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  • Justin Javier
    Justin Javier Hour ago

    I love it

  • Marlon Martinez
    Marlon Martinez Hour ago

    Always good to see Kevin McHale on the set.

  • Michael del Castillo

    When they fight, it makes me nervous. I like when they get along and mess with each other

  • James Lee
    James Lee 2 hours ago

    Who want to see them both in a boxing ring ??

    MR DISTRAUGHT 4 hours ago

    Devon is the man

  • Solid Ocelot
    Solid Ocelot 4 hours ago

    Chuck and Shaq arguing will never get old

  • Warren Walwyn
    Warren Walwyn 5 hours ago

    This didn't age well. Ernie sounds like a fool.

  • Willian C. Silva
    Willian C. Silva 5 hours ago

    Shaq is so annoying

  • aro 327
    aro 327 6 hours ago

    Run through the tape should be number 1

  • aro 327
    aro 327 6 hours ago

    Too bad they couldnt get hakeem for his jersey retirement.

  • rjpsuh06
    rjpsuh06 7 hours ago

    I want to see the first Neat-O Stat of the Night

  • saz19s8
    saz19s8 8 hours ago

    That fall was iconic

  • JJ
    JJ 9 hours ago

    Greatest sports show of all time.

  • Anernermus
    Anernermus 11 hours ago

    Devin is listed at 6'5" Charles is listed at 6'6".... Who's the liar here?

  • littl3m0nkey
    littl3m0nkey 12 hours ago


  • Positive Mentality
    Positive Mentality 12 hours ago

    Ernie and Kenny in the first clip lul

  • Positive Mentality
    Positive Mentality 12 hours ago

    Two awkward person in the middle

  • JoeDaFivefoota
    JoeDaFivefoota 13 hours ago

    I got 200 teef

  • Dj M3
    Dj M3 13 hours ago

    “Matchstick knees! Matchstick knees!” “Once I said, “Ready”” “No, no, no.” “Then I said, “Set”” “No, I know you did. But I’m just saying...” “And then I pow’d” “They went before you pow’d. You look at the tape!” 😂😂😂

    EDTA RMT 13 hours ago

    I really love this show! I like the one where they ask chuck who he played for 🤣

  • ChicknNugts
    ChicknNugts 14 hours ago

    I'm glad Chuck doesn't dig into Ernie like that anymore

  • Snacks 'n Sneakers
    Snacks 'n Sneakers 14 hours ago

    Those baggy suits always get me

  • yikes butt
    yikes butt 14 hours ago

    Chuck legit adds so much to nba on tnt

  • Mike F
    Mike F 14 hours ago

    Sick of hearing Shaq and his rings...

  • SINGLE Prawn
    SINGLE Prawn 14 hours ago

    Waiting fox Alexmed2016 to steal this vid

  • Secret Idenity
    Secret Idenity 15 hours ago

    3 and a half minutes??????

  • Tbail1138
    Tbail1138 15 hours ago

    I seriously started laughing right off the bat!

  • Natealpha
    Natealpha 16 hours ago

    So he sells the team to EG nice...

  • Mr. Noice
    Mr. Noice 16 hours ago

    Charles Barkley: " inhales" Shaq: " yoU Dont KnoW whaT yoU talKing abOut"

  • Yuroka Dembry
    Yuroka Dembry 16 hours ago

    Please never leave me

  • Yuroka Dembry
    Yuroka Dembry 16 hours ago

    You Rock

  • Yuroka Dembry
    Yuroka Dembry 16 hours ago

    You are so much more than a great friend but you Are so right... Never say die

  • Arneye
    Arneye 17 hours ago

    I wish there was a time machine to get Chuck a championship man

  • Troy Cherry
    Troy Cherry 17 hours ago

    4:31 😂

  • Tater Tot
    Tater Tot 18 hours ago

    These should be much longer lol

  • Andrew Benson
    Andrew Benson 19 hours ago

    Shaq provided both the best and the worst of Inside the NBA: His hysterical laugh and his big ego.

  • nokia9510
    nokia9510 19 hours ago

    Get him out of the show. The original 3 is better, he is just an outsider and extra

  • nokia9510
    nokia9510 19 hours ago

    Shaq is F arrogant.

  • Lord Popo
    Lord Popo 19 hours ago

    Ernie was doing the no-crease run 😂 Gotta keep those Concords fresh

  • Joseph Calandria
    Joseph Calandria 19 hours ago

    Shaq is just as prideful as others with similar accolades, but he just shows it more honestly like a child would do. He was a bully as a kid because of his insecurities, but give a bully success, the cards are stacked against him to be able to grow out of it. He probably has so many "yes men" surrounding him. He needs more Chucks in his life.

  • Sophrodos
    Sophrodos 19 hours ago

    At times I wish Robert Horry would pop up and flash his 7x rings to Shaq, just to shut him up whenever Shaq begins to use that foolish argument against Charles.

  • Kxvng NixkXI
    Kxvng NixkXI 19 hours ago

    CWebb > Shaq

  • josh
    josh 19 hours ago

    Shaq talking about his finals mvps like the other team didn’t have to double Kobe and d wade all the time letting him get the one on one in the paint

  • GalvanProductions
    GalvanProductions 20 hours ago

    Allie LaForce killing it!!!

  • JuJu
    JuJu 20 hours ago

    Who else remember watching this live? Cause I know I did 😂

  • Lord Claude GoonerTV
    Lord Claude GoonerTV 20 hours ago

    Ernie, way hay hay 😂

  • M Turkistani
    M Turkistani 20 hours ago

    You can't win a chip when your best player doesn't get along with the coach. In '06 D wade was by far the best player on that miami team as was evident by him winning finals MVP. Shaq brings up his 3 finals mvps but those were with the lakers when he DID get along with the coach. So chuck is right.

  • xSkysplitter777
    xSkysplitter777 20 hours ago

    3:01 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • JuJu
      JuJu 20 hours ago


  • Yachat Sankey
    Yachat Sankey 20 hours ago

    Who is here from BBW 2019?

  • Lord Claude GoonerTV

    Charles the sharkley 🦈 barkley

  • Lord Claude GoonerTV

    Ernie, you killed kenny

  • Lord Claude GoonerTV

    The days when Ernie looked like a brother

  • Aniello A
    Aniello A 21 hour ago

    Charles Barkley: *breathes Shaq: That’s why I got four rings.

  • Unknown Person
    Unknown Person 21 hour ago

    Chuck made shaq fall don’t ever blame ernie always blame chuck

  • Lord Claude GoonerTV

    Shaq: okay Kenny, okay kenny, okay kenny

    WVY KING 21 hour ago

    Part 7 will feature big ole women from San Antonio , who he play for? and last but not least Chuck vs Phx.

    • David Rogers
      David Rogers 12 hours ago

      "You know when they be serving you those good nachos with jalapenos, the Suns be puttin pickles on 'em!"🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • Melonher
    Melonher 22 hours ago

    When Shaq bring up Rings to Chuck, Chuck should bring up Emmys!! They're in a new career mode now, & Chuck has the Hardware!!

    • fp9623
      fp9623 6 hours ago

      Man I never thought about that

    • RipperRoo
      RipperRoo 19 hours ago

      Yo that's super fair.... That's actually a very legitimate point. They're no longer playing ball. They're television personalities, and Chuck currently has Shaq beat.

  • George Parker
    George Parker 23 hours ago

    Kyrie Irving = Percy Harvin

  • ZeidGho
    ZeidGho 23 hours ago

    Charles: facts Shaq: fOur cHaMPionShIp RInGs

  • tra ffic
    tra ffic 23 hours ago

    I need subtitle pls,what are they debating anyway ??

  • Marco Brunone
    Marco Brunone 23 hours ago

    brags about 4 college degrees and dont even know how far the moon is from the earth smdh

    • fp9623
      fp9623 6 hours ago

      Or that ridiculous 80$ gas theory of his...

  • Marco Brunone
    Marco Brunone 23 hours ago

    shaq a crybaby hoax bum

  • Mason Redeemed

    The first gone fishing

  • The6FootPlusTree

    I wish Shaq and Charles would argue every episode!

  • Jeff Amsdell
    Jeff Amsdell Day ago

    These bits are hard to watch lol KG should really stop saying mmmmm so much

  • lil tox1c
    lil tox1c Day ago

    The funny thing is I scored a 881 and I'm 13 lol

  • Jichael Mordan

    I’m here five months later to see Shaq’s face and reaction to Dame dollar after the rap beef 😂

  • Homer Simpson
    Homer Simpson Day ago

    Who would have thought a man so big on the outside could be so small on the inside.....

  • Dino Mahmutovic

    Never stop these

  • Mr. POPO
    Mr. POPO Day ago

    Wasnt that when photoshop was like new or something

  • Lerebele 1
    Lerebele 1 Day ago

    Kenny is all gums when he smiles!

  • Kana Beats
    Kana Beats Day ago

    lol back when shaq didn't have a comeback for everything

  • JuJu
    JuJu Day ago


    • SINGLE Prawn
      SINGLE Prawn 14 hours ago

      Waiting fox Alexmed2016 to steal this vid

  • Mark Arren
    Mark Arren Day ago

    Shaq dislikes this

  • AlonsoBall
    AlonsoBall Day ago

    Man...The first 1:30 minutes were hard to watch, Shaq on his feelings is the worst!

    • Clutch7
      Clutch7 12 hours ago

      Yeah idk how thats a best moment over 30 years

    • CockStirredMartini
      CockStirredMartini 17 hours ago

      @Von Zuchter he wasnt actually

    • M Turkistani
      M Turkistani 20 hours ago

      @Von Zuchter no he wasn't. You can't win a chip when your best player doesnt get along with the coach. In '06 D wade was by far the best player on that miami team as was evident by him winning finals MVP. Shaq brings up his 3 finals mvps but those were with the lakers when he DID get along with the coach. So chuck is right.

    • Von Zuchter
      Von Zuchter Day ago

      yeah but he was right...

  • Lullaby World Official

    How many rings do you have?

  • Eight GOD
    Eight GOD Day ago


  • I'm Eriod
    I'm Eriod Day ago

    I liked these debates btwn Chuck and Shaq but i kept laughing after 0:13, why are shaq's glasses so tilted?

    RAY RAY Day ago

    Shaq. B. Blowing me because he got 4. Rings. Like chuck care

  • Big Bowss
    Big Bowss Day ago

    Usually side with Chuck when Shaq be bragging about his rings, but he was right this time. Not only does a coach have to be able to bench any player on the team (including the best one), but no way was Shaq ever carried to any championships. He was #1 with Lakers and he got 3 Finals MVP to prove it, and although you can argue he wasnt the best player in Miami in 06, you cant say he was carried when he be avg 20&10 in playoffs. #Facts

    • Clutch7
      Clutch7 8 hours ago

      Big Bowss yeah i get what you mean, im not really trying to argue. Ur right about Wade getting treated well by the refs, and as far as Shaq's play i just remember him saying he had a bad finals series but ur correct

    • Big Bowss
      Big Bowss 8 hours ago

      @Clutch7 He never needed to, so you cant say whether he would have or not. Besides, they were talking about Demar DeRozan in Toronto, who was their best player, but not a superstar like Shaq or Wade, so there's a tier between them. And Wade's stats were inflated in those Finals because the refs gave him James Harden treatment with all the FTs refs gave him (he went from 26ppg in rest of playoffs to 35ppg in Finals). Not taking anything away from him, he still had to make those FTs in Finals pressure and deserved the MVP, but Shaq was still drawing all the double teams which allowed Wade to go ham like this. He was still having a big impact, so you cant say he was carried...

    • Clutch7
      Clutch7 12 hours ago

      Nahhhh Phil would never bench Lakers Shaq ever. Wade would never get benched And the playoffs are one thing why dont you check Shaq's finals that year, Wade carried the whole team

  • Big- Texas
    Big- Texas Day ago


  • Mason Hamilton

    Is 1:52 the beginning of gone fishin?

    • JuJu
      JuJu 20 hours ago

      Mason Hamilton more like the beginning of photoshopping

    • Troy Moore
      Troy Moore 22 hours ago

      Yep. And they were like, you can change the way pictures look? lol

  • Alex Acosta
    Alex Acosta Day ago

    Only 6 minutes ?!!

  • Movie matics
    Movie matics Day ago

    Why was Chuck wearing a Knicks jersey??

  • Abdalla ElAdl
    Abdalla ElAdl Day ago

    What’s Shaq wearing under the suit jacket 😂😂😂

    • Abdalla ElAdl
      Abdalla ElAdl 37 minutes ago

      hahahahahaha He’s Shaq that’s how he ‘s gonna get away with it 😂

    • JuJu
      JuJu 20 hours ago

      Abdalla ElAdl that man had on a regular shirt under it 😂👔

  • Straightupnochaser

    Please don’t do that again

  • Wilson Li
    Wilson Li Day ago

    What about Shaq's pants?

  • Lites Out0_o
    Lites Out0_o Day ago

    30 years?? I thought this show came out in like 2005

  • Samuel Bosque
    Samuel Bosque Day ago

    Shaq is a baby. Lol

  • Vignesh Swaminathan

    Shaq laughing at Chuck's jokes on the show is great. But when they talk basketball, Shaq's just one toxic dude, man.

    • SINGLE Prawn
      SINGLE Prawn 14 hours ago

      Waiting fox Alexmed2016 to steal this vid

  • krezo
    krezo Day ago

    We need a special about the big ol‘ women from san antonio

    • Joseph Calandria
      Joseph Calandria 19 hours ago

      I think they're saving that for the last part 😁

  • Esther Manik
    Esther Manik Day ago

    That argument is better than those midgets in AEW ..

    • Gregg Turkington
      Gregg Turkington Day ago

      Literally just one guy and one girl are short take it easy WWE has “Shorty” Gable

  • Suleiman Jalo
    Suleiman Jalo Day ago

    Slim Charles 🔥🐐

  • Sir Alexander
    Sir Alexander Day ago

    2:55 That's a new angle.

  • JerylDEv
    JerylDEv Day ago

    Can you include the compilation of Women of San Antonio and the Churros jokes by Sir Charles? :D Those makes me laugh every time :D

  • Sir Alexander
    Sir Alexander Day ago

    Shaq was right this time.

  • Ace Cuare
    Ace Cuare Day ago

    chuck vs shaq is one of the best rivalies in nba. in court and outside the court. Shaq is just too short tempered and always bragging his accomplishments. I like chuck more, he is always game whatever they do to him

    • SINGLE Prawn
      SINGLE Prawn 14 hours ago

      Waiting fox Alexmed2016 to steal this vid

    • Chuck
      Chuck 23 hours ago

      @Shujinko ya, hands down.

    • Shujinko
      Shujinko Day ago

      Ace Cuare chuck is funnier

  • phantom I I
    phantom I I Day ago

    Chuck: like Shaq: comment

    • ChRoNiC
      ChRoNiC 20 hours ago

      @phantom I I nice one....NOT

    • phantom I I
      phantom I I 20 hours ago

      @ChRoNiC you're a dumb comment. Chuck is definitely better than Shaq. Shaq has been riding on Kobe and Wade's coattails

    • Reece Murray
      Reece Murray Day ago

      Shaq is way way better, but to be honest I like them both I can't wait to watch them two when the NBA season starts

    • Neil Tapia gabriel
      Neil Tapia gabriel Day ago

      shaq is better than kobe or d wade

    • ChRoNiC
      ChRoNiC Day ago

      Dumb comment

  • JerylDEv
    JerylDEv Day ago

    Man, their arguments are intense.

  • Lolo Solo
    Lolo Solo Day ago

    Shaq always brought his ring to win argument againts chuck.

    • PrimeTime
      PrimeTime 15 hours ago

      Talia Mason LOL STOP without Kobe he probably would’ve averaged more with no one else to give the ball to they would have been forced to give shaq the ball and he would just dominated in the post. Stop discrediting him like he’s not a fatass big man. He bodied everybody in his prime

    • Joseph Calandria
      Joseph Calandria 19 hours ago

      The ironic thing is that when he brings up those rings, he automatically loses his argument in the eyes of everyone.

    • Big Bowss
      Big Bowss 19 hours ago

      @dannyheat123 From 2002 onwards, you're right (because he started to gain too much weight). But before that, barring injury, he played just as many games as Kobe.

    • dannyheat123
      dannyheat123 20 hours ago

      Big Bowss Kobe carried the regular season bro it was kinda load management and getting in shape for Shaq