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Melo Makes Portland Debut!
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  • Deionte Myers
    Deionte Myers 37 minutes ago

    first jason pushed off then he stepped on PG foot he didn't break him

  • Nathaniel UncleDrew
    Nathaniel UncleDrew 38 minutes ago

    That old - retro basketball Era was something else... 🏀🍻

  • Commenting Anonymously
    Commenting Anonymously 39 minutes ago

    Goatmentator on Luka dish: “A fine find from the divine mind” Gedemmnn🔥

  • Bpoetry
    Bpoetry 41 minute ago

    Great game

  • Cam obrien
    Cam obrien 42 minutes ago

    Bro Tatum is for real

  • Chris Paul
    Chris Paul 42 minutes ago

    1:44 that pass tho

  • TKB
    TKB 42 minutes ago

    "that was a bad shot" - paul george

  • Quinn Quinn
    Quinn Quinn 44 minutes ago


    HASHBROWNIE 46 minutes ago

    Best teammate

  • Fizzy T
    Fizzy T 46 minutes ago

    Get ready for the drug test

  • Aric Goss
    Aric Goss 47 minutes ago

    LOL harden just falling down every single play, god he is unwatchable

  • Marcos Martínez
    Marcos Martínez 47 minutes ago

    Is incredible how the Warriors were in the finals last year and now they don't completely different. How the Lakers and the Celtics are leading their conferences. How Miami and the Suns are surprising playing like the underdogs. How Portland and San Antonio are playing awful. But, fun fact nothing hasnt changed yet: the knicks still sucks.

  • sean segure
    sean segure 49 minutes ago

    I love how the commentator keeps going ape whenever anyone on the Sixers hits a 3 pointer.You never saw anyone in the NBA hit a 3 pointer before? #calmdown

  • Eric Counsel
    Eric Counsel 49 minutes ago

    Reminder the C's played without their 2nd best player. Great game from a neutral perspective!

  • nonplayerzealot4
    nonplayerzealot4 51 minute ago

    6:26 End of 1st Q shot is a top 20 Kevin kareer play? K'mon, NBA. I'm not a KG fan, but I kould think of klutcher plays than that. That's not a kogent, killer inklusion, NBA. The klock was running down and the 1st kuarter was klosing, but k'mon. Kevin played almost as long as Kobe and Vince Karter. His highlight reel is as big as Kardashian kulo.

  • Angel Garcia
    Angel Garcia 52 minutes ago

    Kd is not fuckin with Larry bird at alll

  • Liam Brooks
    Liam Brooks 52 minutes ago

    I'm starting a franchise today with any player in the world, its Luka

  • Marcos Martínez
    Marcos Martínez 53 minutes ago

    Which most likely to happen this season? A) Luka become the youngest MVP B) LeBron win his 5th MVP

  • Erdogan Boss
    Erdogan Boss 53 minutes ago

    Best Time in the World, not Handy and other Bull Shit, only Real Basketball to 90er!

  • SupaFanOf SBG
    SupaFanOf SBG 55 minutes ago

    went to Hawks fans blog man they're salty even tho they have the best shooter in the league and still crying about the trade. luka is that good? damn lmao

  • Josh
    Josh 55 minutes ago

    The Clippers might be starting off slow, but all they really care about is making it to the play-offs. Seeding doesn't really matter, because once they are in the play-offs they are going to be very difficult to beat in a 7 game series. That's why I think they are going to win the it all this year, they will wear teams down.

  • jermaineonealnumber7
    jermaineonealnumber7 56 minutes ago

    Thank you for the rings Tony, so much fun watching you play with the greatest PF of all time and the greatest 6th man of all time. Very deserving and fitting #9 goes in the rafters alongside #21 and #20. Next stop: Springfield! Merci Tony!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jeannette holbrook
    Jeannette holbrook 56 minutes ago

    Ilike dinyo you is the best

  • Lordyboi002
    Lordyboi002 56 minutes ago

    0:15 Remind you of 2014 lillard anyone?

  • Shaq Attaq
    Shaq Attaq 56 minutes ago

    modern barkley.

  • Neutron
    Neutron 58 minutes ago

    Game... Blouses

  • ryan t torres
    ryan t torres 59 minutes ago

    Yo I’m not even in Cavs or warriors fan but this was one of the if not the greatest game I’ve ever ever watched in sports. I remember almost wanting to cry because I was legitimately happy for Lebron watching that game took a lot of me I can’t imagine how they felt

  • King Austin
    King Austin Hour ago

    Imagine putting a wide open 3 point make that isn’t even a buzzer beater or game winner or anything special in the top 10

  • Eric Counsel
    Eric Counsel Hour ago

    Watching Harden get swatted is very satisfying.

  • no comment
    no comment Hour ago

    Most annoying commentator ever

  • Will Belokur
    Will Belokur Hour ago

    0:06 ballin like curry

  • Top Show
    Top Show Hour ago

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  • Riqqy 3
    Riqqy 3 Hour ago

    Wow what a great game potentially the 2020 finals

  • no comment
    no comment Hour ago

    Didn't think NBA jerseys could keep getting uglier

  • Jhannmaverick Mendoza

    0.05 hows that not a travel

  • Lordyboi002
    Lordyboi002 Hour ago

    This duo's gonna be dynamic. They're both unselfish on the court and have almost mirrored skillsets. Its gonna be a fun season

  • Mateo Rojas
    Mateo Rojas Hour ago

    I’m waiting the 50p games montage, the 40p montage, and the first player to reach 1000FTM in a season

  • Garfield Wong
    Garfield Wong Hour ago

    Even Shaq hitting a three back then wouldn’t be consider a highlight

  • Sameen Rahman
    Sameen Rahman Hour ago

    3:27 Giannis is THE goat

  • Wise Wolf Tony
    Wise Wolf Tony Hour ago

    Never would have thought I would be saying the Raptors have a deep bench. As going into the season and after the first handful of games it seemed to be the one weakness of this team. But when Lowry and Ibaka come back this team will have a true legit 10 man rotation or even 11. Bench unit will be. PG-Davis, SG-Powell, SF-RHJ, PF-Boucher, C-Ibaka. And I think that unit will be a force on defense and on the glass. Can see them dominating the boards with Boucher, RHJ and Ibaka all very active on the offensive glass.

  • Lordyboi002
    Lordyboi002 Hour ago

    This looks wrong to me. Ben Isnt supposed to be able to hit 3s.

  • Abrudan Alexandru

    Inb4 choke.

    • El Marocano
      El Marocano 47 minutes ago

      Abrudan Alexandru its not a choke when ur not in favor to win. Harden was never expected to beat the greatest team in NBA HISTORY (4 all star warriors) by himself !!!!

  • Headkick Ko
    Headkick Ko Hour ago

    He is the Jacob Collier of basketball 🇸🇮🇸🇮🇸🇮🇸🇮

  • SorzMusic
    SorzMusic Hour ago

    *Lou Williams Is There Best Player*

  • Melon Scogs
    Melon Scogs Hour ago


  • Tom Delay Beats
    Tom Delay Beats Hour ago

    BARS on that Luka highlight

  • Stanley Williams

    LeBron James has not slowed down in fifteen years.he is getting better and better.

  • Andy
    Andy Hour ago

    If luka ain’t an all star this year something’s wrong with the NBA

  • NorthLil Nayborh40Dbaby__NorthGaNg47

    Marcus Smart last play on Kawhi Leonard when he stole the ball and threw it off his leg out of bounds to give Boston Celtics the last possession should be a top-10 play is not only often should be top 10 play it should be Defense 2 and not only blocks

  • 陳政林
    陳政林 Hour ago


  • Arm Ng Arm
    Arm Ng Arm Hour ago

    Finally, don't need to see those Chinese words

  • jaesi
    jaesi Hour ago

    man i wish luka started played with dirk 10 years ago

  • Courier 12
    Courier 12 Hour ago

    Why is #7 a regular 3? Doesnt seem special at all.

  • RCF-Globe
    RCF-Globe Hour ago

    Jayson Tatum Killer crossover 🤕

  • Stanley Williams

    The power is in the Lakers hands.the ring is theirs.the clippers are the only real threat.

  • Step Mann
    Step Mann Hour ago

    Some assists should be worth points 🔥😂😂

  • Angel Quezada
    Angel Quezada Hour ago

    Lou is the one laker is miss having around whAt a beast

  • Whyso Serious
    Whyso Serious Hour ago

    What about chalmers missing that lay up??

  • james Williams
    james Williams Hour ago

    Treated the shit out mike

  • as ap
    as ap Hour ago

    Does anybody know what is the name of the soundtrack

  • Grammar Police -

    Each game the warriors play i want to see the margin they lost by

  • Ahac 212
    Ahac 212 Hour ago

    A true MVP right here

  • Sasaf 767
    Sasaf 767 Hour ago


  • 東京ジョニー


  • Isaac Martinez
    Isaac Martinez Hour ago

    7:30 😂 man got dropped🚫🧢

  • Joseph Anthony
    Joseph Anthony Hour ago

    People will continue to normalize this mans greatness, which is so sad honestly. Cause we’re witnessing history! Best scorer in the game.

  • Dee Jay
    Dee Jay Hour ago

    Damn KL lol

  • Dimitris Panagopoulos

    NBA prepare to make another mixtape of giannis in a couple of months😏🙄😉 #BACK2BACKMVP

  • dave latumbo
    dave latumbo Hour ago

    James harden was like: reffffff

  • Lucas Heikkila
    Lucas Heikkila Hour ago

    Warriors so irrelevant now I thought Odell Beckham JR was on their team.

    DONKEY XOTE Hour ago

    Waiting for the LA(clippers) vs HOU match up, Beard and Brodie vs PG 13 & Klaw

  • Grammar Police -

    Wish he dates a black woman!

  • adityakundala nugraha

    Damn, he looks very mature with his plays..

  • Jacek Janicki
    Jacek Janicki Hour ago

    Nba Player hits 3 in the 1st quarter and lands in top 10. are you kidding me?

  • shinohdarhett diez


  • Tezar Kenan
    Tezar Kenan Hour ago

    0:03 tthhree lol

  • Claude BTW
    Claude BTW Hour ago

    Curry just makes everyone look stupid.

  • Κειμενο 4

    Tell him to shit down please..Giannis steal plays the game dont forget :)

  • Joshua Maramara
    Joshua Maramara Hour ago

    Giannes pls

  • kingIkeable
    kingIkeable Hour ago

    Thought Kerr is the best NBA coach? Will he fake injury like Boastmond Green? And why is Green not playing?

  • Davide Cattaneo
    Davide Cattaneo Hour ago


  • Tezar Kenan
    Tezar Kenan Hour ago

    Fear the beard

  • Evil Eye Gaming
    Evil Eye Gaming Hour ago

    They should've included his legendary performance in game 6 vs the spurs

  • Fuad Xidig
    Fuad Xidig Hour ago

    Let's be honest warriors with healthy Klay & curry are deadly they will be back and it's gonna be war

  • asd asd
    asd asd Hour ago


  • _Pqblo
    _Pqblo Hour ago


  • Jayson Maestre
    Jayson Maestre Hour ago

    Ben simmons #1

  • Marc DeBenedetto

    Ben Simmons hitting a 3 is a highlight? Not even number 10. 🙄 might as well put a WNBA highlight in there too, or college.

  • Chartist _12
    Chartist _12 Hour ago

    He did it he forgot about Dre ! 😭😭😭😭😭😂

  • Bradford Tiongko

    This game had playoff energy. Love it.

  • Grega Repnik
    Grega Repnik Hour ago

    Maybe, just maaaaybe... Europeans are surprised by this as well. Maybe.

    • Oli B
      Oli B Hour ago

      Oh, yeah, we are in awe...

  • Pandaman
    Pandaman Hour ago

    Ok this JDs ad is driving me insane

  • Za3STronG
    Za3STronG Hour ago

    Pg dead try to play it off by talking to the ref after her got his ankles broken lmao

  • J. Ramirez
    J. Ramirez Hour ago

    Let’s not forget, this is the very first game Paul George and Kawhi play together. They won the game, but they can still improve on their chemistry and game flow. The Clippers can still get better, and that’s scary

  • Jianyi Zhang
    Jianyi Zhang Hour ago

    #2 I feel D-Rose in him

  • J. Ramirez
    J. Ramirez Hour ago

    Lakers hurt themselves by giving Zubac to the Clippers. He’s a valuable role player for them

  • Kentrell Staples-Baylor

    d-rose was better when he was in chicago and so was jimmy butler

    • Issachar
      Issachar Hour ago

      Kentrell Staples-Baylor no shit Shane

  • Rodrigo Marques
    Rodrigo Marques Hour ago

    Just use this commentator forever he is on another level.

  • An Sung
    An Sung Hour ago

    Im glad that its no cringementator on: 2 ankle breakers Ben's first 3 pter Huge poster from kawhi What a basketball night, i didn't watch one game live, but goat make the top 10 fly.

  • Progressive Viewer

    This is why I never bought nor ever wore the Jordan 12s in white and red. This is that comes to mind from that shoe...