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Cute Girl Next Door
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How I met JAY Z
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Middle School Class President
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My First Summer Job
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Kung Food
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Sexy Sleepover
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Twitch Girl Gamer
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Sleeping in School
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How I Met Chris Pratt
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Why People Cheat
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Fortnite Virgins
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Tim's Girlfriend
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Pimpin Ain't Easy
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Crush on my Teacher
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Penthouse Party
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Fast and Curious
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Victoria's Secret Model??
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Girlfriend Trust Issues
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hey haters
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My First Kiss
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Sexless Innkeeper
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FIVE GUYS in da Hood
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Ultimate Ninja Battle
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Not So Sexy Lifeguard
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Textually Active 2
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Dating Pro Tips
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Porn With Clothes On
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Super Sexual Heist
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Friends WITH NO Benefits
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Video Game Interrogation
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Down in the DM pt3
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Down in the DM pt2
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Down in the DM
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Drake vs Kendrick?
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99 Princess Problems
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sWooZie x Obama
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Mr. Steal Yo Girl
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My Street Racing Story
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Disney Star Dinner Date
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Sex in Movies
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Crazy Pool Party
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Breakups Suck
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Driving while Black (pt.2)
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Really Awkward Moving Day
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Triple Texting
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Freaky/Weird Dreams
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My Last First Kiss
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Not So Sexy Server
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California Love
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School Bully
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The Art of Procrastinating
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Gym Pet Peeves
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Flirting on the Freeway
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Disney University
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Kung Fu Kids
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Smash Bros Party!
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Sex in High School
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Snapchat Struggles
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How to NOT be BASIC
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2 Girls 1 Cup of ICE
Views 28M5 years ago


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    Bell Branch 4 hours ago

    1:39 Edward Cullen who

  • CyberNinjaFire 6,000

    Aww man how does swooz gets all the sexy bites but not me :(

  • devincognito
    devincognito 4 hours ago

    I would have never guessed he was in his 30s

  • killer4life xxx
    killer4life xxx 5 hours ago

    Aye I'm low key👇🔑 going through that rn and don't know how to get out without being rude or Mean

  • Erin Brock
    Erin Brock 5 hours ago

    Ceep making more videos

  • Baby Jesus
    Baby Jesus 5 hours ago

    I know what I'm doing at 14

  • Angelica Mays
    Angelica Mays 5 hours ago

    His body is not connected to the body of the pants 😂

  • Jesse William's
    Jesse William's 6 hours ago

    Thank you for the spiderman scene now I don't have to watch it

  • Noah Woldanski
    Noah Woldanski 7 hours ago

    Why is there so many videos of cheating

  • John Brooks
    John Brooks 7 hours ago

    Way old video, but just sayin everyone believes in you dude. Ur great

  • Llamacorn Lucy Cat
    Llamacorn Lucy Cat 7 hours ago

    I love your bobs burger shirt! It’s amazing!

  • Killtracker
    Killtracker 7 hours ago

    I found a condom in the trash can in the school bathroom

  • James E. Gordon
    James E. Gordon 7 hours ago

    Jump in and it’s going DOWN!

  • Xander
    Xander 8 hours ago

    2:35 my dumb ass body😂

  • Ruben De La Vega
    Ruben De La Vega 8 hours ago

    It feels like every video you talk about girls

  • Baby Jesus
    Baby Jesus 8 hours ago

    You remind me of TheOdd1sOut

  • The usual Bob
    The usual Bob 8 hours ago

    road to 7 million!

  • raven egan
    raven egan 8 hours ago

    How many times you really going to talk to us if we outside?

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    Fiifi School 9 hours ago

    Anyone else run out of SwooZie videos to watch and find this treasure?

  • PewDiePie sec channel

    I noticed he had abs

  • Random ness
    Random ness 9 hours ago

    I love the way you put a shadow in the background. It adds depth into it.

  • Triston Francis
    Triston Francis 9 hours ago

    I am for trinidad we don't do that 🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨

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    Ayooo 3 years late check

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    TheGamer 10 hours ago

    ... im atheist

  • Đ Ū M B Ř Å Ņ Đ Ø M W Ē Ê B

    Yassssss Yas

  • Linxyzzz
    Linxyzzz 10 hours ago

    This nigga got hella GIRL neighbors

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    love_kaniya_195 10 hours ago

    they most have like each other you know

  • love_kaniya_195
    love_kaniya_195 10 hours ago

    i love you videos , 4:35 to 4:39, do you like to dance a lot

  • Adrian Johanson
    Adrian Johanson 11 hours ago

    at my school everyone skips by just walking out the back door

  • Heck Yeahh
    Heck Yeahh 11 hours ago

    When he gets on rhe roof of the car 😂

  • Ignacio Gonzalez
    Ignacio Gonzalez 11 hours ago


  • Iveta Welborn
    Iveta Welborn 12 hours ago

    Ya, my boss put my nickname on my boarding pass, and TSA had a mini stroke over it. 🙄 they only let me go because I called my boss (a white dude) over to bail me out smhhhh

  • Swirly ツ
    Swirly ツ 12 hours ago

    Is everyone gonna ignore and not talk about “I’m popping bottles with models

  • David Alvear
    David Alvear 12 hours ago


    JOHNROCKS911 12 hours ago

    Yo SwOOziE come to Houston to go check out the New Toys R Us in the Galleria area 😎

  • Blue Drifts
    Blue Drifts 12 hours ago

    9:42 all those shots, RIGHT through the chest

  • Kayson Fortnite
    Kayson Fortnite 13 hours ago

    Sometimes women wear to rings just to look like they are not single when they really are just to be left alone

  • the purple susano'o
    the purple susano'o 14 hours ago

    Them girls are his neighbours 🤯

  • Jack K
    Jack K 14 hours ago

    What kind of a douche do you have to be to make an list of all the women you've slept with?

  • Saddathy
    Saddathy 14 hours ago


  • Jesse Spears
    Jesse Spears 14 hours ago

    Its yo boy micky tshirt the real story dog

  • Nicholas Skeete
    Nicholas Skeete 15 hours ago

    Bro, like it's bad that happened to you but something like the teleporting thing happened to me once like I was drunk and was teleporting and then all I knew I woke up and my body mostly my legs were paralyzed like I couldn't move cause my legs hurt so I am like wait what happened with the whole night where I was unconscious but not unconscious at the same time like I was moving but I was asleep and I checked the tape cause It was a wedding and apparently I danced with 3 girls all at once if you know what I mean and they were the girls I had a crush on and I was 12 yrs old anyway my life is similar to yours. I have many crazy stories.

  • Julian J
    Julian J 15 hours ago

    I need your help on some girl texting type of things

    YOUNG BULLET 15 hours ago

    Is that the midnight club la engine sound effects in the video

  • Horst Günther
    Horst Günther 15 hours ago

    yes 😀

  • Wayne Ferguson
    Wayne Ferguson 15 hours ago

    Xbox k

  • Veronica
    Veronica 16 hours ago

    They were both 19 when they got married. They didn't allow themselves a chance to grow and find out how to be an adult and be alone. It sucks that they didn't communicate or find the tools to get over that big things. And her cheating to get him to break up with her, hell if you find yourself cheating to get someone to break up with you. You are NOT AN ADULT, YOU ARE A CHILD. A grown adult talks about their feelings before it gets that bad and they don't resort to cheating.

  • Timothy Fifer
    Timothy Fifer 16 hours ago

    I'm sorry bend a storm kind of look like

  • Adam Joes
    Adam Joes 16 hours ago

    What the FUCK tHey gone kill me

  • Ignacio Arguello
    Ignacio Arguello 16 hours ago

    Doesn’t your school call your parents if you’re absent for a class

  • Ramses Simms
    Ramses Simms 17 hours ago

    Deadpool is one of the movies 😑🤮

  • bryngirl12
    bryngirl12 17 hours ago

    Me hearing Embargo act and realizing I actually listened during History class. ;-;

  • Nico Caswell
    Nico Caswell 17 hours ago

    Bachelor party part 2 ? Like if y'all agree

  • XenonAnimationz -
    XenonAnimationz - 17 hours ago

    My name is Gabe

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    V6ST 18 hours ago

    ice boys a fire name ngl

  • Admistツ ʜuɿᙠ
    Admistツ ʜuɿᙠ 18 hours ago

    This is what my mom did to me. I was normally home my mum said she had work the whole day.then out of fucking no we're she says she's pregnant. My dad died 9 years ago.... SO THIS IS PROBABLY FUCKING ANNOYING. By the time I'm writing this my step brother is 3 and the guy left ,my mom stopped giving me allowance and yea my life is FUCKING TERRIBLE I ACTUALLY HAVE TO LIVE WITH THE FACT THAT MY FUCKING MOM MESSED UP BADLY SO YEA WAYYYYYYYY FUCKING ANNOYING

  • Regoated
    Regoated 18 hours ago

    Eeh ooh eeh ooh

  • Jaxson Bialczyk
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  • I N
    I N 19 hours ago

    “Cuz my mom come home talm bout some I SMELL BOOTY”😂😂😂

  • The Favorite Child
    The Favorite Child 19 hours ago

    Sub 6.96

  • Lenke Williams
    Lenke Williams 20 hours ago

    If your watching this heading into 2020 👇🏾👇🏾

  • Dat Boi
    Dat Boi 20 hours ago

    My dad played PVZ garden warfare with 6 year old. I now am an R6 god. Thx Dad.

  • Phsyco- path
    Phsyco- path 20 hours ago

    I been out here gettin did paper 0:59 1:23 1:58

  • Rasul Mihyaldin
    Rasul Mihyaldin 22 hours ago

    How much girlfriends?

  • Timur Cin
    Timur Cin Day ago

    Gimme that booty shakin that booty hunting the booty chasin the booty RoUnD bOoTy

  • Stew Rogers
    Stew Rogers Day ago

    Yo are you from 1997 the dreamcast sucks

  • Mechelle Owens

    I know a girl gamer is my brother's girlfriend but she likes me

  • Fifth Generation

    If I’m FWB with someone, I don’t care what they do on their own time and they shouldn’t care what you do. You are non exclusive in a fwb most of the time. Just my personal opinion though.

  • I spy slendy
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  • Osterle Productions

    Wouldn't have been better if they made some *Bread* with you my guy 😎

  • Bluvic27
    Bluvic27 Day ago

    Adande i carried tires with my dad my dad works at a tire company you got 100 buck's a week i got 50 one time then i didnt get paid at all i didn't even get to spend the 50 on games my dad said it was useless or something so to me your lucky

  • urself 7575
    urself 7575 Day ago

    Ive had this happend 2 me and it sucks from friend to gf 2 no longer talking to them

  • G i a n n n a t h e R a t

    U m I hate girl wastedddd rhnbbbbb

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    Why you asking for a eraser the the hallway? 🧐

  • An Anxious Imbecile

    Just to clarify, us girls go to the bathroom together to go over our evil plot to take over the world.

  • •B u b b l y T e a•

    Does anyone talk about the hero academia thing

  • sans the skeleton

    whatchu Think you can F with me sansy what? recognize jiga S to the C (sans the comic) sans who? you just gonna run up in the grillbs son and start disrespecting me i dont even know what you talking about daug i think you got me confused oh that wasn't you kissing on my goat , a mother fing ugly dude my bad i wasnt trying to be rude what should i have my gasters do to you

  • XxMeme_ KittyxX

    Dude I live near bangkok and me and my family gonna go to bangkok so maybe I can get ur game back?

  • Jeremy James
    Jeremy James Day ago

    WAIT WHEN DID YOU HOOK UP WITH CALL OF DUTY BOOTY GIRL Edit: Look at the list at 4:33 it’s the 8th one, his video about call of duty booty girl only states that he didn’t hook up with her because she had a boyfriend and she smelled like astray and she been drinking but he never said he hooked up with her 🤔, sorry for the long message love you swoozie

    VIEJO HDZ08 Day ago

    Me and my homies let my cousins car tire and it hit a church and a guy went up and screemed at uss

  • the oogie boogie man

    Nicky dee's


    i want that bag so bad

  • bluedragon dark


  • bluedragon dark


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    Me::waaa Im crying because TOYS R US is out of bussing wwaaaaa

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    I never had nap time from pre k to 6th

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    My g swoozie is a savage

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    What did one librarian say to the other librarian? Read more

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    That bb8 he had in the background I have 😂

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    I want to go to the gym but I’m 11 years old and I have to be 12 or older

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    Run 🏃‍♀️ Run 🏃

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    I’m 9 and my girlfriend Sandra moved and that’s why we broke up