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Clock Destroyers
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Deven Green: Cool Mom S2 E7
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  • Chyo jin
    Chyo jin Minute ago

    Kimora looks so good in short hair what-

  • CharlotteLovegood
    CharlotteLovegood 6 minutes ago

    so trixie has katyas contact as 'katya zamolodchikova'?

  • Jay
    Jay 6 minutes ago

    Anybody else thinks that Divina de Campo looked like Tilda Swinton on the final runway? Is it just me?

  • Tiffany Vegas
    Tiffany Vegas 17 minutes ago

    I think the only 2 problems with this episode are: 1 Crystal should have won the mini challenge. It is so boring that a queen will win if she does a few stunts. 2 deathdrops and Cheryl won 🙄 and 2 Baga should have been in the bottom, not Cheryl. Yes Cheryl outfit was a meh, but Baga reminded me of the Poodle dress Robbie Turner did. That was awful.

  • Chris Sanchez
    Chris Sanchez 21 minute ago

    what a waste of entertainment just awful looks like the end of Rupauls drag race. never watching again. thanks for wasting peoples time

  • Tyler
    Tyler 22 minutes ago

    Yeah exactly the representation we needed 😪 a straight white man

  • Harriet Holt
    Harriet Holt 33 minutes ago

    "Bring it to the hodgepodge ; hodgepodge "🎉🎉🎉

  • dietLIT
    dietLIT 37 minutes ago

    The weird thing with this is that even cis girls are forbidden from being this sexualized or even wearing a tinted lip balm in public. Why is this child being celebrated for acting and dressing like a grown woman? Or is this what gay men think women are like? Also not surprised this child is so rude. It's not even his fault. This is how drag queens treat each other and this is how they choose to represent their culture.

  • Dark Horse
    Dark Horse 39 minutes ago

    From episode 1-3 all of the lipsync battle was boring as my beighbor's hair😒

  • Robert Meza
    Robert Meza 46 minutes ago

    Sum Ting Wong is really working it out! She has giving us looks on the runway and her personality is amazing! Keep it up girl, love you!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • ach nix
    ach nix 53 minutes ago

    Why exactly were they shocked in the end

  • Luis Carbajal
    Luis Carbajal Hour ago

    Chad Michaels is giving me Florence Welch vibes in this

  • Sammie A
    Sammie A Hour ago

    The Vivienne has more filler in the face than Madonna.

    • Craig Callaghan
      Craig Callaghan 51 minute ago

      She's a Scouser, in Liverpool you can get filler as easy as a bag of chips.

  • Wow!
    Wow! Hour ago

    i get katya, GIVE me blood tests

  • Princess Sclero
    Princess Sclero Hour ago


  • Johanna Echeverry Lopez

    7:28 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 she already done blinked 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • DrGrukar McNinjaSixthGun

    I respect that Vivienne told the other queens what her issues were with them, to their face, instead of only saying it behind their backs. Vivienne is sometimes a tiny bit mean, but she is very funny and has the skills to back it up, I really like her. When Michelle started her critique on Vivienne, I panicked, because I thought she was going to call it a carbon copy of other looks, but she ended up praising it. Baga's look wasn't that well shaped. Not very flattering. Divina deserved the win, it was the most high fashion. Weird, amazing colour and the structure was impressive and used weird materials. Crystal's was gorgeous, but wasn't high fashion, it was more whimsical.

  • Richard Bailey
    Richard Bailey Hour ago


  • Richard Bailey
    Richard Bailey Hour ago

    Original fish!!💛💛💛💛💚💛

  • Tyler Roberts
    Tyler Roberts Hour ago

    My drag name is Lucianna Cherice Alazae St. James. It's a combination between LUCille Ball, tatIANNA, CHaRICE Pempencko and my family name is Alazae (al-luh-zay) and I earned St. James from becoming the Imperial Sorceress to the 39th Owl Empire of Stanislaus County California.

  • Szilard Kiss
    Szilard Kiss Hour ago

    Does anyone knows where can i watch the UK edition??? Please help.. :'(

    • Szilard Kiss
      Szilard Kiss 36 minutes ago

      @Lanfear I leave in Romania so....

    • Lanfear
      Lanfear Hour ago

      Szilard Kiss depends on where you live but most likely WOW+ or in the US Logo TV but one week later

    MRLOVER ANDF Hour ago

    Rebecca Glasscock, Jade, Shantay you both stay (Ru, crying)... Vinegar Stroke, Something wrong, Sashay away.... Bye... yes (moving her head)....🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Matt G.
    Matt G. Hour ago

    Derrick is a saint compared to me I probably woulda lost it 😂

  • Owl House
    Owl House Hour ago

    I agree with Graham Norton - Davina was actually High Fashion - whereas Crystal, whilst beautiful, was more of a theatrical lewk. They’re both great though! 💜

  • Mutha Mucka
    Mutha Mucka Hour ago

    Go for it Collin! Loved your fish creation, it's very Pee Wee & Seth Bogart. For those being ever so critical, the guys young & trying stuff out, let him find his wings.

  • Emma Matz
    Emma Matz Hour ago

    God katya is my fashion idol

  • Desiree
    Desiree Hour ago

    I'm embracing my new gray hairs because of my grandma... AND RAJA.

  • Iain 97
    Iain 97 2 hours ago

    The episode did have a few odd editing moments, like who’s voice was that in that background during some of the runway

  • Booskie
    Booskie 2 hours ago

    I think Michelle was way too nasty this episode. There's no need to beat down on Vinegar especially. They were like especially brutal and she didn't seem THAT delusional.

  • Gee Sadili
    Gee Sadili 2 hours ago

    Bottom 3 = Baga (definitely), Vinegar and Sum Ting Lipsynch = Vinegar and Sum Ting Results = Double Shantay Safe = Blu and Cheryl Top 3 = Davina, Crystal, Vivienne Winner: Anyone of those girls could've won but I'm glad it was Divina - dont want her in the "confidence area" tho.

      MRLOVER ANDF Hour ago

      You mean double sashay: The nerve to disgrace our Rebecca and Jade 😂🤣

  • Iain 97
    Iain 97 2 hours ago

    None of the junk was car boot sale material, where are the boxes of novelty plates ?

  • Annabella Robb
    Annabella Robb 2 hours ago

    dats me as Valentina :-) it was my first time cosplaying and honestly the experience was just so much fun. I made my costume most of the summer and even tho I was no where near top 3 it was truly the best day ever!

    EDER DAVILA 2 hours ago

    Don’t act like baga’s trash was safe, wtf whas that

  • Iain 97
    Iain 97 2 hours ago

    We are 3 episodes in and still comments about the show and queens looking cheap US DRAG ISNT LIKE UK DRAG, they even talk about it in this episode how it’s not about the looks it’s about the entertainment

  • Desiree
    Desiree 2 hours ago


  • Iain 97
    Iain 97 2 hours ago

    I feel Cheryls outfit would have been safe if this was US and there was like 13-15 queens

  • Rose HobisFlower
    Rose HobisFlower 2 hours ago

    Omg the flying meat at 1:41 😂💀

  • Iain 97
    Iain 97 2 hours ago

    Are you local 🤣🤣🤣 So many people aren’t gonna get that reference know

  • Renzo Cp
    Renzo Cp 2 hours ago

    I think The Vivienne should had been "safe" instead of high, somehow Baga and Vinegar were the worst.

    • ach nix
      ach nix 54 minutes ago

      Yeah they keep pushing her

  • Silvia Mas
    Silvia Mas 2 hours ago

    Sum ting is so adorable ❤️

    • M C
      M C 2 hours ago

      And funny too 👍

  • xana lyoko
    xana lyoko 2 hours ago

    Omggggg Cheryl been low every episode 😭😣😣 I’m not saying she should go home, but at least be in the bottom

    • Harriet Holt
      Harriet Holt 26 minutes ago

      xana lyoko yeah I agree this even though she would slay the lip sync and probably stay

  • Bob Pevere
    Bob Pevere 2 hours ago

    Whoopi Cushion would make a great drag name!

  • Kwan Hull
    Kwan Hull 2 hours ago

    Crystal should've won but glad for Davina as well. The Vivienne is low key a mean girl but I appreciate her honesty. Baga should've been in the bottom cause she looked just as bad as Vinegar imo.

    • Kwan Hull
      Kwan Hull Hour ago

      @Owl House true

    • Owl House
      Owl House Hour ago

      Davina was actually High Fashion whereas Crystal, whilst beautiful, was more of a theatrical lewk imo 💜

    • Renzo Cp
      Renzo Cp 2 hours ago

      Yeah, Baga and Vinegar are the real bottom two.

  • aprilg 640
    aprilg 640 2 hours ago

    I love Baga but how was she safe with that outfit....she glued stuff to a corset and the back was showing...shape was a mess

    • GymTanTinderGrindr ProfilePic
      GymTanTinderGrindr ProfilePic 2 minutes ago

      She looked like Bellatrix LeStrange just getting into fashion as a hobby

    • GymTanTinderGrindr ProfilePic
      GymTanTinderGrindr ProfilePic 6 minutes ago

      Plus there was absolutely no shape. She made a snide comment in Untucked, and if I were there I would've read her to filth for looking like a foot in the box. So mad. Love her, but she was absolutely outta pocket

    • aprilg 640
      aprilg 640 Hour ago

      @rutela riggamorris

    • rutela
      rutela 2 hours ago


  • Alejandro Spears
    Alejandro Spears 2 hours ago

    Fellow Americans! SHUT THE FUCK UP

  • Felili Cantor
    Felili Cantor 2 hours ago

    The British girls don’t really serve me any looks or entertainment 🥵

  • Alex
    Alex 2 hours ago

    This UK Girls are like RPDR US season 1. They look so cheap and poor, only one interesting are Blue H. and maybe Divina ot Chrystal

    • Alex
      Alex 36 minutes ago

      @Craig Callaghan im not a fan of US drag, there is rarely queen that can do real real drag. Only Bianca. But this all look so forced and judges doesnt give a respect for these girls

    • Craig Callaghan
      Craig Callaghan 47 minutes ago

      UK drag isn't about looking like a girl or who has the best lace fronts. Also UK drag queens hardly earn any money. You could argue the American queen's don't do proper traditional drag.

    • Alex
      Alex Hour ago

      @Deck Of Cards in next episode there will be snatch game. I think Baga will rock it. Probably and Sum he is also funny. Their looks are not that glam ( most of them) and their awards on the end of episode are nothing.

    • Deck Of Cards
      Deck Of Cards Hour ago

      As mentioned in the actual episode, to be fair, UK drag is A LOT more about performance than not looking 'cheap and poor'. Legends like Lily Savage focussed more on comedy and performance, and US drag has made 'look queens' the norm. If snatch game bombs, then I'll agree that it's not as good.

  • Ethan F.
    Ethan F. 2 hours ago

    Crystal was robbed

    • Alejandro Spears
      Alejandro Spears Hour ago

      And I agree the chest hair was flawless

    • Alejandro Spears
      Alejandro Spears Hour ago

      Ethan F. That’s the misconception It reads : Posh on a Penny. You have to have a cheap edge along with eloquence. And anyway, Crystal’s look was too theatrical for this challenge. It’s supposed to be a high fashion look.

    • Ethan F.
      Ethan F. Hour ago

      Alejandro Spears okay the chest hair is great. The challenge was to NOT look cheap.

    • Luke !
      Luke ! Hour ago

      I thought Divina looked like she was in a. Clown outfit :/

    • Alejandro Spears
      Alejandro Spears 2 hours ago

      Renzo Cp and anyway she wasn’t robbed. Divina’s look was highest fashion untill now on druk. The sewing she did was really difficult, it seemed like that too, and her makeup was just wonderful. Crystal was also amazing. At the most I’d say a tie would’ve been good but Crystal’s look was more of a conceptualised look than a high fashion look. Like that globe she was holding and the chest hair... and you have to look posh but at the same time you have to look cheap. Crystal looked posh.

  • A C
    A C 2 hours ago

    Baga... girl... how was she not in the bottom? dont @ me

    • Brandon Allen
      Brandon Allen 2 hours ago

      ThisApp hey I’m from the US what is brexit

    • Renzo Cp
      Renzo Cp 2 hours ago

      @z b Omg, I agree

    • z b
      z b 2 hours ago

      i agree i thought Baga's look was much worse than Cheryl's and even Sum's. bottom 2 should have been Baga and Vinegar

    • ThisApp
      ThisApp 2 hours ago

      Baga supports brexit so she’s cancelled anyway

    • Brandon Allen
      Brandon Allen 2 hours ago

      Cuz it was cAmPy smh

  • 8bitDayDream
    8bitDayDream 2 hours ago

    Raven was so cute riding in on the car! Lol she stole the show with that entrance!

  • Albert Mügge
    Albert Mügge 2 hours ago

    can I just say.. John is daddy

  • pienkrings
    pienkrings 2 hours ago

    This is one of the best ways to watch UK drag race. We need these comments let's be honest.

  • Suzanne Berry
    Suzanne Berry 2 hours ago

    Any look that includes wearing a pineapple on your head gets a boot from me.

  • A VC
    A VC 2 hours ago


  • Wa Li
    Wa Li 2 hours ago

    Vivienne is SO overrated omg

  • Alex Torres
    Alex Torres 2 hours ago

    Y’all drag race UK has been letting me down allot lol like, y’all it’s lowkey kindaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa bor-

    • xoxoxoxoxc
      xoxoxoxoxc 22 minutes ago

      Well I’m enjoying the UK version more 🤷🏾‍♀️ each to their own

    • zeugix
      zeugix 42 minutes ago

      I agree actually. I don't think it works trying to force UK Queens into a US format. It isn't translating well. If it's all about the lipsync and drama then they should have just got a bunch of dancers and combative queens in. Otherwise they could have tailored it more to the UK. The lipsyncs are anticlimatic. And they are getting rid of the good queens too early. Their creativity is being stifled I feel.

  • Ethan F.
    Ethan F. 2 hours ago


  • jenna nichole
    jenna nichole 2 hours ago

    love these vids ❤️

  • N F
    N F 2 hours ago

    This is how I watch the uk drag race lmao.

    • Seven Biatch
      Seven Biatch Hour ago

      You should go on the drag race reddit

    • Brandon Allen
      Brandon Allen 2 hours ago

      Wow presents plus free trial that’s what I do

  • La_Mexichicka
    La_Mexichicka 2 hours ago

    Am I too early that there is No comments yet??!!

  • loop zoop
    loop zoop 2 hours ago

    whoever edits this needs to get paid more

  • Lara Palutikof
    Lara Palutikof 3 hours ago

    New drinking, every time jade says "FISH" You DRINK! And within 2mins you'll be shit faced...

  • J. M. Wood
    J. M. Wood 3 hours ago

    Trix. Yes.

  • E T
    E T 3 hours ago

    Yes. You’re drunk. That’s a toot

  • Gracie White
    Gracie White 3 hours ago

    i say almost every week without fail “uhhh when ur hair is also a hoooooodddd”

  • Diego Vilas Boas
    Diego Vilas Boas 3 hours ago

    1:18 did one of her rings fly off her hand ?! lol

  • pianistajs
    pianistajs 3 hours ago

    Well, I certainly know a brand I'll be overlooking. Atrocious.

  • Michael Hart
    Michael Hart 5 hours ago

    Am I the only one living for Katyas impression on Gia! Oh my gaaaawddd that’s the Golden Gate Bridge

  • CharlotteLovegood
    CharlotteLovegood 5 hours ago

    so that is the origin of 'hello' and 'goodbye'?

  • Stranger Thingz
    Stranger Thingz 5 hours ago

    Why am I here, this dude scares me!

  • fresh avoca do
    fresh avoca do 5 hours ago

    Chad is giving me Florence realness

  • Chris YUKINE
    Chris YUKINE 5 hours ago


  • CharlotteLovegood
    CharlotteLovegood 5 hours ago

    trixie is wearing a red lip wow

  • Summu Thakur
    Summu Thakur 6 hours ago

    c'mon girls lets be frank.. violet chachki looks unnatural and masculine... its a rigged show ;) :p

  • Rey P
    Rey P 6 hours ago

    U killed my brother calvin......

  • Shinyoung Park
    Shinyoung Park 6 hours ago

    7:03 the moment i comprehended what she said, i bursted out cry wailing HAHA like with the voice crack and the nervous smile idk what to make of it. the parabatai energy i can't-

  • Tara Harrison
    Tara Harrison 6 hours ago

    Here for Trixie referring to Raja as Roger

  • Brittany Gail-Regula

    This is the second top looks count that had detox's black and white look, what is so amazing about it? It looks like a simple black dress with a goth makeup aesthetic, how is that so revolutionary?

  • Dax Heke
    Dax Heke 6 hours ago

    Alec, one of the funniest people in the world “chickapow” 🥰

  • CharlotteLovegood
    CharlotteLovegood 6 hours ago

    did i dream or did this really just air on wow+?!

  • Willi Wildfang
    Willi Wildfang 6 hours ago

    Miss Fame's look was my favourite and I have no idea why. I just fell in love with it

  • Stavros Sgouros
    Stavros Sgouros 6 hours ago

    there couldn't be worst representation of the British drag scene.

  • Inka Koutná
    Inka Koutná 6 hours ago

    Jesus I wanna know the sugar thing jeez

  • tae tae
    tae tae 6 hours ago

    the best couple to review stuff man i need mo o dis

  • Lemi DrumAndBass
    Lemi DrumAndBass 6 hours ago

    I still dont understand how trixie won she has one good look.

  • CharlotteLovegood
    CharlotteLovegood 6 hours ago

    no words can discribe how much I love her

  • Jessica Holden-Cook
    Jessica Holden-Cook 7 hours ago

    8:09 🤣

  • paradoxe
    paradoxe 7 hours ago

    Do you ever watch the first episode of a show in a lunch break because you have heard a lot about it and then immediatly regret because you know you are going to binge-watch it instead of working and as a consequence fail your year? Because I just did.

  • Kitten Androgynous
    Kitten Androgynous 7 hours ago

    Wow, Kristin and Bethany from Girl Defined sure had a glow up.

  • Asumi chibi
    Asumi chibi 7 hours ago

    Yaaas Raja ❤

  • notcaryll
    notcaryll 8 hours ago

    She’s a little bit country I’m a little bit G A R B A G E

  • Jessica Holden-Cook
    Jessica Holden-Cook 8 hours ago

    Change you number every 6 months?? Bitch I’ve had the same number for 13 years!!

  • J V
    J V 8 hours ago

    Kamikaze looks like the rat form of Lord Farquaad

  • Vana Roses
    Vana Roses 8 hours ago

    Jade is so cute

  • IceArtist
    IceArtist 9 hours ago

    I love Raja's Sia moment. It's look crazy!!🔥🔥

    MDNA ADRIA 9 hours ago

    I'm loving this Photo review! And I agree with Raja and Raven

  • M A
    M A 9 hours ago

    Literal all star, Miss Nina Bonina Brown <3

  • Kai Asher
    Kai Asher 9 hours ago


  • Maro Cake
    Maro Cake 9 hours ago

    I hate this drag Queen. She is the definition of a hater. Look at her season on RPDR

  • Yeah I’m Fine
    Yeah I’m Fine 9 hours ago

    I can’t friggin watch it cuz it’s age restricted and I’m 13