Jammy Creamer
Jammy Creamer
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  • djsarazen
    djsarazen 8 years ago

    dude i miss your videos, ur interviews are freakin hilarious, rly hope to see some more posts from you =]

  • Nicky Moran
    Nicky Moran 8 years ago

    love it !!

  • palauskas
    palauskas 9 years ago

    its only a matter of time before your videos become viral and ur famous, thats would make u and the jammy creamers factory proud !

  • dxvolt
    dxvolt 9 years ago

    your fucking amazing!! im one of the first subs ;)

    FACEBOOK .BACKLOOK 9 years ago

    My favorite youtube channel! Wild and wacky, who knows what Jammy's going to come up with next. I'm definately staying tuned in for the next interview. Keep up the good work, you are one of a kind!

  • Daniel Ansel
    Daniel Ansel 9 years ago

    one of the best channel in youtube please more interviews and keep being yourself :P

  • Gun ShmiFF
    Gun ShmiFF 9 years ago

    howdy yonder

  • misaellopeztv
    misaellopeztv 9 years ago

    ur funny dude keep up with those vids you should do some vlogs or something