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How to Hack a Tesla Key Card!
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  • Rahul Shah
    Rahul Shah Hour ago

    When will you switch to 18:9?

  • syamal ancha
    syamal ancha Hour ago

    purchased only to be ravaged, the real sultan 👏👏👍

  • LovinMooba
    LovinMooba Hour ago

    This helped a lot but you really should've shown how you got the manifold out plus your vehicle doesn't seem to have a oil leak like most crv's tend to have so a lot of your hoses weren't nearly glued from the outside.

  • Robert Richiez
    Robert Richiez Hour ago

    You could have used window foam to plug the holes along with the steel wool or mesh. I did the foam alone and the mice didn’t eat through it. The foam will also help insulate

  • Ratty 2.0
    Ratty 2.0 Hour ago

    do a nokia 4.2 durability test

  • SirSean
    SirSean 2 hours ago

    Do the redmi note 8 pro Zack.

  • Mental Divergence
    Mental Divergence 2 hours ago

    You don't screw gold, retards.

  • Legend Sathya
    Legend Sathya 2 hours ago

    My mouth started to watering seeing orio

  • beatriz dinis
    beatriz dinis 2 hours ago

    He talks so calmly

  • ITSYABOi 1738
    ITSYABOi 1738 2 hours ago

    What do you do too all the phones you break

    ZEUS NOOB 2 hours ago


  • ELN calls
    ELN calls 2 hours ago

    Have had the 7 plus for two years now. After update to iOS 13, can’t make or receive calls anymore. I hate apple for making me start “phone upgrade research “ again. It was easy before, just the next iPhone, but now I am leery about my $1000+ purchase.

    JAYADEV C K 2 hours ago

    Malayalees ivide come on........... oru like ittechu po........

  • yaniel gonzalez
    yaniel gonzalez 2 hours ago

    My question is can you even pull the down after making them that thick?🤨🤷‍♂️

  • Mental Divergence
    Mental Divergence 2 hours ago

    One of the most annoying and pointless channels ever with so many subscribers.

  • General Lacap
    General Lacap 2 hours ago

    Go chair

  • Mental Divergence
    Mental Divergence 2 hours ago

    This punk is annoying af.

    OG I GURUNG 2 hours ago

    I am watching this video from my samsung a50😍😍💖

    HIPPIE FICTIONIST 2 hours ago

    Give anything to me,😔

  • ReneMar Remorosa
    ReneMar Remorosa 2 hours ago

    Me at the start of video : 😒😒 Me at 2:17 : 😃😁

  • viru100 Singh
    viru100 Singh 2 hours ago

    Flagship killer attempted suicide. All hail the new King Asus ROG

  • Alex Pebody
    Alex Pebody 2 hours ago

    So cool! Good job! 8-)

  • theultimaterom
    theultimaterom 2 hours ago

    No headphone jack no buy.

  • nelson John
    nelson John 2 hours ago

    In India we get less cream in the Oreo cookies 😂

  • Slow-Mo Clips
    Slow-Mo Clips 2 hours ago

    10 mill views on youtube in 1 week never done before

  • avinash kashyap
    avinash kashyap 2 hours ago

    4:06 😂😂

  • Michael Custer
    Michael Custer 2 hours ago

    Zack could you make a video on if you made a smart phone? Possibly content that explains the features, materials, and software you would use? You know such as headphone Jack's, ringer sliders, no notch, etc. I feel lile that would be a pretty successful video. Thank you for the content you make, I always like watching new videos that come out, keep up the good work!

  • lapis_boi
    lapis_boi 2 hours ago

    Thats alot of damage

  • EnderHead Studios
    EnderHead Studios 2 hours ago

    Please do a Realme 5 pro durability test

  • Alistair Jiang
    Alistair Jiang 2 hours ago

    2:43 BEST ASMR audio ever!

  • BizzyBlazer
    BizzyBlazer 2 hours ago

    No. I don't take my phone to the shower with me. I only use it (taco night) during #2 and I set it down during critical moments. The one and only time I dropped my phone into the bowl I was in high school. It was one of those slide phones. During the early gen iphones. So I was far from displeased.

  • Prathmesh
    Prathmesh 2 hours ago

    Proud owner of oneplus 6

  • diomaiaal
    diomaiaal 2 hours ago

    Glass made back phone is hands down the most stupidest idea introduced on mobile phones in ages. And almost every producer makes it. Ffs

  • Mehndi By Pekhom
    Mehndi By Pekhom 2 hours ago

    Thanks for not breaking the phone, my heart beat was fast. Shuhhh.......

  • Guershom Levy
    Guershom Levy 2 hours ago

    It hurts me so much

  • Kunal Kene
    Kunal Kene 2 hours ago

    The big fat Oreo? Is that normal?

  • Andreas Schäfer
    Andreas Schäfer 2 hours ago

    the light amplification happens by STIMULATION, not simulation :D 1:30

  • Ch Fayzi
    Ch Fayzi 2 hours ago


  • Francesco Giannone
    Francesco Giannone 2 hours ago

    This looks so cool and can be so useful! I'm actually considering buying it

  • Dutzu Dutzu
    Dutzu Dutzu 2 hours ago

    Can I have this phone please?

  • Hammondify
    Hammondify 2 hours ago

    1:28 that is one thicc boi

  • Nielsf2704
    Nielsf2704 2 hours ago

    Asus > Samsung > Apple

  • Hào Nguyễn
    Hào Nguyễn 2 hours ago

    Pin sản xuất tại VietNam kìa :))

  • I Hate
    I Hate 2 hours ago

    I pretty like this phone, it's strong enough to take the damage and fire.

  • Jagadish Kumar
    Jagadish Kumar 2 hours ago

    I would like to see what's inside OnePlus 7t

  • Jagadish Kumar
    Jagadish Kumar 2 hours ago

    Make a video on OnePlus 7t tear down

  • Hussain Mueez
    Hussain Mueez 2 hours ago

    Can you give a phone please it hurts because you know you are breaking them

  • Pito VH
    Pito VH 2 hours ago

    Zack a cool 😎 dude.. 🙌🏻✌🏻💯

  • Khadesh Singh
    Khadesh Singh 2 hours ago

    When is the bend test?

  • Bayaqub Mlg
    Bayaqub Mlg 2 hours ago

    zack, the way she smiled while looking at you, damn, you took care of her very well. this is the most accurate definition of a "Man".

  • Miki London
    Miki London 2 hours ago

    I hate apple

  • Nandu Krishna
    Nandu Krishna 2 hours ago

    Can v see the Snapdragon 855 chipset there ???

  • Zach Hood
    Zach Hood 3 hours ago

    Jerry(Zack) dropping some rhymes

  • Belinda Mcglone
    Belinda Mcglone 3 hours ago

    Omfg American plugs are so different to English plugs like acc look it it there so different

  • Rendi Chan Ferdiana
    Rendi Chan Ferdiana 3 hours ago

    rich man ,,poor rog 😭😭

  • Andrew Aherne
    Andrew Aherne 3 hours ago

    Ugly ass camera. Looks budget as hell

  • Chitra K.p
    Chitra K.p 3 hours ago

    I watched ur 2019 video...ok from now you started using galaxy s8

  • Godly Powers
    Godly Powers 3 hours ago

    "kinda like a differential"? bro that is a differential ^^

  • Rin Miyamoto
    Rin Miyamoto 3 hours ago

    Such a waste.

  • cpu gpu
    cpu gpu 3 hours ago

    This vid has one million views in one day. *WHAT*

  • T3CHGY007
    T3CHGY007 3 hours ago

    Will we ever see a phone reach level 8!

  • ƈʀɛɛքɛʀ 刀ノ刀フムᏢᏝᎯᎽᏃ

    5:23 that’s looks like Indian flag

  • Slowbro YT
    Slowbro YT 3 hours ago

    When it crashes people will call the animal rescue cuz there is a broken turtle egg

  • Sayak Das
    Sayak Das 3 hours ago

    If it was held in 2019, it would be a resounding 'Yes' from the general consumers.

  • praveen nisal
    praveen nisal 3 hours ago

    I had no breakfast 🥞 as usual

  • Davor Bertovic
    Davor Bertovic 3 hours ago

    Mother f****.. I just realized how USA Oreos have more then double white cream then the Europe ones. No wonder I can't twist the cookie without breaking it

  • Tiny Roaster
    Tiny Roaster 3 hours ago

    Others: this smartphone is durable Me: stuffing in the oreo.

  • Slowbro YT
    Slowbro YT 3 hours ago

    2:37 The sound you hear though is stainless pain Oh wait TURN THE VOLUME DOWN

  • Robert o
    Robert o 3 hours ago

    Your old phone hase some nasty "burnt screen" syndrome

  • tholib crew
    tholib crew 3 hours ago

    Chanel sultan njirr

  • yasir hanslod
    yasir hanslod 3 hours ago

    Watching on 7T

  • Shane Boone
    Shane Boone 3 hours ago

    They are a great couple!!!! HE IS A WONDERFUL PERSON.and she is totally cool,hope the future is blessed for you 2

  • Pandan Tour Bangkok
    Pandan Tour Bangkok 3 hours ago

    This is the way to go, but need a much better camera(s)

  • Redline Racing
    Redline Racing 3 hours ago

    4:39 different phone to what he “repairs” I don’t know how that means the repair was fake ( which I doubt ) but why did they switch the phone 5:20 this is what I mean. At 4:39 no screen/oled panel etc etc. But then BANG as soon as the back glass is removed the phones screen is back? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Gaming Freak
    Gaming Freak 3 hours ago

    Just how fat is that oreo

  • England is my city
    England is my city 3 hours ago

    adhesive good battery replacement bad

  • 10secondsrule
    10secondsrule 3 hours ago

    This was flaw idiotic design from the beginning. That’s what happens when you have 6 months life cycle. Ppl are idiots.

  • Max
    Max 3 hours ago

    anyone else cringing watching this?

    ABDUL VAHID P 3 hours ago

    lastly oneplus failed , jerry wins

  • Copyright ZJRB
    Copyright ZJRB 3 hours ago

    this was so painful to watch

  • hassan khan
    hassan khan 3 hours ago

    Make iphone 3g video

  • nursyafiqah yasirah
    nursyafiqah yasirah 3 hours ago

    hi jerry ..! have you ever cut yourself when using that sharp blade??? show your thumb... :)

  • The Bros
    The Bros 3 hours ago

    Richest man on earth Can I have some paper Sorry we are out Buys iPad and uses it as paper

  • Décio Cupamim
    Décio Cupamim 3 hours ago

    Mãe drop test please

  • Uncle GibuS
    Uncle GibuS 3 hours ago

    Tesla is bad car Volvo is still beather

  • King Pin
    King Pin 3 hours ago

    Realme X2 Pro test

  • Ultra Quez
    Ultra Quez 3 hours ago

    Play games?

  • Wrall Craft
    Wrall Craft 3 hours ago

    I wish i can have that tv

  • Lil Frutti
    Lil Frutti 3 hours ago

    Can you teardown the LG k4 2017

  • TheGuruStud
    TheGuruStud 3 hours ago

    This is painful. Please reserve phone destruction to iphone garbage.

  • Mevrix
    Mevrix 4 hours ago

    But can it stop a Noki 3310?

  • paolo galetti
    paolo galetti 4 hours ago

    How does She turn left or right with One hand?

  • S Sharma
    S Sharma 4 hours ago

    Make a video on oppo Reno ace as it has same display , I think this is the problem of 20:9 display

  • Harsh Verma
    Harsh Verma 4 hours ago

    Jerry.... I don't know why your durability test criteria doesn't have drop test....

  • Smooth Criminal
    Smooth Criminal 4 hours ago

    When i watch jerrys video. i dont mind ads. 😍

  • Sudesh Sharma
    Sudesh Sharma 4 hours ago

    What about( Samsung m30s) jack

  • Kyan Reeve
    Kyan Reeve 4 hours ago

    I have my own iPod touch

  • Sizzle Playz
    Sizzle Playz 4 hours ago

    I’m not trying to be rude but what exactly is the story behind why she’s in a wheel chair? ♥️

  • Sangmawii Sangi
    Sangmawii Sangi 4 hours ago

    I am from india and i dnot stiil have a apple company mobile could you give me11pro max please use my. Current location

  • Mevrix
    Mevrix 4 hours ago

    5:43 when your mouth is full of water and your friend tells you a joke.