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Mowing an overgrown field
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Moving a box truck body
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Moving a building
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Pulling down dead trees
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Hauling away scrap metal
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Fixing my driveway
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Screening top soil
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Levi's 13th birthday
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Servicing the UTV
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Fixing a driveway
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SUV service
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Brush mowing an island
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Digging out stumps
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Cleaning up a tire dump
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Installing a new driveway
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Buying a skid steer mower
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Spreading top soil
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Burying another propane tank
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Fixing gravel drive ways
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Snowmobile riding with Levi
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Excavator thumbs
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Live stream second attempt
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Snowmobile riding
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Snowplowing and snowmobiling
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Buying a new skid steer
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Pickup truck tune up
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Replacing a AHC computer
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Hammering a septic line
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Cleaning up dumped wood
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100,000 subscriber special
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Replacing a culvert pipe
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Fixing a tractor
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How to use a Plasma cutter
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Buying a UTV
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Moving a broken motor home
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Fixing a fiberglass boat
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Levi's 12th birthday
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  • Tom Fischer
    Tom Fischer 3 hours ago

    Nice work Andrew. The defects called by the engineer I call to be her fault. The engineer needs to identify issues with quality of the dirt and placement of the laterals ahead of time, and make that clear. Not your fault.

  • UTubeGlennAR
    UTubeGlennAR 3 hours ago

    >^. .^< Yes, looking Good Mr. C. Perhaps Edit in a chunk of footage each year as you do a symilar fly by each time of that yellow headge line and re publishing would interest many of your following as a follow up???? Aloha, Glennnnn

    ERIC EDMUND 3 hours ago


  • David Johnson
    David Johnson 3 hours ago

    My old dog looks like your dog many years ago ! boy I miss my dog !!

  • Elliot Davison
    Elliot Davison 3 hours ago

    Hello Andrew! I was wondering, how do you advertise your work? Do you use any websites or apps? do you call yourself a "handy man"? or is it all just word of mouth? I'm active duty military and want to start doing side jobs on the weekends! thanks!

  • Brian Brewster
    Brian Brewster 3 hours ago

    Wanted to share my story. I lived on a farm property I rented and out front near the house (of course) it was swampy as hell. Turns out the township had a culvert running under the road but - SURPRISE - wouldn't spring for a canal structure which ran along powerlines on the edge of my property. And worse - there were buried gas pipes (defunct, so I was assured) right along that area, so operating heavy equipment was completely out. I really would've rented a small excavator like yours to save myself a couple afternoons of heavy laboring but it was just too risky. And so I hand dug this two-foot wide trench for hundreds of yards. The nice thing was that the ever-flowing water aided in widening and deepening my man-made channel. But the greatest part of this outcome: no more swamp! Almost overnight, all that lingering, stinky water which had no place to drain to, simply vanished. Also, I managed to dig this canal long enough that I met up with an old pond towards the rear of my property which expanded a habitat for frogs, fishes, and turtles. Everyone was a winner.

  • Brian Brewster
    Brian Brewster 3 hours ago

    Sorry - but that was a very sloppy tree take down. But yea, I get it. Ash was dead, better push it down than risk a climber going up in this rotten thing. Lucky for you that some woods nearby. Some people are screwed as there is nowhere to fell a tree without hitting a neighbor's fence, homeowner's pool or car port, etc. Why people wait until a tree is stone cold dead BEFORE getting professional tree help is beyond me. Thought that pond would be better sculpted. Me thinks they went low budge on this project. Too bad you can't post a screenshot of your CHECK for the job you do. Seeing a monetary amount might explain a lot about the selection of equipment and time spent on task at your job sites. Wow - that spring really is running clear. Nice place for the doggies to cool off in the dead of summer. And yes, very smart move to throw rocks at the egress point to form a makeshift wash. Excellent work there, Andrew.

  • Jonas andersson
    Jonas andersson 3 hours ago

    you need some cheeps!

  • R. Gallo
    R. Gallo 4 hours ago

    If I add up all the extra time spent on the toilet due to AC it’d be significant; time well spent, time well spent...

  • itaintmebabe99
    itaintmebabe99 4 hours ago

    Can someone please tell me what’s wrong with me ? I am not a mechanic nor do I have any heavy duty equipment, but here I am early in the morning, with a cup of coffee, mesmerized by this video.

  • just1Nic
    just1Nic 4 hours ago

    Now I have to go work on my truck...

  • MrBlackkn
    MrBlackkn 4 hours ago

    You have to Use gloves andrew. Hello from turkey.

  • Roaming Gnome
    Roaming Gnome 4 hours ago

    Boy that old boat reminds me of my dad. He bought one just like that and fixed it up. We had a cabin in New Hampshire where there was a lake. He passed when I was 12 back in 1977. I miss those times with him.

  • Justine-Paula Robilliard

    Andrew is an artist! So very neat and precise!

  • James Lund
    James Lund 5 hours ago

    Just push down on it , oh I didn't know you were off the ground. LOL

  • Ryan Lee
    Ryan Lee 5 hours ago

    You get yourself under some interesting projects It's been pretty fun watching your videos I haven't been watching for very long I cannot just Came across your channel You just do things differently than I do which is good I own some equipment No where near the level of what you have lol keep up the good work it's been great I'm sorry you get negative cruises On here Recliner quarterbacks

  • Charles Murphy
    Charles Murphy 5 hours ago

    I don’t think that brush hog was designed for cutting down trees.

  • Trapper Bill
    Trapper Bill 5 hours ago

    those armchair engineers can watch another channel they don't have to watch yours so don't worry about what they say they are just wishing they could do what you do they are the ones that pay others to do those jobs that you do so keep on keeping on God has Blessed you with the talent to do all the things you that you can do.

    ERIC EDMUND 6 hours ago


  • Ky5
    Ky5 6 hours ago

    Never run your bolts through a die but instead use a wire brush.

  • Haris Halim
    Haris Halim 6 hours ago

    That island so beautiful.. Why not you build a small cabin on the island.. The island become more beautiful..

  • Ron Mier
    Ron Mier 6 hours ago

    Very entertaining, fascinating and impressive watching this one-man (with his heavy equipment) do all the work from removing stumps to laying a very effective driveway in the woods. Well-done video presentation, including fast-forwarding at appropriate times.

  • carryclass
    carryclass 6 hours ago

    now i have seen everything

  • Timothy Kowalik
    Timothy Kowalik 7 hours ago

    i hope this guy doesn't build bridges like he builds driveways

  • whitey george
    whitey george 7 hours ago

    My wife treats the dog better than me now at 47 she,s started screwing around . Hope she leaves soon. Likes my new house tho. Shes a shiftworker in a hospice.

  • Антон Кулначев

    Good gob Andrew! Respect!

  • Troyboy
    Troyboy 7 hours ago

    Its a KoRn world good tunes

  • Борис Дроздов

    Hi, Andrew, have you ever considered using of concrete bucket skid steer loader attachment like these ones: or if it's deemed reasonable and appropriate for you to mix & and pour concrete where ever required on site?

    ERIC EDMUND 8 hours ago


  • dloglesby57
    dloglesby57 9 hours ago

    Andrew, NEVER think any of your videos would be boring. I for one am very interested in what you do, and Loved and enjoy your videos. Thank you so much for filming and sharing..

  • _ski2live_
    _ski2live_ 9 hours ago

    Andrew, is that your Pops at the end of the video? Outstanding video btw!

  • Ben German
    Ben German 10 hours ago

    Note to self. Buy stock in krylon when Andrew starts new project.

  • jackie oman
    jackie oman 10 hours ago

    You should be a doctor you could fix me lol with a drop of this and that take away all my old broken pieces and fix them 😎😎😎you so cool and you never stop

  • jackie oman
    jackie oman 10 hours ago

    You should be a doctor you could fix me lol with a drop of this and that take away all my old broken pieces and fix them 😎😎😎you so cool and you never stop

  • MrScott4020
    MrScott4020 10 hours ago

    Get an auger for your skidsteer, you'll through that pto auger away afterwards. 🤣

  • Charles Owens
    Charles Owens 10 hours ago


  • p52457
    p52457 10 hours ago

    Andrew, You have 85,000 people tell you not use a wire brush on machined surfaces yet you still have the best videos on USclip. I learn from both you and your experts that are helping you grow.

    JERRY JAMES 11 hours ago

    I enjoyed your computer video. Been there, done that. I have worked with computers and PCs since 1968. I first worked on an NCR 500 Posting computer doing patient accounting at our local hospital. Our monitor was a big cabinet of diodes we could read binary codes. We input the data using a big keyboard with rows of numbers. To input the letters "ABC" we would start all the way to the left aof the keyboard and press the number 2 the first row from 1 at the bottom through at the 0 at the top). A was 21 starting with the number 2 and a 1 in the next row to the right. B was 22 so we pressed the third row number to the right with a 2 in the third row and a 2 in the fourth row. C was 23. using a 2 in the 5th row and a 3 in the sixth row. We looked at the banks of lighted diodes to verify ABC. Such fun and we got to be pretty good. My first PC was an Epson laptop with a led display about three inches wide and an inch high. This allowed us to actually see the letters and or numbers. The program came on an EPROM. It was pretty good for a laptop. My wife took care of our bookkeeping on that thing and was really reluctant to give it up for a new IBM 386. We did not have internet back in those days but we did have bulletin board s with MIT using a 300 baud telco modem. I kept all the PC that I bought and put together until it was just too depressing to think about all the money I had spent on computer stuff. I smashed all of the old ones and destroyed old hard drives. My newest is now five years old with only 8gb of RAM and 500GB SSD and 3Tb storage drive. I have 1Gb LAN and 1Gb cable modem. I probably will not need anything faster because I can no longer keep up. with the 6 PCs in the house and a server in the shop. Care and feeding of these seven takes far too much time. Keep up the good work Andrew. Our world is a better place with you in it. JB

  • Shady Kiwi
    Shady Kiwi 11 hours ago

    bloody hell Andrew get an auto garage door opener

    ERIC EDMUND 11 hours ago


  • Shady Kiwi
    Shady Kiwi 11 hours ago

    will its become a thing now.. Andrews channel has overtaken the TV/Netflex this channel is awesome . Good stuff Andrew and thanks heaps keep them coming. Oh ps if your hiring id move from new zealand and come work with you for sure.....

    ERIC EDMUND 12 hours ago


  • Gary Benninger
    Gary Benninger 12 hours ago

    It’s been a year, you probably already know. You have double clutch. There’s so much weight on that transmission you have to disengage the clutch to release the gear and then re-engage the clutch, allowing it to match the speed of the engine so it matches the next gear. The speed of the truck will prevent you from getting in to gears to high or too low. It takes some time to get a feel for it.

  • 007 More
    007 More 12 hours ago

    Has anybody seen ur x girlfriend after she did the chain saw vid..

  • Antonio Romero
    Antonio Romero 12 hours ago

    Cuánto cuesta vivir al mes en ese lugar?

  • cringy child
    cringy child 12 hours ago

    Why didnt you just hold the bar when using the tire machine???

  • John Coops
    John Coops 12 hours ago

    Spends hundreds of hours building a driveway. Spends hundreds of hours digging up driveway to install electrical service. Spends hundreds of hours re-building driveway. DUMB.

  • KarasCyborg
    KarasCyborg 12 hours ago

    Too bad you didn't have a forestry mulcher , you could just grind those trees down in place to wood chips. Add a stump grinder auger bit to recess the tree stumps below the ground level.

  • MrScott4020
    MrScott4020 12 hours ago

    One fellow excavator to another, good job man! Everyone gets stuck, deals with other miscellaneous problems, has to be in multiple places at once. But hardly anyone owns up to it on camera! 👍

    ERIC EDMUND 12 hours ago


  • Mikah White
    Mikah White 13 hours ago

    Andrew is a get it done kind of guy. He as superb work ethic.

  • Jman playz
    Jman playz 13 hours ago

    This man is smart af. Like how?

  • Travis W
    Travis W 13 hours ago

    Show 171 tires on your slip

  • jackie oman
    jackie oman 13 hours ago

    Sure that pile didnt go backwards up ? My eyes lol 😎

  • Dmytro Riazanov
    Dmytro Riazanov 13 hours ago

    Andrew, when do you plan to buy chainsaw for your kid?

  • Q Town
    Q Town 14 hours ago

    Another job well done.

  • BehindThe Curtain
    BehindThe Curtain 14 hours ago

    I hear this is where the cucked Jew lovers come to beat each other off🧐

  • damned1313
    damned1313 14 hours ago

    Be careful with that chain saw. Never cut with the tip. That’s how kick backs happen. Always cut away from yourself. Never towards. And those hanging trees are called widow makers for a reason. Safety first.

  • Lunch Lady
    Lunch Lady 14 hours ago

    Dogs doing whipits. Awesome

  • Justin Henry
    Justin Henry 14 hours ago

    Wish I had that for fire wood

  • Shane Needles
    Shane Needles 14 hours ago

    I thought about doing something like that, but it's so much better to just put my kids to work while I supervise. :-)

  • Troy Queen
    Troy Queen 14 hours ago

    Thanks for the video 👍,please remember to protect your lungs,silicosis is just as lethal as asbestos.

    ERIC EDMUND 14 hours ago


  • The last Engineer
    The last Engineer 14 hours ago

    You are one insane operator! Talk about getting it done with a one man band 👍

  • Phil B
    Phil B 15 hours ago

    I'm so glad you actually used it, the chainsaw wasn't just a joke. It worked great as well

    SONNY 15 hours ago

    You know, one of the important things about you is sharing your time. Seriously, you take the time to grab us by the hand and walk us through what you're doing, did or plan to do. This camera tour was a perfect example as well. Know what, we (I) bought near the same RCA Docking Station VHS camera & VCR and did want to know about your drone. And PRESTO, here you have it in a video. I know I'm late in responding to this video but I actually just found you within the past month and I'm binging. You are one in a million, as are your dogs and of course you dad! Your work is like we are actually with you so thanks much for that. Say safe and God bless. Sonny (CT)

  • Paul Malatesta
    Paul Malatesta 15 hours ago

    Great job and video.. Video was great

  • ForfeMac
    ForfeMac 15 hours ago

    Using a wire wheel shirtless has to be worse than frying bacon shirtless

  • R Smitdog
    R Smitdog 15 hours ago

    The area you live in Andrew is beautiful and it's great that you get drone footage of it, so cool to see it, thank you.Smitty

  • Charles Reohr
    Charles Reohr 15 hours ago

    You got one hell of a toy err tool there.

  • Dave Heinrichs
    Dave Heinrichs 15 hours ago

    The skeleton he dug up on one of his land clearing jobs.

  • R Smitdog
    R Smitdog 15 hours ago

    That Lodge would be a awesome house !

  • R Smitdog
    R Smitdog 15 hours ago

    Andrew, buy that snow track machine and re build it for a video ! that would be so cool!

  • Joshua BARTON
    Joshua BARTON 15 hours ago

    My step father bought a brand new Husqvarna..He never tightened up the chain before using it for the 1st time and put a hole in the casing. Oil now will leak outta where it's cracked.My mother said I can have there a way to fix the casing?Chainsaw is brand new I'd hate to throw it away.

    SONNY 15 hours ago

    OUTSTANDING!!! Andrew, OMG, you belong on "Late Night"! You took a 'chainsaw' to your dash radio opening. God bless you and I love every minute of everything you do. I do agree with you on what you had to say in an over hour video you made prior. YES, they can make them better but people wouldn't sign their name for new junk and BRAKE and FUEL LINES is the most STUPID and dangerous. Stay safe and thank you for all you do for all of us. Sonny (CT)

  • JonEilertsen (HellsatanX)

    that thing works amazing

  • steve shoemaker
    steve shoemaker 16 hours ago

    Thanks....Andrew...Guy you make very good video of this type....An'Oyes thanks for sharing your life with us in....USclip land..!

  • Nick Mcnellis
    Nick Mcnellis 16 hours ago

    Andrew, love the videos and they are very helpful to me as I just recently purchased 10 acres of woodlands in S. Jersey. I own a Kubota L48 and just recently purchased a mower deck and installed a thumb on the backhoe section. But now you have me considering a skid steer, so versatile. In any case your video's have provided insight as to how to tackle land clearing and many other tasks. Keep up the great work and stay safe.

  • Rob Lalonde
    Rob Lalonde 16 hours ago

    I love the drone shots

  • just1Nic
    just1Nic 16 hours ago

    Well, I have to say, I really enjoyed this...

  • cuenta clon
    cuenta clon 16 hours ago

    So that's how this system works?it simply overflows the tank and drain on the leechs?or is that an emergency device just in case the truck can't empty the septic tank in time?

    • Andrew Camarata
      Andrew Camarata 14 hours ago

      Overflows into the leach field. That's how they all work.

  • Richard Holbeck
    Richard Holbeck 17 hours ago

    How about pressure washing? Is this before your hot water, pressure washer?

  • Richard Holbeck
    Richard Holbeck 17 hours ago

    Your job is not done until the cleanup is done. What a rarity to see it in practice. Kudos. A shame they didn't let you finish it.

  • Kenneth Hume
    Kenneth Hume 17 hours ago

    My dog loves to be massaged .

  • Thomas Marcelli
    Thomas Marcelli 17 hours ago

    Andrew has such a iron will to get things done, he never seems to let problems get in his way! If a machine breaks down (which would upset the rest of us), Andrew seems to take it as an opportunity to make another video!! Man I wish I could do that!!

  • Steven Noel
    Steven Noel 17 hours ago

    Andrew nice choice of music , Beethoven Egmont Overture.

  • Tofthill4
    Tofthill4 17 hours ago

    adding just one gallon of water per cubic yard of concrete will have the following effects and should be avoided as much as possible Increase the slump about one inch; Cut the compressive strength up to 200 psi; Waste the effect of 1/4 bag of cement; Increase the shrinkage potential about 10 percent; Increase seepage potential by up to 50 percent; Decrease the freeze/thaw resistance by 20 percent; and Decrease the resistance to de-icing salts.

  • Eddi HDZ Giron Transportes Hero

    Cummins big cam 300hp with Jake brake the best engine ever u have a really nice dump truck

  • Thomas Marcelli
    Thomas Marcelli 17 hours ago

    I can't figure out why Andrew's videos are so additive?? A average guy doing extra extraordinary things with average equipment?? I don't know but I can't stop watching!!!

  • Robert cornelisse
    Robert cornelisse 17 hours ago

    I watched you for the first time 5 months ago. I love your channel. I see you have 334.000 subscribers now. You doing great, thank you.

  • Darwin Dwelle
    Darwin Dwelle 17 hours ago

    Andrew you're a workhorse.

  • Phil B
    Phil B 18 hours ago

    I think the big excavator a slow leak in the hydraulics somewhere 51:44

    • Andrew Camarata
      Andrew Camarata 16 hours ago

      Nothing is leaking, its normal for machines to settle down like that. Unless its a crane.

  • Billy d
    Billy d 18 hours ago

    Does this cat employ a full time landscaper or really enjoy landscaping. Dang

  • Frank Rodriguez
    Frank Rodriguez 18 hours ago


  • Donnie Robertson
    Donnie Robertson 18 hours ago

    Great job

  • Phil B
    Phil B 19 hours ago

    Why does that dirt look dry underneath?

  • Donnie Robertson
    Donnie Robertson 19 hours ago

    Nice job

  • No Nope
    No Nope 19 hours ago

    Have a Mason come dry stack that beautiful stone!

  • Donnie Robertson
    Donnie Robertson 19 hours ago

    Nice job

  • oo oo
    oo oo 19 hours ago

    That dog will have cement burns if you don't wash it off quick