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Trying STUPID Life Hacks
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  • Joe Krawczyk
    Joe Krawczyk 4 minutes ago

    Is Craig still with Sami still together, sincerely don’t know not trying to be mean if their not.

  • SegralJr
    SegralJr 8 minutes ago

    10:50 that much whipped cream makes me uncomfortable

  • Mj Jo
    Mj Jo 8 minutes ago

    What did u mean nbc

  • Adam brewer
    Adam brewer 16 minutes ago

    I would love to see you react to more of these gamer rage vids Craig, i love to see you're reaction to their rage

  • Crave Mam99
    Crave Mam99 19 minutes ago

    i still cant understand youtube content.

  • twentyonepierats
    twentyonepierats 23 minutes ago

    nobody: me in papas freezeria: 10:38

  • The Federal Bureau of Investigation

    5:37 *start Link. Exe*

  • DreamFeverrz
    DreamFeverrz 42 minutes ago


  • BallerPlayz YT
    BallerPlayz YT 43 minutes ago

    That's why we're here to do

  • anthony bilbault
    anthony bilbault 49 minutes ago

    hahha lol

  • Zayden unicorn
    Zayden unicorn 50 minutes ago

    Why did I watch this lmaoo

  • Mixed_ Messages63
    Mixed_ Messages63 58 minutes ago

    everyone:OMG DEMON CHILD!!! dirt devil:Vacuum cleaner!!!

  • emrys
    emrys Hour ago

    Some? SOME!?? try 99.99% of their content

  • fluffy g123 Barraza

    F u mini i collect CD still

  • Jake Furmidge
    Jake Furmidge Hour ago

    Theres being energetic about making content and then theres autism. ill let you decide which category this video falls in

  • Daniel Pope
    Daniel Pope Hour ago

    Holy balls, children videos are intense... these dude sounds like he’s on crack...

  • XxMr_Ace_SlayerxX

    I’d say $1 for every step cause I walk in my sleep as well and I’m shy so I don’t talk much

  • Claire Byrne
    Claire Byrne Hour ago

    Is it English Irish American wtf

  • Claire Byrne
    Claire Byrne Hour ago

    Wtf is that accent

  • Host #4375
    Host #4375 2 hours ago

    I'm Thicctosantolarant. Anything with more than 3 c's I can't have

  • Heueus Vdjekd
    Heueus Vdjekd 2 hours ago

    Nice refreshing white hot water

  • Solved Boi
    Solved Boi 2 hours ago

    Wtf is this vid

  • Riley Stokes
    Riley Stokes 2 hours ago

    Ok boomer

  • Leopard Bra Brado
    Leopard Bra Brado 2 hours ago

    If he isn't trending in 5 minutes, I'm suing USclip

  • Me.Grazzhoppah
    Me.Grazzhoppah 2 hours ago

    Left: Lube Right: Rum

  • Omega Studios
    Omega Studios 2 hours ago

    Ok, Boomer

  • Owiie.StarDust
    Owiie.StarDust 2 hours ago

    I liked this. Video with my toe :)

  • Evan Rodgers
    Evan Rodgers 3 hours ago

    im 11 lol

  • Chauncey Gardener
    Chauncey Gardener 3 hours ago

    There needs to be another USclip without channels like this one

  • Try hard gamer Boi
    Try hard gamer Boi 3 hours ago

    He has an Irish accent

  • Mal Jones
    Mal Jones 3 hours ago

    19:46 when you lie to your mom and she can tell that you're lying

  • Frost Dragon
    Frost Dragon 3 hours ago

    Left:ketchup Right:sweet and sour sauce from McDonald's

  • Big MANS
    Big MANS 3 hours ago


  • Wes Hinesley
    Wes Hinesley 3 hours ago

    John could've been on his own team 😂

  • robert forsythe
    robert forsythe 3 hours ago

    NUTS 🥜

  • Kiwi saurus
    Kiwi saurus 4 hours ago

    Mini is giraffe papa

  • Tord sings ;-;
    Tord sings ;-; 4 hours ago

    Scarlett 11 Korea Mayonnaise and honey mustard

  • Nathan Richards
    Nathan Richards 5 hours ago

    I love Hawaiian pizza

  • Tord sings ;-;
    Tord sings ;-; 5 hours ago

    "BAITHOVEN" Bay-Toven

  • Casey Huskey
    Casey Huskey 5 hours ago

    You really have to censor “condom” ?

  • Colorado syrup
    Colorado syrup 5 hours ago

    9:24 that sound is so satisfying to me uwu

  • Colorado syrup
    Colorado syrup 5 hours ago

    First thought: he used to go to toys r us and misses it uwu

  • Tord sings ;-;
    Tord sings ;-; 5 hours ago

    Hot water

  • NGTGears
    NGTGears 5 hours ago

    mini wth?

  • Brandon Silbor
    Brandon Silbor 5 hours ago

    Nobody: Craig: "Imma ruin my kitchen again today."

  • LionOfJudah Gaming
    LionOfJudah Gaming 5 hours ago

    Right side: Sriracha hot sauce and Left side: Bacon ranch sauce

  • Tina Van Brackle
    Tina Van Brackle 5 hours ago

    yes 10:05

  • gay cat
    gay cat 6 hours ago


  • Ramon Irizarry
    Ramon Irizarry 6 hours ago

    44 on Trending:>

  • The FlyingDonut
    The FlyingDonut 6 hours ago

    Craig Thompson? I thought I was watching MiniLadd!

  • Bennett Eades
    Bennett Eades 6 hours ago

    This goes against all of my elementary school memories

  • S. vs
    S. vs 6 hours ago

    1, glue 2, shoes 3, car (i mean technically correct) 4,

  • tdfngjz Bogoje
    tdfngjz Bogoje 6 hours ago

    Would be funny if you didnt actually do any of em cuz u didnt think they were worth it

  • Rob J
    Rob J 6 hours ago

    Dude dont spit on my pot noodle!

  • Vaporeon Wolf
    Vaporeon Wolf 7 hours ago

    Me: I don't get it My bro: COVER YOUR EYES

  • WM McWammer
    WM McWammer 7 hours ago


  • M Ru
    M Ru 7 hours ago

    Most schools use online grades so your parents can just see them anyways

  • Weaponkid80 02
    Weaponkid80 02 7 hours ago

    "they can fight off bears but they cant fight off coke cans" -Craig 2019-2020

  • Joyce Hinton
    Joyce Hinton 8 hours ago

    I like both

  • Jake nation
    Jake nation 8 hours ago


  • Jules schoenefuhs
    Jules schoenefuhs 8 hours ago

    You dont need ant-man or iron man. You only need Michelin man

  • Mr. Lizard
    Mr. Lizard 8 hours ago

    U can't report me I'm black cat will be raceism

  • Don Kikon
    Don Kikon 8 hours ago

    I DiD NoT LaUgH

  • Arian Castro
    Arian Castro 8 hours ago

    Cut bannanas for kids in their pb&b sandwiches

  • Corey Tucker
    Corey Tucker 9 hours ago

    Craigs Thompson laughed 12 times I laughed none

  • By Deceitful Means
    By Deceitful Means 9 hours ago

    4:48 "Sami, I need your help. I need to high-five you. ..... For science."

  • Aêsthetic Bûnny
    Aêsthetic Bûnny 9 hours ago

    2:20 who tf are those people

  • Intendedsparta
    Intendedsparta 9 hours ago

    Bruh my dogs ain’t dogs they didn’t react they’re squirrels

  • The_Red_Scare Undertale Uchiha

    *#43 on trending*

  • Charles Leonito L. Iringan IV

    Craig: *says needle many times* Syringe: Am I a joke to you?

  • XTrM HALFO 117
    XTrM HALFO 117 10 hours ago

    I cant feel my face when in sniff glue but i love it

    • hen ko
      hen ko 8 hours ago

      Okay boomer

  • Fazza Abbas
    Fazza Abbas 10 hours ago

    You r mad .......

  • vomitedshit
    vomitedshit 10 hours ago

    2:50 dat bitch tit tho

  • Aleksa Ognik
    Aleksa Ognik 11 hours ago


  • CraftyCrowGaming
    CraftyCrowGaming 11 hours ago

    Millennials making hot chocolate be like HMMMMMMM MORE WHIPPED CREAM SHOULD DO IT!!

  • RidersinBlack
    RidersinBlack 11 hours ago

    Why is he so unecessarily loud?

    TOTIE SNIPER 11 hours ago

    Omg mini, you got enough cream on that milkshake dude, ha ha :D

  • Fake58rYT
    Fake58rYT 11 hours ago

    44 on trending

  • ACE
    ACE 11 hours ago

    Mini lad?

  • marcinbig
    marcinbig 12 hours ago

    Mini: Who collects CDs? Playstations, Xboxes, Wii: Am I a joke to you?

  • Zalken
    Zalken 12 hours ago

    I don't know who you are but this was hilarious

  • BoppinKpoppin'
    BoppinKpoppin' 12 hours ago

    I'm glad I finally found this channel, you are funny af!

  • Joelyn Tandoy
    Joelyn Tandoy 12 hours ago

    He didn't put it on!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lord Knight
    Lord Knight 13 hours ago

    At 2:04 when you nut and she keeps on sucking

  • Lyrix Hoit
    Lyrix Hoit 13 hours ago

    Mini makes fun of man opening can. Mini saying glued paper is heavy.

    AFSAL KHAN C 14 hours ago

    You are imitating pew die pie .😅😅😅

  • Julian Codina
    Julian Codina 14 hours ago

    those Giraffes are giving me MakeMeBad35 flashbacks.

  • milision al
    milision al 14 hours ago

    did anyone notice at 12:43 minis hand was shaking

  • ZegBlueberry!
    ZegBlueberry! 14 hours ago

    8:52 KAREN!!!!!!!

  • jan justice
    jan justice 14 hours ago

    Please do more vids of this its perfect😂

  • Peppa Pig
    Peppa Pig 14 hours ago

    Okay boomer

  • Chris Owchar
    Chris Owchar 15 hours ago

    is it just me or does craig looks like mini lad

  • Gent the second4
    Gent the second4 15 hours ago

    Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey dont make fun of my name

  • Min Genius
    Min Genius 15 hours ago


  • Li Am
    Li Am 15 hours ago

    7:01 it’s scurvy

  • TheCheeseGamer
    TheCheeseGamer 16 hours ago

    8:49 5 mins crafts: "Hot milk" Miniladd: "Hot water"

  • Charles Hughes
    Charles Hughes 16 hours ago

    you haven't uploaded any videos or photos with you and sami recently, u guys alright?

  • Ailsa Ni
    Ailsa Ni 16 hours ago

    mini: Say haha yeah man comments: HAHA YEAAAAHHHH MAAN

  • covetusdrop24
    covetusdrop24 16 hours ago

    PAUSE exactly on 12:36

    WILDTHOVEN 16 hours ago

    my ears