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  • Mykolas Vaitiekunas
    Mykolas Vaitiekunas 2 hours ago

    Pen is a very useful tool. A few strokes a day and I'm happy

  • liquidfox92
    liquidfox92 2 hours ago

    a pen is useful... i see what you did there

  • thefloweronwallstreet

    I don’t want to watch this but i cant stop

  • timothy leflore
    timothy leflore 2 hours ago

    The word play and sarcasm on this was epic lol

  • galib rabat
    galib rabat 2 hours ago

    Well , now I know why it's on trending

  • vicky johnson
    vicky johnson 2 hours ago

    I love you. The animals are cool too...

  • Chelsea Norris
    Chelsea Norris 2 hours ago

    Mildred is an aquarius

  • Peace Love
    Peace Love 2 hours ago

    I loved this vid great job!!! I laughed, I learn3d, when it was over I cried, hahahhaha great job really!!

  • My Name
    My Name 2 hours ago

    Remember. Mushrooms are penises. You're eating fungus penis. Delicious fungus penis.

  • Hikikomri
    Hikikomri 2 hours ago

    That’s naughty😳

  • ImCozH
    ImCozH 2 hours ago

    After so many years of wondering... *I now know what Emma was talking about*

  • Mohammed Abubakr
    Mohammed Abubakr 2 hours ago

    Wait I was eating...

  • M. Evripidou
    M. Evripidou 2 hours ago

    i wanna see True facts full half hour episodes on netflix!

  • Tavarnia Glenn
    Tavarnia Glenn 2 hours ago

    2:37 I didn’t know that these fungi were tremors

  • MrShranky
    MrShranky 2 hours ago

    Horny af

  • ThatOtherKid
    ThatOtherKid 2 hours ago

    Ah yes, it wouldnt be a true facts video without some alien phallus

  • Raul Ramos
    Raul Ramos 2 hours ago

    0:13 I feel like I watched a nudist reveal her Siamese Midget Fetus Sister's tumor. And she was aroused while doing so. The Midget, not the nudist.

  • Sam Rose
    Sam Rose 2 hours ago

    I started eating lunch just before openning the video. I stopped after the first few seconds.

  • Mike Adder
    Mike Adder 2 hours ago

    "She's going to be a scientist!!"

  • I .Gate
    I .Gate 2 hours ago

    Thank you for these, they make the day better. x

  • Katrina Draws Things

    Thank you for bringing the incredible and bizarre world of mushrooms to the public's attention, truly, you are doing the world a great service

  • pr0dz
    pr0dz 2 hours ago

    he really said that in the credits lol

  • faiza habib
    faiza habib 2 hours ago

    I see true facts recommendation, I check the upload time, and YAYYYY! HE IS BACK!!!!😃😃😃😁😁

  • Halima , The Creator

    This is like the worst thing you could show to someone with trypophobia.... I have trypophobia but my curiosity got me here unfortunately

  • CrazyLegs
    CrazyLegs 2 hours ago

    How a plumbus is made

  • Angry Kittens
    Angry Kittens 3 hours ago

    Swallow, Jerry. Swallow it like a man.

  • Merritt Animation
    Merritt Animation 3 hours ago

    Dear lord the innuendos.

  • ss4torankusu
    ss4torankusu 3 hours ago

    I can imagine the penis jokes that I will see below.👇

  • SyFer
    SyFer 3 hours ago

    monkaS chat

  • Maddy Evelyn
    Maddy Evelyn 3 hours ago

    ew Edit: EW.

  • Jacob
    Jacob 3 hours ago

    Don’t forget this man invented buzzfeed.

  • Lucy Bee
    Lucy Bee 3 hours ago

    I don’t know why I watched this while eating...

  • Eugene w
    Eugene w 3 hours ago

    I know women who say,,the mushroom on the stick are the best ones

  • Some Random Name
    Some Random Name 3 hours ago

    "Oh hey a new ZeFrank video ni-- oh... Oh... It's that type of video, okay."

  • Sarah Goodman
    Sarah Goodman 3 hours ago

    3:34 "like bjyirds"

  • Dominick DiBart
    Dominick DiBart 3 hours ago

    I'm sorry man Ive watched all your videos I don't think I can watch this one

  • Steven Russell
    Steven Russell 3 hours ago

    I found those eggs as I kid and always thought about them. I had no fucking clue what they were but they had a distinct smell

  • Drew Walker
    Drew Walker 3 hours ago

    Lol at byerds

  • silent Shu-Shu
    silent Shu-Shu 3 hours ago

    Hope it's not her noise ..lmfao

  • Captain Oblivious
    Captain Oblivious 3 hours ago

    Thank you so much for the kitten and puppy I lowkey was about to freak out

  • brianna brown
    brianna brown 3 hours ago

    Do some birds please

  • Captain America
    Captain America 3 hours ago

    "Stinkhorn" is what the ladies called me in high school. 😏🍆

  • ᅚᅚᅚ
    ᅚᅚᅚ 3 hours ago

    Flowers By Nurgle

  • 99 Red Balloons 🎈

    omg i think i found the best insect/animal channel

  • Bridgette R.
    Bridgette R. 3 hours ago

    Ew. And i love it. But ew.

  • Rood
    Rood 3 hours ago

    1:45 to 1:58 had me rewinding and listening for awhile :>

  • Beatmy Yeet
    Beatmy Yeet 3 hours ago

    This guy makes me uncomfortable

  • souvik dey
    souvik dey 3 hours ago

    Holy shit

  • Jozie Charles
    Jozie Charles 3 hours ago

    True facts about the KAKAPO!!!

  • humb1s3rvant
    humb1s3rvant 3 hours ago

    Huh...I always wondered how plumbuses were made

  • simon hue
    simon hue 3 hours ago

    When it grows it looks like a “ *Not-friendly-content* “

  • Brendan Gallagher
    Brendan Gallagher 3 hours ago

    This shit is straight from Rick and Morty Lol.

  • AllHailHail
    AllHailHail 3 hours ago

    You never disappoint, zefrank

  • anondecepticon
    anondecepticon 3 hours ago

    I’m disappointed by the length of this video. The abrupt ending left me thoroughly unsatisfied.

  • TroDaPro Z
    TroDaPro Z 3 hours ago

    Let's... ĎÏÊ

  • Toasty Toast
    Toasty Toast 3 hours ago

    As soon as I see those tall ones go up I am like, "OK when is he going to say it and how is he going to say it?"

  • jeremybr2020
    jeremybr2020 3 hours ago

    There are definitely few UScliprs who can get over 700 thousand views in just 24 hours. That is awesome. Love us some Zefrank1!

  • Nicholas Tennant
    Nicholas Tennant 3 hours ago

    Wow this was amazing to watch thanks

  • a b
    a b 3 hours ago

    genius writing!

  • Lily Abrams
    Lily Abrams 3 hours ago

    KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alexandre Neto
    Alexandre Neto 3 hours ago

    No hidey hole for the fungi? DISAPPOINTED

  • Antonio Cordaro
    Antonio Cordaro 3 hours ago

    This series of videos is truly enjoyable and very sympathetic. Thanks a lot! May God bless you Mr. zefrank1. Keep it going! Good Luck!

  • TheAuntieBa
    TheAuntieBa 3 hours ago

    OMG!!! THIS is what I found over two decades ago! It was pink and Oh! did it stink! I got out of there before it seeded me, though. Yes...I too got an immediate association. I thought it really needed a bath...although I was sure it was a toadstool.

  • Primitive survival Skill

    Wow hello how are you i come from Cambodia

  • Lisa M Cable
    Lisa M Cable 4 hours ago


  • Deidre Overton
    Deidre Overton 4 hours ago

    I can listen to zefrank1 all day 😍

  • 10 Master
    10 Master 4 hours ago

    1:31 When you are too horny

  • Great Man
    Great Man 4 hours ago

    That is the most sensual video about fungi that I’ve ever watched

  • Ashon James
    Ashon James 4 hours ago

    It's funny that I would love to be a botanist but the only plant species I hate, with a passion, is fungi. My passion is gonna be one tough thing to study 😂

  • Emily Grayson
    Emily Grayson 4 hours ago

    This is the most disturbing looking video you’ve ever put out. Congrats my friend! Top tier video

  • RalphsLegend
    RalphsLegend 4 hours ago

    Frank asking hard questions.

  • Canaan McKerchie
    Canaan McKerchie 4 hours ago

    *Please* teach biology 101

    CAPTAIN_ TOFU 4 hours ago

    He didn’t say “That’s how the stinkhorns do” ;(

    • tubenshaft
      tubenshaft 2 hours ago

      Well, now that would have been a bit too predictable, wouldn't you say so? On the other hand, a pen is useful to write stuff down at night.... as long as it's not on the tip of your(?) tongue.... ˘U˘

  • Today’s Canceled
    Today’s Canceled 4 hours ago

    🤢 this is so nasty

  • Ninja k
    Ninja k 4 hours ago

    "Fleshy origamis" 😂😂😂

  • Fishhunter2014
    Fishhunter2014 4 hours ago

    Ugh. I had these in my yard. They’re well named

  • Anthony
    Anthony 4 hours ago

    Looks like a meatball at first

  • Hunner Christian
    Hunner Christian 4 hours ago

    I have Trypophobia.

  • mortaché de muerte
    mortaché de muerte 4 hours ago

    This entire video is an elaborate dick joke

  • TheElgreko
    TheElgreko 4 hours ago

    That mushroom like a cock is Phalus impudicus Wich mean. In Greek something like dick, without shame.... Some use it to treat cancer and other great diseases

  • IshikawaGoemon
    IshikawaGoemon 4 hours ago

    Mushrooms and dry humour. I love both. Excellent video, both informative and hilarious.

  • Cat M
    Cat M 4 hours ago

    Waking up to a new zefrank video notification this morning is like waking up to a cup of coffee (being delivered to you.. in bed.. by a butler..)

  • BenevolentRose
    BenevolentRose 4 hours ago

    You are the most fun person to learn from. XD

  • Thepikachu176
    Thepikachu176 4 hours ago

    Am I the only one who wanted to see more of the redcage stinkhorn?

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    Vintage Girl 4 hours ago

    Wow🍄 Sometimes something only adult can notice.

  • 23rd Bastard Knight
    23rd Bastard Knight 4 hours ago

    why am I watching this just before eating ?

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    Pane Cake 4 hours ago

    0:30 she looks just like my cat

  • Chaos Reigns
    Chaos Reigns 4 hours ago


  • yahya risqi
    yahya risqi 4 hours ago

    I swear.. if this guy was the lecturer on my school back in the day, i would've receive PhD now

  • marshrover V
    marshrover V 4 hours ago

    I'm german and that fairytale to prevent drug use sounds like the exact kind of thing that would just be an actual german fairytale.

  • BoB 13
    BoB 13 4 hours ago

    ...meat sc#pter

    SILVERSTRIPE PSN 4 hours ago

    You got 2 mill subs by copying people bids.....

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    Aarham Khan 4 hours ago

    Someone call Jesus.

  • Max Powers
    Max Powers 4 hours ago


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    Rons halohalo vlog 4 hours ago

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