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  • Pat Mabry
    Pat Mabry 4 hours ago

    I really enjoy watching your matches. I just wish someone would keep the game scores updated.

  • Jeffrey Harrell

    Love these one pocket matches! I’d like to see more bank matches too.

  • Skywatcher Pennsylvania

    Thank you for all the great pool Railbirds 🙂

  • john noe
    john noe 8 days ago

    Watching SVB play it is difficult to imagine how anyone could be better at this game than he is. He epitomizes perfection in the game of pool with one exception which is he doesn't kick or bank as well as Efren does.

  • Balint Csaba
    Balint Csaba 11 days ago

    miss you guys talking live, you make pool more interesting. I've also seen ronnie live with a max break (no brake there), first one (maybe last for a long time) in Romania. I would've loved to have you, guys, next to me while whatching ronnie making the max break, not speaking, makin' silence...

  • Chris Michaels
    Chris Michaels 11 days ago

    Mika choked in this match. Up 7 - 2 and couldn't win? Eklent made a great comeback, but only because Mika couldn't win 2 games in the last 7 games!!! WOW!!!😨

  • Skywatcher Pennsylvania

    Thank you Railbirds !

  • Steven Purcell
    Steven Purcell 15 days ago

    his name is Or-co-yo not orculio. In spanish cullo is ass and culio is just another word for ass. ll is pronounced y

  • Rich James
    Rich James 17 days ago

    Shari thinks like fargo 570

  • Eric Downer
    Eric Downer 19 days ago

    Just happened upon this gem. Thank you Mr. Birds for this video. It is obvious that Chris is not a one pocket fan, but matched with the ability to pocket any ball from any position and running 7 more behind it can be quite daunting to his opponents. Billy showed me something in this match with the patience displayed. I would have shot the 2 railer for my last ball and lost the 4th game much sooner. LOL. Thanks again for posting this video.

  • must thopa nova
    must thopa nova 22 days ago

    Don' worry pan xiaoting is Queen

  • William Sarokon
    William Sarokon 22 days ago

    Skyler is a cool dude. Johnny is one of my favotite players of the last 30 years!!!!!!

  • huge fag
    huge fag 24 days ago

    why the hell does he rack the 9ball on the spot instead of the one ball?

  • Curtis Branker
    Curtis Branker 25 days ago


  • Neo Hack
    Neo Hack 26 days ago

    I did not know Niels play one pocket, He's a great player.

  • MrNikosnik
    MrNikosnik 26 days ago

    Awesome shots !!!!

  • Michiel K
    Michiel K 27 days ago

    When you watch a match with Orcollo, just go for 1.5x speed.

  • Jason Dixon
    Jason Dixon 28 days ago

    Emily is so hot

  • riff724 riff724
    riff724 riff724 Month ago


  • MrNikosnik
    MrNikosnik Month ago

    Melling is so good I like his style he's amazing... on Efrens level!!!

  • John Hernandez
    John Hernandez Month ago

    “I’m thinking this Evan guy can play a lil” 😂😂😂

  • Curtis Branker
    Curtis Branker Month ago

    17:02 - Yeah, that just happened.

  • Dan Morgan
    Dan Morgan Month ago

    My ears are bleeding listening to those commentators

  • jon callum
    jon callum Month ago

    Table sports such as 9ball/8ball becouse I dont see gender at all it's not about strength it's about skill so there is absolutely no reason why the greatest pool player in the world couldn't be a woman or golf for that matter why not though?

  • Madi Haynes
    Madi Haynes Month ago

    Hey Billy good job my name is Madison Haynes

  • Infoman one
    Infoman one Month ago

    I used to shoot at this place. Not a regular, but I've shot there many times.

  • jon callum
    jon callum Month ago

    Man,duddy is a pro?, playing like this,I could beat her,a terrible display.

  • Dan P
    Dan P Month ago

    Hey sophia, ill take the 7 ball all day

  • Dan P
    Dan P Month ago

    That rule of raising the cue 45 degrees automatically making a good hit should be changed. When the cue goes forward at all, it is double hit. Must be the tournament directors way of being lazy and not wanting to hire proper referees for this type of event and pocket that money for themselves. Especially when pros are entered in the event, you would figure that somebody would say something. Shooting a shot like that is a beginner move and should not be allowed when so much money is at stake.

  • vince33x
    vince33x Month ago

    Duddy is so F-ing HOT!!!

  • phil driver
    phil driver Month ago

    lovely shot on the 5 ball chris . reverse english

  • Dan P
    Dan P Month ago

    Is the fargo correct for both? Didn't know professionals went that low

  • Jason Welden
    Jason Welden Month ago

    Power 1 hole from the b side lmfao frost blows at any game

    RV OFFICIAL Month ago

    lol marc .fast shot lol and missed shot

  • Balint Csaba
    Balint Csaba Month ago

    This was a highly enjoyable event. You, Kevin and Shari, made even more enjoyable. Thank you.

    • RailbirdsTV
      RailbirdsTV Month ago

      Thanks Balint, and thanks for tuning in!

  • James T
    James T Month ago

    1:21:26 Off the 5 into the 8, set up for 5 in top right corner.

  • Peter Newberry
    Peter Newberry Month ago

    What balls do they use in these tournaments please

  • Tom Cole
    Tom Cole Month ago

    Been there. Nice place.

  • Harold Feldman
    Harold Feldman Month ago

    These 2 ladies are good players however Tony takes to long before she shoots if there was a clock she would be in trouble but still it is enjoyable watching them play.

  • Constance Criswell

    Looks like this was a fun tournament!

  • Brian Barstead
    Brian Barstead Month ago

    Angela’s ump shot in corner pocket...wow💥🌈 nice shooting!

  • RNE2224U
    RNE2224U Month ago

    Shes looks so happy with that kid walking by.

  • Stage 5
    Stage 5 Month ago

    This Kaci is Most annoying player even than peter ebdon

  • Ken Huffman
    Ken Huffman 2 months ago

    WTF..!! The 1 ball been racked on the spot for a hundred fuckin years..!!! Now they change to this shit and the 1 ball is dead in the side every time,STUPID..!!! Put the 1 back on the spot and use the break box,spot the 9 if made on the break and the player who shoots best will win

  • Jeremy Stark
    Jeremy Stark 2 months ago

    Misses ball in hand on the 3 @11:00. Not sure why he shot it in the side, either corner pocket was a much easier shot to get on 4 ball.

  • Jeremy Stark
    Jeremy Stark 2 months ago

    Why do they spot the nine ball on the spot? I grew up always putting the one ball on the spot.

  • Chris Cruz
    Chris Cruz 2 months ago

    Diamond billiards is in fort myers

  • SMPfilmfan
    SMPfilmfan 2 months ago

    Thanks again Railbirds, don’t worry about the drunks at the other table. Lately I’ve been putting serious thought into streaming some local tournaments myself.

    • Fred Hugard
      Fred Hugard 5 days ago

      You do that, then I'll stream the local drunks and then we'll see who gets more views.

  • World Events Judgement

    I hope Roberto can become several times world champion for his country.

  • Bill Turner
    Bill Turner 2 months ago

    Vulgar, juvenile, temper tantrum at 45:30 is why the better player won this match.

  • Robert Toney
    Robert Toney 2 months ago

    good playing anthony. nice defense and good patience

  • patrick baker
    patrick baker 2 months ago

    anthony has some skills, patience among them.

  • Robert Coups
    Robert Coups 2 months ago

    Right at the time they are asking for a small donation, their logo was on the screen and blocked view of the first break shot, so, NO I won't be sending anything to this inept group.

  • Skywatcher Pennsylvania

    Thank you Railbirds !

  • S Userman
    S Userman 2 months ago

    I've watched a lot of pool lately and by far, Eklent is the most annoying player to watch. Not just because of his idiotic wardrobe, but because he gets down for the shot and comes back up multiple times.

  • Skywatcher Pennsylvania

    Thank you Railbirds !

  • phil driver
    phil driver 2 months ago

    silly game banks chris

  • Joe Bermuda
    Joe Bermuda 2 months ago

    These Fargo ratings are fucking unbelievable. Realistically speaking a strong player in normal circumstances is between a 350 and 400 and you’re already a tough contender to the average person. Being just shy of 800 is just robotic

    • Red Pilled
      Red Pilled 2 months ago

      Pro pool players are robots

  • Tabula Rasa
    Tabula Rasa 2 months ago

    Veronica won first three (3) games, which you credited Corey with. You have the score all buggered?

    • RailbirdsTV
      RailbirdsTV 24 days ago

      I watched this again, and I'm pretty sure the score is correct. You realize Corey is the one with the purple shirt, right? :)

  • Mike J.
    Mike J. 2 months ago

    Only Chris Melling shoots seven rails for position!

  • Rich James
    Rich James 2 months ago

    Why do u always say safety when the player misses?

  • Long Vu
    Long Vu 2 months ago

    one question: why are jump cues banned?

  • Hosant Brunei
    Hosant Brunei 2 months ago

    why mika doesnt join world tournement already?

  • John Graves
    John Graves 2 months ago

    hahahaha what snowflake complained about gender politics

  • Robert Longo
    Robert Longo 2 months ago

    38:00 Aryana! No slip stroke!

  • Michael R
    Michael R 2 months ago

    Rack 10 was a heart-breaker. Werner worked so hard and deserved to finish that out. She made some amazing shots.

  • Jason Parker
    Jason Parker 2 months ago

    Are those centennial balls?

  • Joe Hooper
    Joe Hooper 2 months ago

    What a Break!!!!!

    • Joe Hooper
      Joe Hooper 2 months ago

      @RailbirdsTV I met Sarh a few times over the years

    • RailbirdsTV
      RailbirdsTV 2 months ago


  • Jon Throckmorton
    Jon Throckmorton 2 months ago

    Hey guys!....wow, sarah rousey !!....havent seen her play in quite a while!....was fortunate enough to have played a few games with her way back in the day...

    • RailbirdsTV
      RailbirdsTV 2 months ago

      Hey Jon! Missed you on the live stream. Glad you could watch the recordings. Take care buddy!

    • Joe Hooper
      Joe Hooper 2 months ago

      I was just thinking the same thing!

  • John Walding
    John Walding 3 months ago

    dont show the advertisement on the break shot that is one of the most important shots of the game

  • Mike Lessard
    Mike Lessard 3 months ago

    Ike never misses he only rattled a couple balls for position....the final score should have been a skunk 7-0 😎💪

  • Mike Lessard
    Mike Lessard 3 months ago

    Finesse is learned with age....he makes the younger opponents look bad lollll

  • Mike Lessard
    Mike Lessard 3 months ago

    Ike is awesome for an old bugger lolllll

  • Tabula Rasa
    Tabula Rasa 3 months ago

    Oops! Must be the 'hat'? Yes, definitely , the hat did it !

  • J M
    J M 3 months ago


  • Satobatsu Kaiba
    Satobatsu Kaiba 3 months ago

    Chris snooker training gives him at advantage when it comes to screw shots and accuracy

  • Scott Branson
    Scott Branson 3 months ago

    58:24 pretty straight forward follow shot brah

  • Mike Stropes
    Mike Stropes 3 months ago

    I'm asking you to identify in the video's title if it's an 8-ball or 9-ball game....I'd prefer to watch the eight ball matches. Otherwise excellent job you guys do. Thanks.

    • RailbirdsTV
      RailbirdsTV 3 months ago

      Good point, thank you for your feedback. I do sometimes put that in the title, but not as often as I should. Thanks for watching!

  • Overbuilt Gaming
    Overbuilt Gaming 3 months ago

    This was almost an upset!

  • farshid rahmani
    farshid rahmani 3 months ago

    Nice match and commentaries. Always enjoy watching a newbie vs a veteran. You would learn a lot. Thanks!

  • hank h
    hank h 3 months ago

    Howdy; FYI, Tom Simpson creator of the "Beautiful Elephant Balls" passed away in Aug. of 2016. professorqball.com/2016/08/tom-simpson-master-instructor-passed-away/

  • Blessed.2.Teach.4.God
    Blessed.2.Teach.4.God 3 months ago

    Oh my gosh if I had a nickel for every time Dennis chalked his cue I'd be a millionaire.

  • sittingduck
    sittingduck 3 months ago

    That table is embarrassingly filthy.

  • Robert Craig
    Robert Craig 3 months ago

    Sky Dawg is a smooth guy. We like our pool down here in the South. Not much else to do.

  • joe hundy
    joe hundy 3 months ago

    What are these rails omg ...they come out twice as fast as going in lol

  • hank h
    hank h 3 months ago

    kevin, Howdy; Interesting that aside from the 2&3 needing to be in the corners the "Rules" you posted at the beginning stated they rack for the opponent yet they are racking for themselves all the way through ...

    • RailbirdsTV
      RailbirdsTV 3 months ago

      Yes absolutely. I had the wrong graphic, and even made mention of that. I found the right graphic for the remainder of the matches. Thanks for watching!

  • Raven Setiadi
    Raven Setiadi 3 months ago

    The commentator’s voice sounds like jim wych :D

    • RailbirdsTV
      RailbirdsTV 3 months ago

      I'll take that as a compliment! I think Jim Wych is a great commentator.

  • Boss mustang
    Boss mustang 3 months ago

    Ike plays similar to eagle eye. He doesn't miss

  • Jaska Jokunen
    Jaska Jokunen 3 months ago

    minkä takia säännöissä lukee että ykkönen tulee alaviivalle ja näissä peleissä 9-pallo tulee alaviivalle?

  • Robert Craig
    Robert Craig 3 months ago

    Ron was sorely outmatched. Is he an amateur? Damn.

  • miamiwax
    miamiwax 3 months ago

    Mika should have taken the pushout in the last frame. He could have played the same shot Kaci did.

  • Chris Cruz
    Chris Cruz 3 months ago

    Robbie Langford from Knoxville baby

  • S Dickinson
    S Dickinson 3 months ago

    Mr. 400 is now Mr. 600

    • Rocky
      Rocky 12 days ago

      S Dickinson Vogt was a Not a f Z Mccokkmzz ccfffddxzm

    • Chris Cruz
      Chris Cruz 2 months ago

      Lol i posted the same thing on another video but you beat me to this one 😆

  • Arthur Huynh
    Arthur Huynh 3 months ago

    I think 10-7 is the right game here.

  • J M
    J M 3 months ago

    Hey Railbirds, could you post on bitchute too?