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Sam Fender: The Borders
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Impeachment Commercial
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  • L Bee
    L Bee 11 seconds ago

    5:32 was such a mulaney voice 😂

  • Luigi Bianco
    Luigi Bianco 24 seconds ago

    Everyone today it seems is promoting diversity and multiculturalism. But did you ever notice that these things are being promoted in ALL White countries and ONLY in White countries? Did you ever wonder why that was the case? Diversity and multiculturalism, if allowed to continue, will turn every White country on earth into a non-White country within a few decades. There will still be plenty of Black countries and Asian countries. Under international law, this is genocide. Diversity and multiculturalism are codewords for White genocide. Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  • Kina Reed
    Kina Reed 27 seconds ago

    These burns are amazing!

  • John R.
    John R. Minute ago

    These thumbnails just aren't doing it for me guys.

  • Janna Nijland
    Janna Nijland Minute ago

    And behind bars

  • Beatrice Kelley
    Beatrice Kelley 2 minutes ago

    Wow...... Wow. This fiasco actually INFURIATED me. These spinless, slimy, disgusting republicans breaking the rules, breaking the law, showboating their 'devotion' to Donny.... They are CLOWNS. Mirroring talking points they know are false just to suck up to the few Trump supporters left in their home states, for their own political 'gain.' PATHETIC. Truly, truly an embarrassment to our country, both this president and his sycophants.

  • V W
    V W 2 minutes ago

    Third world democracy

  • Joel Walker
    Joel Walker 2 minutes ago

    Pretty sure no one was writing sketches for SNL for a long time.

  • Bruce Duncan
    Bruce Duncan 2 minutes ago

    They should have been carrying torches

    LEGACY PROJECT 3 minutes ago

    Just like tRUMP “meticulous notes” oh wait ....guy can’t spell.

  • Jordan Monson
    Jordan Monson 3 minutes ago

    You Made it Weird brought me here

  • Jason Faulkner
    Jason Faulkner 3 minutes ago

    6:05 I don't like teasing Trump's appearance the way Meyers, Colbert and everyone seems to wanna ... its too easy, and unnecessary at this point to prevent normalization ... but someone has to say it, so I will ... imagine if Obama had stood that way in front of the media. Oh goodness ... FauxNews and the alt-right would have called him all sorts of raciest nonsense.

  • Heather Remlin
    Heather Remlin 3 minutes ago

    If trump wasn't such a dick, I might even feel sorry for him n_n

  • RaiderPenguin
    RaiderPenguin 4 minutes ago

    Licked Dorito impressions are the funniest 🤣🤣🤣

  • NESconstable
    NESconstable 4 minutes ago

    A New York casino owner who cheats on his taxes- not to mention his *wife’s*

  • manbtm1
    manbtm1 4 minutes ago

    Illegal behavior and national security breach practice by these idiots who stormed a private behind the doors testimony. Are there no repercussions to these people? Have they no respect for our country or constitutional laws. Just because your buddy got caught with his pants down, they’re trying to do everything in the world to stop and Stonewall. They don’t even seem to remember doing the Benghazi investigation, which was ran by Republican Trey Gowdy , that he celebrated the fact that they have behind the door testimonies because he felt it was a better situation for the witnesses to testify and felt that they felt more relaxed and truthful. These fools don’t even know when their own party members set the stage rules. These idiots have absolutely no moral compass whatsoever. This country is in huge trouble if these people are not voted out. Vote them out 2020

  • LasVegasGames
    LasVegasGames 4 minutes ago

    Feeble attempt at trying to be vicious and sticking together. Congress has 2 dozen trumptards who don't know and don't care about the law. To each and every one of them "You thought this was a good idea? YOUR FIRED!"

  • Atcar Lumsy
    Atcar Lumsy 4 minutes ago

    Why was the Sergeant at Arms not ordered to remove these unruly thugs who intruded?

  • feelitman
    feelitman 4 minutes ago

    When it happens next time just surrender the room to them, lock them all inside, and call the District cops to come and haul them off to jail. Simple.

  • M Mac
    M Mac 4 minutes ago

    3.5 minutes of Dad jokes....great....

  • Sam subramoni
    Sam subramoni 4 minutes ago

    Seriously consider what is going on with the American today" it's look like trump is not a American president " trump in the white house working with Russian and have lots his buddies around him to helping as well

  • Ivory tusk
    Ivory tusk 4 minutes ago

    LoL...I laugh out of exhaustion at the lazy people below thinking their USclip comments will effect something....."I know, I will go on USclip and say arrest all the Republicans that burst into the room, boy am I a involved super hero, phew, I believe I earned myself some nachos, ah but crap, I would have to get dressed, oh well I'll change history with more useless comments" You may not like the fact that Trump reflects most humans, but he really does. He reflects every government and the vast majority of humans to near prefection.

  • Facts Matter
    Facts Matter 5 minutes ago

    Matt gaetz... The president of the asshat fraternity lol

  • commuted
    commuted 5 minutes ago

    I want emollients too, that could drag corrupt Dems and Reps into a vortex of indictments. Pelosi has to go. She made 200million working full time in government. Limit the inquiry bs

    • WkUpPeople
      WkUpPeople 2 minutes ago

      Emollients? Is your skin dry?

  • Robert Lujan
    Robert Lujan 5 minutes ago

    Loved him in Boston Legal.

  • Bobby Peru
    Bobby Peru 5 minutes ago

    Only *half?*

    • Jordan Pascoe
      Jordan Pascoe 4 minutes ago

      You gotta count the percentage on top of that who only want him impeached but not removed til the end of his term

  • Hayden Logston
    Hayden Logston 5 minutes ago

    Looked like a fraternity panty raid.

  • Leslie Wolfe
    Leslie Wolfe 6 minutes ago

    Hey this is how innocent people act right? LET'S STORM THE MEETING GUYS!!!

  • Cronista Mundano
    Cronista Mundano 6 minutes ago

    I always thought that stormings, sit-ins, occupations, civil desobedience and demonstrations were the weapons of the hippies, wierdoes, lefties, commies, liberals, dopeheads and feminists. Who would have thought that someday these grown up conservatives would stage that wearing their well taylored suits and silk matching ties, mild mannered tailleurs with their low heeled pumps?

  • Pickle P
    Pickle P 6 minutes ago

    I'm so so so confused. Why is he not impeached yet??

    • WkUpPeople
      WkUpPeople Minute ago

      Patience is a virtue. His time is coming.

  • Jennifer M
    Jennifer M 6 minutes ago

    Hope Seth’s ok. He doesn’t look well. Great segment!

  • Cesar Cornejo
    Cesar Cornejo 6 minutes ago

    I dont think it's ok what our president did n dose. But we should not make fun of our president for other country's to laugh at our country.

  • Shafi Mohammud
    Shafi Mohammud 6 minutes ago

    Trump continue with wat u are doing untill u pull america to our level .....AFRICA

  • Emsley Wyatt
    Emsley Wyatt 6 minutes ago

    "50% favor impeachment and removal."-What were the numbers for "tarred and feathered".

  • Jesus Silvadasilva
    Jesus Silvadasilva 6 minutes ago

    Republicans stormed the hearings, Melania was stormed by stormy Daniels Or maybe Republicans were late for a good free covfefe.... Russia.....are you listening?

  • Don Princo
    Don Princo 7 minutes ago

    The President has miscalculated and it is beginning to bite.Name calling and stunts like this only reinforces the majority opinion that he is guilty and must be impeached. If he reverses his Syria pull out order,the Dems should agree to allow him to run down the clock and let the people decide his fate at the polls.

  • Howie Feltersnatch
    Howie Feltersnatch 7 minutes ago

    0:40 - Lmao at Trump's throat vagina!

  • Ann-Sofie Duvdahl
    Ann-Sofie Duvdahl 7 minutes ago

    2 dozen republican loserd and they are a part of congress. 🤯🤣🤣🤣🤣😋 hahaha

  • Steve Haas
    Steve Haas 7 minutes ago

    You won’t see Trump or Rudy storming the hearing room.

  • Genesi 1177
    Genesi 1177 7 minutes ago

    On no republicans forgot their tiki torches!

  • Rab C third
    Rab C third 8 minutes ago

    Them protester a look like the older veraion of Charlottesville protesters with out the touches and suits on but we know they all good people with nothing in their closet just saying taha. Whoa

  • Edgar Bravo
    Edgar Bravo 8 minutes ago

    The storming looked like The walking dead 😂😂

  • Christine Herrmann
    Christine Herrmann 8 minutes ago

    I wouldn't believe a CNN poll if God him or her self came down to back it up, but I maintain the fix was in to get Trump out as soon as he became a big enough political liability. The GOP has to make it look good, though. So we'll have another two months of this back and forth, and then vote to confirm the impeachment just in time for Pence to either lose to Bernie Sanders or kick Elizabeth Warren's ass. Cynical? Me?

  • Shafi Mohammud
    Shafi Mohammud 8 minutes ago

    Is this wat u cal america?shame on u

  • Anna Banana
    Anna Banana 8 minutes ago

    "A bean bag chair out of old pumpkins". 😂😂😂 Nothing else in the world is this accurate. Bravo, Seth!

  • Carolyn Pagliuca
    Carolyn Pagliuca 9 minutes ago

    He stops the fight in syria starts trouble with isis!

  • Sebastien Rudiaschy
    Sebastien Rudiaschy 9 minutes ago

    You know how hard the they would flip if dems did the same? I mean the ones in government, not the public of the same party.

  • Heather Remlin
    Heather Remlin 10 minutes ago

    Where's Rude Rudy!? Oh were oh were could he be?

  • Jani Laine
    Jani Laine 10 minutes ago

    It's manure trump. Everybody smells it, but it is so good for growth of those vegetables. But it will stick on you so easily. And if you are deviant person, you love it and try to others love it too.

  • crispy
    crispy 10 minutes ago

    Matt Gaetz, J Jordan and Dennis Nunes are all going to be up S creek when Trump gets impeached and the rest of the Republicans turn there backs on them. Thats how it works isn't it?

  • Catherine Vought
    Catherine Vought 10 minutes ago

    Those Republicans have no backbones. They pledge to protect Trump, not the constitution of our country!

  • Will E. Fisturgash
    Will E. Fisturgash 10 minutes ago

    Lyin’ Trump and his administration’s M.O. at this point is to test the waters to see just how above the law they think they are.

  • Jason Faulkner
    Jason Faulkner 11 minutes ago

    3:23 Trump says Democrats are "vicious, and they stick together". Uh, no. Thats Republicans. Republicans close ranks better than Dems. Thats why they make the best cops, soldiers and pro sports team athletes! Trump is like Eric Cartman of South Park. When in trouble, accuse your opponent of being what you are, what you have been, or what you will be. Thats how you ruin smart debate. Trump = Cartman.

  • Ericcssonn
    Ericcssonn 11 minutes ago

    They should have all spent a night in jail..

  • Marc Silvey
    Marc Silvey 11 minutes ago

    Trump is a low class lying racist moron! God help us all.

  • Chris Zealotes
    Chris Zealotes 12 minutes ago

    And who would replace him? And would it be really different just more secret? eg. Pence? And is Pelosi et al all that different? Would she bring cheaper health and a higher basic wage? Hmmm.....

  • JB
    JB 12 minutes ago

    Trump leans foward to hide his giant gut.

  • Yvonne Myers
    Yvonne Myers 12 minutes ago

    Each and every participant in the fiasco today of interrupting legal, Constitutional process should be arrested and jailed for obstruction of justice! If they don't believe in our Constitution, remove the traitors out of our government offices and exile them!😡🇺🇸

  • Wretch Gunk
    Wretch Gunk 12 minutes ago

    remember everyone the republicans are the party of "law and order" "mature" people

  • Matt Groce
    Matt Groce 12 minutes ago

    When Democrats argue they argue about what middle eastern country to invade for oil

  • Donna Turney
    Donna Turney 13 minutes ago

    Pull their security clearance!

  • SassynBlessed please
    SassynBlessed please 13 minutes ago

    It is official John McCain was the last of the brains in the GOP. All we are left with is a bunch of Pinky's

  • josh grant
    josh grant 13 minutes ago

    Rep. Ken Buck (R-Colo.), Foreign Affairs Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.), Oversight Rep. Mark Green (R-Tenn.), Oversight Rep. Jody Hice (R-Ga.), Oversight Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), Oversight Rep. Fred Keller (R-Penn.), Oversight Rep. Carol Miller (R-W.Va.), Oversight Rep. Ralph Norman (R-S.C.), Oversight Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.), Oversight Rep. Scott Perry (R-Penn.), Foreign Affairs Rep. Steve Watkins (R-Kansas), Foreign Affairs Rep. Ron Wright (R-Texas), Foreign Affairs Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-N.Y.), Foreign Affairs Yeah... these guys

  • Cathy L
    Cathy L 13 minutes ago

    Ahhh...the republicans. The rabid mob with the rabid base. In the words of the impeached or one term president...SAD.

  • samsung user
    samsung user 14 minutes ago

    What a DUNCE in Chief! It's like he's been not so secretly competing for the title of "Worst President Ever" since almost everyday of his Presidency he's proven again and again that incompetence is as incompetence does!

  • Housequake B
    Housequake B 14 minutes ago

    "J" 😆🤣

  • Nosferatu 85
    Nosferatu 85 14 minutes ago

    Carol as Ms Hannigan is my childhood's most favorite memory 😍

  • Mary Wright
    Mary Wright 14 minutes ago

    They just couldn't wait to see their boss go down. Lol

  • Catherine Vought
    Catherine Vought 14 minutes ago

    Trump thinks he owes all the Republicans!

  • LAVIN20
    LAVIN20 14 minutes ago

    This is an embarrassment.

  • Jeff Brehove
    Jeff Brehove 15 minutes ago

    As much as I liked her in the Dulcea suit, I want to see her do comedy.

  • Clickbait Cabaret
    Clickbait Cabaret 15 minutes ago

    As much as I couldn't stand Bush JR, I could listen to him talk without cringing. Trump is the cringiest motherfucker I've ever heard talk.

  • Trent Bell
    Trent Bell 15 minutes ago

    "Trump is fat, ugly and stupid" same joke over and over, Seth really needs new writers. Very sad and cruel attacks. Attack his policy, not his looks.

  • Dannela Lagrimas
    Dannela Lagrimas 15 minutes ago

    i'm sorry but look at Seth's face as he reads the Viagra joke! He looks so pleased 7:09

  • lukassnakeman
    lukassnakeman 15 minutes ago

    the storming of the SCIF just proves the theory i have about all these white republican douchebags. they never got invited to the tree house with the popular kids, so they spent the rest of their life in pursuit of power so they could lord it over people. this latest stunt looks exactly like a child saying "come on guys let me in. my mom says im cool"

  • Aaron Elzy
    Aaron Elzy 16 minutes ago

    I was thinking more Cheese curd Don

  • Deonna Nicole
    Deonna Nicole 16 minutes ago

    I love this video...brilliant

  • Jr Beans
    Jr Beans 16 minutes ago

    I like how you guys are celebrating when all this is showing is that Trump has successfully taken over America and established himself as an untouchable autocrat

  • Claudette Mcfarling
    Claudette Mcfarling 16 minutes ago

    The republicans are such a joke

  • Johnny B. Goode
    Johnny B. Goode 16 minutes ago

    At this point, regarding the Republican Party, I agree with Bill Maher. You don’t negotiate with terrorists.

  • gabriel alvarez
    gabriel alvarez 16 minutes ago

    Fox news shows are edited in oddly convenient ways. Check it out.

    • WkUpPeople
      WkUpPeople 9 minutes ago

      I couldn't be paid to watch Faux and definitely wouldn't give them the clicks.

  • Nooruddin Liew
    Nooruddin Liew 16 minutes ago

    for the respect and love of America to still lead the world, why are they so reluctant to dump the trump?

  • Ray Ceeya
    Ray Ceeya 16 minutes ago

    "I'm not a member of any organized party. I'm a Democrat" Will Rogers

  • Noah Fleming
    Noah Fleming 17 minutes ago

    What has he done that's impeachable?

    • WkUpPeople
      WkUpPeople 9 minutes ago

      Nothing. Go back to sleep.

  • Trent Bell
    Trent Bell 17 minutes ago

    Whats with all the jokes making fun of Trump's looks? Calling him fat, looking like an animal etc? Really lowbrow humor for stupid people. Imagine if a right-wing talk show made a joke about how ugly Obama is every 45 seconds? There would be a dozen articles written immediately and calls to be fired!

    • Trent Bell
      Trent Bell 17 minutes ago

      I thought the left are meant to be the party of tolerance yet they call Trump ugly and fat and think its ok to make fun of overweight ugly people?

  • flashLight 56
    flashLight 56 18 minutes ago


  • person who's real
    person who's real 18 minutes ago

    No one in this country is being held accountable for anything except we the people. Our government is blatantly breaking laws and we do nothing but talk about Trump's distractions.

  • kirsten mills
    kirsten mills 18 minutes ago

    Hey canada now has a pm also with a much lower pop vote then the opposition. Though it is a minority. Also the pm had 20 percent more seats so even a wider margin then trump and hilary

  • Ross Carlson
    Ross Carlson 18 minutes ago

    THEY SHOULD BE ARRESTED!!! Had ANY of us done this we would have gone STRAIGHT TO JAIL.

  • Jason S.
    Jason S. 19 minutes ago

    "they stick together" hmm so sticking together is following the rule of law and following the Constitution unlike Republicans who aren't just turning a blind eye but trying to blind everyone else to the wrongdoings of Donald Trump just to hold power and take money out of the pockets of the citizens of our great nation for their own person gain.

  • John DeF
    John DeF 19 minutes ago

    What level of stable genius investigates an election they won?

  • tipperary links
    tipperary links 19 minutes ago

    Who's da rat? You da rat?

  • baseballvolleyball
    baseballvolleyball 19 minutes ago

    All they needed was tiki torches!!!

  • Bethany Stephens
    Bethany Stephens 19 minutes ago

    I mean really he should be able to talk about this, even if it makes him a bit uncomfortable. This was just a ploy let amber talk bc she’s the best❤️❤️❤️

  • Emile C Browne Media
    Emile C Browne Media 19 minutes ago

    Krylon Don

  • BlackBerry
    BlackBerry 19 minutes ago

    Very funny. Did Laugh

  • life Miami
    life Miami 20 minutes ago

    closed-door deposition in secure House Intelligence Committee spaces to rail against the Democratic-led impeachment inquiry.🌏⚽️🎱♦️♥️♠️🎲

  • azone one
    azone one 20 minutes ago

    I wanna find out if a duck’s quack, echos or not. lol

  • dosia1 boby
    dosia1 boby 20 minutes ago

    what a useful idiot you are

  • Alexis Winter
    Alexis Winter 20 minutes ago

    Trump is just such a simpleton. I'm bored stiff after 2 seconds.