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Becoming #1 in PAPER.IO!
Views 2.3M9 days ago
I'm Releasing A MOVIE!
Views 1.2M20 days ago
I ESCAPED in Granny 2!
Views 1.8M23 days ago
GRANNY 2 is out NOW!
Views 2.6MMonth ago
My Minecraft House CAN FLY!
Views 2.1M2 months ago
I Tried To Save THE WORLD!
Views 1.7M2 months ago
The Minecraft MAGIC MIRROR!
Views 1.6M3 months ago
i vlogged something..
Views 1.1M3 months ago
A BIG Minecraft Throwback!
Views 2.3M3 months ago


  • Natalie Sturgis
    Natalie Sturgis 6 seconds ago

    Can you do a try not to laugh challenge with Jema ? I love your videos you have encouraged so many people to do there dreams

  • Julia Krupowicz
    Julia Krupowicz 10 seconds ago


  • Stephanie Foster
    Stephanie Foster 14 seconds ago

    I don’t want to die here

  • Hajar Mohammud
    Hajar Mohammud 21 second ago

    56 mins! My high score YASSSSS!

  • Faisal Mohd
    Faisal Mohd 22 seconds ago

    Im very hungery

  • dont touch da CHILD
    dont touch da CHILD 28 seconds ago

    *_Dan that's not f.foxy and ballora that's hanging men..._*

  • UnflammableVirus Gaming
    UnflammableVirus Gaming 38 seconds ago

    Why did the title change Dan?

  • Deborah Knighton
    Deborah Knighton 41 second ago

    😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😏😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😏😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒did you find the two differents

  • Adrian Pietrowski
    Adrian Pietrowski 47 seconds ago


  • MaxDoes Gaming
    MaxDoes Gaming 49 seconds ago

    I pick lion cause he would be dead

  • Henrik Michason
    Henrik Michason Minute ago

    You uploaded this vid on my birthday

  • amischka 06
    amischka 06 Minute ago

    Was he really in prison? I'm confused😅

  • Wackypug09 Gaming
    Wackypug09 Gaming Minute ago

    Thank you

  • Nam Dao
    Nam Dao Minute ago

    I am a genius now thanks to Dantdm

  • Richard Dean III
    Richard Dean III Minute ago


  • Christina Gevaras
    Christina Gevaras Minute ago

    What happened to the hair

  • SaraiyLaura Martinez

    Tomodachi life pls dantdm

  • 何代银
    何代银 Minute ago

    One dropped a golden sword

  • Autism And Gaming
    Autism And Gaming Minute ago

    i can't imagine how terrible that must've smelt

  • Julia Krupowicz
    Julia Krupowicz Minute ago

    No idea ●__●

  • Justin Peek
    Justin Peek Minute ago


  • Radicxl
    Radicxl Minute ago

    Dan play overwatch

  • Antonydabossman
    Antonydabossman 2 minutes ago


  • Leith Hay
    Leith Hay 2 minutes ago

    Inertia is the state of rest

  • Oliver Hunt
    Oliver Hunt 2 minutes ago

    Iron Spider

  • Um Saeed
    Um Saeed 2 minutes ago

    2:54 This is a bad pun

    GAMING PRO XD 2 minutes ago

    ther are youtubers that hate u but there all rong keep up the good work

  • Julia Krupowicz
    Julia Krupowicz 2 minutes ago

    Lion its dead

  • • Mia •
    • Mia • 2 minutes ago

    My brain: *sweating intensifies*

  • MH Manik
    MH Manik 2 minutes ago

    pls pls pls dan

  • FrogPatch2018
    FrogPatch2018 2 minutes ago

    I no

  • startia wolf
    startia wolf 3 minutes ago


  • SAKI 451
    SAKI 451 3 minutes ago

    petition to make the hungry lion a meme.

  • MH Manik
    MH Manik 3 minutes ago

    play temple run

  • Ella Robinson
    Ella Robinson 3 minutes ago

    “Is there ganna be pandas here I wanna be killed by pandas that would be a slight dream of mine” -says Dan 0-o wHy -says meh

  • Windows 7
    Windows 7 3 minutes ago

    Not a true pokemon fan, i bet he doesn’t even know the lore of pokemon and that the anime and the games are different. Should’ve also called his guy the official sword and shield name. Jeez guys its a joke.

  • sidbug416
    sidbug416 3 minutes ago

    When are u having the baby

  • Litten The Kitten
    Litten The Kitten 3 minutes ago

    Dan I’m pretty sure that you are wrong about inertia

  • Jack OwO
    Jack OwO 3 minutes ago

    Tony your not in a couldren not Tony tony is from getting over it

  • ANDRIUS122007
    ANDRIUS122007 3 minutes ago

    hey dan pls play clone simulator 2!!

  • holo ??
    holo ?? 3 minutes ago

    7 second riddles brings the views~Lauren and other reaction youtubers

  • S.A.S Gamers
    S.A.S Gamers 3 minutes ago

    You should play over watch if you never have

  • Unicorn Guy
    Unicorn Guy 3 minutes ago


  • Fin Cooper
    Fin Cooper 3 minutes ago

    2 0 1 9?

    GEORGIOS IAKOVOU 4 minutes ago


  • Jeremiah Diegel
    Jeremiah Diegel 4 minutes ago

    Dan should be a guitar artist cus he really good at guitar

  • Scott Lenfestey
    Scott Lenfestey 4 minutes ago

    Plz make more of these

  • Eddie o 2.0
    Eddie o 2.0 4 minutes ago

    Dan has never been to prison

  • renata verseckiene
    renata verseckiene 5 minutes ago

    Thnxya and thinknoodles play roblox lol

  • Starmed Minecraft
    Starmed Minecraft 5 minutes ago

    haaah ''SHOCK its the ELECTRIC chair'' I see u Dan, I see u.

  • Sonic Maniac
    Sonic Maniac 5 minutes ago


  • Najah Burdi
    Najah Burdi 5 minutes ago

    I love these keep doing these

  • Instinct
    Instinct 5 minutes ago

    Your on an advert for mario

  • fiftyounce07
    fiftyounce07 5 minutes ago

    hiiiiii dannnnn

  • Rapid Haunter66
    Rapid Haunter66 5 minutes ago

    I have

  • Sarah Sowole
    Sarah Sowole 5 minutes ago

    Just an ordinary comment, scrolling by

  • Mayola Corona
    Mayola Corona 6 minutes ago

    You haven't it's a campfire the whole time 🌋

  • King Goku PlayZ
    King Goku PlayZ 6 minutes ago

    3:39 if you know seven deadly sins you will know that "the boy" is "Escanor"

  • WarmFireNinja Vlogs!
    WarmFireNinja Vlogs! 6 minutes ago

    Do you want to know who is the best gamer ever look at the second word and have a good day!

  • Potato • Of • Life
    Potato • Of • Life 6 minutes ago

    I have bigger BRAINZ THAN YOU DAY

  • itamar ivri
    itamar ivri 6 minutes ago

    hardcore mod series

  • Sans Is Boss
    Sans Is Boss 6 minutes ago

    Only true DanTDM fans know how to spell Doctur Traeyawrous.

  • Lloyd Garmadon
    Lloyd Garmadon 6 minutes ago

    0:14 please, please tame dog! In a weird voice

  • Knull
    Knull 7 minutes ago

    Dan: Today we’re answering the age old question. Me: Am I on the wrong channel?

  • Little Star
    Little Star 7 minutes ago

    This is wierd video especially since we found out Dan has been in prison that's kinda scary

  • Suleman Qasim
    Suleman Qasim 7 minutes ago

    8:54 why does Dan's head look so shiny and big?

  • Tove Sneberg
    Tove Sneberg 7 minutes ago


  • Christine Doyle
    Christine Doyle 7 minutes ago


  • Tate The MUSKRAT
    Tate The MUSKRAT 7 minutes ago

    Guys spoiler alert Dan has a pug sorry for the spoilers🥺

  • Bryn Plays Roblox
    Bryn Plays Roblox 7 minutes ago

    Riddle 1 the lion because if it didn't eat for 3 years it will starve and die😭

  • Gregor Shanley
    Gregor Shanley 7 minutes ago

    The second riddle: you know that thing in the water? IT CAN WALK ON LAND

  • savage zino
    savage zino 8 minutes ago

    I had been a fan since he had 6 million subscribers

  • Emily Robbers
    Emily Robbers 8 minutes ago

    This song is at the end of all of his videos (i thinck)

  • Xzander W.R
    Xzander W.R 8 minutes ago

    I love your vids

  • Jesse Buys
    Jesse Buys 8 minutes ago

    If you want some real riddles you should do some of the ted Ed riddles

  • Emma Wharton
    Emma Wharton 8 minutes ago

    Dan do the to do as well list plz

  • DrewDiePie
    DrewDiePie 8 minutes ago


  • Luka Hotwheels
    Luka Hotwheels 8 minutes ago

    1:48 yes.i can, dan. IM THE ULTIMATE AIGHT?

  • Gaming with Dylan
    Gaming with Dylan 8 minutes ago


  • Doggy Gaming
    Doggy Gaming 8 minutes ago

    Never shave again

  • Olympus Lxqso
    Olympus Lxqso 9 minutes ago

    I'm back!!

  • marley
    marley 9 minutes ago

    fortnite is dead 💀

    • marley
      marley 8 minutes ago

      im a boy becase im on my sisters phone 👌🏼

  • Aidien Wolfe
    Aidien Wolfe 9 minutes ago

    im ur huge fortnite fan i have won 8 victories.

  • Advah Sharp
    Advah Sharp 9 minutes ago


  • Richard Dean III
    Richard Dean III 9 minutes ago


  • Angela Maharaj
    Angela Maharaj 9 minutes ago

    Whet! ¡¡!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Evie Dry
    Evie Dry 9 minutes ago

    12:41 Dan dose not know what inertia is I’m in 5th grade I know what it is

    • Evie Dry
      Evie Dry 8 minutes ago

      That laugh though 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😅😅😀😃😃😄😁😁☺️😂😂😃😄😁☺️😂😅😀😄😁💩💩💩💩😆😆😆😀😀😀😄😄🤣🤣☺️☺️😅😅😂😄😀😃😃😆🤣😄😄😄🤣😆😆🥺💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  • Richard Dean III
    Richard Dean III 9 minutes ago

    It probably suffi

  • Unknown Epic Face
    Unknown Epic Face 9 minutes ago

    I’ve been a fan since 2013. Why would being a fan in 2019 be bad? We gotta start somewhere

  • Vampire Noon
    Vampire Noon 9 minutes ago

    90% Of the comments: WHY IS EVERYONE SAYING WHOS BEEN A FAN BEFORE 2019?!? 9% Good comments 1% Whos been here since 2019?

  • Luna_Playz12
    Luna_Playz12 9 minutes ago

    My life is a lie your telling me that the grims backstory vid is not true

  • Richard Dean III
    Richard Dean III 9 minutes ago

    It p

  • Mark Warner
    Mark Warner 9 minutes ago

    Dan... every many with a beard is part of the 9-year old army so technically they are a boi

  • Kelly Stephens
    Kelly Stephens 10 minutes ago

    Hi Daniel

  • Zain Hamed
    Zain Hamed 10 minutes ago

    Do more plz

  • BabyTalks
    BabyTalks 10 minutes ago

    Dantdms chair:BUT CAN YOU DO THIS

  • Cg Cj
    Cg Cj 10 minutes ago

    Play overwatch

  • Theo Cotter
    Theo Cotter 10 minutes ago

    Every riddle video ever : which DoOr ShOuLd YoU cHoOsE ????¿¿¿?¿¿? me:the one you came in through

  • Brad Harris
    Brad Harris 10 minutes ago

    I was crying after this