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  • Puc Eater
    Puc Eater 8 minutes ago

    This is why we should never surrender our 2nd amendment rights!

  • Henry Smith
    Henry Smith 13 minutes ago

    Given he's a Mexican, why didn't he clean up her dog's shit. Cleaning our American lawns should have came natural to him.

  • Virus
    Virus 16 minutes ago

    I dont see anything wrong in this video... The fucking puppy deserve it.. Puppy are cancer of the world..and they need to die

  • Roberto Chavez
    Roberto Chavez 31 minute ago

    Aztecas are beautiful!!!

  • Aaron s
    Aaron s 31 minute ago

    Who else clicked this bait thinking it was going to be a father going old school discipline method via rear ended belt?

  • Jason Denney
    Jason Denney 34 minutes ago

    Look its all fun and games till people get hurt or killed!! Outlaw Alcohol #1 family killer !!

  • Michael Cole
    Michael Cole 35 minutes ago

    Bitches should have bobbed and weaved

  • Elisa Griffith
    Elisa Griffith Hour ago

    God damn children services all across the USA bastards are allowed to get away with this shit. The mother & the boyfriend both need to be hung up on meat hook & their skin pulled off

  • 2k Savage
    2k Savage Hour ago

    May GOD be with kawhi but may the truth come until the light

  • pekc1961
    pekc1961 2 hours ago

    This is a racist hate crime. Lets blame Trump for it.

  • Darrell Schultz
    Darrell Schultz 2 hours ago

    Lake All American children All American little boys I too want to be a police officer however the truth is there's no way on Earth I would want to wear that uniform because of the stench the filth it goes along with it now it is been mired in what and no one seems to care that it's dirty no one seems to care the one clean it up I wish you would clean it up God knows I do you don't feel the need and the public is not hold you accountable to do it? I do not like bait videos oh so I thought but after watching a few and after watching news outlets and after seeing a few of these videos of police brutality those bait films are needed because it's actually proven to the world just how ignorant lack of understanding and knowledge a lot of these people who have been hired by fixing the city's to fill the roles of police department employees you really digging at the bottom of the barrel when you don't have to they're good people in your cities to hire to fill those roles you're hiring the garbage the low-hanging fruit these people should no morbi police officers represent in particular City then Isis Soldier should! a few of these people should not be police in any particular City no more than a member of Hezbollah should be a police officer representing a city in the USA what's sad is that the FBI Premier law enforcement Federal agency has told us that the Klu Klux Klan and other white supremacist groups have completely infiltrated Police Department from coast to coast they've already made that point clear in their investigations and I believe them? You have terrorist homegrown terrorist police departments what the hell's going on America a man's will be Arcata a man's will be Islamic Jihad in marriage will be any International terrorist organization are you kidding me America so that's okay with you? If so carry on!

  • Darrell Schultz
    Darrell Schultz 2 hours ago

    You need to stop right there uchicago La New York East police departments are not representative of the city they are separate entity all their own they do not borrow the walls and mandates of the city they do what they want that's the fact I wish someone wood hack computers getting these so-called officers personal information and put it out there on the world wide web I guarantee they would stop violating the rights terrorizing and murdered the public who have sworn to protect if there was complete transparency from start to finish with these individuals who wear police agency uniform of a particular City who have outrageously violate the rights of the citizens if we knew where they live where they go to church where they buy the food and groceries at I guarantee you these individuals would stop harassing and violate the rights of citizens they are no longer a police officers to me once you cross the line of violating the rights citizens do you sworn to Serve and Protect you are a thug and in uniform and you should be dealt with accordingly people claim police unions are all-powerful the only is powerful as we allow them to have that power citizens when you stand up and demand accountability on these police departments and he's police units taking the teeth out of the mouths of these police units I guarantee you things will change and get back to the way it should be serving protect the public you are not a private entity you are not a army Police Department! You are the Catalyst of the problem now how old is Kendall for sworn to uphold the law investigate lawbreakers themselves become lawbreakers it is it is time to call police Commissioners on the carpet it is time to bring down police unions remind them of the very purpose police departments are there for American public when you're tired when enough of you have had enough of Rights civil liberties basic human rights violated by these who are sworn to protect you from criminals have now become criminals themselves when you had enough John Q public I imagine you wake up I hope so basis for you who think that I am a liberal bleeding heart I am not my politics are conservative what I cannot stand is that man a woman in that uniform that we have given charge over upholding enforcing the laws play see the white hat on their head with a gun on his hip and a badge on the chest and they violate the law to catch a lawbreaker that I cannot Digest!! And neither should you American public neither should you accept this that is substandard behavior that is substandard policing we should not accept that you cannot see the correlation between Anarchy? You have two entities both on the same level now you got the police department for criminals and you got the crooks or Crohn's things are mired now I can't see clearly who's to who's a good guy damn what does it take wake up America

  • Un Tor
    Un Tor 3 hours ago

    Get a bigger meaner dog. People don't like dogs.

  • Un Tor
    Un Tor 3 hours ago

    P.S - Learn to shut your mouths. I now know twenty things about you just from this interview.

  • Red PiLL
    Red PiLL 3 hours ago

    I wish we had American parades too not just fire works...that would be awesome with guns and tanks mmuuahahah

  • Casper
    Casper 3 hours ago

    Daylight, Door Bolt Locks, Security Camera, Two Dogs and home invasion is against the Law.. huh Yeah California give up your Guns Police will surely get there in time to draw the chalk line around your body. These people where lucky the intruders where not violent this time. After seeing this I looked up home invasion stat's by the fbi and found there's a average of 3.7 Million Home Invasions a year, the murder and rape rate percentage is bad also.

  • Bobo Monkey
    Bobo Monkey 3 hours ago

    The wound looked horrible. Must’ve been on flakka or something

  • Phil McCracken
    Phil McCracken 4 hours ago

    Just what you need for beta O'Rourke and friends When they come to your home to take your guns that should be a nice surprise

    THE GANG STARS 4 hours ago

    Another great singer songwriter gone :(

  • robert bump
    robert bump 4 hours ago

    Because of all the false flag outrage about cops, they have to error on the side of caution. This cop was probably thinking, he is black, so i have to handle this differently. That's our fault America, not her's. She maybe smaller but she still could have done her job if there wasn't a stigma to drawing your weapon on a black man. That was just enough time for him to get close to her and beat the shit out of her and take the gun. Bottom line. We need to get off the cops back and let them do there job. NO ONE JUST GETS SHOT!!! For all the people who have been shot they were up to no good to begin with. Horse play either gets you in trouble or hurt, sometimes dead.

  • Manuel Aguilar
    Manuel Aguilar 6 hours ago

    Also CDCR are the ones who made entire prisons sny just to throw them back in gen pop. I see what they doing

  • Manuel Aguilar
    Manuel Aguilar 6 hours ago

    In a way it's karma them 25 gangs thought the state was gonna protect them for ever now look at them from predators to prey

  • Vivian Lang
    Vivian Lang 7 hours ago

    Yes get everyone out safely!!!!! & be safe

  • Joshua García
    Joshua García 8 hours ago

    Viva Mexico!!!!!!! ❤❤❤❤

  • ImaMonaKnight
    ImaMonaKnight 8 hours ago


  • Vivian Lang
    Vivian Lang 9 hours ago


  • Austin Hansen
    Austin Hansen 9 hours ago

    Wow so let's just take on GM but not Ford or Chrysler. BS

  • Desmond Jolly AS
    Desmond Jolly AS 9 hours ago

    Thanks for the honest title

  • GreatWhite Sharkey
    GreatWhite Sharkey 9 hours ago

    You dumdass GM Workers go on strike..... yeah, pay attention to that union, pay your monthly dues. GM workers you are handing that many more human jobs to bigger discussions of total robotic assembly lines. Look around think you see the robots today where once stood a union worker. Robots simply are programmed and they work. The robots do not ask for any pay, benefits, etc. As it stands GM has been in strong negotiations with EDS/ATKEARNEY. Union workers your allowing technology we already have to take over your jobs. Have you not looked at Elon Musk? Tesla Vehicles are completely made by robots and programmed computers. A.I. & E.M. is very much real! The days of human assembly fading quickly. So while you hold your signs, yell your rederic inside the plant they are automating one more area. First comes 'oh the dreadful layoffs do to low demand then comes complete termination of what was your job. There will be no more replacement human workers but only more computerized automation. Your union will have no pull as the computers continue to work. 48,000 works just imagine only half going back before another Computerized area is made and the final 24,000 union works are eliminated. Computers are the future, when is the future? Right now! Don't fall for politics to protect your jobs or make more jobs, it's all a smokescreen. The future of workers is dwindling down, slowly but surely. It's happening everywhere, but the human brain does not stop a second to look around. By the time humans stop to smell the rose's, computers are invading. Job future is technology, top computer guru's that must keep up on the latest technology in order to keep a job. Only the strongest computer knowledgeable people will still have a job, but that job will not be a 40hr week job. These jobs are going to be gig jobs paid on 1099 status only. For those that don't know what that means today the answer is temp workers, except now they call them gig workers. Any kind of clue just by the name alone 'GIG' workers. Don't believe you will lose, believe and you still lose. Too many companies have already begun using the computerized work place. From the simple fast food chains Mc Donalds first others to follow. You walk into one of these high tech Mc D's and you will not find a cashier taking your order. You place your order via iPads inside where cashiers once stood. There is one manager to complete cash orders by taking the cash the others people using cellphone wallets or credit card ways to pay are standing waiting for that one manager to say your number and order. LOOK AROUND PEOPLE IT'S HAPPENING. THE FUTURE OF USE OF HUMANS IN THE WORKPLACE IS AND WILL GO BLACK. IT'S SCARY TO THINK ABOU6THE FUTURE BUT ITS HERE AND ITS COMING ON STRONG. GOOD LUCK GM WORKERS. YOUR DAYS ARE ALMOST OVER. THOSE HUGE PARKING LOTS WITH FINISHED CARS WILL BE PICKED UP BY AUTOMATION. EVEN THE CAR CARRIER TRUCKS ARE GOING TOTALLY ELECTRIC HUMAN NOT NEEDED TO SHIP OR MOVE. WAVE YOUR SIGNS WITH PRIDE FOR THAT SAME SIGN WILL LOOK A LOT DIFFERENT VERY SOON WITH THE CAPTION "I NEED A JOB, WILL WORK FOR FOOD". I'M TELLING YOU THIS BECAUSE I HAVE ALRAADY SEEN IT IN PLACE AND WORKING. GOOD LUCK UNION WORKER. TIP: KEEP YOUR PICKET SIGN AS IT WILL COME IN HANDY STANDON STREET CORNERS BEGGING FOR EMPLOYMENT.

  • stryker7x
    stryker7x 10 hours ago

    Give them nothing more .. everyone knows GM cars are unreliable trash ... And their employees are lazy leachers .. paid vacation paid sick leave paid maternal leave medical benefits, dental, vision , life insurance, 401k , pay increase ... Bunch of idiots watch as their jobs get shipped away

  • Kathryn Johnson
    Kathryn Johnson 10 hours ago

    How sad they have to strike...🙁

  • M Elhaddi
    M Elhaddi 10 hours ago

    The company spits in the face of the working class they do not care about their workers whats so ever just the billionaires pockets they line

  • Mia Corvini
    Mia Corvini 10 hours ago

    That is so sad 😭❤️ to pray 🙏 for them

  • Roaring Lion
    Roaring Lion 11 hours ago

    Ed Buck was doing Drug experiments on people at his home.

  • JUAN P
    JUAN P 12 hours ago

    Jordan 1 Royal’s MATTER‼️

  • vmobile890
    vmobile890 13 hours ago

    Any other cameras ? Check out Ring and Wyze cam and sensors .

  • Glenn Howse
    Glenn Howse 13 hours ago

    That is the reason for your right to "keep and bear arms".

  • Dat Boi
    Dat Boi 13 hours ago

    I know that kid from granda he did the most funniest prank on the yearbook

  • senorsquish1
    senorsquish1 14 hours ago

    Having a secure front door helps 😊 French doors look nice but offer little protection.

  • Chato Pierides
    Chato Pierides 14 hours ago

    Imagine Archangel Michael wielding a sword of blue flame!!!! The bad men fled fast. Archangel Michael, Protector and will deliver you out of danger.

  • Stable Genius
    Stable Genius 14 hours ago

    Voluptuous young lady's should be celebrated, the needless sexualization is a product of societal decay, not insurmountable but a barrier to women is their ability to intimidate both sexes...

  • Richard Smith
    Richard Smith 14 hours ago

    Why is that little freak screaming for???

    PINAS NEWS UPDATE 15 hours ago

    *everytime i hear people complaining about la or new york traffic, i always laugh my ass out! like did y'all consider this a traffic? it looks like a paradise from where i came from! if u wanna see a shithole try to drive in metro manila at 7am or 5pm. when u comeback to either la or new york, u will be grateful about your situation there and u will never ever complain about la or new york traffic*

  • Brettsparadox
    Brettsparadox 15 hours ago

    This didn't age well. You should probably at least update the description to say his doctor didn't give him permission. Also leaving Freeport Health Network with an Iv still attached is not allowed.

  • Darren Spohn
    Darren Spohn 15 hours ago

    get rid of the fucking union and problems like these go away pretty quick.

  • obow fetch
    obow fetch 15 hours ago

    The 138 and the 99 was an option, she could’ve take the 58 and move westbound towards San Luis Obispo or eastbound towards Bakersfield to the 99 or towards the 14 towards the desert or stay on the 58 towards the 15 freeway or she could take the car 15 to the 40 towards Nevada!

  • chris
    chris 15 hours ago

    Home invaders are the biggest cowards, come to my home.. you'll be shot instantly.

  • Lina Bautista
    Lina Bautista 16 hours ago

    sue the shit out the thugs with badges

  • A Bigs
    A Bigs 16 hours ago

    Black lives matter

  • Juicy FireYT
    Juicy FireYT 16 hours ago

    These fucking Mexicans think they the only ones celebrating welp nope other countries are celebrating to for they own country VIVA (AMERICANOS & HONDUREÑOS) USA🇺🇸 HONDURAS🇭🇳

  • Cody Sykes
    Cody Sykes 16 hours ago

    Further proof that body modifications aren't indicative of poor character

  • Manu
    Manu 17 hours ago

    Why is the Nike CEO not apologising on the breakfast show? I want to see that white fucker up on the TV making a grovelling apology and to close all Nike stores to train their employees. Btw, that’s sarcasm, although I do want an apology from the CEO. Did it happen?

  • Sakster Rose
    Sakster Rose 17 hours ago

    Holding your baby with 1 hand ok that’s very caring 👎🏻😒

  • tatakai no kaizen
    tatakai no kaizen 17 hours ago


  • Roger Clemons
    Roger Clemons 18 hours ago

    This is just a tiny fire

  • Cheryl Love
    Cheryl Love 18 hours ago

    Louise should get an oscar for her performance in court except she shouldn't have been laughing and smiling. Those kids are so brainwashed and now one of them has been horribly assaulted while in the custody of APS!!! These kids need so much and the parents need to be tortured for the rest of their lives! Starved, neglected, etc. They derserve 13 times the abuse that they dealt out! I fear for the control they still have over the kids and I also am concerned about the other family members contacting them! At least a few of the family of David and especially Louise are sick and twisted as well. I pray for those kids to learn the real God! Not the twisted religion that david and Louise created. How can the kids just think that chaining each other up and putting them in cages, etc is right? They were told that it was God's will! Whoa do I pray for those kids. No amount of time in prison could be enough for them. There is no lawful punishment that could equal what they did.

  • WestcoastG Villa
    WestcoastG Villa 18 hours ago

    I live near juniper flats & hwy 74 in homeland

  • Andrew Suarez
    Andrew Suarez 18 hours ago

    Shoot I live near there

  • GeminieCricket
    GeminieCricket 19 hours ago

    Police, please,patrol these families homes from the scum that steal.

  • Howard Blasingame
    Howard Blasingame 19 hours ago


  • El Wing
    El Wing 19 hours ago

    What antidepressants was he on? What drugs? Isn’t anyone mentioning this? Gotta protect the pharma industry. Something is going on beneath the surface. This pastor betrayed the people he ministered to. God just wasn’t big enough to handle his problems.

  • ʝǟƈӄ ֆȶɛʄǟռ
    ʝǟƈӄ ֆȶɛʄǟռ 20 hours ago

    Yep, totally random. Until they're seen in the neighborhood again. Supreme cuck. WAIT!! STOP IT!! I need to go down to the gun club and unlock my rifle you bad, bad men.

  • Native2458
    Native2458 20 hours ago

    The right to keep in bear arms.

  • Alex Perez
    Alex Perez 20 hours ago

    Give that piece of shit the death penalty

  • Christopher Nevarez
    Christopher Nevarez 21 hour ago

    To bad she didn't have a shotgun, she could've answered that door properly.

  • cryptghost
    cryptghost 21 hour ago

    Satan is introducing hell to Californian's early. Let the piece of shit State burn.

  • Dude isat
    Dude isat 21 hour ago

    What made them leave?

    • J883S R
      J883S R 19 hours ago

      Idk but the lady was lucky those criminals weren't the dangerous type

    • Native2458
      Native2458 20 hours ago

      According to the video, the wife was screaming.

    • Christopher Nevarez
      Christopher Nevarez 21 hour ago

      Not a shotgun, I know that much.

  • Ladybug Noname
    Ladybug Noname 21 hour ago

    And you liberal scum want to take away women's gun rights to protect ourselves from criminals with guns. That's because the liberals in charge making these decisions are the leaders of the crinimals and provide Sanctuary to criminals. The criminals have more rights than we do. They want to turn women into sitting ducks making us easy targets for "white toxic Masculinty" they are warning us women about......

  • xoxopaloma
    xoxopaloma 22 hours ago

    Her makeup is disgusting like her soul and that man I can’t

  • Anon Black Man & Light Skin Motivation

    Waiting on the light skin privilege comments.

  • J883S R
    J883S R 22 hours ago

    That's why you need a gun

  • The hairless cat God
    The hairless cat God 22 hours ago


  • DMoney Industry
    DMoney Industry 22 hours ago

    When are these dumbasses going to realize they need to defend themselves

  • DR Dubois
    DR Dubois Day ago

    The judge who made this decision to disqualify the girl's win needs to be shit canned from ever judging again. He or she obviously wasn't judging based on performance or skill.

  • Elton's 4 Shona learners

    Better than some shitty 🎥 movies. Thoroughly enjoyed myself.

  • Taylor Swift is gorgeous PERIODT

    Apparently they beat only him because he was GAY y’all it’s ok to be gay it’s ok to love who you love So without further or due go and Sign Taylor Swift’s petion on this

  • Tackleberrydoh'nuts

    Our justice system, we must ask permission from a judge before we are allowed to sue. Sounds like we have Kings and queens as our masters, oh please your highness can I sue, get on your knees when you beg from a govt official.

  • x24 agthorn
    x24 agthorn Day ago

    What the hell was that guy yelling?

  • Maree Toks
    Maree Toks Day ago

    Two fat ugly pigs hope you burn in hell 😠😠😠

  • Trakai Pilies
    Trakai Pilies Day ago

    ...Religions... Sigh...

  • Angela Enrick
    Angela Enrick Day ago

    It is so Inportant for parents to prtect there children...unfortunaly gabriel real dad was Incarserated...all thou he failed by being lock up...he is not the one whom killed his child....the evil mother and her evil boyfriend killed the child in a horrific way....I believe that the bilogical father of gabriel is suffering in his own ways ...he sounded remorseful that was his child....and he paying with harder pain now...then before of his child horrific death by EVIL....

  • Bob Doh
    Bob Doh Day ago

    Fake, seriously this can't be for real. Perhaps she has some memory issues but a total lack of recall? She would be in a constant state of confusion and panic.

  • Lee M.
    Lee M. Day ago

    Not sure why people think California isn't racist. Read on so California history connection to the Confederate south.

  • Angela Enrick
    Angela Enrick Day ago

    And all of you cold hearted evil dogs that saw gabriel so badly bruised and beat cold hearted evil forces Ihope that you all get Incarserated for allowing this helpless child get torured till he was killed...

  • Angela Enrick
    Angela Enrick Day ago

    Evil forces that what poor gabriel had attacking him...his inocent live so young what horrors rhis poor child went thru...and gabriel brother then 12 years pld was so affraid for his own life....yet when he terify against theses momsters he was affraid to look at rhe evil eyes....what a nightmares also fpr gabriel brother and sister....poor gabriel my heart goes out to you are resting in our Loveing Father God bosom...R.I.P. Little Angel....

  • Jacob Navarro
    Jacob Navarro Day ago

    CPS is a worthless organization

  • Angel Martinez

    Sorry but bitch deserved an ass kicking even if she is drunk/high

  • Jump rope stairs

    Taze the A hole...

  • Shaikh Mahebub


  • Luke Luna
    Luke Luna Day ago

    I’m Mexican and really love this I’m 100% gonna try n get one it is a huge step in toys was even happy about coco like they are representing their best and it is amazing I’m greatful

  • Re-G Wade
    Re-G Wade Day ago

    If that was a meaty pale booty, he wouldn't have cared.

    • Re-G Wade
      Re-G Wade 18 hours ago

      @Brady William Racists always look for little things

    • Brady William
      Brady William Day ago

      I mean from a distance, one might think she's a white girl. She's pretty fair-skinned. I'm not convinced this was a race issue, but rather just horrendously poor judgement from a referee. However, if details emerge proving otherwise i'll happily change my opinion...

  • AbsintheMoon XIII

    Ok so people get pissed because their culture isn’t represented, but then cry “cultural appropriation” when they are included. Can’t have it both ways. Either you want to be part of something or you don’t. “Waaaaah not enough Hispanic, Native American, Asian, etc dolls!” *matel makes dolls in said ethnicities* “RAWR CULTURAL APPROPRIATION”

  • Carlos Carlos
    Carlos Carlos Day ago

    Ironic that people dressed like Indians celebrate the independence of Mexico , cada loco con su tema

  • Its.Aesthetic. Bree

    Funny bc I went to summer camp at the park and you have to pay to get into the pool unless there’s swimming classes and your name is on the list. I heard from my friend who is a lifeguard, Riah, that the pool is close until next summer 🤨🧐🤔

  • Teresa Graham
    Teresa Graham Day ago

    Aw I’m so sad , at least their together 🙏🙏🙏💕❤️

  • Lena Brooks
    Lena Brooks Day ago

    He could have died because of this officer. The security officer should be Fired and their company sued and the officer escalated the incident when they arrested him and took away his asmia pump. Just admit that they were wrong and fire the ones involved and offer training to the security and police officer staff. On top of paying the patient for all the harm and embarrassment that they cause him.

  • Noah Hartman
    Noah Hartman Day ago

    My middle school rancho viejo middle school is right next to it

  • Erick Sigler
    Erick Sigler Day ago

    Hope they out the fire soon

  • Ashton Gilbert

    He’s speeding but he turns his blinker on, seriously!?