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KISS OR DISS *Tiktok Boys*
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21 Truth’s About Me
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My Relationship Status...
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How I Really Feel...
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IM MOVING OUT! *mom cried*
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We Got Married...(Pt. 2/4)
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The Truth.....
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Try on haul in Hawaii
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  • Claire Macinnes
    Claire Macinnes 4 minutes ago

    Love how she likes doing these type of Spanish videos but literally a few weeks ago she was being racist about mikeys friend telling him to go back to his country cause he was light skin

  • Ariana Grande
    Ariana Grande 4 minutes ago

    Maybe someone would like this if she didn't use so much autotune

  • Vanessa Violet
    Vanessa Violet 5 minutes ago

    She just can't except she's not Spanish

  • Exposing tea N
    Exposing tea N 8 minutes ago

    I agree with tea spill

  • Exposing tea N
    Exposing tea N 8 minutes ago

    Daniel Cohn act your age

  • Exposing tea N
    Exposing tea N 8 minutes ago

    Act your age plzzz

  • Exposing tea N
    Exposing tea N 9 minutes ago

    Hate herrr

  • Elleie Tubble
    Elleie Tubble 10 minutes ago

    I hate u dani so much ugh

  • Piggy Piggy1014
    Piggy Piggy1014 11 minutes ago

    Danielle's mom: stop acting like a hoe! And I'll buy you a phone! Danielle: NO DEAL NO DEAL NO DEAL

  • Bangtan Blink
    Bangtan Blink 11 minutes ago

    You're 13, No more secrets. It has been proven.

  • Leslie Lopez
    Leslie Lopez 11 minutes ago

    #DanielleCohn you should vlog everyday 💛

  • Unknown_ P6
    Unknown_ P6 13 minutes ago

    2:50 saw this on tik tok some guy mocked it (watch dani pick her ear and use it for ear wax)

  • Benny Lawd
    Benny Lawd 22 minutes ago

    Why does this exist

  • Arya citta Collin
    Arya citta Collin 24 minutes ago

    Stiff and bad AF

  • RameenRose
    RameenRose 28 minutes ago

    this is about mikey

  • Scott Alex Brandon Parasram

    Amazed Just Destiny isn't on this one yet. 🤔

  • Avanya Sharma
    Avanya Sharma 29 minutes ago

    This looks like it was edited on imovie

  • moon girl
    moon girl 30 minutes ago

    No one : oMg DaNi ThInks ShE cAn SiNg HiSpAnIc SoNgS... Me: wtf, so what's your problem, why y'all hating her so much she has done nothing to you. *HATERS GONNA HATE*

  • Itz Guggs
    Itz Guggs 30 minutes ago

    dani: mikey u are the biggest liar ive ever met!! also dani: *lies ab her age* me: 😂

  • Bella Porter
    Bella Porter 31 minute ago

    this lyric video looks like something i wouldve made on video star when i was 13-

  • Agnes Toljamo
    Agnes Toljamo 37 minutes ago

    danielle : g0 bAck t0 uR couNtrY also danielle : yeA hi i'M lAtinA noW

  • Michu con U
    Michu con U 37 minutes ago

    Sigue con este vato? :v

  • Michu con U
    Michu con U 38 minutes ago

    Madre mía con la Danielle cantando español JAJAJAJAJ. Me cago de la risa MAN!

  • Josh Crispy
    Josh Crispy 38 minutes ago


  • Delfina ff f
    Delfina ff f 48 minutes ago

    I am latina from blood , I acutally live in LATAM and I feel ofended with her pronunciation and with this in general .

  • Delfina ff f
    Delfina ff f 49 minutes ago

    She didn't asked to be born latina

  • Klára Pohanková
    Klára Pohanková 53 minutes ago

    Wow what a great mom you have

  • Nidhi Suman
    Nidhi Suman 54 minutes ago

    I honest think Loren gray is so much better. she's pretty and got talent.

  • Are You Deadass?
    Are You Deadass? 55 minutes ago


  • parathena
    parathena 59 minutes ago

    oh my god mammal aka sksk WAS TBIS MADE IN FUCKING FILMORA

  • silver screens
    silver screens 59 minutes ago

    All of the lyrics to her songs are so mediocre it’s horrific

  • Ava Doyle
    Ava Doyle Hour ago

    *The autotune actually hurts my ears...* *im not kidding lmao*

  • Julie S. {FurryFortress2}

    I think you owe someone IMPORTANT a MASSIVE apology, Dani... That person is the same guy who helped giving you LIFE...

  • Lily Magana
    Lily Magana Hour ago

    It’s “yo siempre será tu baby” Not “yo siempre sOy tu baby”

  • Ana Pastor
    Ana Pastor Hour ago

    It is just me... or the video looks cheap?...

  • itshahgeerMoh Xx

    Fucking bad sonngg

  • yaheltje
    yaheltje Hour ago

    I would like to hear the cover i wanna hear here real voice lmao😂🤔

  • L a R a r a C:
    L a R a r a C: Hour ago

    It is not bad or not a criticism but you are very young and you are advancing your adolescent life enjoy your life woman for God do not die your body because you can do something or I know but stop doing that girl you are very young Nice but to get married and get pregnant :/

  • BabyGirl Wimble
    BabyGirl Wimble Hour ago

    People seriously need to get a life and leave this girl alone like why is everyone so bothered about how old she is, she’s not effecting your life so piss off 🙄

  • Elettra Zappalá

    ur cats are the cutest

  • Justakid M
    Justakid M Hour ago

    This video is just about her bragging about how many viewers and followers she THOUGHT she had

  • Waad Tariq
    Waad Tariq Hour ago

    Your songs sucks just like how u suck☻🙅

  • Waad Tariq
    Waad Tariq Hour ago

    Everyone: "thing" Dani: "thang"

  • Priincesjerci106

    Me: Jezus it sound like 13 years old girl Humans: Lmao she is 13😂😂😂 Me; ik im stupid Danielle: im 16 jehe

  • Bitchwhatt
    Bitchwhatt Hour ago

    What the fuck is this shit again

  • L R
    L R Hour ago


  • RM's Fortune Cookie

    And she ohp-ed

  • Joehoe
    Joehoe Hour ago

    Your canceled sis

  • MAYAM3 ÙwÚ
    MAYAM3 ÙwÚ Hour ago

    This video is actually the 1st time seeing Dani Cohn THEN I SUBBED IM SO DUMB

  • Helen James
    Helen James Hour ago

    you need Dr Phil

  • Helen James
    Helen James Hour ago

    Wtf is this shit

  • Yoqueenemily
    Yoqueenemily Hour ago

    sis.. the background doesnt go with the song... it isnt 'aesthetic' or like Lana Del Ray.. Just stop

  • Ivan Lochov #2 rus

    dude why is this 9 year old dressed like a harlem thot

  • And i Oop
    And i Oop Hour ago

    Dani : 0:42 Me : Hell nah !

  • Tea Auton
    Tea Auton Hour ago

    10 year olds finding out about imovie be like:

  • Lilian None of your business

    That voice crack tho 🙄

  • Toxiic Wxlf
    Toxiic Wxlf Hour ago

    If you go at 3:27 and pause you can see the girl has fixed her hair

  • Lilian None of your business

    Fuck you 🖕🏻Danielle

  • McKirby 2000
    McKirby 2000 Hour ago

    Made by PowerDirector

  • charysma c
    charysma c Hour ago

    someone take away her spanish dictionary

  • _anđa. .paulinić_


  • Coal
    Coal 2 hours ago

    Why is her lipsyncing so offtime 😂

  • Tea Time
    Tea Time 2 hours ago

    “iSsA fOreVa ThAnG” 2 months later: wE bRokE uP😖

  • ElijahlovesOptimus Thor

    No your subscribed to morgz well time to leave

  • Anna’s Videos
    Anna’s Videos 2 hours ago

    I feel like he was high because of the way he talking Like if you agree | | | \/

  • Kulsoom Aqeel
    Kulsoom Aqeel 2 hours ago

    *one two three pumps of foundation* and then *i dONt EVen NeED THat MUch IT'S So FUlL CovERagE* Um okay :)

  • Sunday BG
    Sunday BG 2 hours ago

    God the auto tune is is strong

  • Person
    Person 2 hours ago

    The mom has taken the "BEING COOL MOM" to a whole different level, only to be ending up DISGUSTING.

  • XXAimeeXX
    XXAimeeXX 2 hours ago

    Dani:I’m half Latina Literally nobody Dani:sIeMpRe

  • Christa Breezy
    Christa Breezy 2 hours ago

    Danielle Cohn to Diego: Go bAcK tO yOuR CoUnTrY Also Danielle Cohn: yO SiEmPrE sOy tU BaBy

  • Valeria Rivera
    Valeria Rivera 2 hours ago

    you make my language so ew. like stop you’re not even half of what we are 😳✋🏼

  • margo sunshine
    margo sunshine 2 hours ago

    i really dont know how did she end up as a singer

  • Love Ya 5 Pizza Sauses

    The pronunciation of the words makes me cry......not in a good way

  • Penelope Fourie
    Penelope Fourie 2 hours ago

    Was anyone else getting annoyed with her talking while she was eating

  • Kittymator
    Kittymator 2 hours ago

    Pause at 5:56 a kid looks straight at the camera

  • Almond Milk
    Almond Milk 2 hours ago

    She wrote this herself and it Really shows

  • Almond Milk
    Almond Milk 2 hours ago

    I showed this to my Spanish teacher and she choked on her pen

  • Sofia Jäntti
    Sofia Jäntti 2 hours ago

    omg i cant stop laughing to this!!! ur voice is sucks and this fucking song story is something what i cant hear from 13th year old girl! fucking fat pig gay

  • this ain’t it
    this ain’t it 2 hours ago

    even her mom doesn’t understand why she dates sugar daddies at her age

  • Julie R
    Julie R 2 hours ago


  • keaira turner
    keaira turner 2 hours ago

    She sound 13 😭😭 “I gotta get cute for my boyfriend” girl bye.

  • angelina thompson
    angelina thompson 2 hours ago

    she didn’t even say marilyn monroe right and i-

  • blare _ gacha
    blare _ gacha 2 hours ago

    but u dont even know how old de boy is and dani is 14

  • ItsRyannG
    ItsRyannG 2 hours ago

    stop hating on Dani, if she wants to sing, let her, you guys probably would need auto tune too.

  • this ain’t it
    this ain’t it 2 hours ago

    why do you tell a hispanic boy to go back to his country yet use his language....

  • Sa suke
    Sa suke 2 hours ago

    *sees thumbnail and title * Oh so you mean like your age... *sees video* OH SHIT HERE WE GO AGAIN

  • Brianna Wiggins
    Brianna Wiggins 2 hours ago

    it is so good dani keep the work up girl i love you

  • Maha
    Maha 2 hours ago


  • Annet Flores
    Annet Flores 2 hours ago

    disappointment for mexicans🤦🏼‍♀️

  • SummerX Vibes
    SummerX Vibes 2 hours ago

    I love this tree o

  • Soufana Sabra
    Soufana Sabra 2 hours ago

    lmao deigo was sitting comfortably on the side but when danielle came and sat on him omg

  • TehEpicDuck
    TehEpicDuck 2 hours ago

    If you sub to me I’ll give you *nothing!* SO START TODAY

  • Soufana Sabra
    Soufana Sabra 2 hours ago

    deigo looks like he wants to kill himself

  • 花素敵な
    花素敵な 2 hours ago

    Bruh at this point she should really just tell us the truth about here age, like there is so much proof and people would be a lot happier if she just wasn’t lying.

  • Antonia Prodromou
    Antonia Prodromou 2 hours ago

    The moment when she says its a prank and all that stuff idk why but it made me cringe SOOOOO much like bruhh -.-

    BANGTAN ADDICT 3 hours ago

    13 years old.

  • Jena DeWolfe
    Jena DeWolfe 3 hours ago

    You know it’s bad when this song comes on and your daughter starts crying 🤣

  • mashmellow u
    mashmellow u 3 hours ago

    I hate this video

  • DailyPotato ¿
    DailyPotato ¿ 3 hours ago

    We have the same shorts lmao

  • DailyPotato ¿
    DailyPotato ¿ 3 hours ago

    Bish I knew it. New bf in just 1 month and a half.