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Can't believe I did this..
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Meet Lucifer.
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She was NOT expecting this!
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  • Frank A
    Frank A 18 minutes ago

    This is so awesome I really missed that car

  • Jason Langevin
    Jason Langevin 19 minutes ago

    So 18k TO get the camaro back ?

  • ballin X100
    ballin X100 19 minutes ago

    also where gonna be changing the oil in the car then the music plays hahhaha

  • 69 Stang
    69 Stang 21 minute ago

    Wait you have a new gf ?

  • Cory Blakely
    Cory Blakely 22 minutes ago

    If you dont like calling the black car Satan, u should change it to sinister 6

  • Fears Wallace
    Fears Wallace 22 minutes ago

    Knew u would do it 👍👍👍

  • Moe Whitfield
    Moe Whitfield 23 minutes ago

    Make me want my very first car back, but my first car my mom bought me and it got totaled, and I've never seen one like it again.

  • Andy Albanese
    Andy Albanese 23 minutes ago

    Love the new content man!

  • mahina1963
    mahina1963 24 minutes ago

    Damn, not only the real deal on content and feel, but your editor knocked this one outta the park. Great work.

  • nitroman111
    nitroman111 27 minutes ago

    Congrats Gavin on getting your baby back. Makes me miss my old pickup that I had, maybe one day I will get to buy my truck back just like you had an opportunity to buy your original car that started everything back. Congrats Gavin, I look forward to seeing more videos from y’all.

  • CodyDoesIt
    CodyDoesIt 28 minutes ago

    I think we can all agree we are just happy you are doing this with your life and sharing it with all of us to enjoy! Thank you!

  • Mullla Ceo
    Mullla Ceo 28 minutes ago

    The camaro first car I ever saw on dis channel

  • Justin Perry
    Justin Perry 28 minutes ago

    Anyone get the chills from this guy?

  • Tracye Russo
    Tracye Russo 29 minutes ago

    I have been watching you since the Camaro and glad to see it back

  • gsppuffer
    gsppuffer 29 minutes ago

    Throw them flex connectors away and get a bellows type

  • Joseph Garcia
    Joseph Garcia 30 minutes ago

    I started watching your channel when you had that car

  • Bigdick Daddy
    Bigdick Daddy 31 minute ago

    First video with your cammaro that it didn’t break

  • Braden Galyean
    Braden Galyean 32 minutes ago

    I can’t wait until the race truck is done

  • Carl Moore
    Carl Moore 37 minutes ago

    Those turbos started to spooling and you were like bye bye!

  • AJ's Speed Shop
    AJ's Speed Shop 37 minutes ago

    So glad you bought it back !!! This video started it all, been watching ever since!

  • Ciaran Reynolds
    Ciaran Reynolds 38 minutes ago

    i watched the vid when u destroyed the dif and the frond lip haha love seeing it back

  • Gary Lewis
    Gary Lewis 43 minutes ago

    Sharp ass Camaro

  • captnIdiot
    captnIdiot 44 minutes ago

    You're a tool.

  • Trenton Brady
    Trenton Brady 46 minutes ago

    10 videos later transmission broke .... 😂 jk bro good job on the hard work

  • blake Gower
    blake Gower 48 minutes ago

    I was devastated when he sold off his camaro. This made me so happy to see

  • draand28
    draand28 49 minutes ago

    Where is your girlfriend? (the blonde girl, also present in one of the short clips of the camaro).

    Tre AUGUSTUS 51 minute ago

    Somebody plz tell me why this man decided to play that ominous horror movie music.

  • lsxroshak 12
    lsxroshak 12 54 minutes ago

    Once you get the Silverado going again you can call them fantastic 4 lmao 2 built fords 2 built chevys now u need a built ram and a built challenger

  • Nabil Syed
    Nabil Syed 54 minutes ago

    Camaro intro brought back the feels

    NICK'S SHOP. 55 minutes ago

    hell yeah the Camaro is back god i missed it so much and its sounds so good

  • Lazy Cunt²
    Lazy Cunt² 56 minutes ago

    wait i remember unsubbing to a youtuber that sold his awsome camero a long time ago. i guess that was you...

  • SN95 Mustang Garage

    I bet he wished he didn’t buy it after the money shift on the other car at the track.

  • Connor Blouin
    Connor Blouin Hour ago

    This video seemed like a movie

  • Max Oboler
    Max Oboler Hour ago

    I remember watching videos of you racing everything in this thing back when you had 5k. Crazy how far you’ve come

  • Matt
    Matt Hour ago

    It’s like a TV show where an old character comes back for its main debut

  • Matthew Miller
    Matthew Miller Hour ago

    This car brought me to the channel ⚡️

  • TheDMan 1885
    TheDMan 1885 Hour ago

    Welp I cried I had just found the channel right on the back end of having the camaro and I went back and watched all of the videos of it Gavin I’m so happy you are able to do this

  • Mark Gz
    Mark Gz Hour ago

    I swear for the past 20 months I watching your vibes it's ok but now I feel like we are back home wit the Camaro

  • David Gamber
    David Gamber Hour ago

    Fuck the police

  • Brian D.p
    Brian D.p Hour ago

    You got your call Camaro Back

  • Josh Chaparro
    Josh Chaparro Hour ago

    Girl in back looks mad lol like “fuck it’s cold let’s go” 😂

  • Aiden Olcsvay
    Aiden Olcsvay Hour ago

    That was my first video from you! Scaring the buyer in your camaro you only had I think below 100,000 subs

  • azycs productions

    Gavin: I bought my old car back! Camaro: ah shit, here we go again.

  • DC5_Joseph
    DC5_Joseph Hour ago

    shoutout to the camaro... that old intro 😅

  • SimmyTM Mwakina
    SimmyTM Mwakina Hour ago

    Where did the other guy go... He had a cadillac an used help Garvin.

  • Esteban Ramos
    Esteban Ramos Hour ago

    Did you get a new girl?

  • Shawny Boss
    Shawny Boss Hour ago

    Wheres jess?

  • CT Cape
    CT Cape Hour ago


  • Chase Hughes
    Chase Hughes Hour ago

    Bra I’m I the only one crying rn bc he bought his car back brooo I’m so happy rn

  • Rudolph Mirga
    Rudolph Mirga Hour ago

    I almost cried for gavin

  • Joe Stang
    Joe Stang Hour ago

    And yet some people in the car community will still say “fuck the police”........ SMH. Glad to see the car is still in your hands. 😎

    BRP BIKE RACE Hour ago

    This the channel I feel most connected to , Family I probably was more exited than him the intro brought me tears , it was a great experience

  • Purple ezaH
    Purple ezaH Hour ago

    Wow I thought youtube recommended me an old Video :D Im happy to see this car again since I started watching when you still had it.

  • Ortho Meerkat
    Ortho Meerkat Hour ago

    I just bought a 2010 2ss this past Thursday and I love it. I found your channel about a year ago when you made the video doing the zl1 bumper conversion. When I saw this video in my sub box my jaw dropped. I hope you keep this car for a long time.

  • Austin Allamon
    Austin Allamon Hour ago

    I am so glad you got the car back

  • CT Cape
    CT Cape Hour ago

    I litterly have goosebumps right now

  • Timothy Russell
    Timothy Russell Hour ago

    Congrats gavin. I thought I was about to cry.couldt inmagen how you feel bro..once again thanks and congratulations

  • CT Cape
    CT Cape Hour ago


  • Visualize Infinity

    *Gets pulled over at 140 in the camaro* "lemme guess, data logging?" "Nah I'm just bringing back memories"

    NIKEAIRCARDS 97 Hour ago

    I’ve been here since the camaro and man I love your camaro! It sucked seeijg it gone but now I’m soooo happy to see it back and can’t wait for what your going to do with it!

  • Jayden Whiteside

    What happened to Jess?

  • Jaxon
    Jaxon Hour ago

    Loved the video man, just found your channel. Subbed!

  • Jose Mendoza
    Jose Mendoza Hour ago

    Bro.. when he said "I'm so happy" at 11:50 .. chills

  • Johnathan Basallote

    That guy at 15:07 😂

  • Mark Golden
    Mark Golden Hour ago

    yo Gavin I loved the names for the black mustang too. And it was badass but I also got a little uncomfortable saying it all the time. Devil is one thing but just straight Satan lmfao. That being said, mad respect for calling it the black car. Idk the internet will say I’m ridiculous but good on you. God is love.

  • SLOWSS 24
    SLOWSS 24 Hour ago

    Now you can Boost the gen 5 and get it’s full potential.

  • jnj2022
    jnj2022 Hour ago

    Gav got his baby back baby back baby back!! yeeeet yeeet mofuckas

  • Zacharyq Jordan
    Zacharyq Jordan Hour ago

    It’s sad how popular this guy is wtf

  • Jacob Porter
    Jacob Porter 2 hours ago

    Fuck Gavin crying ya boi teared up just from video nostalgia

  • Story times Of petty crimes

    This is one happy guy ive watched 3 of your videos so far and in each one you are about to cry lol

  • Audia4sline
    Audia4sline 2 hours ago

    2 months later” we are cayote swapping my camaro.

    IM GRAYZ 2 hours ago

    Are you Gay - seriously...? Your videos are full of Gayness and influence ...!!! Guy wanted to get rid of the car and he sold you a line of shit and you bought it. From the looks of the previous video you beat the snot out of it and now you have it back to beat on it again, good job...

  • ShelbyGT
    ShelbyGT 2 hours ago play this music on the "new car" i was listening to this music while seeing your photo on the video sorry i cant remember the name of the thing but yeah thats the story

  • Joshua Bettis
    Joshua Bettis 2 hours ago

    Awesome gavin, awesome to have the car back, awesome nostalgia shots, a lot of videos I remember watching

  • Matt Hand
    Matt Hand 2 hours ago

    The first video I watched was when you blew the gears out in this thing. I’m happy for ya man! One day I hope to get another fox like I used to have. Things awesome man! Congrats!

  • Alexander Zapff
    Alexander Zapff 2 hours ago

    [Everyone liked that]

  • Kenneth Smith
    Kenneth Smith 2 hours ago

    It’s bigger then a USclip channel now.

  • Eduardo Perez
    Eduardo Perez 2 hours ago

    the reason i found this channel

  • Gods Squad
    Gods Squad 2 hours ago

    Gavin is really pregnant so he can help but to be overly emotional these days. Lol

  • Mari M
    Mari M 2 hours ago

    this brought a tear to my eye even though I found this channel right when you sold it

  • Nirosh Yesan
    Nirosh Yesan 2 hours ago

    remove those mufflers again..we need that old sound :DD

  • Marcus Skarland
    Marcus Skarland 2 hours ago

    Man, I literally got goosebumps when you showed the camaro for the first time in years! That car got me into cars, and its the best thing I've seen!

  • White_ Coyote5.0
    White_ Coyote5.0 2 hours ago

    So dope man!

  • Na9ir Bin Lebdah
    Na9ir Bin Lebdah 2 hours ago

    I wish from all my heart that you keep going like a beast and not losing your momentum and growing big. Been here since then.

  • Nick Cooper
    Nick Cooper 2 hours ago

    Been with you since the Camaro. Keep up the amazing work.

  • Loud And Proud 92miata

    Hey man really happy you got the 6 back but I’m on a side note. That girl was fuckin baddddd and someone should be warming her ass up😬😬😬

  • Zach Swenson
    Zach Swenson 2 hours ago

    *gets a GT-350: I think I'm gonna keep it stock! 6 weeks later: This video.

  • Simeon K.
    Simeon K. 2 hours ago

    The actual OG car is the corvette you had

  • Oh yeah yeah Yeah
    Oh yeah yeah Yeah 2 hours ago

    Damn seeing that car gave Me goosebumps

  • MazDaspeedG
    MazDaspeedG 2 hours ago

    About to look at a 2010 ss red with a black hood almost like that

  • ItzYourAverageNoob
    ItzYourAverageNoob 2 hours ago

    I missed this car. I remembered when Daniel had to help you out and then your car blew. It was hilarious! Glad you got it back and I hope you can make more memories with the car that started it all!!

  • Mr.Selex
    Mr.Selex 2 hours ago

    Omg the old intro man 😢😢

  • Yad .A
    Yad .A 2 hours ago

    Damn that old intro gave me serious chills

  • Brad parker
    Brad parker 2 hours ago

    Man I even cried, that's awesome.

  • Low N Slow 209 !!!
    Low N Slow 209 !!! 2 hours ago

    Who’s the mami with the red lipstick in the truck?

    HALLOWEEN KILLS 2 hours ago

    Yes!!!! Fuck that mustang

  • 5.3 Supercharged
    5.3 Supercharged 3 hours ago

    You have no idea how big my smile was when I saw the thumbnail ، your going to the top man good luck.

  • Kevin Boyd US ArmyEurope

    Once a camaro owner always a camaro owner glad to see it back man

  • Ajay Dhanda
    Ajay Dhanda 3 hours ago

    Been here Since the Maro now it’s back! I feel your excitement💯

  • It ya boy Jb
    It ya boy Jb 3 hours ago

    I remember back when u kept breaking it and fixing it in your apartments drive way good old days