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The Dog Piano!
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The Teehee Song! (Dear Ryan)
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Goodbye Sean...
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Will You Fight Me?
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Rant on Award Shows!
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I Dare You: GOING BALD!?
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"IT" Parody (Dear Ryan)
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Life of a Youtuber!
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Musicals in Real Life!
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  • Aizea Lawrence
    Aizea Lawrence 3 minutes ago

    See the part 2 in the frozen fire you in

  • Steven Yeah
    Steven Yeah 3 minutes ago

    For those who gives a thumb down, do they think they can do a better job than the two doggies?

  • Andy Coleman
    Andy Coleman 3 minutes ago

    This was strangely relaxing...

  • Calcite Fox
    Calcite Fox 4 minutes ago

    What happened to Teddy the corgi?

  • Dennis Bitare Francisco

    I got bored in the latter part (sorry) :( But it was good stuff.

  • Zhafira
    Zhafira 8 minutes ago

    I love how the female narrator has the same intonation and same way of speaking as Ryan.

    • Zhafira
      Zhafira 6 minutes ago

      I mean every VA in this videyo

  • Darter Game
    Darter Game 8 minutes ago

    Helping FantaZade: Dear Ryan, can you do a horror movie where everyone is actually smart?

  • Lewis
    Lewis 9 minutes ago

    Ryan: **creates doggo piano** Me: *I’ll take your entire stock!*

  • Cold Mobs
    Cold Mobs 13 minutes ago

    I Dare You To Dare The Guy/Girl In Your RightSide

  • P
    P 14 minutes ago

    Marley getting old :(

  • Bubu Jigme
    Bubu Jigme 17 minutes ago

    Dear ryan be a zombie

  • Joel Conolly
    Joel Conolly 17 minutes ago


  • kun-senpai-chan
    kun-senpai-chan 18 minutes ago

    I couldn't tell if my dog wanted to join them or make them stop

  • Eleonora Jakhveladze
    Eleonora Jakhveladze 18 minutes ago

    Ryan: I'm gonna turn my dogs into piano Me: I don't like where this is going

  • Ali Murteza Hyder
    Ali Murteza Hyder 18 minutes ago

    This guy would be the most technologically-savvy president of USA--and funny at the same time.

  • kunal mane
    kunal mane 19 minutes ago

    1950:i bet we’ll be having flying cars in 2019 2019: *dog piano goes viral *

  • Who are you? What do you want?

    Ever heard of a *cat piano* ,Ryan?

  • Abbie :P
    Abbie :P 21 minute ago

    This is the quality of bark (Bach)

  • Bairen Siwang
    Bairen Siwang 21 minute ago

    Wait this was only 8 months ago!? I can swear it's been two years wtf

  • Mohit Kashyap
    Mohit Kashyap 21 minute ago


  • luna_diamond
    luna_diamond 23 minutes ago

    Where’s teddy??!

  • mary gabaree
    mary gabaree 24 minutes ago

    They’re singing along....😊 Awww! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • YouTuberSquad Real
    YouTuberSquad Real 24 minutes ago

    Am i just the weirdest person on earth to laugh at the double o 7 joke.

  • Tandin Luku
    Tandin Luku 25 minutes ago

    Recomended after 4 years

  • Nathan Onsgard
    Nathan Onsgard 26 minutes ago

    Yo I totally forgot he said the F word in this video. Doesn't really hold up these days yikes

  • Larry Jones
    Larry Jones 27 minutes ago

    Wow I played for my exam just a few months ago. Seeing this now makes me realise how much better they are than me 😞

  • FQP BloodbattleX
    FQP BloodbattleX 28 minutes ago

    Where’s USclip ReRyan 2019?

  • Sammy Cross
    Sammy Cross 29 minutes ago

    Dear Ryan, can you do a game of thrones parody?

  • 12darkspider
    12darkspider 30 minutes ago

    Video quality is definitely better

  • h e l l o
    h e l l o 31 minute ago

    omg it’s the green ball from “how to be a ninja” in the beginning

  • اسم المستخدم

    Dear Ryan can you make an old washing machine rock n roll song

  • SansPareil
    SansPareil 31 minute ago

    Seth Everman would like this

  • Dries Verhaag
    Dries Verhaag 33 minutes ago

    Just tryna learn some piano ya know... *plays a billion dollar Bosendorfer*

  • Lander Rico
    Lander Rico 33 minutes ago

    The old how to be a ninja is make on jul 25, 2007.

  • GlacouzLycanz
    GlacouzLycanz 34 minutes ago

    In memory of Gabe

  • Fabiola Estrada
    Fabiola Estrada 34 minutes ago

    Yes!!! 😂 this is what I live for ❤️ love you Ryan

  • Vytalicc
    Vytalicc 36 minutes ago

    Wholesome Content

  • Milzi POP
    Milzi POP 36 minutes ago

    Dear Ryan can you make an action scene/fight where everyone is actually smart

  • Its_Allen
    Its_Allen 39 minutes ago

    Hmmm Ryan Higa predicted the four camera cellphones...

  • sahana venkatram
    sahana venkatram 40 minutes ago

    "I'm not sure why I did this.., but its done" This. This is my life motto🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Jackalope
    Jackalope 41 minute ago

    To the dogs it's probably high pitched it hurts so they are howling to make it stop. Since to them it's not pleasing at all.

  • Peachy_The_Frog
    Peachy_The_Frog 44 minutes ago

    Im so edgy I dont wash my hands after using the bathroom

  • Darcy Way
    Darcy Way 45 minutes ago

    disappointed that he didn't pull out a magic wand and physically turn the dogs into a piano :(

  • 陳楚正Bill Chan
    陳楚正Bill Chan 45 minutes ago

    2007 how to be a ninja: no how to be ninja 2.0 :no 2019 how to be ninja : HELL YAH

  • Misterchicken
    Misterchicken 45 minutes ago

    Do you know why the Earth is not flat? L'll tell you why, because of gravity pulling you down.

  • TYLKoh
    TYLKoh 45 minutes ago

    what is the piece again?

  • konohamarutard
    konohamarutard 47 minutes ago

    Best start of my morning ever :D

  • Dat DAO Tien
    Dat DAO Tien 48 minutes ago

    Everybody: so Ryan, what’s your favorite instrument Ryan: it’s complicated

  • lavender pollen
    lavender pollen 50 minutes ago

    The dog piano:the greatest piano

  • R. Ben Bahry
    R. Ben Bahry 51 minute ago

    I’d like to purchase this piano

  • Matteo Laurenzi
    Matteo Laurenzi 51 minute ago


  • størmz yt
    størmz yt 52 minutes ago

    no one gonna say anything bout the person @3:07 just staring at paco?

  • Leon HUANG
    Leon HUANG 52 minutes ago

    I feel so sad for that lonely stormtrooper....

  • The Roasted Potato
    The Roasted Potato 52 minutes ago

    Patrick: is mayonnaise an instrument? Squidward: no Patrick mayonnaise is not an instrument Ryan: what about dogs?

  • That One Lazy Human Being

    I wish in Frozen 3 They find out Anna was the Fire Spirit

  • GoRong39
    GoRong39 53 minutes ago

    I wanna see how marley reacts when he hears this

  • Hikaru Lalo
    Hikaru Lalo 55 minutes ago

    Asian has joined the chat

  • Eftekhar Hossain
    Eftekhar Hossain 57 minutes ago

    Isnt it Ironic that 2019 is almost ending and this guy still making original content.

  • sprout s
    sprout s 58 minutes ago

    I don't know whether you were serious about not knowing how to read notes or not but here's a tip for anyone who wants to know, for treble clef, each space are the notes FACE and for bass clef, you can use the mnemonic All Cows Eat Grass.

  • Izumi
    Izumi 58 minutes ago

    TwoSetViolin needs to see this. Eddy’s perfect pitch is shaking

  • Vedha Iyer
    Vedha Iyer 59 minutes ago

    I can't imagine the amount of hard work that went into this video. Only Ryan can do such stuff. He deserves more subscribers and more views, coz honestly, he is the real talent on USclip.

  • aeir
    aeir 59 minutes ago

    i suddenly remembered the animation "the cat piano" from 10 years ago.

  • JP Raps
    JP Raps Hour ago

    I love all the Marlie videos! Such a loving and cute puppy

  • JP Raps
    JP Raps Hour ago

    Dang, this probably took some real work!

  • Snoop Shuntair
    Snoop Shuntair Hour ago

    I love Miranda’s end impr-sean when she licked the peanut butter

  • TheCertifiedMuffin


  • Potato Sniffles
    Potato Sniffles Hour ago

    Bless Ryan's soul. He is the only channel worth to watch. And MrBeast. And Pewdiepie. And James and Jaiden. And Lizzie and Joel. And hdbdjzhdn.

  • JP Raps
    JP Raps Hour ago

    Almost didn’t click because I couldn’t tell that the thumbnail was for Ryan!!!

  • Uendi Vueyra
    Uendi Vueyra Hour ago

    Bring skitzo back

  • JP Raps
    JP Raps Hour ago

    I could barely tell this was a nigahiga video by the thumbnail. Completely tripped me out!!!

  • h e l l o
    h e l l o Hour ago

    my dog does this when i played the violin. they either like it or want me to yeet yoink out of my practicing

  • Lokesh Chandak
    Lokesh Chandak Hour ago

    Doggy style singing, then dog pianos, I knew Ryan was working for dog overlords trying to take over music.

  • TheCertifiedMuffin

    damn i love his hair today!

  • Vedha Iyer
    Vedha Iyer Hour ago

    #19 on trending! Woohoo!

  • gebbygeb
    gebbygeb Hour ago

    the effort 💯💯💯 😍

  • Carolingcarolla
    Carolingcarolla Hour ago

    I think Marley and roku are just singing when Ryan plays the piano 😂😂😂

  • Theo
    Theo Hour ago

    May The Holy Spirit be with you all! I declare I am Jesus

  • Melissa o
    Melissa o Hour ago

    Dogs in the show!!😁

  • TalkingLlama
    TalkingLlama Hour ago

    Ryan: so i turned my dogs into a piano me: this better not be some fma shit

  • Michael Riback
    Michael Riback Hour ago


  • Khulan Narantsogt

    Avatar? Olaf? Pokemon? And Mario?

  • Donald Leow Jun Jie

    freaking genius!!!

  • 리현주
    리현주 Hour ago

    It's funny!

  • 江昱樺
    江昱樺 Hour ago

    awwww dogsssss

  • Akash Pai
    Akash Pai Hour ago

    Where's Teddy?

  • Lisa Ariana
    Lisa Ariana Hour ago

    My neighbor's dog started barking at My dog which is barking at your dog in the video which is barking at the piano🤣

  • Ramon Dingal
    Ramon Dingal Hour ago

    Oh my god they're so cute

  • Aley Karim
    Aley Karim Hour ago

    Dear ryan can you fart

  • SomeSmiley Boi
    SomeSmiley Boi Hour ago

    Agents of Secret Stuff

  • Raymund Penalosa

    i don’t like anna but when anna is good i like her

  • Davisen Venkatachellan

    2:07 😂😂

  • Tanisha Choudhuri

    Just imagine if someone turned your swears into a Mozart piece

  • Syed rajeena banu

    Dear Ryan, We want more of these

  • Hadi xXHadiosXx
    Hadi xXHadiosXx Hour ago

    Amazing ❤❤❤❤

  • Eva Lin
    Eva Lin Hour ago

    Dogs sing along to pianos

  • Wee 3three
    Wee 3three Hour ago

    This is the most dumbest YET entertaining video ever 😂 back then when USclip actually was cool

  • Fich the Snitch
    Fich the Snitch Hour ago

    Off the pill

  • AK 47
    AK 47 Hour ago

    USclip ReRyan 2019