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  • MichelleK
    MichelleK Minute ago

    you should send her to Giordanos! in Chicago or the newest one opening up here in Kenosha,Wi!

  • Cbg King
    Cbg King Minute ago

    She wit the dude from home alone

  • Cool Beans
    Cool Beans 11 minutes ago

    She needs to practice more on her makeup if she's going to be doing it herself for things like this in front of the camera. Looks like an amateur Ulta employee did it.

  • Zarar Afridi
    Zarar Afridi 17 minutes ago

    I had no idea she was dating the Home Alone guy....

  • MichelleK
    MichelleK 17 minutes ago

    she lit up! it looks like at least to me more than the other restaurants.Like the memories she was talking about when she was growing up eating it. I love eating food that reminds me of good times too. :)

  • Noora xoxo
    Noora xoxo 27 minutes ago

    She aged like fine wine

  • Andrew Trinh
    Andrew Trinh 28 minutes ago

    Ham is disgusting

  • Evan Sohal
    Evan Sohal 31 minute ago

    I live in SI

  • Heidi L
    Heidi L 33 minutes ago

    I love Julia she’s hilarious!!!! And makes me want to try all these places♥️🤤🤤

  • No Excuses
    No Excuses 38 minutes ago

    Ya looking amazing in those overalls

  • Kayla Empson
    Kayla Empson 40 minutes ago

    Anyone else’s mouth filling up with saliva?

  • Soviet _ Turnup
    Soviet _ Turnup 42 minutes ago

    David has obviously never had sour candy very many times

  • mayya steele
    mayya steele 45 minutes ago

    Queeeereeeeeen i love heeerrrrrr

  • seven as a letter
    seven as a letter 49 minutes ago

    she looks 20 omg???

  • The MNH Show
    The MNH Show Hour ago

    She's dating Macaulay??

  • SoftwareSolution Bilal

  • Amber
    Amber Hour ago

    She’s absolutely stunning omg

  • Maricela Hernandez

    Wait wasn't she married to Miley Cyrus brother? Or engaged? Idk lol Obviously she isnt now but it was a thing ,right? Lol

  • Kurt Madera
    Kurt Madera Hour ago

    lmao i regurgitate stomach acid for breakfast

  • Adriana Collazo
    Adriana Collazo Hour ago

    Is that a Fairy tail sound effect I hear??👂🏽🤔💕

  • Kevin Ortega-Rojas

    The slow-mo 😂😭😂😭

  • skimterp
    skimterp Hour ago

    Go to Carrabba's or Maggiano's

  • Kevin Ortega-Rojas

    I’m so happy that her and Hilary Duff have been able to grow up, mature , live their lives and now are back in the limelight. They’re so deserving. She is such an amazing actress. Her Netflix film was really great.

  • Mockavel Velli
    Mockavel Velli Hour ago

    Sorry but I dont respect self-hating Whitewashed Asians.

  • Carrie Goodman
    Carrie Goodman Hour ago

    kept hearing London Tipton in her voice !

  • Mikaela Pederson
    Mikaela Pederson 2 hours ago


  • Jon Querequincia
    Jon Querequincia 2 hours ago

    She’s starting to sound like Miley

  • Sabreena Syaharudin
    Sabreena Syaharudin 2 hours ago

    I love how she looks so friendly and down to earth!! 💙

  • Morena consentida
    Morena consentida 2 hours ago

    Girl, I love your recipes! !

  • PixelGirl2006
    PixelGirl2006 2 hours ago

    My heart when she mentioned Ashley! I wish they'd hangout more!

  • Samantha Turrubiartes

    This is so awesome. Brenda Song is a legit goddess.

  • Claudia Herrera
    Claudia Herrera 2 hours ago

    Puppies..but ok

  • moonlighter6
    moonlighter6 2 hours ago

    Julia is the sexiest eater on earth. Taco Bell or something Mexican next.

  • Benton Circle
    Benton Circle 2 hours ago

    Why did I not know she was dating macaulay culkin??

  • Randall Sage
    Randall Sage 2 hours ago

    I have watched a lot of these. Differing people tasting (testing) different food from Disney, etc. I find your's to be...... very good, seriously. Thank you for posting !!

  • Sarah J
    Sarah J 2 hours ago

    Wow she’s beautiful

  • Kathrine Waidtløw
    Kathrine Waidtløw 3 hours ago

    Great video as always, but listen.. the person who edits the music.. PLEASE hear it out before you post it on youtube.. It sounds like you had 5 mins to do the job :) Thanks x

  • It’s Just Leo
    It’s Just Leo 3 hours ago

    Wait?! What is the point of eating the candy and anwsering the question? Wouldn’t it make more sence if she didn’t want to anwser the question she would have to eat the sour candy, thats just torture in both ways.

  • Peaceoutsuckersx3
    Peaceoutsuckersx3 3 hours ago

    Idk why she reminds me of Miley in this interview!!!

  • mike mcclernon
    mike mcclernon 3 hours ago

    Bell= no one cares.

  • Tia Antoinette
    Tia Antoinette 3 hours ago the pita chips are baked for 30 min but the chicken is cooked for 15.... Aight ima head out.

  • Monika I
    Monika I 3 hours ago

    I never realized until now but she has such a SIMILAR VOICE TO JENN IM

  • Abd the snow king
    Abd the snow king 3 hours ago

    Elsa isn't the only Disney Princess who became a queen. Anna is the Queen now .

  • Alexis Resendiz
    Alexis Resendiz 3 hours ago

    All this nostalgia from the shit I grew up through my youtube feed && Im living for it ❤️😍

  • Sergio De Paz
    Sergio De Paz 3 hours ago

    She can get it

  • ghostmemeboi
    ghostmemeboi 3 hours ago

    so Anna definitely has autumn or fire powers then

    • Abd the snow king
      Abd the snow king 3 hours ago

      Power of love . Love her sister/family , her boyfriend and her friends.

  • young & wild
    young & wild 3 hours ago

    ew i’m sorry but is it just me who doesn’t ship them AT ALL??

  • Abby Meedel
    Abby Meedel 3 hours ago

    She should go to Seaworld or Busch Gardens!

  • Chelsea L
    Chelsea L 3 hours ago

    I worked at Denny's. NONE of the food looked like that lol

  • 3 names 1 person
    3 names 1 person 3 hours ago

    the whole movie: "Heya Heya Heya Naheya Heya"

  • Abby Meedel
    Abby Meedel 3 hours ago

    I love you so much! Your the first person i watch on USclip!

  • Shendelzare Silkwood II

    She puts skittles as the most sour what an icon

  • עדי צרויה
    עדי צרויה 3 hours ago

    Why does she sounds like Miley to me?

  • na tty
    na tty 3 hours ago


  • Avery the Cuban-American

    2013: Let it GOOO 2019: Into the UNKNOOOWN

  • Finite Tuning
    Finite Tuning 3 hours ago

    The world is more fun when you point at things.....Yeah, I'll second that!

  • IfeWinz !!
    IfeWinz !! 3 hours ago

    She deserves a wall of fame star soon

    JACLYN TM 3 hours ago

    "Do you have a moment to eat my farts"? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Madz R
    Madz R 4 hours ago

    Yes I love Kristen! I’ve loved her since I was like six. She’s got such an amazing personality. And she’s an amazing actress

  • Cheese Puff Girl
    Cheese Puff Girl 4 hours ago

    First one . And I love it.

    • Madz R
      Madz R 4 hours ago

      ...but ok

    • Madz R
      Madz R 4 hours ago

      Cheese Puff Girl actually I was here befor you just watching the comments to see

  • White Alliance
    White Alliance 4 hours ago

    If buffalo Wild Wings wants a boost. They should sell huge chicken nuggets and allow the people to taste the sauce. I mean big chicken nuggets. As big as a regular size wing. Not chicken tenders. Real nuggets. Let it be a new recipe. They could get a boost like popeyes

  • justme
    justme 4 hours ago

    Your recipe link says boil it. Wth?

  • White Alliance
    White Alliance 4 hours ago

    5:22 not every wing meat is nice and juicy... Sometimes you get the tough meat but its ok. Life goes on.

  • Phu Do
    Phu Do 4 hours ago

    Anyone know the song title at the end of the video..?

  • Kassidi Stanley
    Kassidi Stanley 4 hours ago

  • Crystal Jennings
    Crystal Jennings 4 hours ago

    Lol this was a fun video

  • Aileen Trinh
    Aileen Trinh 4 hours ago

    Love her in Dollface on Hulu 🥰

  • Kay rara
    Kay rara 4 hours ago

    dang that condensed milk on bread/roll. it's such an asian thing, i do that even on loaf bread when i was a kid, condensed milk sandwich ayyyyyeeee, great job June

  • Mr.Unknown Cali-Life

    Denny really sucks , I once went and order my meal . Everyone got there first I waited another 15 min after everyone got there stuff. I ask what’s wrong with mine they said your stuff frozen and we need the microwave to heat it it be almost done I got my food and just left it there and paid I was so mad

  • livinthedream5
    livinthedream5 4 hours ago

    She looks like she’s wearing N7 armor from Mass Effect

  • lin n.
    lin n. 4 hours ago

    i love the easy back and forth between brenda and the people behind the camera, really made the interview more enjoyable

  • rosehes
    rosehes 4 hours ago

    no originality i swear to god how many big companies are gonna copy hot ones

  • Amy A
    Amy A 4 hours ago

    I always wondered... you say you don’t waste food and take all the food back to delish, but you definitely used your fork to open up all the food, double dip, spread and moved around which has your saliva on it.... why would everyone from delish want to eat that tho?

  • Hxnny Pxts
    Hxnny Pxts 4 hours ago

    NOOOOOOOOO he Chose Natalie over LIZA 😭😭😭😭😭😭THEY WERE SO CUTE

  • Minguk Films
    Minguk Films 4 hours ago

    LONDON ♥

  • Yonder Mileslimpey
    Yonder Mileslimpey 4 hours ago

    I can’t be the only one thinking that their steak would be horrible 😟

  • Hanisah Hanis
    Hanisah Hanis 4 hours ago

    Do you mean London Tipton?

  • Jordan M
    Jordan M 4 hours ago

    Okay but I just have to say the outside of the pancake is always the best the middle is so gross

  • Timika Harper
    Timika Harper 5 hours ago

    I hear a trini accent. whose the beautiful brown skin look lady?

  • Weronika Linda
    Weronika Linda 5 hours ago

    Talk about major glow up 😍

  • Ashliann Geohaghan
    Ashliann Geohaghan 5 hours ago

    She kinda look different to me but her voice is definitely the same !!!!! ♥️

  • Grace Chatterton
    Grace Chatterton 5 hours ago

    you need to eat them with ranch but i get it they look good without ranch

  • Jeanne Amato
    Jeanne Amato 5 hours ago

    You are so real and so funny

  • Chloe Lauren
    Chloe Lauren 5 hours ago

    Jeannie mai?? Lol jk . They’re both so beautiful

  • Freda Squash
    Freda Squash 5 hours ago


  • Aleksandra Jovicic
    Aleksandra Jovicic 6 hours ago

    She sounds like Jeannie a little

  • Colm Corbec
    Colm Corbec 6 hours ago

    What's the best chain to eat? Asking for a European friend which is clearly overwhelmed by the numbers ^^

  • Perfectly Annie
    Perfectly Annie 6 hours ago

    if disney ever needs a mulan she's the one hands down

  • Jacey Hutchins
    Jacey Hutchins 6 hours ago

    im watching this after a 2 hour swim practice and it is making me so hungry 😂😢

  • ARB San
    ARB San 6 hours ago

    Holy crap it’s like listening to Jeannie Mai from The Real 😂😂😂

  • Vanda Dy
    Vanda Dy 6 hours ago

    She's 31 now

  • Honey Isweet
    Honey Isweet 6 hours ago

    Yes, yes and yes!!!!

  • Tony Stark
    Tony Stark 7 hours ago

    Does this episode have alcohol in it? Why are you always drunk the whole gah damn time?

  • The Winningest Duo
    The Winningest Duo 7 hours ago

    I love her personality

  • MultiFuckbieber
    MultiFuckbieber 7 hours ago

    You should show what you do to prepare for this😂 Chili’s, Waffle House, IKEA cafeteria including the snacks

  • z
    z 7 hours ago

    she's sooo underrated i love her

  • Christie McCarthy
    Christie McCarthy 7 hours ago

    I’ve never clicked faster

  • jlee1522
    jlee1522 7 hours ago

    I don't know who did it first, Julia or Keith. Anyone?

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe 7 hours ago

    Wow she looks so different and still pretty

  • R L
    R L 7 hours ago

    Dolly's look like prison food