown Day ago

    Okay I'm gonna sell my kidneys

  • [Yrlob yt]
    [Yrlob yt] Day ago


  • [Yrlob yt]
    [Yrlob yt] Day ago

    Big fan

  • [Yrlob yt]
    [Yrlob yt] Day ago


  • δαω δου
    δαω δου Day ago

    in our Home. im watching FOOTBALL daily on our Samsung UHD 43 4K.

  • Gesù Cristo
    Gesù Cristo Day ago

    Watching this whit an a20e😋

  • Goga Plays
    Goga Plays Day ago

    update s8

  • Goga Plays
    Goga Plays Day ago

    update s8

  • Jelle Posthuma

    Does the cjg56 version have LFC ?

  • tiktoker-musically lover

    I thought she have iPhone 11

  • Princess Decoud

    When apple said : 3 cameras Samsung said : 6 cameras

  • tiku khatik
    tiku khatik Day ago

    Mari okat kone me to video dekh khush ho jau...sorry samsung😂😂😂

  • Rccoon Larvae
    Rccoon Larvae Day ago

    Jokes aside this family is so wholesome

  • Wiamin
    Wiamin Day ago

    Oh boy wutamusic

  • C u
    C u Day ago

    Yea put cameras under display check take them away I dont use em

  • Victor Carrillo

    No earphone Jack!? -.-

  • XNamNamiX XNamNamiX


  • Jeremy Jones
    Jeremy Jones Day ago

    I wished i could afford it. I want it.

  • 救いの日が来て、自殺します。

    can it be used on ps4 ?

  • Ryan Zheng
    Ryan Zheng Day ago

    Better than Apple,Apple is running out of ideas

  • Ho Gu
    Ho Gu Day ago

    말리좀 제발...

  • Selvin geovany Puac

    alguien español?