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    ITZ MAYA Year ago

    Hey remember when this was a thing. anyways jc stop playing with my emotions. first your like im gonna start making videos now your like bye ill see you guys in two years. your not actually doing that and im kinda over reacting because its been 3 weeks lol

  • Cher Florence Lamb

    Do you remember me .... cherpear09 ahahahahahahahha

  • Emily Wong
    Emily Wong 2 years ago

    "If you are not doing what you love, then you're wasting your time" Your words, I act by and hope you live by as well

  • airbenderalexis
    airbenderalexis 2 years ago

    You are great, guys! Keep it up! Please, subscribe back! :D

  • Miles Ballew
    Miles Ballew 2 years ago

    is this fucker still around

  • Shay B
    Shay B 2 years ago

    when does t@gged season 2 come on

  • Ahsain
    Ahsain 2 years ago

    Last time I checked you still owe Ross an apology for your Mufasa-ass stampede

  • nathalie arboleda
    nathalie arboleda 2 years ago

    so when are you gonna post another video so i can see your beautiful face

  • Braelyn Thomas
    Braelyn Thomas 2 years ago


  • Rj Rj
    Rj Rj 2 years ago

    Happy 24th Birthday Jc! Hope you have a great one... Weird but cool thing is that Connors B - day is tomorrow...... Wow everyone is growing up so fast......... Shawn's birthday was about a month ago,Camerons was like 3 days ago,Today is yours,and tomorrow is Connor's. Please just make sure you do nothing stupid (Oh shit I sound like a mom........) Hope you have a great mornin',rest of the day/night. Love ya.......... Peace out...........

  • ella bella
    ella bella 2 years ago

    HAPPY 24TH BIRTHDAY JC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!XD

  • TayTay07
    TayTay07 2 years ago


  • taylor coulter
    taylor coulter 2 years ago

    I have watch all of your videos and u are my favorite youtuber. :)

  • That_One_Person_ 333

    Long Live O2L!!!( Did this on all the channels)

  • mikayla
    mikayla 2 years ago

    feel like no one comes here anymore

  • Positive Polaroid
    Positive Polaroid 2 years ago

    Love your videos! Im Also And upcoming youtuber.

  • Chloe Elouise
    Chloe Elouise 2 years ago


  • Troy Jewers
    Troy Jewers 2 years ago

    JC can i ask u question

  • Willow Caliber
    Willow Caliber 2 years ago

    Hey I just subscribed can u react to the video alexis singing hear me now y autumn blaire by Alexis Grant. It's spells just like that

  • Sienna Sky
    Sienna Sky 2 years ago

    Jc you should do the speech jammer challenge

  • Christina Marie Henry

    When you going to do another vid????!!!!!!!!???????

  • Ethan Seaney
    Ethan Seaney 2 years ago


  • Kendall Wentworth
    Kendall Wentworth 2 years ago

    hey jc your awesome and i love your videos they always cheer me up <3

  • lamic bagus
    lamic bagus 2 years ago

    Thank you for all those videos, it's really helpful ! Love your voice, too!

  • jiminIsbeautyjiminIsgraceIwantjiminsnutonmyface

    Anyone know why jc doesn't post no more??! I'm still kinda new to his channel

    • Annaleah Titone
      Annaleah Titone 2 years ago

      he also has a channel called Kian and Jc and they post on there a lot more than on here

  • gay me
    gay me 2 years ago

    apologize to Ross please

  • lynsey dooley
    lynsey dooley 2 years ago

    WHAT IS HIS PO BOX. or does he even have one?

  • Paulina Suarez
    Paulina Suarez 2 years ago

    could you try to eat Indonesian Food?

  • Twisted Pie
    Twisted Pie 2 years ago

    He is IDK how to explain HDKHTMV find out what i said

  • Alexcia Shelton
    Alexcia Shelton 3 years ago

    what is your po box

  • Autumn Redcalf
    Autumn Redcalf 3 years ago

    Sorry, I can't watch your new video because it says Age-Restricted, and I'm 16. Not to sound like I'm having a Pity Party, but I want you to: a)pretend you know how my voice sounds, and b)imagine the thick sarcasm that coats my vocals and attitude when I say this: well that's just great.

  • gothy girl
    gothy girl 3 years ago

    jc I want you to see my channel so go to penny silv a

  • Mac Bisesi
    Mac Bisesi 3 years ago

    Dude Jc, why do you have a hole in your TV.

  • Sabreezy
    Sabreezy 3 years ago


  • Симеона Д.
    Симеона Д. 3 years ago

    i love you so much you are my hero ☁️

  • Juliet Grace
    Juliet Grace 3 years ago

    ahhhhh its been a month

  • JEsse M
    JEsse M 3 years ago

    Do you think O2L will ever get back together?

  • Lily Kelly
    Lily Kelly 3 years ago

    hi jc

  • kylizzl3
    kylizzl3 3 years ago

    Jc i would just like to thank you because when i was bullied last year it was you who kept me going . i wouldnt be standing here today if it werent for you. you are such an inspiration i love you with all my heart, u and sam are my favs in o2l....wll were....so bye i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bella andrade
    bella andrade 3 years ago

    are you going to film a video with Lia? might as well since we all know already :)

  • Jody Baker
    Jody Baker 3 years ago

    Is it just me or does Jc look like Vance Joy, cause they look like Doppelgangers to me.

  • Ryleigh Hedge
    Ryleigh Hedge 3 years ago

    hi i love you so much you and kian should do the bean boozled thing!

  • Aly Is Dun
    Aly Is Dun 3 years ago

    wheres the new video u tweeted about lol

  • Lexi Miller
    Lexi Miller 3 years ago


  • maya
    maya 3 years ago

    ily jc

  • alex ;
    alex ; 3 years ago

    Upload a video!

  • Dinah Logos
    Dinah Logos 3 years ago


  • HeroofLemon
    HeroofLemon 3 years ago

    you're a fucking faggot dude.

  • Sergio Garcia
    Sergio Garcia 3 years ago

    Dudeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! You dont like youtube you just want money i see in your eyeeeeesss

  • Harriet Gaffney
    Harriet Gaffney 3 years ago

    whats he doing why no more vids?

  • Tyler Graffis
    Tyler Graffis 3 years ago

    WHERE THE F**K ARE YOU??????????????????????

  • Lyndsey Luehrs
    Lyndsey Luehrs 3 years ago

    so i know ill never hear back bc uk ur famous and im nothing but my 18th bday is coming in a few months jan 29 id love for u to come and meet me u inspire me to luagh bc ive been through alot in my life i hope you see this and respon so we can talk. love u (no being a creep)

  • Zoe. L
    Zoe. L 3 years ago

    Why has Jc Caylen not posted a video in ages!!!!!

  • Suusie Duijn
    Suusie Duijn 3 years ago

    You are so good in the videos. I like your bloopers, funny moments, jokes, etc. maybe you read this, or not. (My birthday is on your birthday, not interesting haha)

  • Super Amesters
    Super Amesters 3 years ago

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!

  • Ashley Garcia
    Ashley Garcia 3 years ago

    i miss that

  • Ashley Garcia
    Ashley Garcia 3 years ago

    jc whats wrong ur not doing no more vids in youtube.

  • BTS is cancerous
    BTS is cancerous 3 years ago

    WHOS ROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • maya
      maya 3 years ago

      +HexQuest where did he tell the story

    • Toby Tomaney
      Toby Tomaney 3 years ago

      Ross is an animator and member of youtube gaming group Game Grumps he told a story about how at vidcon a large group of Caylen's fans were chasing him Ross tried to get out the way but JC ran past him and his 'mufasa ass stampede' as Ross called it ran him down

  • McKinley Sharb
    McKinley Sharb 3 years ago

    Jc is so cute and I love him so much♥

    • tonya cross
      tonya cross 3 years ago


  • Dylan Bohlman
    Dylan Bohlman 3 years ago

    Ross is an USclip animator from Australia who is also on game grumps a lot. JC Caylen apparently push down during Vid-Con.

  • yeRdua
    yeRdua 3 years ago

    how old r u ... cuz u cute

  • Jonethan Palacios
    Jonethan Palacios 3 years ago

    I wonder if he really does read our messages... if he does it would be nice to receive a response from Jc Caylen

  • Jenna Smith
    Jenna Smith 3 years ago


  • Necro
    Necro 3 years ago

    Come at me scrublord, I'm ripped.

  • Kailey Reinoso
    Kailey Reinoso 3 years ago

    PLEASE PLEASE CHECK OUT MY SISTER'S CHANNEL(DEVIN REINOSO)! She has an amazing voice and it would mean the absolute world to her if you did!

    • tonya cross
      tonya cross 3 years ago


  • Sita0199
    Sita0199 3 years ago

    who's ross

    • Toby Tomaney
      Toby Tomaney 3 years ago

      Ross is an animator and member of youtube gaming group Game Grumps he told a story about how at vidcon a large group of Caylen's fans were chasing him Ross tried to get out the way but JC ran past him and his 'mufasa ass stampede' as Ross called it ran him down

  • DunaForn
    DunaForn 3 years ago

    Yo, Mufassa-ass stampede's that nearly kill peeps are not respected in the Grump society.

  • Vero Sustaita
    Vero Sustaita 3 years ago

    i love u jc u are the best i love u sooooo much u make my day u are the best keep doing wat u do :)

  • Lauren Hansford
    Lauren Hansford 3 years ago

    Jc caylennnnnn <3 <3 <3

  • BirbMan McEarFace
    BirbMan McEarFace 3 years ago


  • Jamez Michael
    Jamez Michael 3 years ago

    come subscribe to my channel

    SAPLE 3 years ago

    I'll have you know that Ross fucking lifts. He'll bash yer gabber son.

  • lil` bigun
    lil` bigun 3 years ago

    my sister is a big fan and would love to meet u

  • SkinnyPenisP
    SkinnyPenisP 3 years ago

    Bro. That Mufasa-ass stampede of teenage girls following you almost killed our man Ross. What the fuck dude?

  • All Llama things
    All Llama things 3 years ago

    can you please make more videos I want more

  • shinchuriky
    shinchuriky 3 years ago

    soooooo... did you apologized to ross o'donovan already?

  • SCP Wrathma
    SCP Wrathma 3 years ago

    Turn down the music Apologize if you run people over It's snowing on Mt. Fuji

  • awmyukop
    awmyukop 3 years ago

    hey scrublord, Ross wants an apology. P.S he's RIPPED

  • Benjamin Firth
    Benjamin Firth 3 years ago

    You need to be more responsible with your stampedes, dude.

  • Nicolas Cristal
    Nicolas Cristal 3 years ago


  • Revel Rosa
    Revel Rosa 3 years ago

    Apologize to Ross

  • Lin M
    Lin M 3 years ago

    Scrublord, RubberRoss is RIPPED. You really should apologize for that shitty stampede that almost killed him. ALSO FOR YOUR LOUD ASS MUSIC WAKING UP LEVAR BURTON.

  • Ethan Ralstin
    Ethan Ralstin 3 years ago


  • alebel llamas
    alebel llamas 3 years ago

    hey can you go follow my twitter I'm @lilmisssk8rgrl

  • ProphetSong
    ProphetSong 3 years ago

    You shouldn't blare music like that. I'm sure you can afford a good pair of headphones. Also you need to apologize to Ross for almost killing him with your Mufasa-ass stampede.

  • Chri_C
    Chri_C 3 years ago

    Faggot apologize to ross stupid fucking vloger faggot

  • Charlie goobeygoobeygoober

    Apologize to Ross, OR DIE!!!

  • steelcity51
    steelcity51 3 years ago

    apologize to Ross from Game Grumps for almost killing him you frosted flake hippie

  • Luke Username
    Luke Username 3 years ago

    He's ripped and he knows where you live...

  • Bryan Grey
    Bryan Grey 3 years ago

    pucker up and apologize!!! right on the hole!!!

  • Starpoop 217
    Starpoop 217 3 years ago

    this fucking pretty boy hurt our man Ross and almost Suzy I think an apology is in order man da fuck

  • Ryan G
    Ryan G 3 years ago


  • Donald 'MOAB the A-rab' Trump

    Warning to Scrublords like yourself JC. Don't Fuck with Ross, hes ripped.

  • Paladon
    Paladon 3 years ago

    Haha, wow I come to see what the guy looks like and then I see the mass of anger. Grumps have got some influence.

  • iheartJ B4evrXxX
    iheartJ B4evrXxX 3 years ago

    hakuna matata mother fucker

  • Rubberman202
    Rubberman202 3 years ago

    JC, you got some 'splaining to do!

  • DanTheMack
    DanTheMack 3 years ago

    pls dnt kill ros ;-;

  • DinoGirl500
    DinoGirl500 3 years ago

    Wow, lots of angry GG fans xD I feel bad for Ross though, think he needs an apology for your Mufasa-ass stampede of fans xD

  • PicklesTheRandomToon

    You need to apologize to Ross from Game Grumps for almost killing him with your Mufasa-ass stampede.

  • Jack Drewitt
    Jack Drewitt 3 years ago

    Back the fuck off Ross man!

  • SadistSerpent
    SadistSerpent 3 years ago

    Guys I love Ross But it was a joke he made Dont actually spam the guys channel. Not cool

    • Toby Tomaney
      Toby Tomaney 3 years ago

      +Cameron Carter let me guess game theory fan

    • Cam
      Cam 3 years ago

      Why? He's getting views. Negative publicity is still publicity. He probably loves it. Just ignore him. That's the real way to do it.

    • Starpoop 217
      Starpoop 217 3 years ago

      i doubt we will calm down in tell he apologize

  • Google+sucksballs
    Google+sucksballs 3 years ago

    Hey you faggot scrublord do the world a favor and end your fucking life. you and your stampede of tween cunts. Stop ruining vidcon for everyone else. And turn down your goddamned music your neighbors fucking hate you for being a loud annoying douche.

    • Corey Morrison
      Corey Morrison 3 years ago

      +Aden Banner Look, I know I said I was going to leave the thread from here on in... but suggesting that being a millionaire makes you intrinsically different than non-millionaires is fucking ridiculous. Sure, that much money in your life will offer you experiences that non-millionaires don't have, but it neither increases or decreases the value of your opinions and actions. Ease up on the celebrity worship there honey.

    • Aden Cole
      Aden Cole 3 years ago

      +Google+sucksballs you should leave him alone and mind your own crap because your just wasting your time also im pretty positive your just like the rest of us people out here and your not a million air so shut your mouth

    • Corey Morrison
      Corey Morrison 3 years ago

      +Lily Kelly Frickity fuck, THE THREAD IS DEAD LEAVE IT DEAD STOP COMMENTING YOU STUPID TWATS!!! Ok, I'm down now. Someone else can deal with the stupid people from here on in.

    • Lily Kelly
      Lily Kelly 3 years ago

      +Google+sucksballs you need to back the hell up off ross

    • Corey Morrison
      Corey Morrison 3 years ago

      +kylizzl3 Oi, shithead, as I have already said, this thread is dead, so leave it in peace.

  • xeanix
    xeanix 3 years ago

    Don't play music loud, Do not to stampede over Ross, Courtesy is key

  • I VisiBomb I
    I VisiBomb I 3 years ago


    • charizardoreo
      charizardoreo 3 years ago


    • pauleta1111
      pauleta1111 3 years ago


    • GorillaLasagna256 12345
      GorillaLasagna256 12345 3 years ago


  • SpookyScarySkeletons

    Nice job nearly killing Ross from Game Grumps. Really good work. You don't seem very effected by it...

  • Marky
    Marky 3 years ago

    And you look like a douchbag.

  • Marky
    Marky 3 years ago

    Your Mufasa-ass stampede of girls almost killed Rubber Ross.

  • Peri ✨
    Peri ✨ 3 years ago

    Please can you keep your music down at night? People need to sleep. :P

      YOUR NIGHTMARE 3 years ago

      +Cylia MCHAZ In case you didn't know, we're mostly from Game Grumps.

    • Cylia Marti
      Cylia Marti 3 years ago

      +PeridotPenguin hahah yeah

    • Peri ✨
      Peri ✨ 3 years ago

      +Cylia MCHAZ Probably not, but it's possible. It would be a pretty crazy coincidence. haha

    • Cylia Marti
      Cylia Marti 3 years ago

      +PeridotPenguin haha nice but do you think the other people commenting are his neigghbors?

    • Cylia Marti
      Cylia Marti 3 years ago

      haha nice but do you think the other people commenting are their neighbors

  • Citrus
    Citrus 3 years ago

    Be a nice neighbor. You can be a butterfly, you just can't annoy your neighbors with loud music.

    • Trash Genji
      Trash Genji 2 years ago

      the game grumps ranted about a friend who's his neighbor that can never sleep cuz he keeps music cranked all night

    • Cylia Marti
      Cylia Marti 3 years ago

      +Citrus are u their neighbors?

  • newland pencilnut
    newland pencilnut 3 years ago

    Hey mate! Ross deserves an apology for that Mufasa-ass stampede that nearly killed him!

  • Mini Macaroon
    Mini Macaroon 3 years ago

    you got some explainin to do

  • Mason moocow
    Mason moocow 3 years ago

    h8 m8 keep down your music and give ross an apology.

  • anotherKyle
    anotherKyle 3 years ago

    dude better be apologizing to ross soon for almost killing him

  • Koi2Dragon
    Koi2Dragon 3 years ago

    Fucking teen heartthrobs, causing mufasa-ass stampedes.

  • juas juasi
    juas juasi 3 years ago

    i will just copypaste this: You need to apologize to Ross from Game Grumps for almost killing him with your Mufasa-ass stampede. if you are here to say that. copy paste this as well in their other social media

  • Jeremiah Cartwright
    Jeremiah Cartwright 3 years ago

    You need to apologize to Ross from Game Grumps for almost killing him with your Mufasa-ass stampede.

  • Matt Lewis
    Matt Lewis 3 years ago

    Don't make a stampede of fans. That's how Mufasa died.

    VANESSA BAHAMÓN 3 years ago


  • Stay Smalls
    Stay Smalls 3 years ago

    Love the new layout <3

  • Madison Bennett
    Madison Bennett 3 years ago

    omg your awesome

  • Rose Heart
    Rose Heart 3 years ago

    omg Jc i am a huge fan!!!

  • CBkJAY
    CBkJAY 3 years ago

    Please make another "Ask JC" i ask would u go gay for Kian

  • Olivia Laci
    Olivia Laci 3 years ago

    are lia and jc still dating

  • annabelle enriquez
    annabelle enriquez 3 years ago

    put up new video

  • Stasio Pokrywka
    Stasio Pokrywka 3 years ago

    Hi my name is natalia, i really want to meat you. But i have one question??? Do you know a guy on vine his name is Eathan??? I REALLY WANT TO MEAT YOU I WISH YOU WOULD TEXT ME BACK I LOVE YOOUUU <3333333333

  • ilhame khadjou khajo

    where are you jc WE MISSED YOU!!!!!!!!!

  • grace ballard
    grace ballard 3 years ago

    what is that site where they sell the merch

  • Navayah Cimino
    Navayah Cimino 3 years ago

    JC i love you soooo much. Any time of day when i watch your vids you make me smile. I love when people make me smile. Even though we have never met before and we don't hang out i feel like we are best friends. When i watch your videos it is like you dot even have to try. You are one of my top three favorite youtubers. One day i hope me and you can meet. It would be amazing. I hope when/if we meet we can be friends and hang out. If you actually replied to this that would be awesome. So if and when you have the time please respond. I <3 you so much. <3

  • Sergio Garcia
    Sergio Garcia 3 years ago

    You're going down!!

  • Name
    Name 3 years ago

    well at least you tried

  • Lulu Tiger
    Lulu Tiger 3 years ago

    Ilysm jc you're frgn awshome dood :kians frase

  • tay day
    tay day 3 years ago

    I love kian and u lol

  • jake pauler 4 life
    jake pauler 4 life 3 years ago

    who thinks KianandJc is taking over

  • briana brito
    briana brito 3 years ago

    i like your videos

  • Wet Tex
    Wet Tex 3 years ago

    You and all your buddies need to take a swim in all your clothes...

  • Telena Stevens
    Telena Stevens 3 years ago

    hey jc can you do another dare or dare video ... and make one of you dares to be let connor or kian shave your eyebrows lol jk i love your eyebrows but fr fr can you do another dare or dare video plzzzz thxs love ya

  • Andres Sanchez
    Andres Sanchez 3 years ago

    guys im a new youtuber! go check my channel out(:

  • josh clarke
    josh clarke 3 years ago

    if jc doesnt do a new video im ..............

  • maia robins
    maia robins 3 years ago

    Jc I don't know if you will ever see this, but I hope you know that you are beautiful. You are truly wonderful and you make me happy. I have a really Fucked up life and I was going through depression for a minute, but you really helped. And Im crying right now while Im typing this. But I guess I just wanted you to know that I love you. You and Kian really make my day! I love you! I love you! I love you!

  • Amarah Gonzales
    Amarah Gonzales 3 years ago

    Hi Jc Caylen! I love you so so much and your videos. I do hope you will still continue videos on this channel. I love you! Thanks for making my day! :) :*

  • Yoko Nono
    Yoko Nono 3 years ago

    i love you jc

  • Sarah Swope
    Sarah Swope 3 years ago

    plz post a video you haven't in a whole month we all love you and support you no matter what but we deserve a video PS:@kianandjc you are amazing my favorite video is middle schoolers try achahol

  • Zach Horsfall
    Zach Horsfall 3 years ago

    I love your videos and music videos.

  • margit m
    margit m 3 years ago

    do u have your song names somewhere? id reallly like to know :) u listen good music :)

  • Crystal_ Gem
    Crystal_ Gem 3 years ago

    hey can yo give me ideas about my channel becuse im starting next week

  • Korey Poole
    Korey Poole 3 years ago

    Please do the salt and ice challenge. i did it and im 17(also a girl) i laughed the entire time but i want to see how long you can last.

  • keira de young
    keira de young 3 years ago

    I love your videos you make me laugh when I am in my darkest times an in my dark alley so I just wanted to say i love you and although you might not see this comment with all the thousands of comments but yeah bye

  • hailey-maree guilds
    hailey-maree guilds 3 years ago


  • Kenzie ♥ Chastain
    Kenzie ♥ Chastain 3 years ago

    I get that you are busy with KianAndJc but seriously forgot about us? We are still hanging in there😔....

  • Arlen Covers
    Arlen Covers 3 years ago

    Hi jc its Arlen what did you think of my videos

  • Tyler Graffis
    Tyler Graffis 3 years ago


  • UltamateAnimeFan
    UltamateAnimeFan 3 years ago

    Make a video called "Kidz Bop eats poop" and another called "Anime Sing-a-Longs does not".

  • Misael Ramirez
    Misael Ramirez 3 years ago

    where are you??? :(

  • Pazoo Yaj
    Pazoo Yaj 3 years ago


  • Alyssa Jacobs
    Alyssa Jacobs 3 years ago

    jc is an idiot

  • i am awesome 101
    i am awesome 101 3 years ago

    umm jc if forgot where did you get your cute little kitten Vega?

  • jc rya
    jc rya 3 years ago

    Jc Caylen my name is Jc Jacelyn my real name Camara the name my dad wanted to name me.

  • Melissa Birch
    Melissa Birch 3 years ago

    jc you haven't uploaded in a month, upload please :) i miss you!!! xxx

  • Caroline Morrissey
    Caroline Morrissey 3 years ago

    Is this it? Are the only 2 o2l boys regularly uploading now connor and ricky and sometimes kian?

  • _{ m e l a n i e }_
    _{ m e l a n i e }_ 3 years ago

    To me and them

  • _{ m e l a n i e }_
    _{ m e l a n i e }_ 3 years ago

    But thx anyway and subscribe

  • _{ m e l a n i e }_
    _{ m e l a n i e }_ 3 years ago

    I've subscribed to the kian and jc channel since their first video!!!😀😀 love them both!!!

  • beauty chloda
    beauty chloda 3 years ago

    I just started a new USclip channel! It'd mean so much if you went and checked out my first vid!🎥😇💗

  • Lucia Rego
    Lucia Rego 3 years ago

    i love your channel

  • dominique wilson
    dominique wilson 3 years ago

    you are super cute!!

  • Marcia Burton
    Marcia Burton 3 years ago

    i<3 jc

  • _{ m e l a n i e }_
    _{ m e l a n i e }_ 4 years ago

    Jc, you haven't done a video in a month! Please do something....

  • Celine Talbot
    Celine Talbot 4 years ago

    come back jc I miss you xx

  • Britney Miller
    Britney Miller 4 years ago

    is Jc's p.o. box still ' p.o. box1688 helotes, tx 78023?

  • Emma_Diy
    Emma_Diy 4 years ago

    jc ur cute ily stay a cloud ur videos are cute

  • Bigtittygothgf
    Bigtittygothgf 4 years ago

    i feel like s forgetting or avoding vids but i also know hes extremly busy so

  • wroetoheather
    wroetoheather 4 years ago

    jc hair is always on point <3

  • Josh Clarke
    Josh Clarke 4 years ago

    i want to see them kill each other

  • Shea Skehan
    Shea Skehan 4 years ago

    love you

  • stephanievlm
    stephanievlm 4 years ago

    he should do a P.O. Box video again (if he still has one)

  • Josh Clarke
    Josh Clarke 4 years ago

    omg jc hasn't uploaded a video again

  • Shallan Hazlewood
    Shallan Hazlewood 4 years ago

    Why,why is O2L over 😭

  • Natalie Marie
    Natalie Marie 4 years ago

    Is jc caylen coming to digitour 2015

  • Hannah Sucku
    Hannah Sucku 4 years ago

    hi jc

  • The BeautyBox
    The BeautyBox 4 years ago

    Jc i miss you soo much could not watch your goodbye video on o2l without breaking down in tears because you saved my life but ik that yall ended for a good reason and that you love us all im so excited for you and kians channel because yall two saved my life i sent you a message on here please reply

  • Nicolete Smiley
    Nicolete Smiley 4 years ago

    JCCCC i miss you lmao keep on doing what you are doing and i cried watching that goodbye video but i love you and im here for you always and i hope you make a video soon

  • Sophie Sullivan
    Sophie Sullivan 4 years ago

    I only now made my youtube account, I really wish Id made it sooner! anyway I love you sooooooooooooo much!! and I will support you 100%!!

  • Josh Clarke
    Josh Clarke 4 years ago

    i dont understand why when o2l is done he still is late for his video.i really like him but why doesn't he upload as many videos like he to

    • Isabella
      Isabella 4 years ago

      Well... maybe not THAT exaggerated... but still sad

    • Isabella
      Isabella 4 years ago

      Maybe he doesn't have time... which is really sad... and bad... and heartbraking

    • The BeautyBox
      The BeautyBox 4 years ago

      because of the same reason they ended o2l they are all busy and him and kian are starting an new channel and working really hard on that and they have some stuff that is really important to them to do and just are trying as hard as they can to get videos up as much as possibly just give them time

  • Trippy Haley
    Trippy Haley 4 years ago

    Jc can you please follow me on twitter? twitter.com/ii_Haley

  • emory parker
    emory parker 4 years ago

    i love you

  • Ash Marlin
    Ash Marlin 4 years ago

    Ok i think im the only one who cries well watching jc becuz i wanna meet them so bad it hurts i wanna be there friend i wanna be one of those people who they text for hours on end to laugh at the same stuff and well u know have fun if jc repiled to this and asked for my skype my phone number i would die thats why i cry every time i watch jc seeing how lucky his friends are and stuff so dont judge cuz i cry i cry cuz i love him so much it hurts me ok and jc caylen if u ever read this and want my skype or phone number i would melt so jc caylen u ever fined this and wanna text me or skype me just repile on this and i will die u will make not my not my week MY LIFE so jc u ever wanna repily to this feel free and back on to how much i love him it makes me cry u know jennxpenn lia marie jhonson kian lawley any guy in o2l there lucky as frick to know jc i really want u to repily #jccaylen so plz if u find this and u r reading it plz repily it would mean life to and jc no judgein i cry cuz i love u and wish we could be best friends text skype and the sh*T

  • Hello Faith
    Hello Faith 4 years ago

    jc i love watching your videos , you should help me out with my channal , i need help with getting more viewers and subscribers !! i love you so much jc i'm also a loyal fan im not fake i promise,...

  • Nicole Contreras
    Nicole Contreras 4 years ago

    jc can u follow me on vine destiny the panda

  • Celia Gonzalez
    Celia Gonzalez 4 years ago

    i luh u jc... lol.... hai weirdo

  • Lauren Gray
    Lauren Gray 4 years ago

    You should check out Chris once in a while on USclip.

  • Josh Clarke
    Josh Clarke 4 years ago

    why hasn't he uploaded a video yet

    • Josh Clarke
      Josh Clarke 4 years ago

      no because it leaves me a notification and you should read it more carefully if your going to post somet

    • Trippy Haley
      Trippy Haley 4 years ago

      Stfu stop talking then

    • Josh Clarke
      Josh Clarke 4 years ago

      omfg i posted the comment on the 2 of jan and after that he had uploaded a video so shut upi for god sake

    • Trippy Haley
      Trippy Haley 4 years ago


    • Josh Clarke
      Josh Clarke 4 years ago

      +Haley Gardner look i posted this comment 2 weeks ago when he hadn't just read the comments and you'll find that i already told someone this

  • Galaxyofme
    Galaxyofme 4 years ago

    Did jc and lia break up because everyone was saying they did

  • Nikki Panda
    Nikki Panda 4 years ago

    You are really funny, best luck for you,your cute puppy and your kitten

  • Emily Ann
    Emily Ann 4 years ago

    Live above expectations~ the one and only JC CAYLEN.

  • TheOneAshley
    TheOneAshley 4 years ago

    umm Jc you might not read this but if u do can u make a little video to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sister. Her name is Sammantha Aguilar but she likes to be called SAMMY AGUILAR. You probably get a lot of these but she loves you a lot and it would mean a lot if you did this. Please wow you wouldnt know how much you would change her birthday maybe even her life. Thank you if you do

  • Kayla Hill
    Kayla Hill 4 years ago

    I am literally crying because jc is so sweet and gorgeous. I just want to meet him... I would freaking die. ❤❤❤

  • Laney Garber
    Laney Garber 4 years ago

    jc you should make a video where you are spiderman and you jump roofs

  • Emma Tong
    Emma Tong 4 years ago

    for your next video jc you need to do the cookie challenge which is where you put a cookie on your forehead and try to get it in your mouth with out using your hands. its super fun me and my friends do it all the time. Bye

  • HowDoIHuman
    HowDoIHuman 4 years ago

    okay so ive been watching him for about 4 years now. His videos keep getting better and better!!!! #jia I ship all the way and they are so cute!!! I can't wait for his next video!!! love you bae